North Korean suffering under the Evil Empire

"The coronavirus issue was discussed and the committee immediately had given permission to export the equipment" used to fight the illness, said Christoph Heusgen, who heads the United Nations body that applies the sanctions imposed on Pyongyang in an effort to force it to give up its ballistic and nuclear programs.

Ill-equipped North Korea has weak medical infrastructure and has cut itself off from the outside world, closing its borders as analysts say prevention is its only option.

"The problem is that right now the North Koreans closed the borders," Heusgen said after a closed-door Council meeting about the reclusive state.

The members of the Security Council called on North Korea "to allow this equipment in. So the population can be protected," he said, without elaborating on the type of equipment.  AFP news posted in Yahoo News

During the Korean War in 1950/2 the evil Americans practically destroyed the whole infrastructure of North Korea.  Everything man made were bombed to oblivion. Nothing more than 3 foot tall were found standing. That was how heavy and destructive the American bombings were in North Korea. But that was not all, all infrastructure, dams, rice fields etc etc were also flattened. The land were sprayed with chemicals to make them barren, could not be cultivated or grow anything on it.

That was the North Korea the evil Americans left behind. And that was not all. They misled the UN to impose sanction on this country, not allowing them to trade with any country in the world, thus adding to their economic woes, poverty and suffering of the Korean people, all the works of the evil Americans and their allies and the rest of the world that were too weak to go against the Evil Empire's dictate.

So, did the North Koreans closed their own borders as the evil white men would be spouting? who closed the borders on the North Koreans? Why were the North Koreans so poor? Their own doing, mismanagement or the works of the evil white men?

How valid were the comments by this Christoph Heusgen, another unthinking white that did not know the history of North Korea and uttering nonsense just like some of the bananas here? The North Koreans would love to trade with the rest of the world if not of the bullying and unjust sanctions imposed on them by a UN that was misled by the evil Americans. The fate of the North Koreans would befall Iran, Venezuela, Colombia and many African and South American countries under the perversed economic sanctions imposed by the evil Americans. Myanmar too would end up in the same state and the evil white men would say these countries closed their doors to the world, not because the evil Americans closed it on them.

Any idiots still uttering that the North Koreans closed their doors to the world? The door was slammed in their face by the evil Americans, locked down and isolated from the rest of the world.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is a great opportunity for Matilah to attack Kim Jung Un. Just wait for him to appear. He would definitely be paid by his masters, the Americans or is it ASIO?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Your failed to mention than the USA is not the only cuntry which wants North Korea to get rid of it's nukes.

Russia doesn't like a nuclear armed Kim on its borders, even China is uncomfortable.

Most vocal of course are the Japs. ASEAN too feels very uneasy about the Kims and their nukes....Matilah

Again this is the stereotyped message from the Americans. It is China and Russia and Asean that did not want North Korea to have nuclear arms. Blame China and Russia and Asean. And they don't mind the Americans and the West to have nuclear arms.

Good job for spreading this American message. You just earn a few bucks. You could get more by attacking Kim Jung Un again.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all no sense of humour sad, negative losers:

Knn, really? Ban video game... that's your "strategy"?


Knn, used to be able to game whilst traveling on public transport. At least you can engage in the HARMLESS FANTASY (read: fiction, not real, just for fun and ENTERTAINMENT) of global domination and mass murder.


Some people got no sense of humour lah, and cannot enjoy good old fashioned FANTASY playing on their phone and compete and NOT DISTURBING ANYONE ELSE.

Sad people. They must not have any JOY in their lives.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ redbean

Keep going son, solidify your reputation as a twisty- word LIAR. If you are not hallucinating, you might realise I haven't "attacked" any of the Kims yet.

I don't need to attack or spread anything. The Wuhan coronavirus will probably do a devastating job in North Korea, and the world can make up its own opinions.

N Korea might be taken out in total pathogenic devastation by a biological agent which originated from their "ally" and "protector".

I don't have to do anything. Except find the next JOKE to write.

Humour is the MOST IMPORTANT THING in situations like this.

Oh, what's that? You think I'm full of shit? Usually I am, but not in this instance.

Have a look at Twitter and those hundreds of HUMOROUS videos uploaded by people locked in their apartments under quarantine. Those people under UNIMAGINABLE STRESS are entertaining themselves and each other thru the expression of HUMOUR

You want to keep people's spirits up? Make them laugh.

Redbean, you're one sad sad person lah. Go and have some fun lah.

Anonymous said...

Ya matilar I wanted to have Fun Too by sodomizing u jialat jialat, can or not?

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Part 1:

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanFebruary 27, 2020 9:57 pm

///Anon 2:04am,

The poem is original I supposed.

Respect for your command of the language.///



哈哈哈 。。。

Back to subject, don't understand why many people especially the bananas (笨衲衲), by default turn to western narrative such as some novels even on matters like prophesy?

Over 5,000 years of civilisation had enriched the Chinese people with tons of superb resources on such matters ...?


The prophesy of 瘟疫 is long ago reflected in scriptures written more than 1,000 years ago (and probably "re-invented" by western writers NOT unlike gun powder?) ...?

The imperial advisor to one of the greatest founding emperors in Chinese history wrote about the year representing 2020 in Chinese astrology (庚子):

"汉水茫茫 。。。"

Isn't this a giveaway already (about the place)?

Where is "汉水" located in China?

The Yangtze river is joined at "汉口" by the tributary "汉江" where Wuhan is situated and the river/ water there is known fondly since ancient time as "汉水" with many ancient Chinese poems containing this term depicting the scenery and the life on both sides of the river bank where 3 Chinese towns are seated near each other ...?

Unknown to many people especially the bananas, many are unaware about the link between TCM and the word 庚 ...

This year 2020 is known as 庚子 year in ancient astrology ...

Why the 瘟疫 outbreak and in Wuhan?

Predicting what is to come for 庚子 year, it was stated already "汉水茫茫 ..." (which is the epicentre Wuhan)?

In TCM, 庚 represents 肺 。。。

Lung ...

Virus ... Lung disease ...

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Part 2:

Alas, many people especially the bananas
(笨衲衲) verLEE "Xia Suay" ...

These silly bananas you talk about social media right. EveLEE banana start to run for western narrative?

But is western narrative (the 2 novels -
The Eyes of Darkness and
End of Days: Predictions And Prophecies About The End Of The World)
the the correct answer anot?

Then if western narrative is not the correct answer, and no matter how many millions times lao hero reminded the (countless) bananas, stupidity will never have a cure?

And the whole whore is fighting for this (banana$) right?

Now as we blog, the stupidity used to be 20 percent per banana, now (the stupidity) is 200 percent per banana?

And now you get the stupidity spiral up to 300 percent you also may not get the stupidity to stop skyrocketing?

So, it’s a very difficult conundrum. If we don’t share the original Chinese words in the ancient scriptures, and if we don’t share the scriptures , eveLEEboLEE scolds us?

EveLEEboLEE say that we don’t care, you die your own biz?

If we still issue the 2 western novels, and give eveLEEboLEE the 2 western novels just to make them feel shiok shiok, because they saw banana Carry-ball Mati read the novels right, under the banyan tree right, eveLEEboLEE must read the western novels right?

Today you see the toilet paper? What is happening to the bookstores now? What did the Globalisation Times just report about the bookstores?

They are down to less than one percent supply of novels for their stupdity got no cure bananas.

Which means that when the bananas don’t even get the novels you think they dare to go and take care of the stupidity got no cure people?

If we have donned what we have donned like the bookstores without strategising 20 steps ahead, and ask banana Carry-ball Mati, RB, Virgo, AGK, Patrait go under the banyan tree eveLEEboLEE read western novels, today eveLEEboLEE stupidity skyrocket to infinity?

I cant tell you, today our stupidity got no cure bananas would have broken down, go berserk, kaput?

There would be no more western novels for our stupdity got no cure bananas because bananas would have all used up like newspaper.

If every banana read a novel, one day we would deplete 5 billion novels?

Now, to calm the nerve, going to take a gamble ... going to distribute ... oops no ... going to share the tinkie about this year ... the ancient prophesy about this 庚子 year .....

Cannot tahan liao ... Want to "scold" people liao ...

Of all things, go and run on western novels about ancient prophesy when the original scriptures are written by our sage ancestors for our benefits ...

Idiotic anot?

Monkey see monkey do ...?

The social media and whatsapp kena many times ... Go viral ...

Cannot tahan ...

So must "phua hung" liao

If not "自乱阵脚" 。。。

Must "沉着应战"。

Don't kan cheong ...

So we going to share with eveLEEboLEE and give them 4 (Chinese) words (written by our ancient ancestors):

坤上离下 。。。

Other people can be bananas but we cannot ...

They have backup ... Big hinterland ... 1.3 billion ... Can interpret for them ...

Anonymous said...

This American agent so busy with his incest activities still got time to attack and smear China, CCP and North Korea and Kim Jung Un. Must be his job and the money.

Anonymous said...

The USA wants to protect the people of North Korea against the virus? Or should I say protect North Koreans in order to protect themselves?

Didn't Trump threatened years ago that he will destroy and flatten North Korea by fire and fury? Suddenly the USA is so holistic. I agree that God works in mysterious ways that even an evil regime can change it's behaviour after centuries of doing evil.

But wouldn't lifting sanctions on North Korea be a more humanistic behaviour in the eyes of God?

Anonymous said...

Typical USA behaviour. First they destroy you. Then they pretend to shed crocodile tears and offer help. Then they try to garner worldwide accolades of how caring they are.

But, then in most cases help is offered with lots of long strings attached. And more often than not help is in the form of aid for such countries to buy weapons from the USA and become beholden to them.

When China offered aid to build infrastructures in African and South American countries, all kinds of doomsday scenarios were heaped upon the African and South American countries, with spanners thrown in by not only the evil one, but by the poodles as well. Same with all the negative and cold water thrown on China's silk road project.

Or just look at the evil hand of the USA on the Russian gas pipeline to Europe. They even threatened allies involved in the project. The USA does not practice what they preach about democracy and freedom of association.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ok, ok... I've got another

Q: What's the difference between bulgogi with kimchi and the coronavirus?

A: One is Korean Take Out, the other takes out Koreans!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

.... Here's another thigh-slapper...



Alamak, as of infecting the whole world isn't bad enough, now China Space Agency might be infecting the galaxy! 🤓

Please don't get mad. They're jokes, not reality.

Anonymous said...

KNN!!! Crowds are coming back to malls & restaurants. Even on Wed & Thurs nights places like Ding Tai Fung are FULL HOUSE! Forget about Fri nights!!

Won't be surprised if MBS & RWS will be filled with locals over the next 6 months to replace all the tourists.

PAP doing too good a job at this virus thing!!! At this rate I won't be seeing deeper discounts for my fav hotels & restaurants.

The whole world is looking at Singapore as the GOLD STANDARD in Wuhan virus control.

Scientific papers on disease epidemiology & infectious disease control are being written as we TCSS here on how S'pore does it. E.g. Harvard has just written one that is undergoing the peer review circuit.

Like I said back in January --- This virus epidemic is a FUCKING BIG BOOST to PAP. Just like AFC & 9/11 & SARS -- when SHTF the masses will vote for PAPies.

And so far the results speak for themselves --- even WHO is holding up Singapore as the PhD in infection control for other countries to follow.

PAP will say: "Lucky we PAP are in government! If you have Oppo govt you all sure die cock stand by now!!!"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ War Stocks Guy,

Yah man. Gold standard.

I'm predicting a slew of scientific papers from our Singapore docs and scientists relating to this virus and EFFECTIVE infection control for outbreaks and pandemics.

imho said...


Pan Dora said...

Biological Warfare. That's it. China and the rest of the world must learn from this Covid19 Warfare to take out China and North Korea. It's never too late to learn and develop your own Biological Weapons.

Biological Warfare is the next frontier. Not military, technological or psychological warfares.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah. Kanninah. Bloody Singaporean kiasu now going "viral" in Perth. Same same... Toilet paper to wipe kachng sold out. 🤣

Australian government enacted "emergency measures". So we're the equivalent of DORSCON Orange 🍊🍊 now.