DORSCON Orange - Has Singapore jump the gun too soon?

KUCHING (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The state government has instructed those in Sarawak who have been to Singapore to undergo 14 days of self-quarantine at home.
Deputy Chief Minister Amar Douglas Uggah said the decision takes effect on Monday (Feb 10) in view of Singapore's orange alert for the coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China.
According to the island republic's Disease Outbreak Response System Condition or Dorscon, orange means the outbreak is deemed to have moderate to high public health impact.
Datuk Uggah said Sarawak was worried by the occurrence of coronavirus clusters in Singapore in a church, a health products shop and a hotel where a business conference was held. Sarawak News

The declaration of Code Orange for Dorscon is a very serious announcement on the threat of the coronavirus spreading in public areas. It is indirectly saying that Singapore is a dangerous place to be in. If this is true, then is it safe not to wear mask going around? What prompted Singapore to raise the alarm was the detection of a few cases of infection that were not linked to China tourists, suspecting that the virus is now in the air in Singapore. We have Grab driver and Cisco policeman being infected as well.

If these cases could not be traced to their sources, it could present a serious spread of the disease in Singapore. Hopefully the sources or links could be established to confirm that the virus is not free floating in Singapore air or in public areas.

The impact of Code Orange is taken very seriously by other countries as in the case of Sarawak imposing stricter measures against those who returned from Singapore. Let's hope that in the next few days the danger of free floating virus in Singapore is confirmed as not the case and the Orange code could be scaled down to Yellow to give some assurance that the risk level is not that high. The negative impact of Code Orange cannot be underestimated and must be handled with careful consideration.

The discovery that the two cases were linked to the China tourists in a church and the cluster identified and contained is a good sign that things are nothing getting out of control. With only two new cases a day in the last two days and hopefully the number will go down will give reasons to downgrade Dorscon to Yellow will be most welcome by our kiasi Singaporeans.

However, with the new DBS case, things look a bit tricky. Hope this person did not take the train to work. Can't imagine how many could be affected in a crowded morning train. Let' welcome 10m population as our gift to our future children. Make it 20m! Nothing will ever happen to us, not Dorscon Red, no way. Orange is about the worse that could be given our very efficient and effective contact tracing system and teams.

PS.  Anyone try to treat this virus with Newater?


Anonymous said...

@# Anyone try to treat this virus with Newater? #@

Rb, noboli in a rite frame of mind would wanto do dat in tis tiny island. Maybe in hospital, patients with tis virus being given NEwater unknowingly. Chinese says 以毒攻毒 or using poisons to tackle poisons. Most Sinkies r kiasi, kiasu type wouldn't dare to try, even myself olso. Let's find other means to handle this virus maybe via TCM .

Virgo 49 said...

Boil Newwater to above 60 degrees. Wuhan Virus cannot tahan this temperature.

Yesterday's heard from a friend that at Lucky Plaza 6th Floor Jollibee, a customer pengsan inside eating half way.

The other customers were asked to leave and their staff cordoned and escorted by police and ambulances.
Why no report??

Why the other customers to leave? They are not affected??

DBS just one joker and they had their 300 other staff marooned.

What's sort of SOP is this? Different in procedures?

Aiyo, trials and errors.???

See the 4G leaders with their black black African faces.

Kanang kabok???

Now even going to gym and public places also kena tick tick tick.

Wah piang, better stay at home. Like also going thru Immigrassi Malaysia.

Some allowed to bran pos go away and many detained.

Suay, suay just a bit fever then kena detention.

Virgo 49 said...

Forget to add they asked me to even record my particulars in black and white.

Then other places just go in and out

So different?

Anonymous said...

As Singapore's packed-like-sardines MRT trains in morning peak hours are very fertile grounds for the spread of the coronavirus disease, am betting that the orange code might be raised to red code in coming days.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The infectious disease scare really started to affect the airshow early in February, with the decision on Feb 4 to cancel the Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit, which traditionally takes place on the eve of the show and attracts civil aviation and commercial leaders.

This was followed by Singapore’s raising its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) Alert Level from Yellow to Orange three days later.

The statement triggered the first companies to announce a withdrawal from the airshow, with US Fortune 500 industrial conglomerate Textron and Canadian aerospace and train manufacturer Bombardier among the first to make that decision.

Others, like aerospace giant Lockheed-Martin, initially announced a reduction in the number of staff attending the show, before eventually deciding to pull out altogether....CNA

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

DBS kena, casino kena... It's clear Covid19 is roaming around freely like a sua ku in Orchard Road. 🤧

Just because you get contact with Covid19 doesn't mean you'll automatically get infected. It's safe to assume that many many people have contacted the virus, but didn't get infected.

Also the virus "survives" (actually virus outside it's host is not technically "alive") on surfaces, so it's probably already on surfaces and holding bars on the trains and buses. And on the seats too.

But just like diseases in general, contact doesn't mean "infection".

Temperature scanners used for SARS are useless. In SARS, you don't become infectious until there's a fever. This devious virus has a longer incubation period. The R0 has been revised upward, so that sucks too. Plus they claim is airborne, but that's yet to be confirmed.

I don't buy the theory that "hot weather kills the virus". Thailand, Philippines and Singapore are all hot weather places. The virus is doing ok there... Infecting prior and transmitting it's genes to perpetuate its existence. (The #1 purpose reason for genes)

20% of those infected develop into serious cases, and about 10% of critical cases die.

On the plus side, the more people who contact the virus and get a mild infection (~80%) means they'll probably develop natural immunity as they recover. Whether or not those numbers will be enough for HERD IMMUNITY to kick in is an open question. Whatever the case, the more recovered patients in the community, the better for everyone else.

So IMO, the odds of serious danger are so-so lah. No need to panic, but still have to exercise awareness and caution.

Code Orange is good lah. People can still go about their business and earn an income, just have to be careful, alert and prepared.

Remember, all those areas shut down in China--- most people aren't earning at all. Business no revenue. So Singapore...for the moment...still okay lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

PS. Just spent a shit ton on FedEx to send a whole lot of not-made-in-China alcohol-based hand sanitizer to family and friends in Singapore. If not my family or friend...you die your business 🤣😂🤧🤧🤧⚰️☠️⚰️🤓

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong.
I got my fresh Newater for you.

Anonymous said...

Am monitoring for good deals for airfares, hotels, buffets, restaurants... Should be extended GSS.

But probably need to wait another 1 or 2 months for maximum discounts. Now most of the big companies can still tahan & hold prices. Just giving small discounts at the moment.

Anonymous said...

'lt means that infection cannot be traced to its' source'.
it means they are lost their way ?

Anonymous said...

I just heard another 2 new cases today at a prominent place.

Cannot say more or else get POFMA.

Anonymous said...

Where? Istana or parliament ah? Anyway many of the big shots are already working from home.

Or maybe working safely from far away overseas bungalows & mansions specially prepared when sinkie land goes to the shits.

Sinkies get to fight the war while the generals play wargames from 2000km away.

Anonymous said...

Do Sinkies feel play out by their Government now ?
Are they prepare for a change of regime ?
lf not, please do not kpkb.

Anonymous said...

Give LHL your factory fresh Newater.

Anonymous said...

Doctor in China who worked for 18 days straight & died hailed as a role model by govt


Luckily, PAP Ministers and LHL do not work so hard.

Otherwise they would all be dead by now.

Virgo 49 said...

Top Evil Serpent molested two women colleagues and trial is heard in camera.

No media allowed.

Wah piang, so secretive.

That's why LBW asked in ParLeement whether there is double standard in our Justice System.

Kuching Kurap small fry junior minister can said NO.

Yesterday, think also one equally small fry junior minister talked to the press like reading from a script.

No know what's the farxx he mubliming

Anonymous said...

Hi 320pm

In $g we work $mart!

Wayang here wayang there can already lah! Work so very very hard for #£&+!


Anonymous said...

Knn u hide in Australia and got no balls or very tiny balls with tiny Canon. I wanted to sodomize u jialat jialat

Virgo 49 said...

Now WHO had also fanned panic across the Globe.

Two thirds of billions will be affected by the Virus.

Wow, only one third left standing. End of Mankind or just China's bashing.

Helping UAssA with their selling of the kept vaccine to the world and tanking all Asian Economies?

Xi is also smart. Just simply leaked out that they are nearing to find the vaccine and the Americunts cannnot hide their Fox's tail. Suspicions that they are the culprits.

When China is able to find the vaccine and the Epidemic solved the next few weeks, Americunts would be kicking their own arses.

For the world will contibute their Wealth to them and they be number One.

Later, whistle blower pointed the fingers at the WH and the lackey UN will set up a Kangaroo Court.

The WH will just put some scrape goats and said they have no ideas of this sabotage.

MOT, this will be disclosed.

Paper and Lies cannot cover fire and Truths