The future for Singaporeans is downgrading

And I must not just talking about downgrading from private homes to HDB, from bigger HDB flats to smaller HDB flats. There was a recent report in thenewpaper praising and glorifying university and polytechnic lecturers being inspired to take lower paying jobs in nursing. And we have courses to teach our graduates how to become hawkers. Soon there will be courses to teach our graduates how to become taxi drivers and security guards.

In contrast, every third world wildlife coming here is upgrading, from joblessness in their home countries to high paying full time employment in Singapore, from low paying jobs to higher paying jobs, from homelessness to homeowners. Singaporeans on the other hand are directed to take on low skill jobs, low technical jobs, while foreigners, many poorly educated, with fake papers, are taking up high tech and computer related jobs. Funny isn't it?

No, this is not funny at all. This is a very serious problem affecting many Singaporeans today and tomorrow. The Singaporeans are turning into dodo birds, obsolete, unskilled and unemployable in their own country and wildlife of dubious backgrounds and often half educated or with poor or fake education papers are taking over their lives and their country.

This is a very serious problem that cannot be ignored. It is systemic and existential. Does anyone know this? I think not, I think everyone, I mean Singaporeans, is taking this as a natural state of affair, that this is the fate of Singaporeans, despite their very expensive education and supposedly people from a first world country, losing out to third world wildlife and cannot do anything about it, and in the process would eventually lose their country as well.

What do you think?


Virgo 49 said...

When they have incentives of Yearly Performance Bonuses for the various Ministries and their Ministers, the BEST way is their bottom lines of profits and to show their capabilities of how much they accumulated against other ministeries and ministers.

So, the best way is to ensure the the bottom pyramid of the working class is been pressed down on all counts so that the upper echelon will be rewarded significantly.

So every Ministeries will sharpened their knives and axes to slaughter the Sinkies.

Even the HELL Ministry and Others in
Essienstial Services has to make as much as possible to show their capabilities.

The BEST way is to press down wages and other expenses.

So they gave leeways to Employers to hire and fired and all at their mercies.

Hiring their own cheaper employees as they wished and sidelined costly Singaporeans.

The Daft Sinkies deserved their just deserts for been inaction and kiasi, kaisu and think that these happenings will not happen to them.

Soon, we will have the NEW poor and vagrants in the very near future.

No eyes to see.

Sinkies deserved to be in this predicament.

Anonymous said...

Take a good look at the composition of the Singapore cabinet.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I keep saying this over and over, and have yet to be proved wrong:

The fate and future of the cuntry is MORE IMPORTANT than the people.

People are only necessary to ensure the cuntry can have a future; they are an EXPENDABLE and RENEWABLE resource...like farm animals.

You put food in the top hole, it's converted to energy to do work for the cuntry, shit and piss come out the bottom holes.

The head contains a brain which is easily fooled by feeding it BOGUS INFORMATION and instructions which ensure the people remain docile and obedient.

Wash, rinse... REPEAT. 🤓

It's just Nation Building by Social Engineering... That's all... don't worry. It's not that serious....

Afterall, you have to agree the shit works wonderfully. Just look at the result:

#best_cuntry_ever 🇸🇬🤟👍🍻💪

Anonymous said...

Lee Sian Tau said many years ago, when he just forces Lau Ghost out.of his tenure of pee-aiming-ship, that Sinkingland is a land of opportunities. Therefore, every opportunist from all the backward villages and 3rd world countries took the opportunity to come and grab all the opportunities that Sian Tau had said there were.

When all the opportunities are gone, the opportuniic wild life created their own opportunities by grabbing, conning, ousting and whatever means from the locals.

When the locals started to lose their jobs and livelihoods to the foreigners, Sian Tau came out with a new term called "Locals" to include the real locals with the new cutizens, the PRs and the Work Permit Holders, lumping four different groups into one. This creates a picture of "Picasso's Abstract Art", so that it becomes difficult for the untrained eyes and minds to interprete. This led to different perceptions, interpretations and opinions. As a result, many views, opinions and interpretations of the data available openly were expressed online and offline. So, how to control and channel differing and dissenting views? Hey Presto! POFMA!

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning everyone.

No! It's not funny!

The masses must be very very very very very very very happy with pap that without fail, consistently, will DIE die die die die die die die vote for pap at every GE!

The masses can't be unhappy right?

So what is the point of kpkbssss$$$$$$ssssss.. waste time lah

Please remember... the problem is the masses!!!!


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans on the other hand are directed to take on low skill jobs, low technical jobs, while foreigners, many poorly educated, with fake papers, are taking up high tech and computer related jobs. Funny isn't it?

These Singaporeans who downgrade to take on low skill jobs, low technical jobs etc are a minority lah, maybe 30% or less of all Singaporeans. So what if they don't vote for PAP?

That's why despite these downgraded Singaporeans, PAP can still win big by getting a whopping 70% votes in election.

Just like those who died from the Wuhan virus are a minority lah, only about 2% of those who got infected.

Anonymous said...

This is a very serious problem that cannot be ignored.

Serious problem?

But is it serious enough to make PAP not to win big or even to lose the election?

If not, why PAP cannot ignore?

Anonymous said...

So, how to control and channel differing and dissenting views? Hey Presto! POFMA!
10:12 am



Will PAP lose its 2/3 majority in coming election because of POFMA?

If not, so?

Or what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Today, nothing to talk liao. Talk come, talk go, is the same SHIT thing.

Everything boils down to the 69.9% of voters. These "smart" voters are very the happy to have Pee-and-Poo to pee on their heads and poo into their mouths.

Come next GE, Pee-and-Poo is going to be the government again, no doubt. This habitual tendency of voting pattern has become so ingrained that it is a foregone conclusion in every GE, that Pee-and-Poo will be in BUSINESS again.

Business means making money, and more money. For who? Go ask any businessman, he starts doing business for himself or for others? Of course, for himself, right? So, Pee-and-Poo in BUSINESS for who? Of course, for ITself, right? You think it is for YOU? Fat hope.

Do you think the self-enriched millionaires ministers care if you got downgraded? As long as they are upgraded in their bank accounts every year, who really care if you are downgraded?

Pee-and-Poo is in the money-making BUSINESS. So YOU DIE, YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Dr Talk Little said...

Hi, everyone, I have decided not to post updates on the Wuhan Acute Pneumonia Syndrome (or 2019-nCoV) cases here any more. If you are interested, go to TOC and TRE sites and read the updates there.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the self-enriched millionaires ministers care if you got downgraded?
11:48 am

Of course not lah, if you are among the 30% or less who got downgraded.

Just be smart so as to be among the majority (69.9%) of Sinkies who have good life under the PAP govt of self-enriched millionaires ministers.

If you have good life, Pee-and-Poo (PAP) will not be able to pee on your head and poo into your mouth.

Anonymous said...

11:48 am

Don't always say DIE lah.


Anonymous said...

The Old Man warned Singaporeans that if they voted opposition their mothers, sisters and daughters would have to be maids in other people's countries. Singaporeans believed him and faithfully voted for PAP again and again and again. For their faith in the old charlatan they are punished. Now not only the women, the men too have to serve the wild life, and in our own country too! And also to be looked down upon and abused. Will Singaporeans learn? Or do they remain daft as the old charlatan branded them, and continue to sleepwalk into extinction?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The difference between Singapore and the Great Britons: The UK citizens have the balls to self-determination and re prepared to do whatever it took to PUT THEMSELVES FIRST before the "cuntry". (The EU is one big "cuntry" or state. Under EU law all "national flags" are banned from display. The EU and it's unelected "authority" are ALL. Everyone else has to follow on command).

In the UK there are the British PEOPLE. In Singapore there are the Singapore SHEEPLE. 🐑🐑

Adolf Hipster

Napolean, failed

Another failed attempt to get UK to "unite"

17 Million "Fuck Offs" (what Singaporeans are yet to do to their "leaders")

🇸🇬🇬🇧Singapore On Thames 🇸🇬🇬🇧

Singapore teaches yet-another-cuntry ho to be GREAT!

The serf teaching their ex-feudal master what's what. A UK with Singaporean characteristics Lucky for you Brit motherfuckers our Lee Kuan Yew and his son were educated by you.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Lessons from ex conquered Brit colonies

India 🇮🇳

USA 🇺🇸

Majullah Ex colonial Master!

Anonymous said...

If you want to stop the downgrading of Singapore ... stop voting PAP.

It's really that simple.

Yellow Chicken said...

The Clueless Sheeple

The 30% must grow to 51% - another 21% is required. Can you do it?

Bah bah, Yellow sheep,
Have you any clue?
No sir, no sir,
We have been screwed..

Bah bah, Brown sheep,
Have you any clue?
Yes sir, Yes sir,
We've Black turned to Brown.

Bah bah, Black sheep,
Have you any clue?
Yes sir, Yes sir,
We've CECA here to rule.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how much money is in the Singapore reserves?

Do you know how many face masks the PAP government has in the stockpile?

Do you trust the PAP government?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 01, 2020 6:43 pm:

"Do you know how much money is in the Singapore reserves?"

Answer: You definitely don't know and we don't need to know. Even if you know, so what? Even if we don't know, so what?

"Do you know how many face masks the PAP government has in the stockpile?"

Answer: You definitely don't know. And we don't want to know. Even if you know, so what? Even if we know, so what?

"Do you trust the PAP government?"

Answer: You definitely don't trust. We don't need to trust. Even if you trust, so what? Even if we trust, so what?

Lan, lan. Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

This is why we need Tan Cheng Bock's Progress Singapore Party:

Transparency, Accountability and Independence.

To answer the questions:

How much money is in our reserves?
How many face masks are in our stockpile?

If we have transparency, accountability and independence, we definitely don't need to trust the PAP government.

Anonymous said...

How do we know if there is any money left in the reserves?
- maybe it's been badly managed and the money is all gone

How do we know if there are enough face masks in the stockpile?
- maybe PAP has badly managed the stockpile, and there is insufficient face masks in Singapore?

Stupidity Cannot Cure said...

@ Anonymous at February 02, 2020 5:18 am,

Common sense tells you that, definitely, there is bound to be insufficient face masks in Singapore. Not only in Singapore. Its in all other countries, including USA.

Common sense tells you that at this rate of spreading, the virus, though not so deadly, are very contagious and stealthily infective. That is the reason people are afraid and are taking proactive precautions to protect themselves from being infected, instead of using the masks after infection (a no-brainier suggestion being spouted by many so-called intelligent people at high levels).

That is also the reason that smart business people are stocking up the face masks to sell and make an opportunistically huge profits.

People are buying by the millions of pieces. If you are able to make only $1 extra, then your profits are increased by $1 million if you sell one million pieces.

People like WSG (Wolf of Singapore) are likely to go in for the kill to make more profits for their selfish-self at others suffering at this time.

Therefore, the shortage of face masks could also be artificially manipulated by profiteers in order to make scarcity of supply, to increase price, against the sudden huge demand.

Your insinuations about PAP mismanaged the Reserves and the stockpile of face masks are calculated to cast a bad light upon the PAP. If you have the guts, go ahead and tell the ministers in their faces. Don't have to hide behind anonymity in order to cast a slur to damage the PAP's reputation. This is not the way to go. Learn from Dr Tan Cheng Bock, Mr Chiam See Tong, Mr Low Thia Kiang and Mr Pritam Singh. You are still amateurish. You do not have much longer time to learn; so learn it fast.

Anonymous said...

@ PAP IB @ 8.40am

If there is transparency, accountability and independence (like Tan Cheng Bock say) ... then it's very difficult for people to slur you.

If you have done nothing wrong;
Why are you so scared of questions?

Why are you so scared of Opposition MPs asking questions in parliament?

Anonymous said...

How many face masks does PAP have in the stockpile?

How much money is really left in the reserves?