Will Singapore reconsider its reckless unrestrained policy of importing foreigners?

Novel coronavirus: Will the returning 30,000 Chinese workers become collateral damage in Singaporeans’ disenchantment with the government’s pro-foreigners policies?

Singapore, if and when orange turns into red, may face its first real test of nationhood. No amount of pseudo-Bicentennialism celebration can substitute for the coming challenge of community trust.  Already some signs of panic buying and irresponsible behaviour have been showing. Medical swipes, thermometers and surgical masks are being hoarded amid a stream of fake news and mischievous online postings.
And there is this huge group of 30,000 work-pass holders from China due to come back to Singapore after the New Year break.  They will be put on the mandatory 14 days leave of absence first. Do we sympathise with them as we would the people of Wuhan? Or shun them as collateral damage in Singaporeans’ overall  disenchantment with the PAP government’s pro-foreigner policies?

The above is the concluding part of Tan Bah Bah's article appearing in theindependent.sg and his question on Singapore's unrestrained immigration policy to increase its population for economic growth numbers.

Without battling an eyelid I would safely answer that the unrestrained immigration policy will continue unperturbed. For growing of population is now the only game plan that this one trick pony has to keep the economy appearing to be growing. Without this, to keep a semblance of economic growth, the Singapore economy would go into negative territory and might even register a recession that it is trying so hard to avoid.

So how, with the risk of importing deadly contagious diseases getting higher with more wildlife from third world slum countries coming here? Fear not, and this is the unique reason why Singapore has no fear of such diseases. Deadly contagious diseases like SARS, swine fever, bird flu and this coronavirus would not come from dirty and filthy slum third world countries. Such diseases somehow have a special penchant to only attack China, a country that is hundreds of times cleaner and more hygienic than filthy third world slum countries.

So, maybe Singapore will tweat and fine tune its foreigner importing programme by not importing new migrants from China but from the rest of the filthy third world slum countries. Third world wildlife are cleaner and disease free. In this way no deadly and contagious diseases will find its way here. And this can be scientifically proven by using data to support this theory. So far all the deadly contagious diseases only came from China, not from third world slum countries. QED.


Anonymous said...

Thought tuberculosis come from Bombay ??

southernglory1 said...

The Coronavirus in Wuhan, China did not come from wild animals. It was implanted in China by the evil, wicked and most ungodly evil empire the United States. The virus was cultured and cultivated in US biological germ warfare laboratories. It seems the evil empire had taken the virus from wild bats,cobra and crocodiles from South Africa and fabricated and cultivated them for germ warfare against the unsuspecting Chinese. Damned the bloody evil white Americans.


Virgo 49 said...

Typical ball carriers and suckers of his White Masters.

That's why they called him Chiap Cheng kia, oops should be Kue!

Kias too polite term for him.

Bwahaha or Bawah - his term calling his White Masters.

Like the colonial days Perkanans or peenankas who crawled at their Masters feets.

That's why they had headstarts in lifes in Sinkieland till today.

Soft bones and soft rice parasites.

Yet, they so proud claiming credits for Sinkieland's achievements

Anonymous said...

What can anybody expect from a long-time self-disgraced bad mouth of a double-crosser?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A paid covert American agent is a paid covert American agent. Slowly, overtime he would expose himself by his own deeds. Just judge for yourself.

Let's wait for them to try to defend themselves and to convince others they are innocent.

This also applies to IBs.

Anonymous said...

// Will Singapore reconsider its reckless unrestrained policy of importing foreigners? //

Please stop conflating PAP with Singapore.
- the correct English should be:

Will PAP reconsider its reckless unrestrained policy of importing foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Until a PAP Millionaire dies from the Wuhan virus, the policy of importing virus (I mean workers) will not stop.

Anonymous said...

Don't need PAP Minister die. His son or daughter dies will also do the needful to be needful of the cries of those whom they have trodden under. Maybe even more effective?

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Please larr, not my style to post boh liao gibberish --- that's more your expertise, as well as your supporters' expertise!!! LOL!!!

You should be thankful that your blog has not spread enough such that it gets the attention of the authorities. Or that certain people make complaints about your site to the govt or police.

With the amount of racial & xenophobic & anti-govt & even anti-specific PAP personnel articles & comments from various commentors, it won't take a genius to make a case that you are one of those that "does not wish Singapore well"! LOL!!

I wonder how POFMA Office & MHA will view your site.

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It is good that you reposted it to confirm that it was posted by you and signed off as WSG.

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Anonymous said...

Why are the media hyping fear on the Wuhan coronavirus and comparing its impact with SARS instead of the H1N1 epidemic?

When the United States 2009 H1N1 swine flu emerged, it initially killed over 10,000 and eventually infected 60 million. But the final story of the H1N1 global pandemic was far worse than that, with close to 300,000 deaths, according to the final tallies in 2012 reported by the US Center for Disease Control.

Anonymous said...

The only LOSER is the one who labels the rest of the commenters as losers, boasting that he is smarter and winner, and got his postings deleted by the owner of the blog.

Such a person is an anti-social pest to society and should not be allowed to even breathe, let alone open his stinking venomous foul mouth.