Taiwan is Chinese sovereign territory. It brooks no outside interference especially the US

          Taiwan is an integral part of China. It is part of the Chinese Fujian province. Taiwan issue is China's internal affairs. It brooks no interference from outsiders. If the evil empire, US insists on interfering in Taiwan it will be digging its own grave, for China will make sure to make it pay a deadly price. The evil empire has been interfering with Chinese internal affairs for decades even ever since before the Second World War. It's high time the United States stops its nuisance and provocations or else it will be digging its own graves.

In 1905, Japan took away Taiwan and Liu Chiu Dao or Okinawa as called by the Japanese when China lost the Sino-Japanese war. However, Taiwan was legally returned to China by the United Nations Organisation after the Second World War.

A Chinese Civil War then broke out between the Chinese Communist Party under Chairman Mao Tse-tung and the Kuomintang under Chiang Kai-Shek, a USA lackey, fifth column  and running dog. The civil war lasted from 1946 to mid 1949 when the Kuomintang lost the war and fled to Taiwan with the help of the Americans.China could have liberated Taiwan had not the Evil Empire, USA interfered in the civil war by stationing its Seventh Fleet across the Straits of Taiwan to prevent China from taking Taiwan. Thus through its interference the evil empire was able to stop the ultimate consummation of unification of Taiwan with mainland China. The evil empire then turned Taiwan into a US protectorate territory to prevent China from taking back its own island. However, China is determined to liberate Taiwan sooner or later to bring back the island in unity with the motherland.

In the meantime since 1949, the US had imposed a highly corrupted pro US servile government which had betrayed the Chinese people's interests and sold out the pride and dignity and self-respect of the Chinese people.

After the death of Doctor Sun Yat Sen in 1925,  the Kuomintang under Chiang Kai Shek then  ruled China from 1925 until 1949 when he lost the civil war to Chairman Mao Tse-tung. Chiang was an  extremely corrupted president who practised nepotism and cronyism. He and his big circle of families and friends colluded with the Americans to rob China of all its wealth and resources. Being a brainless peanut president he was deceived by Russia's Stalin to sign away the Chinese province of Outer Mongolia in 1946 which included Tannu Tuva a rich part of Outer Mongolia rich in diamonds,gold and other mineral resources. Tannu Tuva was then detached from Outer Mongolia and annexed by Russia in the same year.

During the Sino-Japanese war 1934 to 1945, instead of fighting and attacking the Japanese he was advised by his American military advisers to concentrate on fighting and attacking the Chinese communists which they claimed post a greater danger than the Japanese. Though Chiang spent huge sums of money ( loan from United States ) buying lots of American weapons he still could not win the civil war because the Chinese people were disillusioned with the Kuomintang and did not support him. In fact eventually most of his generals and soldiers deserted him and crossed over with all their weapons to join the communists to fight against the Japanese. If Chiang and his Kuomintang were to continue to rule, China would definitely be lost and the Chinese people would have been held in perpetual bondage either under the American or the Russian imperialist rule as we see what happened to Korea today.

At present the leader of Taiwan is Tsai Ing-wen a highly shameless spinster and treacherous creature, a devilish woman without character. honour, self-respect and dignity. For her own self-interests she had betrayed China, her ancestry, the self-respect and dignity of the Chinese people. She and her cohort of American lackeys and running dogs in the DPP have no shame when they collude with the evil white American racists and supremacists to run down China and undermine the interests of China and all Chinese people. She and her rogue gangsters in DPP like to echo the white American and western hype on democracy and human rights. They seem not to know that when the White Americans and the West talk about democracy they mean non white people and countries must listen to them and obey their orders and when they talk about human rights it mean they reserve the rights to demonize you, to bully you and rule over you in absolute hegemony. In short white American imperialists and European imperialists want to rule and be masters of all mankind forever. It is a wet dream in which China and the rest of the non white countries in this world would never allow.

For almost two hundred years since the 1830s China and the Chinese people have been gravely humiliated by the western imperialist countries, Russia, Japan, Germany and US included. They not only outrageously trampled on Chinese self-respect and dignity but went on to carve up Chinese territories and incorporated these territories into their empires. In this manner England took large chunks of Chinese land and incorporated them into British India, Russia occupied large swathes of Chinese land of over three million square miles north of the Heilongjiang River up to the Pacific coast and annexed them to Russia, Germany occupied the province of Shantung and Japan took Taiwan and Liu Chiu Dao which they renamed as Okinawa. For over a hundred and fifty years they turned China into  semi-colonial territories of England, Russia, Japan, Germany and America. Instead of feeling outrageous against these western and Japanese robbers of Chinese land and help China to regain her pride,self-respect and dignity by bringing Taiwan back into the mother land's fold these shameless cohort of Taiwanese Chinese in the DPP led by Tsai Ing-wen collude with the United States to separate Taiwan from China under the dubious slogan of democracy for an independent Taiwan. Taiwan which is an integral part of the Chinese Fujian province is a sacred Chinese sovereign territory and it must eventually be united with the motherland, by force if necessary.

When Taiwan rejoins China in unity there will be peace and prosperity for the Chinese nation. This will put an end to the days when the United States and the West can harm and divide all Chinese people. A united Chinese nation not only brings peace and prosperity but also regain the self-respect and dignity of all Chinese people both in China and overseas.

Recently the riots and terrorism in Hong Kong was instigated, organized, supported and funded by the US and UK with the insidious evil objective to influence the Taiwan presidential election due on Januuary,11th, 2020. Tsai Ing-wen and her DPP party collude with US to arouse and foment immense fear out of the riots and turmoil in Hong Kong and use it to portray China as a threat for the democracy of Taiwan and to leverage it on the Taiwanese Chinese to reject the One Country two Systems unification with China. Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP with the help of their American masters are spinning fake narratives and wild toxic propaganda against China for their own self-interests and selfish ends and they hope the Taiwanese electorate will just follow them blindly.

The Taiwanese people are after all Chinese people whether they like it or not. Taiwan is a legal part of China as recognised by the United Nations Organisation and the whole world. The United States still have a colonial mentality and wants to think of Taiwan as its protectorate. Tsai Ing-wen and her likes like to think they are Japanese or American subjects and wave Japanese or American flags. But the reality is that the Taiwanese are Chinese and their ancestors are mainland Chinese from Fujian province and neighbouring Kwangtung province.

Should Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP dare to tread down the illusive road of independence that will be an extreme provocation against China and suicidal for Taiwan. China would prefer peace and not to fight with anyone or get involved in an armed conflict with any one less so with Taiwan. But China will not flinch  and will fight if she is compelled to and will not run away. The United States, a rogue state and international gangster and ruffian is actually a coward forever goading and pushing others in the front line to fight its proxy wars while it watched at a distance reaping rich profits selling arms to its proxy fighting allies. Only this time round China will make sure the war will be brought to mainland America to destroy the evil empire via ICBMs and nuclear armed submarines.

Technically speaking the Chinese civil war has not ended . For this the evil empire hopes to rekindle the Chinese civil war to serve its overall strategy of containing China's rise and peaceful development. All right thinking Chinese people must unite to build up a very strong, rich and powerful China and help to destroy the demonic United States, the evil menace in this world.


Wednesday, 1st January,2020


Anonymous said...

Happy and healthy new year, Southernglory!

Singapore also same as Taiwan today , right or not? No shame. Sell out the Chinese People. Sleep with the Evil Empire. Etc. Right or not?

Anonymous said...

He and his big circle of families and friends colluded with the Americans to rob China of all its wealth and resources. Being a brainless peanut president he was deceived by Russia's Stalin to sign away the Chinese province of Outer Mongolia in 1946 which included Tannu Tuva a rich part of Outer Mongolia rich in diamonds,gold and other mineral resources.

Virgo 49 said...

Tsai Ing Wen is the Prefect Example of all Bananas in Asia and in America and in Aussland and in every White dominated countries.

Now even Taiwanese young dies just like in any part of the World young dies yearned for the Whites democrazy of lies, deceits and their decadent life styles.

Traitous lots to their ancestors

Pathetic indeed.

imho said...

Live and let live.
Communism or capitalism.
Dictatorship or democracy.
Chinese or not chinese.
We are all the people of the world.
No need to end up hating each other.

Anonymous said...

Why SAF send Sinkie soldiers overseas to Taiwan for training instead of China, despite China also offer SAF to train in China?

Why SAF buy very expensive American F35 jet fighters with Sinkie taxpayers money instead of much cheaper China made jet fighters?

Why China's aircraft carrier did not come to dock at Changi Naval Base?

Why so many PRC Chinese want to come to work, live and even invest in Singapore, as compared to much, much less or only few Americans, British, Japanese or even Taiwanese want to do the same?

Anonymous said...

Quite a number of Sinkie billionaires are actually from the PRC minted new Sinkie citizen by PAP.

And I am talking about billionaires u know, so there must be a lot more of those who are less rich but still very rich who also became Sinkie citizens.

And also not to forget those CECA Sinkies like the new Sinkie $1.5M condo resident Ramesh who scolded the poor true blue old Sinkie Uncle screwty guard in the condo carpark incident.

So like that ah, how can PAP not win big in coming election?

Anonymous said...

Tsai Ing-wen is such a failure in her personal life that she can't even attract a decent man to marry her. Being an unsightly ugly obsolete model no man would look at her even if she lies nude naked on the floor or in a thoroughfare or sidewalk. For that matter even a bull will not be attracted to her. She is so repulsive may be a bull will just gored her until she dies. So how can such a failure and frustrated bitch of a spinster contribute to the well being and welfare of the state.She is a disgrace to the Chinese people and to all Chinese women. She should commit suicide for being an American running dog and to save the Chinese from being tormented by her abominable shameful behaviour.

Damned all Chinese traitors

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE: Workers in Singapore saw their wages grow this year, with the median income rising above S$4,400, according to data released by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on Thursday (Nov 29).

Wah lau eh, that means more than 50% of Sinkies have monthly income of $4,400 or more lah.

No wonder PAP can win big with 70% votes last election.

This round I think PAP smelly smelly can still get more than 60% votes lah, and with 90% chance Aljunied will go to PAP.

Anonymous said...

Tsai Ing-wen and her fellow Chinese traitors in the Democratic Progressive Party - DPP are all filthy shit. They are treacherous separatists who are servile and subservient to their USA masters. China should arrest Tsai, William Lai and the rest of the Taiwan separatists and sentence them to face the firing squad under the Chinese sedition law.

Taiwanese Chinese must be wise not to forsake their Chinese ancestry, their ancestors and remember they are after all Chinese and descendants of the Yellow Emperor. So they must vote wisely with pragmatism for reunification with motherland China or else they will have to pay a deadly price for the mistakes of their evil lunatic leaders who are only interested in looking after their own private self interests and self aggrandizement.

All Chinese must be proud of their race and stand solidly united to prevent being exploited by the white American and the western European imperialists.

Strongly pro rich and powerful China

Anonymous said...

Is China a threat to the liberal international order?

A debate featuring senior former USA government officials and our Singaporean Kishore Mahbubani.

Mahbubani was very good.
- and LHL got rid of Mahbubani in Singapore
- so you can guess the standard of LHL's 4G leadership


Anonymous said...

Donald Trump's White House Christian prayers.


Time And Space said...

The rise and fall of a country is just like the rise and fall of the tide.

When the fortune (destiny) of a country is going up, there will be capable leaders who are selfless and only think of the well-being of their people. Such leaders would surround themselves with good ministers and good counsels.

When the fortune (destiny) of a country is going down, there will be incompetent leaders masquerading as oustanding performers, but their hearts and minds are focused on their rewards and personal gains, and buying properties overseas to prepare a safe haven for their children and spouse. Such pretentious leaders usually surround themselves with sycophants and equally pretentious balls-carrying Yes-men and Yes-women of dubious character.

Anonymous said...

Communist China will be defeated by the American God that Trump prays to.

America has God.
What does China have?

Anonymous said...

PAP is working to benefit PAP, not Singaporeans.
- when will 70% Singaporeans finally wake up?

Anonymous said...

I love and read many history books as teenager in school. Just after WW2 history books including Britannia encyclopedia, atlas, maps in the Singapore show outer Mongolia, Xinjiang or Sinkiang part of China including territories in Russia - Island of Sakhalin, Vladivostok and more were China.

We blamed the White Anglo Saxon, Japanese, EU but rarely Russia mentioned - foreigners humiliated China for over a century. I think the Tsar and Soviet Union got bigger slice of cake from China than Japan and the Western powers combined.

Southernglory1 I salute you for the concise in-depth posting.

BTW, where on earth did you dig up this information? Thank you again Southernglory1. Bring me back when as a loner spend lots of time in our small school library, and weekend the main library or the first USIS library in Chulia Street Singapore.

Anonymous said...

"America has God. What does China have?"

I hate god and refuse to go to heaven even if god exist!!

This world will be much peaceful and happier if we all flush gods and gods into the toilets.


Anonymous said...

Hi 1229pm

Many many many many many many many many people had predicted this time round smelly smelly smelly smelly pap 75% with 100% seats. A and H will go back to pap!

You think possible?

southernglory1 said...

Re : Anonymous 2:19pm

Hi! Comrade Netizen 2:19pm

Thank you for appreciating my humble article. We both share the same interest in reading. I have been a voracious reader since I was very young in primary school. I visited the national library very regularly. I also frequent all the book shops in Singapore and Malaysia. I also bought a lot of books. When I write I use these books for reference. But I read very widely and extensively covering all subjects and topics that interest me. I have a very big collection of books that I am slowly passing them to my children and grandchildren. If you want to know what history or political books I have just give me your email address and I will let you know some of the relevant books that I have.

Thanks again for appreciating my article and for having same reading interest .


Virgo 49 said...

Wats GOD u talking?

God of Wars?

Colonizing ans killing all coloured people.

That's is FALSE God.

Their Priests sodomising and raping. Calling themselves PRINCE.

Wah pompous indeed. And his daft believers worshipped him.


Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

In one of his video, Kishhore talked about the West propaganda and misconception of China.

Just an example, 200M Chinese travelled overseas yearly and back.

Does that answered idiots that still harpered that the Chinese are trying to flee to other decadent indecent White Countries?

Even Jack Ma stayed in China and donated his WEALTH for the Chinese young.

Wheras the Papies and rich sinkies are fleecing their own without mercy.

Now, where you can find any China's coffee shop ladies?

They had shown their middle fingers to those still in stupor sinkies who used to critise them serving them their beverages.

Reversely Sinkie women might in the future served them in their cafes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Sovereignty comes from the will of the people living in that territory.

Hong Kong and Taiwan are sovereign territories because their locals have collectively agreed that they are sovereign.

Hong Kong happens to be Chinese territory by "default" of being a former "spoil of war" ie when the British trashed the shit and CULTURAL PRIDE out of China during the Opium War (the drug dealers WON 😜🇎🇧)

However the "national feeling" in Hong Kong by her people is that they are sovereign even though the territory "belongs" to China. This is a complicated situation and will continue to be played out for many years because NEITHER SIDE will COMPROMISE.

In Taiwan's case, they consider themselves clearly SOVEREIGN and separate from China and especially the CCP.

Here again, the discourse has to be based on not CONFLATING China, the cuntry with the CCP, the dick-tater-ship run by a bunch of assholes who need a bullet to each of their heads. ☠️ðŸĪŸðŸŧ

The CCP and their lapdogs (many old fucks in Singapore) offer all sorts of elaborate but still BULLSHIT arguments about Taiwan "belonging" to China. They base their porous arguments on a BELIEF that a govt can FORCE a people to be SOVEREIGN not to themselves (self determination) but to a cowardly totalitarian regime like the CCP, and premise that the CCP equals CHINA.

If a premise is false, so are the conclusions derived from the argument.

Happy Trump Year 2020. Enjoy the entertainment in the New Decade

Anonymous said...

Fuck the pussy-grabbing racist motherfucker Dotard Trump. Hope he goes to prison for tax evasion and all the con jobs he has done in his whole life. Wishing the daft Americans to wake up and vote him out in November 2020.

Anonymous said...


“Brother” - sound more appropriate than comrade. Growing up whenever encounter “left” leaning ideology immediately put on protecting shield and walk away. Time has changed especially witnessing countless Americunt's atrocities. What open my eyes, crimes committed against the innocents on the pretext of democracy, freedom, human right and etc. Neither the Democratic nor Republicans parties or even the pap’s are immune. I've no problems identify myself Socialism with Chinese characteristics?

Winter in the Central Valley pretty cold, got up almost noon fixed breakfast and begin my day till the wee hrs in the morning.

I'm living alone even more withdrew after my dearest wife passed away. I'm real you can check with Richard, ex-editor TR EMERITUS. Except 2019, I returned to Singapore every year and would most certainly love to have lunch with you, but due to health issue, decided not to travel anymore.

Since last October downsizing fast, gave my last few books, “Romance of the three Kingdoms” and “Swan Lake.” My major regrets moved here, but Singapore no different and even more unsustainable.


Psst please continue to posts. Its harder and harder for me to write, if you are in contact with Richard, he got my address and email.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi JC, not sure the cost of living in where you are. Think it cannot be lower than Singapore. My view, our neighbouring countries are much cheaper and more hospitable and nearer to home. East Malaysia or Thailand or some smaller towns in China would be good choices to spend a more carefree and leisure pace retirement.

Our generation and those younger than us have been fed with daily western diet, everything western is good, China, communism, socialism etc are bad.

Still remember those early days when we were young and watching cowboys and red Indians movies churned out from Hollywood. Red Indians were bad and cowboys were the good guys. As children and with little knowledge and wisdom, we swallowed everything and many of those ideas stayed in us. The Red Indians were the bad guys and deserved to die, their land conquered and taken away. Matilah is such a product of the time. He still could not shake off the implanted ideas and that the real bad guys were the white men that went around conquering others and treating others as inferior and slaves to be ruled and exploited.

In the 21st Century, hopefully the new generation would be smarter and wiser to see the truth and the evil nature of the West and be confident enough to challenge the fake news and ideas repeatedly being implanted into them by the main media, the biggest source of fake news and misinformation, and with half baked editors and producers that think like Matilah.

Virgo 49 said...

Just ask the Whites whether they allow the Coloured People to take over their countries.

Matilah harped that the People who stayed there are the Ones WHO made their Sovereign Rights which type of Democracy or Socialism they they preferred.

If the Chinese and other coloured beans were to be their majority,.you think the Whites will allow them to rule over them?

They be slaughtered and dumped just like the Red Indians.

No country of their people will have others to rule them except Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

The Only One that could be better than President Donald Trump can only be MS.
MS is like the Lion King or at least likes to be the Lion King to rule everyone and everything. Might and Power is the Right to control over everyone and everything.
Hope his wish to play and overwhelm others with his self-claimed expertise at mind game, can be proven with him showing us his mettle to have his name in the History of Sin, a micro-tiny place.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ errors of intellect

1. Goodness or "evil" is not determined by race or ethnicity.

I get it. You guys hate white people. Fine. Distrust, anger and hatred is based on fear, when you strip everything else away.

However, if "evil" was indeed racial, the the Germans are the worst having produced Karl Marx and Hitler. ðŸĪŠ

Marx never worked a day in his life. He loved to drink and write wild shit (who doesn't? ðŸĪ“). He married a rich chick so money wasn't a concern. Some people are unemployed AND comfortable. Such is life.

2. Back in the past, cuntries increased their wealth by CONQUEST. Ghengis, Alexander, The Romans, Greeks, and Persians rocked the ancient world. Later it was the colonial powers that did the CONQUERING, Aztecs and Inca in South America, various Europeans in Africa, British in Australia and North America.... that was the order of the day.

If your tribe cannot defend, habis lah, you're conquered. The Afghans managed to ward off many interlopers who attempted to conquer them and seize their land. Even mighty Russia had their arse handed to them. However, other nations and peoples were not as fortunate as Afghanistan. Again, such is life....and death.

imho said...

No one is born to rule.
Everything has to fight.
Fight for territory, country and empire.
Fight and kill.
Winner takes all.
Such is the idiocracy of humans.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chua Chin Leng aka redbean

Can email in private? we exchange views using whatsapp.


Anonymous said...


Actually Marx's wife's dowry/endowment didn't last for long.

By the time Marx & his family was kicked out of Germany and exiled to London, he was pretty poor liao. And yet he couldn't be bothered to get work & earn some money for his family. He felt that low level work & labor was beneath him.

This mindset & attitude caused him to basically espoused politics of envy & victim mentality, arguing that the rich were to be blamed for his & his family's poverty. And that the rich had to give their wealth to the "people" .... by force is ok.

Of course, usually those in power got most of the confiscated wealth. End up same as monarchy or capitalism, except that 90% of the people remain poor.

Out of 6 children, 3 died in childhood becoz Marx was too irresponsible to even work as a low wage laborer to at least provide some medicines & more nutrition for his children.

Instead he blamed the "rich" for his childrens' deaths, basically anybody who is richer than him (which is probably more than 50% in London at that time).

And yet millions can say that Marx is good & follow his mentality! LOL!

The truth is that warlords & ambitious people merely used Marx ideology as a people's drug to gain mass support to overthrow existing govts & then put themselves in power, usually on permanent basis or for a few decades.

Just like many ambitious people today use religion to mobilise people to bomb, fight & sacrifice their lives .... and then put themselves in power after overthrowing the existing govts & countries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi JC,

Just email me at redbeansg@yahoo.com.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 724

That's why do many Marxists won't pick up a broom to do cleaning jobs and look down on Uber drivers and security guards.

For them, they all OVERVALUE their marketable WORTH and want BIG MONEY for jobs and get angry when some hungry motivated fella from India can do the same job better, faster, cheaper.

Capitalism Yoh! ðŸĪ“