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Single mum with 16 year-old son stayed in police lock-up for 10-hours for not paying accumulated S&CC bills of $2150

Felt shocked to realise that a single mum with a school-going 16-year-old son was arrested at her office for not paying accumulated S & CC bills of $2150. She stayed in the police lock-up for close to ten hours before being release.

The S & CC fees were unpaid for 18 months since April 2018.

I told her that she is fortunate they didn’t put her in jail outright. Prolonged non-payment of S & CC bills can land a person in jail here and she still has to pay up the default after the prison discharge. It’s probable that the single mum may have ignored numerous court orders triggering a warrant of arrest as a result.

Out of the total default owed, a massive 40% or $937 went to other miscellaneous costs such as penalty charge $310 and legal fee $627. The town council is willing to waive the penalty fee of $310 but not the legal charge.

The single mum, who is working as a promoter with a monthly salary of $1000 plus, told me that each time she couldn’t pay the monthly installment of $159, the town council will send in a legal reminder which costs about $200 – further aggravating the S & CC default. It’s akin to paying a loan shark but this time it’s a legalised one.

With such atrociously high legal charges levied on errant defaulters, the law firm representing the town council must have racked in tens of thousands of dollars each month on legal fees alone.
Moreover, besides paying the monthly installment of $159 for the default owed, she has to cough up another $78.50 for fresh monthly payment for S & CC charges. This is on top of the many other bills Singaporeans are currently paying.

Our town council sinking fund has reached close to $2 billion and some estate has pooled resources to derive benefit from economy of scale but none of the savings have being passed to the residents so far. Residents also are rather clueless as to how the town council uses the S & CC fees collected which could run into millions for each estate per month.

We also realized that in the past, some town councils used the excess sinking funds to dabble in risky financial investments but they have now stopped.

As for the single mum’s financial trouble, I asked her why she didn’t rent out one of her room to alleviate the situation – she told me that she is uncomfortable living with strangers under the same household.

The small single-parent family does not receive any maintenance from the ex- husband and the mum is working 12-hour shift for seven days a week trying to keep up with all her bills especially the S & CC one which may invite a jail sentence if not properly paid.

Gilbert Goh
Editor’s note: If you wish to help the single mother by transferring funds directly into her AXS account, you may contact Gilbert at goh_gilbert@yahoo.com

PS. Just have to repost this in full to show how caring Singapore is as a country. And this practice, long standing practice of sending legal letters that cost more than the sum owed must be good practice and would not be changed. So if someone owes $20, he would still be issued with a legal letter that would cost $200 and this would add to his debt. Nice! 

In my business, when a client owes me a sum that is lesser than the cost of sending legal letters, I will treat it as bad debt and write it off instead of incurring more cost to myself and to the client.


Anonymous said...

Again Pay and Pay really lives up to its name.
The old man adage of 'What's wrong with collecting more monies' lives on.
How to break the spell?
VTO, again and again till it's the party d dey arrives.

Anonymous said...

"The single mum, who is working as a promoter with a monthly salary of $1000 plus, told me that each time she couldn’t pay the monthly installment of $159, the town council will send in a legal reminder which costs about $200 – further aggravating the S & CC default."

This single mum is a minority of Sinkies lah, maybe 30% or much less of all Sinkies.

Remember the median income of working Sinkies is about S$4,437 pm, u know. Meaning more than 50% of them earn S$4,437 or more per month.

So even if this single mum did not vote PAP, PAP can still win big (or at least 50% of votes) from votes of majority Sinkies who are financially OK, with many even very well off.

No wonder PAP can afford (without fear of losing her vote) to put her in police lock-up for 10 hours for not paying S & CC bills.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of using a law firm to send out legal reminders?
- the Town Council letter should be official enough

What's the name of the law firm used?

Are all PAP Town Councils using the same law firm?

Anonymous said...

"As for the single mum’s financial trouble, I asked her why she didn’t rent out one of her room to alleviate the situation – she told me that she is uncomfortable living with strangers under the same household."

Beggars cannot be choosers lah, so I think this single mum deserves the treatment she get from PAP and to expect no sympathy for her case.

Loser Sinkies like this mum better wake up her idea if she wants help or to get out of her financial problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning everyone.

Yes! It is pap!

But it is the masses that elected elected elected them with their eyes wide opened! Understand?

Said many many many many many many many many times here before that there is really really no point to kpkbssssssssss!

Why? Very very very very simple. The masses are all kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai and Will die die die die die die die die vote for pap under ANY/all conditions even when they are very very very very Siong!

This is Sg! This is Sg! Understand? Understand?

Majulah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

What's the name of the law firm used?
Are all PAP Town Councils using the same law firm?
9:12 am

What's the point of your questions, when PAP could still win big in coming election and so PAP Town Councils can use the same law firm?

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, all the talks about injustice, unfairness, cruelty, and all the deplorable actions and attitude by the People's Action are of NO USE whatsoever.

Year in year out, or ear in ear out, for the past 40 to 50 years, is the same lah. Not only things never change but they are getting worse ��.

The only way out of this STRANGLE HOLD is to chop of the hands that feed those bastards. Who are the owners of those hands? The 60% to 70% of "I" people (I means idiotically indifferent).

Virgo49 said...

You think everybody think like you. Just for the sake of making monies you die your businesses.

Those gian png ones who even had more than enough rented their units to these trashes who caused so much nuisances to their neigbhours.

Simply hated these bastards and bitches who just for the sake of gian png what's wrong with making more monies attitudes are so uncinsuferate

Virgo 49 said...

So inconsiderate.

Will transfer some to Mr Gilbert for help in helping to settle her bills.

Farking Cruel TC and lairs earning these type of chek arrh monies.

Anyway as long as Sin Pools owe me in refund of that glitch in my QP Toto bets that originate as far back as Oct 2018.

Will channel them to her.


Anonymous said...


This story is full of BS. Not that it is 100% fake .... but that it is only 50% true.

I will bet my last dollar that NONE OF YOU will actually want to associate with this woman or her family if she is your neighbour or so-called colleague.

There is no smoke without fire. It takes 2 to result in such things. This woman (& her type of family) are those typical irresponsible shirkers & malingerers who will gladly steal $1000 for enjoyment spending instead of paying back debts if can get away with it.

There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Sinkies earning less than $1K & yet still pay their debts on time.

From personal experience & personal observations, those genuine cases with toddlers, or special needs children, or elderly sick parents, or even just normal school-going children etc are given MSF / SSO welfare to enable at least subsistence living & cover basic fees.

Anonymous said...

This how how the Designated Next Sin Prime Minister and his Team
work with and for the People.

How does Sinkies expect him and his Team to work for them,
if they choose them to lead Sin ?
lt is obvious that there is nothing wrong to collect more money.
ln fact, it appears that collecting more shall make them feel more satisfying, no matter the Plight of the People.
the Blame cannot be solely be on the Leeders.
They were and are transparent in their Policies for Decades and Sinkies were and are well aware of them. However, the People have always believe that Sin and the Sinkies themselves are the Envies of the World and they are extremely proud.

Having live in this place for 70 years, l will simply put it that l am sad to see the Breakdowns of Family Bond, the Loss of Camaraderies amongst the People.
And now,
l am witnessing the Further Breakdown of the Society. The Divide between the Have and Have not. Most alarming is the Disconnection between the Ruler and the Ruled is getting more pronounce by the Days.
The Day of Reckoning is very near.
The Fate of Sinkies is sealed by their very making.
Like it or not, there is no escape from the Fate.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, don't worry lah Sgporeans r the most compassionate species in tis part of the world. The lady who owed money to town council didn't do one thing - Ask, simply ask for help & it shall be given. She could approach her family members, relatives, colleagues, bosses, friends, religious organizations, charity organizations, govt social services, family services, financial services, MP, Ministers, PM , President and lastly Oppos for financial assistance like crowd-funding etc. She need not wait until 18mths lah so long, maybe she boh chap that's why kena police arrest. So don't wait until the problem balloon until so big tat it bursted out of control, deal with it when its manageable.

Anonymous said...


U r a Good Samaritan. Rejoice to your good deed.
May the Heavenly One of the Above (aka God) bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hauled her ex-husband to court to settle her maintenance ? Or her ex-husband could hv run road or MIA or migrated?

Anonymous said...

If people give her charity to pay off what she owes .... in another 1 or 2 years time, she will otang another $2K to the town council again... Never mind, people will give her charity again .... but by then, her son is 18 & doing NS ... will you still give??!?!??

Anonymous said...

Are there still ❤️❤️❤️ in Sg?

Anonymous said...

Or are we now $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ face?

Anonymous said...

No worries lah, she will juz ask Oppos for help again and again to crowd fund lah, or maybe she become Oppo's runner/assistant.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What kind of dead shit doesn't pay their bills at all or on time?

If you "reward" such behaviour, you will get MORE of it. These assholes don't need to be just "left behind", they need to be cancelled...have their DNA removed from our gene pool. 😜...ok, I'm joking on that last bit...I'm sure some humourless fucks got mad at my suggestion of legalised murder.

Making recovery expenses HIGH for those debt-delinquents incentivises them to be more responsible in the future. A $20 debt added with a $200 debt recovery fee makes the delinquent fee the pain for their irresponsible behaviour. It works, and the practice should continue.

Anonymous said...

Mat, don't be so cruel lah. Me not siding her but looks like she got her own challenges to deal & to put food on the table. Her 16yr old teenager son will help her when he grows up, maybe when the son grows up will be the next MP or President (who knows? Remember Harimah young time used to run away from Teh Goo)

Anonymous said...

I think Gilbert should show why she can not cope cause in Singapore many people are in her position but can struggle within mean. Eg she may be spending on items like handphone and internet while may be a must items for many but in her case u should not.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, knn I tend to agree with you. Eh u free this weekend or not?

Anonymous said...

Be kind t❤️ others!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Paying your bills and any money you owe is being KIND to those who lent you the money.

If they have to chase you, that is very stressful for them. They might need the money you owe them so that they too can pay their way they life.

Don't be an asshole. Owe money, pay lah

Anonymous said...

Fucking PAP asshole licker.
- lick your own mother's pussy not enough is it?

Anonymous said...

Lucky that woman only owe gahmen. If owe loanshark the interest will be triple what she owe. And instead of lawyer letter, she will receive 5 gangsters with red paint, parangs, iron bars, and petrol bombs.

Maybe she should run road to Matland --- over there no need pay town council tax right?!?!?

Anonymous said...

PAP's Tin Pei Ling's sexy CNY Dress.


Anonymous said...

Knn u pervert or what? U need to be sodomized lar

Anonymous said...

Matilar if u free this weekend I wanted to sodomize u so that u don't have time to post nonsense lar

Anonymous said...

The truth is out. The mother was arrested because of a failed mandated court hearing which she did not attend and not because of the amount owed to the town council.

Get your facts right before you regurgitate idiot.

You should be arrested for spreading fake news.

Virgo49 said...

Idiot, if the TC did not lodge arrears owed in Court, the Court will issues summons on that lady?

So, in the first place, who is the DEVIL?

Now behaving as GOD. Its NOT us.

Why don't the Residents being their sinking funds monies lost in the Lehman Bros and Lesbians case to court to make them accountable for gambling with others hard earned monies.

And the Courts summoned them if they don't want to appear in Courts.

Then the Residents will also appeared to be God and said it's NOT the monues

Virgo49 said...

Monies lost. But they do not appear in Court.


Drumed some cow sense into your dumb brains.Papies cock sucker.

Anonymous said...

9.18pm anon, posting like that I think u will kena sodomized bu tuakee leh