Wuhan, China's Pearl Harbour from a sneaky attack

https://youtu.be/1CM2z3Od9yo - The Atlantis Report on the coronavirus as a bioweapon (13.45min)

Pearl Harbour is infamous in history as the day the sneaky fake samurai warriors attacked American Navy in Hawaii without declaration of war.  The Americans suffered devastating losses in warship and equipment and thousands of lives in this day of horror manufactured in Tokyo.

Has the Americans done a Pearl Harbour on China, an undeclared war, with weapon grade coronavirus? The Atlantis Report above talked about the obvious, how Chinese agents stole weapon grade coronavirus from a Canadian Level 4 Lab and brought them to the Wuhan Lab to manufacture weapon grade virus for to be used in war. The truth, several parcels of this weapon grade coronavirus were sent to the Wuhan Lab from the same Canadian Lab, by who?.... The Chinese made a complaint about it. And a husband and wife team of Chinese virologists in the Canada Lab was forcefully evicted from the Lab. When confronted by journalists, the Canadian replied that it was an administrative matter.

A few questions other than the obvious. Is it so easy to steal highly guarded virus from a high security lab especially when all the eyes and cameras are on the Chinese virologists? Two, the Chinese virologists were likely to have genuine interests to want to take samples of this bioweapon back to China to develop vaccines against them should they be used against China.

For China to want to steal this virus, it means China did not have them. The Americans, Canadians and likely the British and French also have these coronavirus bioweapon, ie they are likely to have the vaccines as well. This makes it more urgent for China to want to have them to develop vaccine to protect themselves. From the Wuhan epidemic, it is obvious that China did not have the coronavirus in their lab as they did not have the vaccine to treat this infection.

The expulsion of the Chinese virologists might be just an excuse to get rid of them as the Canadians and the Americans were conspiring on something sinister and did not want them to be around. According to the Atlantis Report, three months before this epidemic, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation met up with the American military top brass, neocons and warhawks and a few western powers to talk about a coronavirus pandemic. It also stated that based on their simulation, an expected 65m people would die. China was not invited to this meeting and two months later, the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic broke out. Why were they prescient to such a pandemic? They were preparing for it, expecting it and wanted to know how serious would be the damage.

How involved were Bill Gates and his wife Melinda in this coronavirus epidemic? How involved is Donald Trump and his neocons and warhawks in all the flu epidemics that have been affecting China since he launched his trade war with China?

Listen to the above video for an idea of what could have happened, what is real and what is fake news. As in the case of the Pearl Harbour, the victims of a surprise attack eventually won when they recovered, rebuilt their forces and dealt a severe blow to the sneaky bastards that started the disgusting and deadly attack first. There will be justice to those that were done wrong when they have the capability to strike back when the time comes. Goodness shall triumph over evil.

PS. Important point to note from the Atlantis Report is that the Americans, Canada and a few other western powers are in possession of weapon grade coronavirus.  The chances of them planting this in Wuhan is millions of times higher than for a wild animal to pass it to humans in Wuhan. It is so easy to do so when evil men decide to do harm to other men. To pass the virus from animals to humans is by sheer accidents in nature. If it is so easy, it should have been passed to human long long ago and in many countries.

The strange thing in the Canadian lab is that they were trying to test which animals could be infected with this coronavirus, not this virus in animals infecting humans. They were trying to infect the animals with coronavirus they created and manufactured!


Anonymous said...

Very obvious America is the Great Satan and Canada is the small Satan !

Anonymous said...

The more I think about this outbreak, the more I believe it is a sustained attack on China by you know who.

The trade war obviously did not bring China to it's knees so far. Then there was the attempt to destabilise Hong Kong, hoping to lure the Chinese into taking action against the rioters/terrorists, so that they can make spurious claims and impose sanctions on China, quoting human rights and whatever fuck they can think of. By the way, where are those pro-democracy fighting heroes and heroines in Hong Kong? Hiding in their burrows?

China will emerge stronger and be better prepared after this episode for sure. Funny thing is in times of adversity, nationalism and unity becomes a stronger bond, more so when under attack by outside forces out to destroy the country and impede its progress.

As Chinese leaders have repeatedly pointed out, progress is not the prerogative of the Whites. Other races and other countries have every right to progress and it is not for the Whites to say that other countries cannot move forward or move ahead of the West.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is supposed to be a nice guy. How did he become satan now.

Anonymous said...

When Bill Gates was young, he was a nice guy. As he grows older, he turned Satanic. Help that explain.

Anonymous said...

Red bean:
Your article confirms Southernglory1's accusation of US conducting secret biological germ warfare as part of its undeclared hybrid war against China in his article of 4th February,2020, entitled " Satanic US Undeclared Hybrid Warfare against China "

US is using all vile ways and means to try to stop China's progress and advancement.US is in its dying stage like the end of the Roman Empire and is getting very wild, savage, desperate and dangerous. It hopes by taking all the diabolical actions against China or Russia it can continue to grip the whole world under its domination and hegemony and maintain its number one position, a position in which China has clearly stated she is not interested. Nevertheless, knowing how evil and satanic America is, China must go all out and prepare for a full and final confrontation against the evil empire so as to take it down. Hopefully Russia, Iran, DPRK and all peace loving countries in the world will unite and cooperate with China for this very important life and death struggle with the United States and its Western criminal allies.

Anti-White imperialists. SS

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous 10:44am

Hi! Fellow netizen. Your quality comment is praiseworthy. You are well read and well informed. Keep it up.

Keen political observer. SS

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

pointing finger dick-sizing contest

One of the deightful entertaining "side shows" of Covid19/ 2019nCoV / The Kung Flu are the various conspriracy theories pertaining to biological warfare by both China and the US. People on both sides are pointing fingers at the opposite side accusing that cuntry of making "bioweapons". This is fucking COMEDY GOLD! πŸ†πŸ†

Carry on with the dramatic comedy! 🎬 action! πŸ“½πŸΏπŸΏ

Got Rotten Tomatoes review? πŸ‘πŸ»

Anonymous said...

This chap cheng is at it again because it does not affect him and the protagonists are his masters.

Anonymous said...

The USA is afraid of China and Russia coming together to marginalise the US$ hegemony.

China has provided the financial muscle, with Russia backing up with its military muscle. That is why the USA is in desperate mode. In conflict mode, a USA victory is not a sure bet as what some had predicted, otherwise the USA would have done that long ago.

As in Korea and Vietnam, the USA could not go nuclear and secure complete victory because China and Russia were backing North Korea and North Vietnam. However small the Chinese and Russian nuclear deterrent may be at that time, the consequence could well be human extinction, whites or non whites. That is why North Korea wants the nuclear deterrent, not that they will be a grave threat to the rest of the world, as espoused by the evil empire. So does Iran!

Anonymous said...

Singapore = now @ 72 (Covid-19)
Taiwan = still @ 18


Anonymous said...

Hi fellow friend 138pm

Nothing wrong!

Please continue to vote for pap!

Thank you very much.......

Anonymous said...

Dear PM Lee.
Covid-19 is a virus.

Voodoo or your Psychology Defence will not work against a virus.

Just in case you or your cronies have overlooked this point.

Anonymous said...


This covid-19 is small fry lah. Not that serious. Much lesser death rates than even SARS, let alone past real serious global pandemics or those real biological & chemical weapons.

Those who die are already immunity weak & usually old already knocking on hell's door.

So far since Jan 1st have not worn any mask at all. Just have common sense & avoid crowded places. For those having to take public tpt or have jobs that deal with people then, yeah bo bian better wear lorr.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Canada is not the small Satan.

When the US and some other countries shut their doors to China, Canada, instead of following the US suit, reached out to help China by providing a lot of assistance in terms of personnel and material.

Since February 4, Canada has provided China with 16 tons of protective equipment including facial masks, goggles and gloves. On February 10, an advance team led by Canadian epidemiologist and emergencies expert Dr Bruce Aylward arrived in Beijing.

The Canadian government is highly concerned about the epidemic in China and has offered assistance, as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on February 9 during a news conference, "We are going to continue to work with them to ensure that they have the resources to contain this virus.".

Dominic Barton, the Canadian Ambassador to China, wrote in Chinese characters and English to cheer for Wuhan, "You are not alone!"

Canadian companies and organizations in China have also provided assistance. For example, Canada Wellness Institute, joining hands with Healthy Wuhan, an application supported by the city's Health and Family Planning Commission, donated 2 million yuan ($286,422) worth of household medical equipment, which allows Wuhan citizens to monitor their health conditions at home and reduces the risk of cross-infection at hospitals to a certain extent. Meanwhile, the institute has also launched several online services, including psychological counseling.

Although China-Canada ties are strained due to the arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, as well as the 5G issue, Ottawa has adopted an attitude completely different to that of Washington amid the coronavirus epidemic. In the face of a disaster, a country's behavior is not entirely dominated by its diplomatic relations; values that the country pursues are a more important factor.

- Global Times: 2020/2/16

Anonymous said...

Canadian Level 4 Lab sent highly contagious and deadly coronavirus to the Wuhan Lab, by mistake?

Anonymous said...

Matilar no review but u needed to be sodomized

Anonymous said...

What fuels the theory that it was a biochemical war conspiracy launched by the US against China ?

It is an undeniable fact that Wuhan held the Military World Games in October last year and the US delegation stayed in a hotel not far from the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan. Wuhan discovered cases of coronavirus infection later in December.

But there was no way to prove it.

There were various wild animals in the market, and while bats were suspected of being the source, bats were not on sale in the market, said Yang Zhanqiu, deputy director of the pathogen biology department at Wuhan University. It is unclear how the virus was transmitted from bats living in deep forests to human beings, he added.

Also, out of the first 41 confirmed cases, 13 had never been to the market, Yang said.

"I have to say that biochemical war lacks ethics although its possibility is extremely small," he said.

Virgo 49 said...

Liu Xin had in her commentary stated that BATs do not carry passports.In a way hinting to the Americans

Foreigners also substiable to be affected by the Virus.

In International Diplomatic Protocol, diplomatic missions of all countries are not allowed to examine each other accessories and belongings.Military hardware were to be especially No No.

The Americans could had loaded cages of impregnated bats bearing these viruses.

Had them released into Wuhan.

This may seemed far fetched but it's a possibility.

The Evil Empire with their wicked espionages can planned meticulously any evil ways.

They had their vaccine in hand.
That's why another commentary by another China's Report to smoke up their evil deeds into the open by saying that China is nearing to find the vaccine had the Americunts in panic declaring that they actually had the vaccines in hand.

The Commenter stated that how can they the Americunts had the ready vaccine when it will takes quite a while to have the research in finding the vaccine.

The heading: The Americans had had uncovered their FOX's tail clearly pointed the fingers at them.

The Virus infected bats could also migrated into the UAssA and good shows to be seen.

The Americans are NOT that disclipne and obedience like the PRCs been in control by the CCP for decades.Also, the Chinese took pride in being ONE.

If the Americans are affected as in the nunbers like the PRCs, HELL will break loose.

Their National Guards will have a field day in gunning them down.

They would not be led by their noses to be quarantined.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Diamond Princess is now like a condemned death boat with all its passengers left to be infected and die.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Nah mate. Not if you're an Aussie.

Sucks to be a citizen of some other cuntry tho 🀧🀧⚰️☠️⚰️🀟