Trump told the Americans they have screwed the world and in the end screwed themselves

10/02/2020, 13:48 - Thomas: * Trump gave his next mid-term presidential election speech yesterday, and it is worth watching for every Chinese!  *

 Trump's presidential campaign speech yesterday reads as follows:

Twenty years of American democracy in the world, what have we got.  For the past two decades, we have been self-proclaimed by international police and democracy fighters, and vigorously promoted democracy.  We Americans took guns and US dollars, and in the past two decades, they have succumbed to Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, Turkey, and Greece.

What do we Americans get.  Our businessmen did not dare to do business in the Middle East and Africa, did not dare to play the national flag in the Brazilian Olympics, and did not dare to admit that they were Americans in the Middle East oil-producing regions, which was a direct act of death.  Offended Putin, offended the European Union, and offended China.

We in the United States controlled high technology, but we could not do China in international trade, so we had to abandon the WTO to engage in TPP.  Look at China, what have you got in the past 20 years.  Not only did they take our number one in the WTO, they also bought 80% of the world's steel, 40% of oil and gas, 70% of soybeans, and 80% of copper.  And gold, bought Ukrainian aircraft carriers, Israeli missiles, German machine tools and French red wine.  Fuck is all bought in dollars.

They bought our food, sold us hot noodles and instant noodles, bought our steel, and sold us bikini underwear.  Bought our oil and sold us toys.  This is not the main thing. China's RMB internationalization now directly uses the US dollar as a guarantee. Even if the RMB is worthless, it can be immediately exchanged for US dollars. Everyone knows that they have many US dollars, more than us.

Damn, Africa was taken away by them, and that's where we end up.  I absolutely don't support Obama's TPP. I want to make Democratic Obama and Hillary the biggest dumb in American history.

I am your next president. Please support me. We want to be glorious and independent. Whoever has the money to do business with us has a good life.  In the past two decades, the suicide rate in rural China has dropped by 90%, the illiteracy rate has dropped to less than 10%, the life expectancy has increased by more than 10 years, private cars have been traffic jams from scratch to nationwide, and high-speed rail accounts for 70% of the world and 500,000 people soon  All cities have high-speed rail links, highways are connected from nothing to more than 2,000 counties, and the world ’s longest bridge is the tallest bridge and the most difficult bridge is not taken seriously by the Chinese. The Chinese have the money to be from Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.  House prices are about to catch up with our New York, and divorce is insane.

The Chinese are anxious not to travel to any country.  If the Chinese don’t buy it, the world ’s iron ore oil will plummet. What is even more annoying is that there are basically no terrorist activities daring to carry out in China ... The United States has become a country in which the huge dollar bubble is incurable ... vote for me  Well, only I can save this terrible America!

 Even the President of the United States views China in this way, why do we not love our motherland?  Chinese people, unite, fight for the rejuvenation of China, and build the great iron and steel wall of the motherland!

PS. Above was sent to me by Virgo.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Make Americuns Great Again. Make China Great Again. But don't ever make Covid(19) or any Viruses Great Again!

Virgo 49 said...

In Singapore Air show, the Americunts even accused China of stealing their technology and secrets.

What's nonsense! They found that the PRCs displayed are far better than them with even a Woman Fighter Pilot.

Afraid that their war mongering sales of weapons been overtaken by the Chinese.

AFRAID that their murderous sales of War Arsenals been sidelined by China and became a Beggar NATION.

Cannot compete said cannnot compete.

SSO said...

Trump's speech is basically praising China. At the same time, it is business men like him who have made CHINA GREAT AGAIN. During his last Presidential campaign, he even ordered in advance millions of his MAGA caps from China. Each and every single one of those caps he distributed to his supporters were MADE IN CHINA! Why?

Each and everyone of his golf courses and hotels uses and sells MADE IN CHINA products. Why?

Has the Trump Empire got businesses and deals in China in the past, present and future?

Anonymous said...

Covid19 stands for Covertly Inserted Disease by 19 agents.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Xi & Trump = Bum Buddies

Aiyah, you believe Trump ah? Bloody fools. The guy is good entertainment lah, everyday fuck people type.

It seems he likes Xi and is supporting him quite openly during this virus crisis.

But remember: Trump does what he does to benefit HIMSELF and his goals.

If it benefits him to tekan China, he'll tekan China. If he praises China... there's also an agenda going on.

One way to read the speech makes total sense: copy the good ideas from whichever cuntry has proven their effectiveness. Every cuntry does good and bad things. Smart leaders will copy and adapt the ones that work, with strong evidence to prove it.

My 2nd point is that if you are in a small fry cuntry, you really want to keep American-China rivalry going. If the USA & China become "good friends" , everyone in the other not-so he
-powerful-cuntries DIE COCK STANDING.
Be careful what you wish for.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Bum Fucking Buddies all preparing for a good old gay fuck fest for Valentine's Day 🤣😂

Anonymous said...

Matilar. In your gay fuck are u the one kena sodomized or u sodomized others in valentine day

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland tis nCoV virus is newly renamed as 'NoNeed2Panic' 'NoNeedWearMasks' or 'PanicBuying@Supermarkets' viral disease which is bziness as usual no need any closures at all so everybody is happy collecting their monies especially the elites r laughing their way to their banks, it's like u die is ur bziness.

Anonymous said...

Matilah, no wonder your wife and children left you!

Anonymous said...

"Even the President of the United States views China in this way, why do we not love our motherland? Chinese people, unite, fight for the rejuvenation of China, and build the great iron and steel wall of the motherland! PS. Above was sent to me by Virgo."

A bit misleading...

Although Virgo praised China as motherland, but I think he prefer Matland & he already buy condo & put money there to retire. Plus spending so much money in their gambling city as well as splurging on their F&B, shops & mamasans. The motherland not getting much, if any, of his money in support.

He even said recently his daughter migrated to angmoh land of the sheep NZ (I'm confused becoz he said in much earlier comments that he only has 2 sons).

Actions often reveal the true nature, instead of mere words.

Virgo 49 said...

Youngsters, chiak sai worshipped the Whites more than our generation.

So how to blame and stop them?

As long as you lived your life happily as your own. Don't bother with them. Why shorten your life?

Genting and Matland been very kind to me. How's you know I splurged MONIES on them? Most times they rewarded me.

Matland, the place to be in where you dont live like hypocritical rats like the Sinkies.

China, my past forefathers motherland and even now China do not want Overseas Bananas Chinese WHO may even bring troubles to their land.

They do not even welcome you been brainwashed by the bananas just like the Hongkies.

So cannot really go back to what's your motherland where you cannot even assimilate there.

So. Matland is the place where the culture is similar to Sinkieland.

Not as locusts or scavengers there. Lived a low key life they wont not bother you. You be surprised that they won't even know you are s Sinkie. Thought you are one of them Malaysian Chinese.

You seemed to be tracking my posts like from CID. Stalker or with good or baad intentions m

Think most probably BAD. Filled with satireire and vengeance.

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Virgo 49 February 09, 2020 10:37 am

This is the natural purging by Heavens.


Uncle Virgo,

U NOT bad leh ...

It probably dovetails with the rational why the (TOP) authority in (泱泱)祖国(巍巍中华) named the two NEW hospitals "Fire Deity Mountain" (Huoshenshan, 火神山) and "Lightning Deity Mountain" (Leishenshan, 雷神山)???

This COVID-19 (aka nCOV-19) aka "Wuhan new coronavirus" (武汉新型冠状病毒), according to some Mainland and outside sources, is a 天灾 ("Heaven disaster")?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean at 8:25 am
>>>>>China's battle againt the Wuhan virus - <>Leishenshan<> Hospital built in 10 days

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEVkVdlNaxk, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVHxmWTMUdk<<<<<

Does anyboLEE (or any 笨豽豽/ BANANA) know why the (TOP) authority in (泱泱)祖国(巍巍中华) named the two NEW hospitals "Fire Deity Mountain" (Huoshenshan, 火神山) and "Lightning Deity Mountain" (Leishenshan, 雷神山)???

Why these two HIGH-TECH hospitals (火神山 and 雷神山) built almost over night to fight this COVID-19 (aka nCOV-19) aka "Wuhan new coronavirus" (武汉新型冠状病毒), are named maciam like some ancient TAOIST mountain temples such as Wudangshan (武当山) and Emeishan (峨眉山)???

These (two) names 火神山 and 雷神山 seem to be (more than) a "mouthful" for many (笨豽豽/ BANANA) reporters and journalists??

Does anyboLEE (or any 笨豽豽/ BANANA) or 老ahpek (or any ignoramus) know the answers (to the above)?

How come many youngsters (youngdies) know (more) about all these?

Virgo 49 said...

Stupid beans kept multipying their kind without realising that now the World is getting too crowded and full of disasters and diseases.
Some stupid leaders want 10 millions to squeeze into one barren rock.

When diseases and disasters strike. Many will perish. Even with just an economic recession, many will also be affected.

Once a while, Heavens will purge all and Sundry. Rich or poor. Intellects or goons.

Saints and shamans must have given these names to fight the Evil American borne virus.

Chinese still believed in the Heavenly Gods that will help them.

For generations they been praying to the Deities for protection.

Only the foolish ones believed in the White God which promised them Eternal Life which they themselves are even not so sure whether it is the Truth.

That's is the natural process of nature.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Gods or Deities names that one can give to the hospitals r of no use. It's all bout The Universal Law of Cause & Effects or Karma coming into action. So how to stop this, probably by taking proactive approach like protecting ourselves with wearing masks, practicing personal hygiene, stay away from crowded places, performing virtuous deeds like don't eat wildlife go Vegan, stay calm encourage one another to be resilience & when all else fail - Let's pray to the Supreme Heavenly Beings/God/Allah/Buddhas for the Covid19 virus to go away, victims to quickly recover & may the deceased find peace in the Heavenly realms.

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Virgo 49 February 12, 2020 2:11 pm
//Chinese still believed in the Heavenly Gods that will help them.
For generations they been praying to the Deities for protection.
Only the foolish ones believed in the White God which promised them Eternal Life which they themselves are even not so sure whether it is the Truth.//

Uncle Virgo,

The Chinese (and Yew) could be right (about this). In the 2003, the Mainland authority also built a hospital almost overnight (in Beijing) to combat the SARS virus.

The Chinese authority named it 小汤山 (Xiaotangshan/ Boiling Soup Mountain).

Within months or weeks, SARS was exterminated and victory sealed.

This COVID-19 seems to be more "tricky" though...

In a huge natural disaster in the 90s, the Mainland authority through a/ some (heaven-sent) saviour(s) overcame the obstacles and stopped the hardships wrecked on the 老百姓 (Old Hundred Surnames/ masses).

The Chinese has a saying:


Any measure taken (or to be taken) must NOT be the "One Size Fits All Approach" (or the "One-trick pony" type)?

Past success does not guarantee future success?

Policies that worked (in the past) could be fanning a (new) fire than extinguishing it?

At least the Chinese authority recognized that what worked on SARS cannot be a "One size fits all" (or "One trick pony" type) remedy (for the COVID-19) ?

Instead of naming the 2 new hospitals built almost overnight in 2020 from scratch similarly to the 2003 小汤山 hospital, they recognized the difference and thus this time the vastly different 2 new names aka 火神山 and 雷神山 which showed that the Mainland China authority are NOT those one trick pony type?

However, as history often showed, it is still early days at this juncture?

In 2019, Chairman Xi was calling for a "新长征" (New Long March) when he paid a visit to the departure place where Mao embarked on his legendary Long March (in 1934).

Alas, Chairman Xi might have gotten his call for a New Long March answered but probably NOT in the manner he envisaged?

This "新长征" ("New Long March") against the COVID-19 might be the battle Chairman Xi did not anticipate but one he is facing and has to win...


伟⼤祖国永不屈, 绵绵⻓征千万⾥;

Wishing China, Chairman Xi, his comrades, all the selfless and brave medical staff, all those working days and nights to complete new hospitals, produce urgently needed medical supplies such as masks, protective gears etc and the countless millions working tirelessly behind the scene in this (unexpected) "New Long March" to triumph and emerge safe and victorious at the end of this journey that China and the world are facing.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The naming of the hospitals, like the naming of children, is just to mean well. The new China has long done away with superstitions and religions and gods. They will tackle the disease in a scientific way, using modern medical science and tradition Chinese medicine is needed.

Let's don't spend too much time arguing about the names of the hospitals.

Anonymous said...

the Volunteer Geomancer here had fore-warned us of a catastrophic disaster hitting the World with killer contagious and other natural calamities.
alas! He or she did not breathe a word of warning.