Are intangible ethos important or GDP numbers?

“In a troubled world, few societies can devote themselves to such intangible ideals, much less act upon them. But here in Singapore, thanks to the heroic efforts of several generations, we can all realistically aspire to live by these values, and turn our vision into reality.”  Lee Hsien Loong

I am pondering over this statement by Hsien Loong in his latest new year message. He acknowledged that the effort and wisdom of several generations of Singaporeans have led us to what we are today. No doubt Singaporeans have come a long way to this state of affluence and hopefully this will continue to go the way of future Singaporeans. We are still having good times and living in prosperity, with some more prosperous and some less prosperous, and a few being left behind, fallen through the cracks. The latter is unavoidable but could be managed more carefully and could be avoided if there is a determined will to do so. We have the money and resources to do it. (I hope so).

How long would our good fortune last? With the influx of wildlife with different mentality and cultures, many inferior, being forced into our midst, would the new mix of Singaporeans be better off than before, to  toughen our will to succeed? Or will the high content of wildlife dilute and weaken the social fabric of Singaporeans and our social ethos? The idiots do not think so, the main reason why they are importing so many without any worries, just to boost up the GDP to justify for the million dollar salaries and high bonuses.

It is very difficult to build to what we have today, like how many families built their fortunes over generations. But it is so easy to destroy everything in one generation or by the irresponsible appearance of a prodigal son. Would Singapore be destroyed by one generation of stupidity of its leaders? We have yet to witness how Singapore would turn out in another few decades ahead and all everyone is saying is that what this govt is doing is good. Really?

The glory of an Empire would burn its last flame, the last flicker could be the brightest, before being snuffed out forever. No empires could see the making of their last days as bad, thinking they were doing their best and everything was right, and the empire would last forever in their good hands. The British Empire in Singapore could not believe that they would be overrun by the Japanese within a few days. The Americans could not believe that they are no longer the uncontested and unchallenged Number One Empire today and are furiously and desperately clinging to their glories for a few more years before being eclipsed for good.

Are we seeing the last few good years of Singapore before the curtain falls? When there are so many wrongs being ignored and even insisted as good, the days of reckoning are near. The moment of death is usually preceded by a few moments of life as if the dying has recovered. The American Empire is in this state of health under Trump, looking like it is great again but could be in its last gasp before the end.

Whither Singapore and Singaporeans?


Anonymous said...


Bagdad: A new US air strike targeted a commander in Iraq's Hashed al-Shaabi paramilitary force early Saturday (Jan 4), state television reported, a day after an American drone strike killed a top Iranian general and two Iraqi generals at Beirut International Airport.

The US has deployed its Fast Response Force to Kuwaiti and more military troops are poured into Iraq. All US citizens in Iraq have been told to leave Iraq immediately!

This means war has started.

Anonymous said...

Trump is trying to divert attention from his Impeachment Process, just like what Bill Clinton had done during his Impeachment the last time.

Anonymous said...

When it is so easy to see a prodigious behaviour in the character of a prodigal son, and when those who have eyes but not see, and when these two councide in a country, the end is certain. The end is also very near. Whatever Empire or Dynasty, the end is very very near!

Be warned, be very afraid, be prepared!

Virgo 49 said...

Let the farking Americunts having themsleves killed and hopefully another bigger 911 blasts into their own shores.

Meanwhile, they will leave China alone for a while whilst China will continued to build up their Strength.

Let you fighting cocks fight and have no eternal peace fearing each day when the enemies gonna strike back.

More free movies of their dying and killings in CNN, Fox and others.

Bad start to their 2020.

Keep it up you Americunts

Anonymous said...

My New Year wish, more Americans be killed as revenge for the killing of the Iranian general.

Anonymous said...

Ethos? What ethos izzit all about? For Long party to prosper mah by a prodigal son thinking everyone in Sinkieland owe him a living. It's like what the Chinese says 富不过三代 or wealth seldom last more than three generations. So do yah think that 4G leaders gonna last? It's not wat he says it's wat he gonna do that matters lah.

Anonymous said...

Wild life in our midst - latest incident Caucasian man killed Filipino woman at Esparina Residences condominium.

Previous incident Australian man throw bottle killed Singaporean man at Spottiswoode 18 condominium.

Virgo 49 said...

Caausians genes killing fields.

Eyes pasted stamps Asians bitches thought they are Good Catchs gonna suffered the same fates.

Anonymous said...

How long would our good fortune last? With the influx of wildlife with different mentality and cultures, many inferior, being forced into our midst, would the new mix of Singaporeans be better off than before,...to toughen our will to succeed?

Not to worry lah, because it will not get any worse than it is already bad now.

It other words, what is happening now is the worst, I mean for true blue Sinkies.

Yet, and unlike in Hong Kong, there are no protests in the streets by true blue Sinkies and the Sinkie opposition is also not united and ready to be govt. And this is good for PAP in the coming election, and after that for another 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Four opposition parties including SingFirst and Reform Party to form alliance for general election.

Hahahaha, what a joke, no SDP, no WP, no PSP, no NSP in the alliance.

Like that ah, coming election sure repeat what had happened in GE 2015.

Anonymous said...

Like that ah, coming election sure repeat what had happened in GE 2015.
11:26 am

That's why PAP not scared lose one, and even dare to increase the price of electricity for Sinkies.

And also tekan Low TK and Sylvia Lim jialat jialat and still confident PAP can win back Aljunied.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, what a joke, no SDP, no WP, no PSP, no NSP in the alliance.
11:26 am

Opposition unity in Singapore 'remains a real challenge': Workers' Party chief Pritam Singh

Maybe also 'remains a real challenge' for Pritam Singh to remain as MP after coming election? LOL

Anonymous said...


Waaahhh!! War Stocks all chiong-ed last night! E.g. Lockheed Martin went up 3.6% in 1 session. SHIOK!!!!

Middle-East is an important sideshow for the US, but still a sideshow.

For the last 20 years (war on terror), US has been pivoting to small-scale infantry tactics & light weapons, supported by intelligence & automation & surgical airstrikes.

The trend now for US is pivoting back towards large-scale heavy weapons fighting against major powers like China & Russia.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans still think that they could hit the Arabs with high tech weapons like cruise missiles and the Arabs could not hit back.

Unfortunately for the stupid Americans, the Arabs are everywhere, including in US homeland. And also Americans are everywhere, not just in Iraq.

The Arabs and Muslims only need to issue a fatwa to kill Americans and all the Americans in and out of USA would become easy target. No need cruise missiles to kill them. A knife or a stick would be good enough. And there are the ready made vehicles to be used to ram at Americans.

The Americans are playing with fire with their sinister plots all over the world. The pneumonia outbreak in China can be linked to the evil ones. Just because they are not caught red handed does not mean they are innocent and the victims would not retaliate.

Anonymous said...

Are intangible ethos important or GDP numbers?


The fact that annual bonuses are deliberately pegged (pecked and packed) at the Growth of Annual GDP means GDP Numbers are of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE to those Monetary-Reward-Motivated, Materialistic, Millionaire-Aspired, Get-Ruch-Quick "Ministers".

Virgo 49 said...

Three year old Chinese girl isolated.

Discovered only when she is warded.

How many already infected by her before her reporting sick?

Sinkies are doomed with her open legs policy by the PAP.

Cock Up MOH said...

From CNA:

SINGAPORE: A Chinese girl with pneumonia has been warded in Singapore and isolated as a precautionary measure after travel to Wuhan, where there has been an outbreak of the illness.

As of 2pm on Saturday (Jan 4), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said it has been notified of a three-year-old female Chinese national with pneumonia and travel history to Wuhan, where a seafood wholesale market has been associated with a cluster of pneumonia cases.

A 3 year-old girl from China cannot be travelling ALONE to Singapore and cannot admit herself to the hospital. Correct?

So, why are her parents not isolated for observation but allowed to roam freely to spread the sickness, if their medical conditions have not been certain?

Anonymous said...

Yes, agree.

3 year-old resistance is weaker than adults.
Her symptoms appear first.
Adults resistance stronger, so if infected, symptoms will appear a few days later, or not at all.

They become "carriers" - most dangerous beans on Earth.

Anonymous said...

It cost $90 to get a new passport, including renewal. This appears to be costly.

I checked the fee for a passport in America, UK and Australia. In all cases, they charge two to three times of $90. So, by international comparison, Singapore appears to be “affordable”. That was my impression at first glance.

This is the kind of thinking of daft Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Just ask in parliament.
- What is PAP's cost for making a passport.

imho said...

January 05, 2020 10:06 am>>

Aus can accept dual nationals.
Sg can only if you are rich eg. Lee KaShing.
Anyway, get PAP passport for what?
Have to serve NS.
If not lucky, have to pay a life.
Many foreigners invited by pap no need to serve NS.
Their ancestors also no need to sweat hard to build train track.
But they can all enjoy the fruit of daft sinkies.
Earn big money and buy big houses back in Aus/NZ.
Is PAP good?
Kiss my ass.