Malaysia considering restricting Singaporeans visitors

Malaysia Considering Restricting Access To Singaporeans.
I just received this clipping from a Friend across the causeway. It is today’s edition of the Sin Chew newspaper in Malaysia. It appears that Malaysia is considering restricting access to Singaporeans because of the nCOV crisis.
Already India is screening travellers from Singapore and Britain has advised its citizens to self-isolate if they have travelled from Singapore....

The above is from a post in theindependent.sg

If Malaysia really does this to Singapore, don't think they won't if the number of confirmed cases rises rapidly and the virus is found to be spreading in the city state. For the time being it is still touch and go as the two economies are too tightly intertwined and interdependent.

Assuming Malaysia did impose restriction on Singaporeans, it would mean not only the tourists cannot get into Malaysia, Singaporeans and others, it would mean businesses would also be affected as well. But this is not the only problem. Not allowing Singaporeans going into Malaysia is only one part of the problem of limiting access.

If Singaporeans cannot enter Malaysia, no Singaporeans would be able to bring the virus into Malaysia. What about the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians commuting here daily to work? They too would have to be barred from entering Singapore if the isolation is to be effective. Otherwise they would bring along whatever Malaysia does not want Singaporeans to bring into Malaysia. This development would have very serious impact on the economic activities and social life of both countries.

Malaysia would only take this drastic measure if the virus is on the loose in Singapore. Till now it is not. Let's pray it would not be the case.


Anonymous said...

Sarawak has imposed a 14 day self quarantine for Sarawakians that have returned from Singapore. This could mean that foreigners that have been to Singapore, including Singaporeans, would likely not be allowed into Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

The trend in new cases in the overcrowded tiny city state suggests an imminent red code alert is inevitable.

Virgo 49 said...

The Arabs also put travel Advisory and restrictions on travelling to Singapore.

Thats now Singapore is World Notorious for her open legged policy and been tops in the Wuhan Virus carrier.

Alalmak, preparing to go to the City Above The Clouds for nice escape with daily Wonderful food and gaming. No need stock up like War Zone.

Now kena restricted better made a move fast.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

According to the guidelines, individuals who are unwell must avoid coming into Sarawak for any function, meeting, gathering, conference and other events, while those who fall sick during any of such events must seek immediate medical attention.

The ministry also said anyone coming from Singapore must avoid shaking hands or being in physical contact with
other participants and should also consider adopting alternative forms of greeting each other.

The above is the official position of Sarawak in the media.

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore becoming Wuhan 2 ???

Anonymous said...

Singapore has certainly punched above its weight this time!

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning everyone.

Don't just TCSSssssssssss lah! Close the borders! Now! Do it now! Don't just TCSSssssssssss!

How about the rest of the world? When? When? When?

Don't just TCSSssssssssss! Do it now!

Hahaha Hahahahahaha ������!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fuck man, if I ran any cuntry (thankfully for the world I don't) I would definitely consider restricting people coming from Singapore crossing the border into my territory.

That unlucky fucker who attended a meeting at the Grand Hyatt went back to Europe and dumped a viral load there causing others the get infected.

Can you imagine someone like me who might be infected making his fortnightly trips to Iskandar in Johor? Fuck lah, disaster. 🀧🀧

I am STAYING PUT in Australia and postponing any futher travel to Asia, specifically my beloved Hotel Singapore. I really saddens me to realise what a careless bunch of motherfuckers Hotel Management (the PAP) have been by not taking extreme measures EARLIER. They dropped the ball on this one....they should be PENALISED with a PAY CUT! Or FIRED! (yeah, like that's gonna happen πŸ€“)

Anyway, looks like the sagging Aussie economy is going to benefit from me not spending my rapidly-depreciating Aussie money at Hotel Singapore. I shall travel and vacation locally...avoiding Sydney/ Melbourne. No cases in Darwin...I heard it's a nice place and I haven't been there for 30+ years!.

Don't worry Hotel Singapore, just like Jesus, I shall return! 🀑

Anonymous said...

Probably a Little Wuhan town with a population of over 30k which is a equivalent of one SMC in a town of tis little red dot when these people congregate in the same place. And this jus only Wuhan, how bout other province Chinese in this little island, when it all combined could easily hit 1-2 millions no wonder it's called Chinapura or maybe Indiapura..

Virgo 49 said...

Right. Go and earn some monies servicing the Rubble whales and horny Aussie MLFs and also their lumberjacks men

Ex convicts full of strength and vitality

Anonymous said...

If Asean Members locked out Sin,
it shall be as good as a self-imposed lockdown.
How could Sinkies survive as more than 80% of our goods, including raw food supplies depend on import?
Even if the Suppliers are supplying,
how could Sinkies cope with PROFITEERING ?

Anonymous said...

No need to talk so much! Next coming GE sinkies will give PAP more than 70% maybe over 75%!! Life on this island is like that one! Only kpkb and tcss but die die put mark next to PAP!! More than 50% of sinkies who come here will be like that! Like that oppo how to win you tell me lah?! They been trying since 1963!

Pan Dora said...

The son of a Gan has been proven to be useless again and again and again.

This one he has been found wanting - extremely careless - BLUNDER.

So far all the big big blunders only resulted in lower rungs taking collateral damages on his behalf. He is still not resigning to take full responsibility for his cock-ups. He is still happily counting his $million salary. Pinky is still protecting him from behind.

"Inevitable" is the word he used to defend himself for this blunder. That means he knows it is coming, yet he inevitably refused to take more definitive proactive measures. He still continues to take reactionary actions even now that the spreading of the virus has gone overseas.

When is he going to take proactive actions? Only when people are dying by the thousands then will he take proactive actions?

Anonymous said...

If Matilah's handler tells him to come to Spore he would have no choice but to come.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 107

Even if that were true, I would have to refuse. Don't get me wrong Hotel Singapore is my favourite destination. That's why I keep fucking those ungrateful LOSER Singaporeans who don't get hat they're living in one of the best places on earth. Singapore is truly awesome, and it rocks. Even Blind Freddy with an IQ of 50 can make enough money and be happy and comfortable in Singapore...fuck lah, so many opportunities. And yet, the cuntry has a steady cadre of UNGRATEFUL and "cannot make it" motherfuckers who cry like babies and don't do SHIT.

I won't come, as much as I would love to. Because if I do and kena suay suay...I might be REFUSED entry back into Australia, and that would SUCK, and really fuck me up. The key to life is to always have a CHOICE and not get fucked up by other people. That's how I roll, bro! 🀜🏼 πŸ€›πŸΌπŸ¦Ύ

Anonymous said...

@ matilah

Good riddance.
Please don't come back to Singapore any time too soon.

Anonymous said...

Resilience is key during crisis like coronavirus outbreak, says President Halimah

Anonymous said...

And how do you spell resilience?

- a $2 million annual salary

Vote Oppo for a better future for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

RB IS MATILAR AND WSG same person?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Very likely.

Anonymous said...

They are one and the Only.

A clever Guy that has gone berserk