Philippines Termination of Defence Pact with US is Wise and Timely

     By now everybody should know that the Evil Empire, USA is the source of all troubles, turmoils, wars and destructions in this world. The US like its forbears England, Spain, Portugal and Holland  has definite plans for imperialistic empire building base on first the militant religious doctrine, 'The Doctrine of Christian Discovery' and subsequently the doctrines of 'America's Manifest Destiny' and the doctrine of 'American Essentialism.' A close study of these insidious doctrines will reveal that the US has every intention to bring every other country, in fact the whole world under US bondage and absolute total hegemony. The present US sinister behaviour and diabolical actions throughout the whole world in the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia and Latin America reflects the routes and ways US is taking towards world domination and hegemony. The Philippines is only part of the piece in the chess board where US intends to make use of the Philippines as a pawn  to serve its self interests of its confrontation with China and its villainous illogical determination to stop China's peaceful development.

Philippines independence did not come easy. It was born out after years of long painful and deadly struggle against the savage Spaniards and thereafter the life and death  struggle against the most cruel and barbaric white Americans of the United States.

In the 1890s the United States stepped out to help the people of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines to fight for independence against the savage rule of colonial and imperial Spain. In the American - Spanish War in 1898, the United States managed to defeat Spain and got rid of Spain from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. However, the United States reneged on its promises to give independence to these three territories and on the contrary soon established itself as a new but more savage and cruel imperial master. The United States was on a new continuous course of its American Manifest Destiny after wresting an empire from Mexico in its expansion in 1840s. The promise to give independence to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines was a ploy to get the locals to support America's fight against Spain. In truth America justified its conquest of Cuba, puerto Rico and the Philippines is based on its belief in the Darwinian theory that the fittest survive and that it is in accordance with the laws of nature for strong countries to dominate weak countries. So America is on a mission to acquire colonies in far-flung overseas empire. And the draconian policy continues to this day of modern times.

The people of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines soon had to start a new war of resistance against the new evil colonial and imperial United States. The resistant fighters in the the three territories were all savagely and brutally put down by the imperial might of US military. The United States has in place a policy of acquiring and annexing new overseas colonies without having to give citizenship to the people who will after all be treated only as dependents of the United States, euphemism for slaves of the white Americans. New colonies like the Philippines and all the newly acquired islands in the Pacific Ocean are to serve as outlets for US trade, commerce and industries and most importantly as outposts for US military bases.

The brave Philippino resistant fighters were so determined that the Americans found themselves engaged in a long and bloody war with the heroic insurgent forces fighting for independence. In this Philippino fight for independence more than three hundred thousand brave Philippino resistant fighters were brutally slaughtered with millions of civillians died in disease and starvatioin as the result of the war. The Philippine resistant fighters resorted to guerrilla warfare against the superior American army whose commander , General Arthur MacArthur , the father of General Douglas MacArthur adopted a military offensive which became more systematically vicious and brutal. Captured Philippino guerrilla fighters were  executed as murderers and entire Philippino villages together with their farms, crops and livestock were destroyed by American troops while the surviving residents were shoved into concentration camps to die eventually from malnourishment and starvation. The Americans had treated the Philippinos as subhuman and took pleasure in killing them arbitrarily just as they had done to the American Indian natives earlier. Many philippino civillians who were suspected as sympathisers of the resistant fighters were caught and buried alive in trenches. The proud Philippinos will never forget these American atrocities to their fellow patriotic brothers and sisters in just this recent  past.

It is not until the 4th of July, 1946, in the aftermath of the Second World War and due to the fear of Soviet Russia communist influence in taking over the islands that the Americans unwillingly and grudgingly were compelled to give independence to the Philippines. The United States then did not help the Philippines in any way to help the development of the islands but out of self interests it granted massive help to Japan and the European countries as its allies which became  revitalised very rich  industrial and trading economies to the benefit of US which was indulged in the Cold War power struggle for world supremacy with communist Russia. After half a century of diabolic US imperial rule the Philippines remain a very poor and impoverish country as its wealth and natural resources like copper and sugar industries were exploited and shipped to the United States almost for free.

Now the United States has adopted an illilateral diabolical confrontational policy against China.  The Chinese in the last forty years were able to develop with astonishing speed its trade and commerce, its finance and banking, its industries and technology, its scientific development and innovation and lastly its military prowess and technology. The Evil Empire looks at China development with unreasonable awe and fear partly because it found itself lacking behind China in many areas of the new science and technology, in Artificial Intelligence, in 5G and The Internet of All Things. Therefore being irrational and mentally deranged it begins to view China as an enemy to be taken down by all means. Hence it has adopted an undeclare hybrid warfare against China viz the trade war, tariffs, sanctions, massive propaganda and demonization against China in its world dominated mass media, cyber attacks and hacking, vicious and unfounded accusations against Huawei and the illegal kidnapping of its Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wan Zhou, the US coordinated attacks and riots in Hong Kong and Xinjiang and its illicit and dangerous interference in China's internal affairs in selling offensive weapons to the renegade Chinese traitors in Taiwan and its dangerous military harassment of China in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.  Being unable to make any headway to take down China it now conducts biological germ warfare against China as seen in the Coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan.

What is most fearful is that in its last card the desperate Evil Empire may throw caution to the winds and provoke an open warfare against China. In this scenario the United States will definitely drag its so called allies especially the Koreans and the Philippines to fight in the front line as proxies to be sacrificed and slaughtered and may be their countries to be destroyed in a nuclear exchange. . Therefore President Duterte of the Philippines is far sighted and wise to waste no time to announce the abrogation of the one sided treaty of the VFA . Just recently after the broad day light assassination of the commander in chiefs of Iran and Iraq , the Iraqi people and their government ordered the Americans and its allies to leave Iraq but US refused to leave giving the spurious reason unless Iraq pay compensation for all its military installations in the country. First Iraq did not and never invite US into the country. US just invaded Iraq to covert its rich oil and mineral resources and use Iraq as a  military base to outflank Russia from the south to destabilise Russia. The Philippines must not be caught in the same evil insidious plot and scheme of the white Americans.

The Americans try to portray China as the  enemy of the Philippines and South East Asia countries. The Americans first has to demonize China to give a semblance of legality as a self appointed protector of the Philippines and South East Asia countries. But in actual fact and reality the US don't give a damn but  thinks the US as a super power reserves the right and the might to make use of Philippines and the South East Asian countries as pawns in their struggle and confrontation against an innocent but peaceful China.

The Philippines and other South East Asian countries and for that matter all Asians and the world must bear in mind that for thousands of years China has been the richest, the strongest and most powerful country on earth but she has never conquer any country or take an inch of other people's land, whereas the US like its forebears England and the European powers have for the last five hundred years been savagely rampaging throughout the world conquering, killing and taking by force all lands, resources and properties from all the non-white countries.

Even now  China goes all round the world to talk and discuss trade and commerce, help other countries to develop by giving financial aid, build infrastructures like roads and railways, buildings and factories, schools and hospitals, ports and cities. China believes in helping other countries in a win-win situation where everybody develop and prosper together and every country big or small is treated equally with due respect and dignity. On the contrary wherever US and it western allies go they treat others with disdain as inferiors and think only of their only self-interests and self aggrandizement just as Trump repeatedly like to drum into others ears that Americans will only make America First and all others can perish which is of no concern to the Americans. It is frightening all white people have been thinking in like manner for hundreds of years and that's how they severely exploited and impoverished the people of their colonies in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America.

Remember the words from the bulldog Pompeo, "Wherever we go, we cheat, we steal and we kill." In the words of Mike Esper, America's military bases in the Philippines will bolster US presence in the region to confront China in this era of great-power competition and the Philippines is a strategic location for US military operations against China. China has no interest in confronting with any country and less so with US. China just want to live in peace and harmony with all her neighbouring countries. That China has signed and ratified border treaties in a peaceful settlement with 14 neighbouring countries out of 16, ( except Japan and India ) testified to the peaceful nature of the Chinese people and country. If China had wild ambitions the whole world would have been conquered and colonised by China long ago at the time when no European country can be called civilised and developed. Before the 1500s all the civilized and develop countries in splendour and wealth were found in India, Mesopotamia ( now Iraq ), Egypt, Persia ( now Iran ) Turkey and China. The European countries took off after learning all the science and technologies from China through the Arabs and the Mongols in the early 13th to 15 th century. Thereafter it is all history when the savage European hordes went on a rampage to conquer and terrorise every corner of the globe. This white men's trait of aggressive wars of conquest and terrorism is now carried on by the white Americans whose aim of of world domination and hegemony is reflected in its perennial wars all over the world in the Middle East, in Africa, in Asia and in Central and South America. In view of this can the Philippines and ASEAN countries still trust the white Americans whom the native American Indians have always been warning others that "White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted."

President Duterte must be wary of CIA and many of Philippines selfish and self-interest egregious turncoats who have been recruited as American spies and agents to turn against their own country. The sooner the Philippines get rid of the Americans and round up all their fifth columns and saboteurs the better it is for the peace and security of the Philippines and perhaps indirectly for all Asia including the South East Asia ASEAN countries.

China and the Philippines have both been victims of western colonialism and imperialism. The Philippines people can be assured China will never invade the Philippines. China and the Philippines have never been enemies and will never be one forever. The evil white Americans have always been driving a wedge between China and her neighbours to serve its imperialistic aggressive interests of perennial conquest and world domination. So let the Filippinos beware of the evil and insidious plot of the wicked satanic white Americans. Thus getting rid of the Americans and its diabolical military bases is a sound and wise strategic move. Kudos to President Duterte and the Filippinos.


Saturday, 15th February, 2020.



Anonymous said...

I fear for Duterte. But he himself knows and already said that he may not survive the CIA.

Duterte must watch his back, knowing that the CIA also has spies inside his establishment, who may do an inside job, and thus keep the hands of the CIA and USA clean as a whistle and still maintain an angelic look. After all, Duterte's crackdown on the drug lords makes him a likely target for their vengeance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Like the way they assassinate Park Chung Hee with Korean agents.

There are many Pinoy military officers that would want to do it for the Americans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WTF you all going on about? Trump's made it clear he's no fan of the US "looking after" the rest of the planet, or existing US military around the world.

If Bernie Sanders wins, he holds similar views.

Anonymous said...

To safeguard the peace and security of the Philippines President Duterte should declare all CIA personnels, officers and agents as personal non-grata and order them to leave the Philippines within three to five days.

Political observer

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ political observer

For a political observer you're not very savvy.

The CIA are embedded everywhere. Especially in cuntries where there Islamic fascism and terrorist organisations.

Duterte actually benifits from US anti terrorist doctrine. He'll definitely allow that and he and Trump are friends.

Anonymous said...

President should dismiss all Philippine officers or leaders in the army or police force who are suspected of fishy close relationship with US army leaders or CIA operatives Duterte in the country. The CIA and Pentagon usually carry out assassination of other countries leaders through internal traitors so as to remove democratically elected leaders for regime change. President Duterte and his colleagues in the administration must be wary of CIA, the Pentagon and the US embassy where all the plots for assassination and regime change are hatched.

USA is a rogue country run by crooks, rogues and scoundrela

Anonymous said...

Politicians promise one thing before they are elected, but forgets easily what they promised after they are elected. Remember Mexico will pay for the wall? Tax cuts to benefit who?

That is more obvious when the most they can last is two terms, so keeping their promise is of secondary importance. Making the most of their time in office is. And with fat fees after that on the lecture circuit.

Believe in them?

Anonymous said...

Duterte is a showman like Trump -- he says Fuck You things & then goes ahead to do the opposite. Not many people know that all along, for the past 70 years till today, US special forces, US black ops, & US mercenaries (ex-SF, ex-black ops) are embedded into & operate with peenoy special forces & certain ranger units. Fully with Philippine top-govt knowledge & approval & use of Philippine taxpayer monies. Even more since 2001 with the muslim extremists movement.

Anonymous said...

Many of the ASEAN political leaders are numbskulls who are either self serving or politically naive as far as international politics and affairs are concerned. They either seem not to know the evil nature of the white people or they pretend not to know so that they can ingratiate with the leaders of powerful countries like US and UK so as to satisfy their stupid narrow ego of feeling self-importance though at the interests of their own countries and indirectly at other non-white countries. They seem to go along with US / Western demonisation of other Asian countries like DPRK, Cambodia and China. Don't they know China has always been a peaceful non-expansionist country compare to the United States which has for the last few hundred years been expanding and conquering other people's lands and viciously killing natives and destroying their properties. They should know the United States and the western countries are savage and cruel expansionist colonial and imperial powers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I don't believe anything. I look for evidence. Trump hates spending US taxpayer dollars on other cuntries. He's an isolationist.... Fuck the rest of the world kind of guy, that's why the liberal globalists HATE him.

My God, Matilah, you are so gullible. Who do you think Trump surrounded himself with when he got into office? All the neocons and warhawks. Pompeo is still around,one of the most evil man in the Trump administration, smiling but more evil than Bannon and Bolton.

I am trying to put up the Atlantis Report on this coronavirus and Trump's thumbprint is there.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah redbean you're such a hopeless analyst lah. Your know shit fuck about relationships and the human side of politics.

Trump has neo cons ... Whatever label you want to hang. John Bolton was expansionist. Pompeo just hantams China, cos someone had to call out the CCP for their fuck ups.

At the end of the day, Trump reigns them in. If they think they're hot shit like John Bolton, OUT THE FUCK THEY GO. No one has a guaranteed permanent job in Donald Trump's Adminstration.

Just this week, one more head got chopped off.

Learn about human nature lah. At your age it's EMBARRASSING to still be such a fucking green horn. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Anonymous said...

News has reported that various S'pore business groups have asked Keechiu on Friday to relax immigration and allow more foreigners from other countries in, in order to make up for loss of China workers.

I think the Budget report on Tuesday will give a lot of freebies & leeway to companies in S'pore. In addition to the election angbao and covid19 angbao for us.

Expect more foreigners from more countries coming in for our jobs after this covid is over.

Anonymous said...

Knn matilar stop attacking rb with your childish logic. I think u really needed to be sodomized to your senses

Anonymous said...

Trump hates spending taxpayers dollars on other people's defence is what he says. It is another lie to add to his more than ten thousand lies already proven.

What is the motive for the USA to spend so much on military bases all around the world? For fun? If that is the case, I agree with Trump trying to cut down on such spending. Trump claimed to be withdrawing from Iraq and Syria, but the reverse seems to be true. How long have they been saying this for Iraq? They are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The USA needs to spend all those money primarily on protecting their interest, whether it is the oil, or maintaining the US$ hegemony and certainly for political considerations like containing China in Asia and Russia in Europe. Do we seriously think they give a shit to what happens to the Japs, South Koreans or the Philippines, just because they are spending so much money in maintaining bases and troops in those countries. In times of conflict, the people in those countries are just collateral damage. Duterte found that out in his skirmish with the Chinese, with false hopes that the US would step in lend a hand under their defence agreement. They did not. And that is what lately changes Duterte's mind.

Further, what is the military establishment in USA going to do with all those troops returning home if the USA is to close down most of those military bases around the world. Are they going to continue paying the salaries and benefits of the returning troops now doing nothing at home, which makes no sense and no difference from stationing them overseas. And what of jobs if those soldiers are out of the military? And what of the military establishment needing to start wars to sustain their weapons sales?

The USA needs those military bases around the world, insidiously more than what the host country needs! It is not for Trump or Sanders to say the US should not waste taxpayer's money on other country's defence needs. That is just to buy political capital near to an election. Nothing more nothing less!

Anonymous said...

The US military have been in the Ppines for decades on the pretext of fighting insurgents but never ending. The very reason for the Ppines to allow them to be there is where there are insurgents. Once the insurgent issues are over, there is no reason for the American troops to be there anymore.

So the Americans will keep the insurgent issues alive and threatening to justify their presence in the Ppines, a problem they would not allow to go away. Duterte is smart to see through this farce.

The American economy depends on war and instability. Without wars, the whole military complex and industry would have no demand for their weapons. Without wars, there will be no need to feed all the soldiers and generals. They will become jobless.

The Americans need wars and wars to sustain their economy and to keep their workers and the soldiers employed.

Anonymous said...

With Boeing now in serious trouble, I think the US will target Airbus for sure. There are now about 700 Boeing 737 Max (?) lying idle, waiting to re-enter service. The problem with the planes are still unresolved. When they cannot compete anymore with Airbus, they will play dirty with spurious claims, followed by sanctions and finally heavy fines.

The USA is famous for doing such things and using such tactics, and smaller countries are being held hostage and have to comply with whatever the USA deem fit to accuse them of. Historically it already has happened to French and Japanese companies, not to mention the ongoing attempt to do the same to China's Huawei. Guess how much Huawei will have to pay and comply with restrictive clauses should the USA gets the upper hand?

Anonymous said...

the Cunnningness of the Americunts are proven beyond doubt as it gotten too brazen, its deeds reveal its' evil glaringly in history. Its day of intimidation over others shall soon be over as other countries cut off alliances with it.