Mysterious Wuhan virus - who planted it?

Virus Alert!

China has officially reported only six deaths caused by the new mysterious strand of corona-virus. The mysterious new corona-virus has spread to the US, Japan, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore. And perhaps also Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. The number of affected and death is growing and could be a world epidemic.

China was the first to report this incident to WHO on 31 Dec 19. On the same day the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention identified a seafood market suspected for the outbreak. Why are the Americans so smart and so well informed that they could immediately identified the source of the outbreak from far away America when China was still trying to find where it all started?

China today is not a dirty and filthy third world country like many parts of Asia, Africa and SE Asia. The farms in China are modern and scientific and clean. Why is it that most outbreaks of Swine Fever, Bird Flu and this mysterious virus always happened in China and not in dirty and filthy third world countries? Think? China a natural and fertile bed full of lice, fleas and viruses?

Is it that white gods did not like China and always inflict China with things that they would weaken China, to create problems for China? Notice white gods hardly put such diseases in white countries and also in filthy and unhygienic third world countries?

The moment China alerted WHO of this virus, there were continuous reports in the western media that this thing is dangerous and would spread like SARS even though China was able to contain its spread at the early stage and death toll was only a handful. Why was it that the western media were so sure that this is a serious and contagious virus in the first place? Why was there so much hysteria even before this thing spread? Did they know something in advance that China and the rest of the world did not know? Did they know that this is highly contagious and would spread from human to human even before it spreads?

Heard of biological and chemical warfare? It is good that this thing is spreading and starting to reach the countries of the white gods. What goes around would come around in this highly connected small world. If this virus is planted by some white gods, let it return to the source and spread among the white gods like they spread it among the native Americans in the greatest genocide in human history a few centuries ago.

PS. The rate that this thing is spreading despite all the control and preventive measures suggests that this is a very sinister and mean act of someone or some organisation. It is almost uncontainable once it is let out of the bottle. It is unlikely to come from a wild animal source that immediately becomes so deadly and spreading so quickly.


Anonymous said...

Mysterious PAP virus?
- 70% infected

Who planted the PAP virus?
- Lee Kuan Yew

Who can eradicate the virus?
1.Lee Hsien Loong, but only if he commit suicide tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ai yah, this is just called the mutations lah, the Sars virus mutated or evolved into some kind of a new virus called coronavirus, in actual fact it's not so new, its juz ADapt And Grow lah like the Workfare, the virus jus learn how to adapt itself and grow or spread in humans, u see this virus live the Chinese so much tat it spread like an wild fire, not to worry China medical is also quite advance nowadays it will be contained in a couple of months time.

Anonymous said...

Just like the wildlife in Singapore - who planted it?

Anonymous said...

Wildlife in Singapore planted by Lee Hsien Loong.

Anonymous said...

Hi 856am

Wah! Wah! Wah!

Bro....cool it....man!

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition to get rid of wildlife in Singapore.

Anonymous said...


This world is getting more and more and more and more interesting......


Anonymous said...

Please lah, if it is America that did it, then it would be very stupid of America.

Because ultimately it will also affect America and its allies like Sinkieland who paid a lot of money to buy American hi tech weapons.

And just like smart Sinkies, Americans are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Correction order, wildlife is not plant by Ah Long la. They r source by head hunters & employers/HR, the G juz rubber stamp on it blindly.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Please lah, if it is America that did it, then it would be very stupid of America.

Because ultimately it will also affect America and its allies like Sinkieland who paid a lot of money to buy American hi tech weapons.

And just like smart Sinkies, Americans are not stupid.
January 23, 2020 9:20 am

Agree, the stupid one is you.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Hahahahahaha!

jjgg said...

RB ..eh.. forgot your medicine again??

Anonymous said...

@ 10.25am

Fucking PAP IB
- go join LKY in hell

Anonymous said...

Soon it shall not matter who You are, if You understand the Drift.
Rich or poor, the Element and Germ shall treat All the Same.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.29am

How u know he is in hell?


Anonymous said...

If Shithole LKY don't go to hell, then go where?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope all the world's elite get infected by the China virus in Davos.

Let's hope it's 100% fatal for all of them.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.17am

Is PAP's LHL in Davos?

Anonymous said...

HahahHahahahahaha Hahahahahaha.....

Anonymous said...

Smart virus.choose to spread when people travel

The most!smart.

SSO said...

Instead of revealing the facts, such as how many cases are there in Singapore so far, the Son of a Gan simply chose the convenient word "Inevitable" used by the Villian Thanos who intended to kill all humans, in the Avengers movie.

What a suitable choice of a single defining word! From now on, this word shall define and identify this Son of a Gan: The Inevitable Gan.

Meaning his downfall will be INEVITABLE!

Anonymous said...

@All, @Losers_Keep_Masturbating_But_Nothing_Comes!

///Let's hope all the world's elite get infected by the China virus in Davos.///

Davos is the last place the virus will infect now. Elites are all partying & living it up!!!

Davos party 1

Davos party 2

Davos party 3

Davos & its infamous parties returns

As for the Wuhan virus --- I hope it becomes 10X worse than SARS!!!!

SARS killed 774 & infected 10,000 in 2002/2003. So I'm hoping for 8,000 deaths & 100,000 infected this time.

Fucking Shanghai, Hongkie, and Sinkie stocks will be all on 1-in-20-years SPECIAL OFFER!!!!

Too bad China makes it hard for foreigners to own properties. Imagine the KILLING YOU CAN MAKE buying up Wuhan central condos if the virus gets worse!!!

KNN makes me sad why I moved so fast to put 20% of my portfolio into China / HK stocks in 2018! Oh well .... that's investing for you .... you gotta bite the bullet & make hard decisions when volatility is high & losers are screaming. Focus on the big secular moves & 10-year timeframes!


Anonymous said...

Bro if u wanted to enjoy Chinese new year better cool it man. If not sure kena invited to lim kopi then detained and sodomized by Tua kee jialat jialat

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Bear in mind that RB's assessment of anything to do with China is the 100% truth, 100% precise and accurate. Other cuntries, especially the USA are so "jealous" of China overtaking them they will resort to biological warfare to slow China down. πŸ‘πŸ€£πŸ˜œπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wuhan corona virus from
laowhy86, and angmo long-term resident in China

...and from

Chris Chapel bloody angmo "joker" stationed in Taiwan who hosts "China Uncensored" which combats the bullshit put out by the CCP's global propaganda machine

My Prediction:

1. Losing face is more devastating than telling the truth. Which is why the CCP will go all out to SAVE FACE before all else. For e.g. they didn't admit to SARS until they had no choice.

Because of the MASSIVE movement of humans during Chinese New Year, we will see from next week an INCREASE in the rate of infection, the numbers infected, the widening of AREAS of infection and probably the mortality spike up. You just can't beat science and statistics πŸ’ͺπŸ‘


Right side of the trade

1. Markets will be hit. Get ready to "buy low" and hold! πŸ’²πŸ€ŸπŸ»

2. Which pharma companies are making the vaccines and anti-virals?

3. Which biomed companies are making test equipment, genetic sequencers, hospital equipment?

4. Other "picks and shovels" and "knock-on effects" plays.

Huat ah! Can you make money from human misery? FUCK YEAH! πŸ€“πŸ’°

Anonymous said...

How many of us will care if all the elites at Davos die in a nuclear missile attack?

I know I won't miss LHL.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ lim kopi 220

Yes, better enjoy CNY. For some, unfortunately, it will be their last CNY.☠️⚰️🀒😷

A lot of people are travelling this time of year. No matter how strict the screening, all trains, buses, planes for international travel will be PACKED with people, travelling VAST DISTANCES all over the world for "reunion". This is classic text-book VECTOR for the rapid and efficient spread of infectious disease. You have NO IDEA who the carriers are especially if they are asymptomatic!

Wait lah, 1 week, 2 weeks, and we will see infection numbers spike.

Enjoy CNY while you can, and PRAY to whatever your god of choice is that you or your loved ones don't kena.

Randomness and Uncertainty will be working OVERTIME this CNY...so better ENJOY!🍻

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Chia lat... The Year Of The Deadly Rat begins....

Anonymous said...

The Rodent/Year of the Rat, arrives with a bang bringing with it the Wuhan Virus.
No Geomancer, Crystal Ball Gazer and Other Seers foresee it coming.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Corona-Chan: The Internet's New Virus Waifu

Ah, 4Chan the source of all humour on the internet. πŸ’₯

Keep the Wuhan hilarity going folks! πŸ‘⚰️☠️πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

KNN, the fun is only just beginning. Presenting: Japan Vs China... IT'S ON!! πŸ“½️🍿🍻

Anonymous said...

9.41am anon u very Fu by leh

Anonymous said...

Pls dont curse your founding father after what he did for sg. The shit hole we are in are by leaders after him. If u continue I will ask matilar to sodomize u jialat jialat

Anonymous said...

Knn u pervert idiot that try to make money on others suffering. If u like money so much why don't u suck my dick and I pay you. Else sodomize u also can

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans are conducting a war with the rest of the world in every field. Don't be blind to your American masters and think everything is fine and nothing is happening.

Everything is happening for a reason. The number of people employed by the CIA and other American intelligence services to wreck havoc against other countries cannot be taken for granted. They cannot be paid with hundreds of billions annually doing nothing.

They are the most destructive forces in the world, the terrorists of the world.

Anonymous said...

mr rb. i appreciate your pro China stance, which i certainly subscribe to,but to insinuate that White God planted the virus in wuhan, with zero evidence, is very irresponsible and childish. So SARS was made in USA too? The official reason traced to civet cat for Sars, and now bats at the animal market in Wuhan cannot be believed? Why? Every country in the world has dirty people with dirty habits. Your creditability is zero. I dont believe third party planted virus in Wuhan. You need to be POFMAD.

Virgo 49 said...

Interesting CNN live on the Imprechiment of Dotard Donald J. Trump already revealed that they the AMERICUNTS are shits stirring

Supporting Ukraine with Military Aids to go against the Russians etc.

This clearly stated what's they can do to other Contries.

So no surprise Wuhan Virus is create by them

Only way to cause havocs as they won't dare confront China on other ways militarily or otherwise.

You think they cares whether their own or others DIE.

It's the end that matters to their Evil Ways.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! You all don't know haaar?!?!?!

LKY & PAP are planted by the Americans!!

Back in 1923, LKY's mother was an undercover US spy & LKY's father kena honeypot trap!!!

Later OSS (predecessor of CIA) convinced MI6 to ensure LKY passed the Queen's Scholarship in 1955 to allow LKY to go Cambridge. LKY was recruited & groomed in UK to become double-agent. He made friends with & wriggled his way into the top leadership circle of the UK Labour Party, socialist labour unions & other Commie sympathisers.

Back in S'pore, the UK govt helped LKY to continue pretending to be a Commie-lover & mass recruit all the SG unions to his cause. This ensured he won in 1957. But the gears of the grand plan was turning ... the British govt & CIA worked hand-in-glove with LKY to permanently put the bullet into LKY's top Commie & Socialist rivals in 1963, ensuring that SG will be the strong domino that won't fall to communism in SE Asia.

The CIA overstepped their authority in 1968 & tried to blackmail LKY into becoming their stooge. But by then LKY had absolute power & no longer the kopi boy of CIA or MI6. He continued working with those 2, but on his terms & basically to ensure that the 2 big muslim countries don't swallow back SG.

LKY soon worked with Israeli Mossad as they both had similar agendas. FYI, SAF, Mindef, ST Engineering, ST Kinetics, DSO, DSTA have been working with Mossad and IDF since 1965. Up till 2010, it was still a secret due to sensitivities with certain citizens & certain countries.

Anonymous said...



CCP has also quarantined 2 additional cities: Huanggang & Ezhou.

Total of 20M people are on stay-put orders.

Waiting to see if CCP will ban CNY tuan nian fan tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...


Looks like my wish for China & Hongkie stocks to go on Great CNY Sale is becoming true day by day!!!

Just gotta be patient!!! Maybe by chap gor mei?!?!? LOL!!!

War chest of $550K cash to deploy when time is ripe!!!



SSO said...

The Straits Times:

Wuhan virus:

Three more suspected cases of the Wuhan coronavirus have been detected in Singapore, bringing the total identified here to 10.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said yesterday the infection is suspected in two children aged three and four who are Chinese nationals, and a 78-year-old Singaporean woman.

All three had pneumonia, a history of travel to China and were in stable condition yesterday. They are being tested for the virus.

They were admitted for further assessment and treatment, and isolated as a precautionary measure.

The previous seven suspected cases all tested negative for the virus.

Associate Professor Vernon Lee, director of the Communicable Diseases Division at MOH, told reporters yesterday that an increase in the number of suspected cases was to be expected as a result of MOH's updated measures.

The ministry widened its isolation measures yesterday, with China's health commission confirming that the coronavirus responsible for causing pneumonia in Wuhan can be transmitted between people.

The measures had previously applied only to those who had travelled to Wuhan within two weeks of their symptoms starting, but were revised to include those who had travelled to any part of China within two weeks of showing symptoms.

"Because we have changed our case definition now to include travel to all of China... we expect the number of suspect cases to increase substantially just because of the (new) geographical distribution," said Prof Lee.

He added that of the 10 suspected cases seen so far, one was identified by temperature screening at the airport, while the other nine presented themselves at various healthcare institutions.

MOH yesterday reminded travellers to monitor their health closely for two weeks upon returning to Singapore, and to seek medical attention promptly if they feel unwell.

Those who have a fever or respiratory symptoms such as a cough or runny nose should wear a mask and call the clinic ahead of their visit.

There is currently no vaccine available for the coronavirus. The mystery virus, which can now be passed from person to person, has already killed 17 people and infected at least 540 throughout China, with cases also surfacing in Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Thailand, Vietnam and the United States.

The authorities here are bracing themselves for the worst.

Mr Ng How Yue, MOH's Permanent Secretary for Health Development, said: "Given how dynamic the situation is, its geographical spread, the numbers that China is reporting, I think we cannot rule out that we will get an imported case, given that Singapore is an international travel hub."

Anonymous said...

""He added that of the 10 suspected cases seen so far, one was identified by temperature screening at the airport, while the other nine presented themselves at various healthcare institutions.""

In other words, only 10% was detected. 90% went undetectable unless and until they report themselves to any health care institution. This is very frightening. Don't play play with your own life. Better don't rely on authorities to contain the spreading. It is wiser to take own precautions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ via Dr Talk Alot

>> Wuhan virus:

Three more suspected cases of the Wuhan coronavirus have been detected in Singapore, bringing the total identified here to 10. <<

Wait, wait...be patient children, please.

It's starts in about a week and will last until after chap go mei.

The PRCs new citizens and PRs will be be returning to Singapore from visiting their relatives in China.

No doubt our diligent MoH will be monitoring the borders and CDC ready to act...but...

... anyway, numbers tell the story. Look at the numbers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 5:13pm,

I know where you are coming from. I mean white gods, not White God.

In this world of intrique and counter intelligence and viciousness to destroy the enemies, many deadly things happened and appeared very innocent.

The Americans are the experts in chemical and biological warfare, inheriting every evil experiments and germs from the Japanese 731 unit in China. They have perfected many kinds of chemical and biological agents, stockpiled them and using them discretely that only the naive will believe they are little darling angels.

In warfare, the Americans are the most vicious and evil in their exceptionalism. They would do anything they wanted, including openly sending a cruise missile into a Chinese Embassy. There is nothing they would not do.

The timing of this outbreak is to inflict the most damage and destruction to China and the Chinese people, like the way they genocided the native Americans. Who did it, you want prove before you can believe it is ok. Just believe in the white angels and the white gods. The cause can be pointed to anything, to animals, except the white gods.

You think it is so easy to prove such sophisticated process of spreading chemical agents and viruses?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This virus looks like more contagious than SARS and can spread very rapidly. Not so simple as people think, and very deadly looking at the death toll piling up.

Anonymous said...

Until today they still cannot prove who killed Kennedy, who actually mastermind the 911.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ this is how Europe dies

Wah, unbelievable. But I must say... Very creative thinking πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

HDB was created by CIA to mass bomb sinkies 99 years later. Actually no need 99 years. 50 year old flats trying to sell below valuation also nobody want. Sinkies are stuck sinking into quicksand. Their CPF monies sunk into HDB are sunk --- their retirement futures all exploded. CIA in collusion with PAP will launch a follow up bomb .... Just wait & see!!

Anonymous said...

mr rb., it is people like you that really need to Pofma. You are starting a RUMOUR based entirely on your imagination you know? Even though what you say is your right of speech, you are unwittingly spreading a potential fake story to the feeble minded.How different are you from the murderer D Trump? He insists that Huawei contains backdoor spy software, there are none. When you have a bad mental picture of an adversary, you can convince yourself that all sorts of bad things will always come from there. The reality of it all is that life is not black and white. All good things= china and all bad things= Usa. You are crazy, to believe Sars came from usa. i pofma you then you know.

Anonymous said...

There is good reason to suspect the American for the SARS, Swine Fever and now the Wuhan Corona Virus.
Swine Fever inexplicably effects only Asia and S E Asian Countries.
As for SARS and the Ongoing Wuhan Coronavirus, the Victims are almost exclusively of Chinese Race.
The US and Japan have highly developed Biological WeapoΓ±s for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

And that is exactly how a rumour is spread. Without evidence, rb, you have already convinced two persons here, because of your great writing skill and reputation. You have entirely ignored the other scientific explanation of diseases brought about by poor hygiene and wild animals. Like the murderer Trump, you can only see black and white nothing in between. The chinese government is excellent, i support the ccp in fact, but in china indeed there are many rascals, illegal wild animal dealers, all sorts of nonsense. Without a shred of evidence, you are almost certain USA planted the wuhan and SARs virus, and the china is completely innocent. You are really sickman.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.55 could not understand why those events happen only in Asia, and leans toward Rb view that usa planted the virus to sabotage. Please lah, although china is overall very advanced in technology nowadays, the standard of hygiene in very rural areas are not necesassary that great, especially compared to western standards. China people eat snakes, bats, dogs, it is not impossible to understand why the virus starts from china,wild animals biology is little understood in the scientific world, why do you consider it strange these nasty viruses come from china? Although Trump usa is a muderer hypocrite and evil, one has to resist the temptation of blaming everything there and absolving every errant action of our dear China.

Anonymous said...


That's why after 20 years I still refuse to rent my condo to PRCs, even if they are professionals earning $15+K a month.

So far I rented to ahnehs & angmohs and still ok. Not very good but at least you don't get bedbugs or fleas or cockroach infestation.

Peenoys also another dirty bunch. Avoid! Unless you're prepared to write off the condition of your property!

Anonymous said...

Hey u r good. We can't blame everything to the evil Americuns Empire lah, their people r the kindest of all on tis planet as they go around telling people humans rites and follow rules, they can do what they like but others can't follow them tis sometimes a hypocrites as the red indians knew they spoke with forked tongues.

Anonymous said...

Alamak u can't say all of them r bad renters. Some r good, juz look at their behaviors and how they speak, communicate to them tat they need to keep house tidy and summon or fine or ask for compensation when they messed it up, sooner they will know the consequences & rules in Sinkieland.

Virgo 49 said...

One of the gian png jumped on the band wagons cannot actually afford to buy all these properties condoms but renting out to pay or subsidise their mortgages so that superficially they how lian wah condom owners.

Have all these trashes brought so much disturbances and murderous acts on their own fellow men.

Hope their condoms became chicken coops brothels and their next three generations cursed by Heavens.

Or became drug and gambling joints with murders in their gian png passive incomes or liabilities units.

Virgo 49 said...

Had seen many of these how lian gian png condoms owners renting out their units and NOT even staying a single night like scrooges.

In the end living like Paupers in two roomed flexi HDB flats with all their years of miserable livings on bread and.water and bee hoon with just a fish cake for lunch.

Paying 800 to a million to these Papies blood suckers who sneered and laughed at your stupidity.

For a hundred and eight Sin $$$ can have a real sea view Condo in Melaka with waves lapping in every day. See the Cruise ships making transfers to Melaka Paradise.

Paying one million stupidity all your whole life also cannot settle mortage just see the highway and trees before even seeing the silhouette of the sea.

So many half past six in estates of What's Yishun Ulu areas where only the half past trashes will rent from them.

Yet so proud of living their miserable lifes as Condom owners.

Virgo 49 said...

These are the Papies balls stuck in wooden horses idiots who have to vote the PAP in order to service like slaves to the Trashes who sneered at them.


Anonymous said...

people here still dont get it. The world is not black or white. When i say that china has dirty people who deal or eat wild animals, someone said thats why he does not rent to china people. What a moron. There are clean chinese, clean indian, dirty chinese, dirty indian, and yes, evil americans, kind americans. EACH CASE HAS TO BE JUDGED ACCORDING TO AT LEAST SOME KIND OF EVIDENCE. YOU CANNOT Go AROUND SPREADING AN IDEA THAT AMERICANS PLANTED SARS AND WUHAN VIRUS, just because they killed ten milion red indians and murdered Gen Soleimi.

Anonymous said...

For example, it is easy to believe the americans were planting the seeds and supplying Hkg rioters. Because there is circumstantial evidence, Joshua Wong went to Usa just prior to the riots. The NED increased its budget for "advancing democracy" in hkg just prior to the riots. Tge evil gang of four pro democracy had numerous meetings with usa officials prior to the riots. All these are evidence to some extend. But where is the evidrnce that Americans planted Sars and wuhan virus? The lead article is very unfair, even if the Americans are Satan (which they are).

Anonymous said...

Can't agree more with u, but u r rite lah.

Anonymous said...

@ANON 8.25am
Hey mann, think tat u r most probably correct in this sense ho boh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All the talks and claims by the experts that the source of this Wuhan Virus are from animals are at best suggestions and suspicion. They are only trying to find the best shape to thrust into a square hole.

The approach is very similar to many analysts when a stock market crash or behave differently. After the event they would look around to find something that fits.

Go read the reports carefully and you would only find suggestions, beliefs, maybes, likely. How to prove that it is from these animals when all animals have their different strains of viruses in them all over the world?

No prove that some evil people started it does not mean they did not do it. The people who started it are highly trained and would not be so stupid to be caught with their pants down even by the experts in this area. And the naive untrained would be the last to know who did it. There are many things that happened that cannot be proven but the circumstances leading to such events also suggested something sinister or mischievous behind their happenings.

Look at how innocent and indifferent the American and western leaders are about this epidemic as if it does not concern them, no need to know, did not want to know, none of their business, life goes on as normal. But behind those innocent faces, what were they thinking, what did they know or been briefed?

I still believe, yes, believe, that this is likely a biological or chemical warfare conducted by the evil and irresponsible people. And there is no way anyone can prove this or that. It is my suggestion, my interpretation, that when these things keep happening, it is no pure accident.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No one needs to believe what I wrote, just like the believers, go and feel free to believe in whatever you want and which god you want.

Anonymous said...

And why cannot it be "pure accident"? China has 1.3 billion people, a very teeny weeny number of people who indulge in dirty practices playing with wild animals can lead to such incidents, anytime. During SARS period, there was no trade war, the relation with china was not intense, so why the american plant the virus at that time? I think it is easier to believe the timing of this new virus appearance as random. The temptation to link usa misdeed against the current backdrop of usa frenzy against things Chinese, is great. As a responsible social influencer i think the opinions of rb has the impact of creating a rumour with zero evidence (the trade war and 100 million indians killed by americans is NOT evidence at all). It is a mischievious article.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9:31am,

You are entitled to your belief. I am just putting up a hypothesis that this thing may not be as innocent as it is at face value.

Whether this is mischievous or not, you don't have to protect your white masters so dedicately.

What is mischievous, WMD.
What is mischievous, Soleiman planning to kill Americans.
What is mischievous, BRI is debt trap.
What is mischievous, Kim Jung Un is planning to nuke the USA.
What is mischievous?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me! What "white masters" you are saying? You go around branding people who defend justice and fairness? i hate the White American evil doers as much as you do, the difference is that i look at each new case for some form of evidence before i pass any hypothesis. Like Matilah you are totally one sided, in the other direction. Sadly you are creating a rumour to the general public that sars and wuhan virus are american made.
(btw those examples you quote are definitely valid because there are evidences that the Amerricans lied(

Anonymous said...

Monsanto, the Pesticide and Famous Agriculture Genetical Modifier Specialist, has long being suspected of Biological and Chemical concoction to target at specific target for victimization. lt was and is still being highly suspected to be doing further researches to achieve capability to specifically target at specific gene for whatever reasons.
Monsanto had been found guilty of producing products that caused sickness. lt is also suspected by many including highly qualified expert and specialist of unethical practices.
Monsanto is a private company and thus far not link to any American Government Agency in anyway. However,
due to its expertise and specialization in gene modification, it is likely to be a service that the US Authority would be most interested to engage for strategic purpose. Monsanto has been and is being suspected to do researches to target specific Race/Humankind for victimization. This is open and long suspected.
ln the Final Analysis,
Biological and Chemical Warfare have long, even before World War Two, been a strategy that the Whites and Japan have embarked on.
lt shall surprise no one that it could have being tested since WW II and is ongoing.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. All these talks must have strike RAW nerves in the Whites And Americunts worshippers.

So much so that they have to defend their White Masters and God.

Haninese saying these are the Lans boh ti lans and kuehs bo ti kuehs creatures disgrace to their ancestors.

Not Lans as Humans but Lans as Lam pars lans.


Anonymous said...

The mentality of some people here is really sick. They see the world in Black or White. why does one need to be an "American worshiper",just because he argues that evidence need to be presented before an accusation is made? It is this kind of bigotry that results in War. A is always good and B is always bad. Morons. The world is not made of RBs and Matilahs. People need to be fair,reasinable and refrain from calling each other names when their argument is debunked.

Anonymous said...

Monsanto aim is to make money. They sell dubious products. Their forte is to develop foods with enormous yields by cloning genes DNA GMO whatever technology, to reap huge profits. It does not do biological agents, hazardous gases, chemical weapons, this is NOT their forte. This again is a very weak argument to try to link the Wuhan virus and Sars to Americans. Please lah, the viruses are not like MacDonald originate in USA. Dont spread wild rumours, be responsible. And i also am not American worshipper, i just speak for fairness.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ DIY Armageddon:

Dun worry about nation states engineering bio weapons by weaponized virus and bacteria.

Now home tinkering "makers" in the DIY community can get into the action and use their "creativity" to potentially kill millions.... or wipe out the human species.

Starter kit is less than 3 grand, and you just order it on the net... Amazon and Alibaba style πŸ˜‚πŸ»


CRISPR & CAS9 gene editing tools are already commonplace. Even our own A Star fuckers have several.

C'mon young people.... express your creativity with DIY genetic engineering! πŸ‘☠️πŸ€ͺ

Anonymous said...

The Americans can be expected to react in hysterical ways whenever something happened in China that they could use to smear China. In this case they did not react at all and that makes them more guilty just like the fake Hague Tribunal against China. They kept quiet as if they were not involved at all.

If they have nothing to do with this Wuhan virus, they would be the first to scream hell.

Does this ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Why is Ms instigating the youngsters?
Are You
not an expert in most things and should set yourself as an example to lead the youths ? ln fact ,
You could have took Sin over from the Pappies.
Or maybe even replace Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

I find it preposterous that someone here even suggested Silence can be used as evidence. Is this even legal? In the case of Fake Hague judgement, it was very clear cut it was fake because the judges were already pro American, and the entity was NOT an official UN Court. This has got nothing to do with Americans "silence". In the case of MH370, Americans remained silent but it was not because of Silence that incriminate them. There were witnesses who heard and seen the plane go past maldives. There were obvious decoy methods to divert resources to search Australian west coast when it was more likely the plane was on course to Diego Garcia near Maldives, American stole DGarcia from indians and made it a spy outpost. There was more evidence when investigators disappeared mysteriously, and then fragments of the plane in the indian ocean. In all these cases SILENCE IS NOT EVIDENCE. But we can infer from the other clues mentioned, that the American must be involved...noting also that remote takeover of the plane can be done by Usa, same like using drone to murder, its no problem for them . We CANNOT CONCLUDE THAT JUST BECAUSE TRUMP SAID NOTHING ABOUT THE WUHAN VIRUS HE IS GUILTY. How stupid and unfair. Wuhan and sars are more likely due to unhealthy habits of dealing with wild animals in china. By the way, the Chinese in PRC never once denied it, why are people here deluded and led by the nose after reading rb's untenable hypothesis? Use your brains. RB is right sometimes, but not always.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 321

I am definitely not an "ex-spurt" at anything. I am but a humble beach-bum, senior citizen hippie enjoying myself on occasional visits to Hotel Singapore. So please, don't misrepresent me.

I am a terrible role model for children and youth. But I love to incite them to destroy stuff, especially when all their lives most adult have been BULLSHITTING to them and seek to CONTROL them, where in fact, they will only be young ONCE...so they IMO should kick as much ass as possible and do "wild shit". It's fun to watch "youthful angst" manifest itself.

I hope you understand me better now. πŸ€“

Anonymous said...

Terrible plus horrible and more.

agongkia said...

You talk sense.
Good article.
I did think of the possibility since Sars but never have the courage to express my thoughts
Best wishes n a Happy New Year.