Hsien Loong - "We are open, but this is our home."

"We have to bring this down in terms which individual Singaporeans can relate to, in terms of their lived experience – at work, in the community spaces, in the crowd which they meet, in that they feel that they are taken care of and in Singapore, this is a Singapore for Singaporeans," said Mr Lee.

"We are open, but this is our home."....

"Many companies which are breaking new ground, which are at the leading edge, are like that, and we want them," said Mr Lee.

"But when they come to Singapore, and they employ 40 per cent of Singaporeans, or even 60 per cent of Singaporeans, and you will see that many of your colleagues are not Singaporean. Your boss may not be Singaporean, certainly, your owner may have been a Chinese or Vietnamese or Thai or Indonesian start-up, then you will say, 'why is it here?'," said the prime minister.  CNA

After so many years of silence and taking the Singaporeans for granted by flooding the island with foreigners and allowing foreigners to determine the fate of Singaporeans in employment with many now jobless or under employed, and with the opposition parties bringing this up as a major source of unhappiness, the govt is now trying to control the damage. Question is whether the damage has gone too far and too widespread that it is too late to do anything meaningful.

Based on the above comments that foreign companies are employing 40% or 60% foreigners and the rest Singaporeans, I think Singaporeans could accept this. The truth is that many foreign and local companies are filled with foreigners, some more than 80% and nothing is done about it.

The govt must act and not just use words to appease the badly affected Singaporeans. This is our home, our only home, and we must not lose it to foreigners under stupid schemes and excuses. Most Singaporeans would have no where to run, cannot afford to work overseas to earn cheap pay and cheap currencies.

So, is the stupid 6.9 million and more population policy still business as usual? Is Singapore going to be the home of foreigners called new citizens or new Singaporeans?


Anonymous said...

"We are open, but this is our home."
- Lee Hsien Loong

I am open to you fucking her, but she is still my wife.

Anonymous said...

If the foreigners working here do not benefit Singaporeans.

If the foreign companies in Singapore do not benefit Singaporeans.

Then what is the point of having them here?

Anonymous said...

Ai yah dun listen to this Ah Long talk cock lah. Open for wat? His home? Alamak, might as well ask Ah Xi or Dotard come over and rule this tiny rock lah & let his ParLeement be tat 40% or 60% in it to see how he feel lah. Guess tat Ah Xi or Dotard also no wanto come lah cos too small a tiny dot lah. Ah Long already a betrayal of his own race & sold his country out long time ago, it's a matter of time that he and his gang shall meet their nemesis in a not so distant future.

Anonymous said...

Only when the new citizens set up their own political parties to challenge PAP;

Then Ah Loong will wake up from his sleep in the ivory tower.

Anonymous said...

If Ah Long San die tomorrow;
It will be one day too slow.

Anonymous said...

What this Dishonorable Son gonna say is unimaginable " we r open, but tis our home..." meaning to say " come lai, come and f&#* inside my h#*& feel shiok & get paid & then flee with ur $¥€£ ho seh boh.."

Anonymous said...

We are very angry voters.

SSO said...

Wuhan Virus Syndrome Is Now A Global Health Emergency

The new Wuhan coronavirus has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization, as the outbreak continues to spread outside China. Now there are at least 21 countries outside China having the infection.

"The main reason for this declaration is not what is happening in China but what is happening in other countries," said WHO Chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The concern is that it could spread to countries with weaker health systems.

The death toll has risen to at least 213 people who were infected by the virus in China.

There had been more than 100 cases in 21 other countries, but no deaths. Most cases have emerged in people who have travelled from the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak began. Cambodia, India, Philippines, Nepal, Finland and UAE have been added to the list of infected in the last two days. And it is highly probable that some countries like UK and Indonesia are keeping numb and mumb due to fear of stiring up a panic in their country?

Singapore's latest confirmed cases have risen from 10 to 13, a 30% increase rate overnight.

Inevitably, in the next few days, when secondary and tertiary infections are rippen, more cases would appear to demand more efforts from leaders and healthcare professionals.

Unless very stringent measures are taken, with political will and courage, the mushrooming of the WAPS is INEVITABLE!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Ah Long San welcomes foreigners because PAP and his cronies are benefitting?

Singaporeans suffer, never mind.
As long as he and his cronies benefit, it's okay.

Is the above true or false?

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change until Ah Long San dies.

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning everyone.

No point talking about this or kpkbssssssssss about the top top top leaders!

I said many many many many many many many many times here before that the problem is really the masses the masses the masses!

Very very very very very very very very simple, if pap is no good, vote them out vote them out!

But the masses, don't know why, at every GE, will DIE DIE DIE DIE die die die die vote for pap without fail!

This is the reality on the ground. SG is like that lah!

Virus or no virus.....it is not difficult for pap to win BIG BIG BIG at the next GE!

We shall see....HahaHahahahahaha.....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Pure Genius

This is a genius speech by LHL. I'm so glad he is working hard for his money.

He said exactly what the deluded Hong Lim types needed to hear---to give hope to the hopeless, who will remain hopeless until life slaps them harder in the face and the eventually wake the fuck up.πŸ˜΄πŸ’€

Singapore IS for Singaporeans, but every Singaporean must bring something of VALUE to the table...i.e. they have to have SKIN IN THE GAME. If they don't, and still expect to "get the goodies" then they are ENTITLED assholes who still hold onto the myth that "the world owes them a living".

Just as you can spend your money on the goods of your choice, from the sellers of your choice---for your own reasons which is no one else's goddamn business--- the OWNERS OF COMPANIES can spend their money on who they however the fuck they choose, hire whomever they choose and it is nobody's fucking goddamn business.

When you buy goods and services from producers and sellers, you keep them in business. When a company sets up business in Singapore, they pay tax, they employ people who pay tax, they create employment...which keeps the motherfucking cuntry in business. They don't come to Singapore with the idea that the world owes them a living! πŸ€ͺ🀟.

If they don't watch themselves and their enterprise 24/7/365, they will eventually go OUT of business, people lose their jobs, the tax revenue vanishes and the cuntry and it's people are worse off.

I don't foster any hope that things will change. Some people will "get it" and make better choices for themselves, but for the most part the entitled "victims" with their gimme gimme gimme attitude will spiral down the shit-chute of the toilet life and be flushed away like the shitbags they are.

Oh, you think I am harsh? That's your choice lah 🀣
Not to worry...nothing I say can be harsher than the way REALITY is going to give you the reaping from what you have...or rather have not SOWN!

In the meantime, continue to congregate at Hong Lim in your shared misery (misery finds its own company) and sing "We Shall Overcome". IT'S ENTERTAINING! πŸΏπŸ“½️

Anonymous said...

The pathetic state today is caused by his "Singapore is for Everyone" policy - both in words and in deeds. Today, he has changed his tune to "Singapore is for Singaporeans" but this new slogan sounds very hollow because his other statements still project a policy continuation of his open-legs foreigners-loving policy and his deeds have remained unchanged.

So, in my conclusion, this is all politically motivated talks because elections are coming and opposition parties have hit the right note: Singapore is for Singaporeans!

This is hypocrisy in its highest order, from the highest paid PM in the world. Can anyone trust his words, when even his own brother and sister do not trust him?


Anonymous said...

Wat that matters is Monies lah MoneyCome or Lui Lai, the rest he juz care less, u die ur bziness.

Anonymous said...

Our investment money returning in this

Way.Its how earth obit.

Anonymous said...

Hi 919am


Btw, happy birthday everyone.....yam SENG!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore is for...paying our fat salaries! πŸ€‘πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Anonymous said...

In business and in politics, trust is the most valuable commodity. Trust takes a very long time to build up and earned it. However, like undeserved money, trust can be easily squandered by prodigious sons and daughters. Once squandered and lost, trust cannot be easily returned.

Once people confirmed that you have betrayed their trust, no amount of words or money can sincerely bring it back. People will just play the same game with you.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 956

>> Once people confirmed that you have betrayed their trust, no amount of words or money can sincerely bring it back. People will just play the same game with you. <<

True. But those ramifications are only actionable if the relationship is more or less between EQUALS.

If one side is more "powerful", then even if they betray trust, they can still "win" due to inequality. For e.g.: If your boss betrays your trust, you will still stay in the job and be unhappy, unless you have the financial means to leave, or have other options.

People who have power can do what they like and get away with it...many times. If you negotiate from a position of weakness, you've already LOST.

Virgo 49 said...

Ah Loong CNY speech said family ties Nampar One.

What's hypocrisy!

His own also in chaos.

Big Tree Fall all monkeys scattered.

Virgo 49 said...

Daft Sinkies does NOT know how to use their Voting Rights as POWER to bring down those that they had voted into Power.

NOT that they are weak but they are just DAFT and STUPID.

Balance of Power between Ruling and Opposition as your Power bargaining chips.

Anonymous said...

How prepare is Sg govt on global virus disease outbreak?

The recent gov committee appointed is more a reactive action to compensate for their lack of earlier preparation.

Read the EIU 2019 report – The Global Health Security Index…………this is not fake news!

“According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, Singapore is less prepared compare to neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Malaysia to stand against a major infectious disease outbreak. EIU highlighted this as it published the Global Health Security (GHS) Index on Friday (25 Oct).

Of the 195 countries studied, 13 countries, including South Korea and Thailand obtained the top scores, which suggest that there is no country that can fully withstand and deal with major deadly disease outbreaks such as Ebola.

With an index score of 58.7 of 100, Singapore ranked 24th of the 195 countries. A higher index score is indicative of a better state of preparation, according to the EIU study.

South Korea ranked 9th at 70.2 score, Malaysia ranked 18th at 62.2 score and Thailand ranked 6th and 73.2. The top 13 nations obtained scores of at least 67 on the index.

For the 195 countries, the average overall GHS Index score was 40.2 “


Take good care of your loved ones :)

Virgo 49 said...

Open legged policies that had a paedophile here sodomising the little boys in Sinking Land.

Wonder whether the Elites parasites boys kena sodomised?

Karma indeed

Virgo 49 said...

Ah Chan and Company ill prepared just like the WHO and now blamed SELFISH Sinkies for the run out of the masks.

4G leaders my foot.

Loads of rubbish.

From the start when the MRT systems start, no one had amy ideas that they must impose conditions for the Contractors to train our local citizens.

Now then they start having skills training grants for MRT training at late stage.

If the Pioneer Leaders are in charge, this be the condition that now we have a pool of skilled Manintance locals who can even ventured to give our expertise overseas and earned revenue instead of paying out billions out to outsiders.

Virgo 49 said...

Till now still service oriented Out of Date middlemen businesses.

Unemployment rates going up and up
MOT dead ducks

Anonymous said...

Hi 1026am.

How about a Ministry of Virus

One more $$$$$$$$$$ Minister sub sub swee!


Anonymous said...

V49, pls don't say like that about the 4G leaders leh!

They are the bestest super talents in Sg.

That's why they are paid $$$$$$$$$$$$!

Don't play play ok?

Anonymous said...

Let us see how well Sin is 'well prepared' when there are 30 or more confirmed cases of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in this Worlds Highest Populated Tiny Dot.
Do not rule out the Possibility that the Outbreak will get out of control and add more complications to existing Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Dengue and Zica Problems etc.

Anonymous said...

ZicaSincere Apology.

Zika to correct 'Zica' in my comment above.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.15am don't spread fear further here. Already very very fearful. Dare not to go out. Have been staying in the house for the past week.

Pan Dora said...

Anon @ 1121 am

I know Singaporeans have been inculcated over the past 54 years to be kiasu and kiasi, but don't be so kiasi until paranoia is embedded into your mind.

If you are fated to be killed by a virus, there is nothing you can do about it. You can hide at home for years, but if the virus is destined to kill you, God will find a way for you to come in contact with the virus. And there is nothing within your puny power that you can use to stop it.

So, just take it easy and relaxed.

Go about doing what you normally do. Just take extra care to wash your hands and refrain from touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth. And also refrain from speaking to people at very close range and from touching others' hands or face.

And stop blaming others for your own paranoia!

Anonymous said...

Hello Unknown 11.56 am

Ok! Thanks......

Hope all will be ok and fine!


Anonymous said...

"We are open, but this is our home."
- Lee Hsien Loong

We are open TO THE WUHAN VIRUS, even though I am paid a million dollar salary.

We are still open, but have completely run out of face masks.

Anonymous said...

Ah Long-san.
If you are so open, where the fuck are the face masks that you claim you have?

Don't have face masks, just say don't have lah!
Why so shy?

We already know you fucked up again.

Anonymous said...

Open-Leg Policy Speech Begets Open-Mind Response


"We are open because we are a bunch of money-minded get-rich-fast-and-furious, mediocre book-worm scholarship grabers who seek glory, power, fame and wealth by self-praising and pretending we are outstanding God's gifts to Singaporeans, who have no choice but to follow our rules, regulations and draconian laws. The bottom line is our salaries and bonuses by the millions of dollars every year. All other things are secondary. Have I made myself loud and clear?"


"Yes, Sir! My Lordships! Now that you have upgraded yourself from millionaires to aristocrats, when are you going to declare our puny tiny island as a monarchy and you the Emperor and Empress, prince and princess, baron and baroness, etc.? We, your loyal and grateful subjects, are ready to die for you. Just bring in more foreigners and import more deadly viruses. We will take them in - hook, line and sinker - all in the name of ENTERTAINMENT!

Shakespeare said, "The world is a stage, and we are all players!"

We have heard it all, again and again.
What's new, My Lords?"

Zizzilia Anatolia

Anonymous said...


Waiting for Shanghai stock market to open next Monday (or the week after?!??) to nibble some stocks & ETFs. There'll be a big reaction when their market opens, just like in HK on Wed & Taiwan on Thurs. Won't be surprise if Shanghai index goes down -10% within 15 minutes of opening! LOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

"We are open, but this is our home."
- Lee Hsien Loong

If this is our home, how come you are letting the China nationals buy up all the face masks to send back to China?

True or not?
You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Latest reports say that you can still feel well even though you are already infected and carrying the Wuhan virus.

If this is true.
Even if you feel well.
You should still wear a face mask when you go out.
So that you don't spread the Wuhan virus, in case you are infected.

Ah Loong.
If the above is true, then your 4 miserable face masks per household is not enough.

Is this another PAP wayang to bluff Singaporeans into believing that we have enough face masks in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

WHO still probing if Wuhan virus can spread before symptoms

GENEVA: The World Health Organization said Monday (Jan 27) it remained unclear if the deadly coronavirus spreading in China and beyond is contagious during its incubation period, before symptoms appear.



Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Knn. Fuck the governments lah.

Anonymous said...

The above news report is from PAP government's news website, Channel News Asia.

Anonymous said...

MOH advisory against wearing masks if you are not sick is misplaced

In humans, the incubation period – during which a person has the disease, but no symptoms yet – ranges from between two and 14 days, officials believe.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported yesterday that people showing no symptoms appear to be able to spread coronavirus.

Without symptoms, a person may not know they have the infection, but still be able to spread it. As such, wearing a mask even if you are well is an unfortunate reality that everyone has to accept.



Dr Talk Little said...

Global WAPS Pandemic

Wuhan Acute Pneumonia Syndrome (WAPS) has surpassed the SARS records. In just 3 Weeks, the notorious Wuhan corona virus (scientifically labelled as the 2019 nCoV) has out-performed what the SARS virus achieved in 12 months.

The number of deaths has reached more than 213 (+42) and counting - another 290 are in critical condition, and another 804 are in severe condition. Total confirmed cases in China have reached more than 10,000, with at least 100,000 suspected cases under observation/monitoring.

Tracking of about 180,000 close contacts of the dead, confirmed cases and suspected cases are on-going but it is a very tedious process. So far, only 35,000 have been tracked. This is the main problem. If they are not tracked fast enough, they could be the main source of fourth and fifth generations of spreaders.

Hongkong, Mongolia and Russia have closed their land borders With China.

So far, only some countries have stopped all flights to and from China. But at least 34 airlines have stopped or cancelled flights to China.

UK, Russia and Italy leaders have finally reported that there are confirmed infected cases in their countries. And the US has confirmed a case of human-to-human transmission of the virus: Wife infected her husband, became the 6th case in the US.

Singapore has become the first Asian country to stop all China visitors from entering the country, until further notice.

Globally, there is a serious shortage of face masks because of the sudden rush to purchase the item. And, as usual, some unscrupulous profiteers have raised the price of facial masks to as high as 20 times its normal price.

The details shall be reported tomorrow. Keep calm, be alert, be safe. Cheers.

Dr Talk Little said...

Cases recorded in Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam, Japan, France and the United States involved patients who had not been to China. These cases proved that they have been infected by someone from China or visited China, especially Wuhan, Hubei.

Virgo 49 said...

Now it's payback time for those gian png sinkies WHO rented their units with what's wrong with making more monies syndrome.

Worse are those WHO are also staying with them on quarantined and ABOL.

The Papies are now scolding these money worshipers NOT to evict them as you have also make a lot of monies from them and same time had also caused a lot of inconveniences and nuisances to your fellow Singaporeans.

So really God's Will and Purging for all the Evil Ones.