PR with fake certificates - Inefficiency or foreigners have privileges?

On Tuesday (14 Jan), a press release from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) said that a Philippine national was jailed for 7 weeks’ for immigration offences. This was after she had produced a fake diploma and transcript to support an application for PR status for herself and her daughter.

38 year-old De Luna Noriza Dancel had submitted documents purportedly from the Centro Escolar University during her PR application in 2008 & 2009. Subsequent checks with the university revealed that she did not study there as claimed, and she was subsequently arrested by the ICA on 25 Oct 2017.

ICA said in their release that they take “a very serious view of persons who provide false information or conceal material facts during their applications for any Singapore immigration facility.”

Not the first brush with the law

In any case, this does not appear to be her first brush with the law. In 2012, De Luna was charged and fined $50,000 for setting up and running 2 unlicensed employment agencies....

In July 2011, the license of RSD Consultancy & Services’ had expired but De Luna did not renew it as she was being investigated by MOM. Despite ongoing investigations, she nonetheless proceeded to set up a second unlicensed agency, Impact Manpower, using a nominee director and applicant.

In any case, it seems that De Luna’s earlier application for PR status was successful given that the 2012 media report described her as being a “PR”. Whilst being a PR, it is equally curious that her forgery came to light only after 8 years, and the subsequent charge took more than 2 years. Was her PR not revoked after the fine?

What do you think?

The above is an editorial piece in TRE. Can't believe that I am reading this, forgery of certificates by foreigners is now so common that you can't help looking at every foreigner as a fake. How high is the percentage of foreigners with fake certificates? 10%, 20%, 30% 50%, 60% or more?

What happen to the super efficient Singapore administration? With fake certificates so prevalent would it not be wise to take every foreign certificate as fake until confirmed to be real? Or still adopt the tidak apa attitude, taking foreign fake certificates as real until proven fake, and it may take 8 years for each case to be proven? How many of the fake talents are now managers and CEOs in Singapore, replacing the genuinely qualified Singaporeans, sacking them and replacing them with more fakes to cover their tracks? And many silly Singaporeans that have not been affected by this disease are telling other Singaporeans to accept their fate for being cheated by foreigners and living a life of misery.

Below are some comments on the above article.

We must open our eyes & u/s that this govt is juz putting up a pretentious fake wayang show… becoz election is coming soon!!
Why, despite after so many years, then do this govt, especialy useless MOM, point out these various companies that practice unfair hiring?
There’re already hundreds of companies in SG, that prefer hire mediocre foreigners… over local citizens. And our MOM ( bloody big entire ministry) chose to close both eyes & do nothing… until now, becoz election is coming
We must not be fooled by superficial pretentious wayang action by this govt !!
We, local native citizens, are already becomin strangers in our own country, and soon, we wil become the minority , flooded & drown by influx of average foreign workers & their dependants!
What hope do we have then? With a clueless out-of-touch 4G wayang jokers… n LHL enjoyin million$$ after he step down
VTO we must!!

Crooked PAP:
A bizzare case ?
There are so many cases of cheating undetected by the FT-friendly Govt.
Becos there has been overwhelming condemnation from Singaporeans on the uncontrolled opening of floodgates to allow cheap FTs from 3rd world countries, Govt is trying to find a few scapegoats to show they are actually busy scrutinizing every FT getting PR or citizenship.
There is too much dirt in CECA, PRC and Pinoys who have already been accepted.
That’s why the Govt is withholding the breakdown of New Citizens and PR, rather the clubbing all of them as “Residents”.
Thanks Pritam for putting PAP on the spot. Josephine was cornered and she could not handle his questioning, as her colleagues came to support her.
Useless MOM Minister. Mind you, she was only an HR Manager not long ago but don’t know how she became a Minister so soon, with such low IQ.

I have a feeling that many (foreigners) are not caught or yet to be filtered out by the authorities. To the foreign trashes, SG is a goldmine, and pay and pay like this sort of cheap talent from 3rd world countries. The only talent they have is outsmart SG with false & fake documents, and hoodwink the civil servants.

I agree that the only talent that these fake foreigners have is to outsmart the super talents that are supposed to check on them and the idiots that called them talents and allowed them in by the hundreds of thousands.


Anonymous said...

More PRs means more new citizens, means more votes for PAP. So they close one eye, unless near General Election wayang abit . . .

Anonymous said...

Many Employers & Foreigners & HR r game on the MOM weak laws to exploit the system. What fair consideration flame work r all cho hee jio si lang lah. If a house owner let in a 'thief' to rob its house, and only some bystander report it to police, how will the house owner know that person is a thief. This happened some yrs ago in Yang Yin case whenever he tricked an old lady into giving him Lasting Powder of Attorney, the old lady finally awaken one day after her niece exposed Yang Yin's as a robber (stole a art piece & hv access to her money account).

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning everyone.

Some predicting that pap will be very very very very 'eat strength' this time, losing many many many many seats at the soon GE. You think so?

I hope they would not be disappointed.

In Sg the masses will only TCSSssssssss and kpkbssssssssss whenever they are not happy...but when come to voting....will kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai and die die die die die die die die vote for pap! Don't know why! Why? Why? Why?

Will the masses U-turn and be different at the very very very very soon GE?

We shall see!


Virgo49 said...

All these Evil Serpents sleeping or have directive to close their eyes so that the Papies can screwed Sinkies.

60 over companies on unfair employment and they simply just kept mum.

What's jobs for Singaporeans and we are on your backs. Means screwed you from the backs.

They just simpky

Virgo 49 said...

Just simply said we find no suitable Singaporeans and had their minds already employing their own.

So daft Sinkies deserved to be screwed by them.

Anonymous said...

Someone on yahoo commented that this case probably came to light because the woman uses her SG PR to apply for some PR in other country which subsequently reverted to SG for verification.

Somehow, I find it hard to believe that ICA would be competent to review a case that happened 10 years ago on their own accord.

SSO said...

New Citizens Must Be Created By Hook Or By Crook

The biggest and most important issue to tackle first and foremost is the problem of Fake Leeders, who claimed that they are OUTSTANDING (standing out like sore thumb) but actually are incompetent, and have to be paid Out-Of-This-World salaries and bonuses pegged on GDP Growth.
Since donkey years ago when they became multi-millionaires overnight, their main and only responsibility is to ensure that they continue to be sitting in their ivory towers and continue to be paid by the $millions every year.

All other issues are of secondary importance or not at all.

Therefore, their paramount aim is to ensure new citizens are created, by hook or by crook, to boost and increase their votes in every subsequent General Elections. This will guarantee that they continue to reap their easy-come instant multi-million dollars every year.

Anonymous said...

If PRs with fake certificates are the best available, still have to take what.

We need them even if it is only for 1% GDP growth.

Or else there will be no GDP growth which is even worse.

If screwed up PAP is the best available, still have to vote for PAP what.

Screwed up govt is better than no govt.

Anonymous said...

If PRs with fake certificates are the best available, still have to take what.
11:06 am


Having PRs with fake certificates is still better than having no PRs at all. Hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1106am

You are 108% correct! Better than no govt!

That may be why the masses will DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE vote for pap!


Anonymous said...

I think you need to be sodomized lar knn

Anonymous said...

If u allow Pests & Roaches in your house & get infected, who else to be blame but yourself teo boh?
So it's better to exterminate these pests & roaches before many get infected with diseases.

Anonymous said...

With PR or FTs but still can't get more than 1% GDP meaning that these people r below par or sub par talents, base on the old man ideology of having FTs to help this island city to punch above its weight has failed its purpose & should be stopped or terminated or trained more locals or more better carrots from the better talents pools.

Anonymous said...

Having PRs with fake certificates is still better than having no PRs at all. Hahahahahaha.
11:14 am

Screw prostitutes is still better than to pak chiu cheng (masturbate). Hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Rogue or screwed up gobblemen need to be replaced gradually or periodically else its citizens will also being screwed up unless a divine intervention is comes to rescue (in the form of the old man reincarnation or real up from within the party etc)

Anonymous said...

Fake country, with fake independence, with fake leaders, with fake laws to put fake blames, with fake degrees, fake qualifications, fake PRs, fake citizens, fake voters, and fake elections .......

Only really daft citizens can allow all those fakes to carry on faking with fake care for you.

Anonymous said...

By doing tat, chances of getting infected with diseases will increase & don't blamed anyone but urself.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.00pm

Fake Real Real Fake..life is liddat.
It's a time of time tat dafts citizens will wake up one dey. When tat times arrive, the Oppressor will hv no where to hide & be sued till pants dropped ( tat dey might be near, probably in another 1, 2, 3 or more erections, someone predicted another 15yrs or so..)

Anonymous said...

// In any case, this does not appear to be her first brush with the law. In 2012, De Luna was charged and fined $50,000 for setting up and running 2 unlicensed employment agencies..//

See lah!

PAP's foreign talent creating good jobs for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Singaporeans are being fooled by fake PAP talents?


SMRT train breakdowns
NOL sold

Anonymous said...

These r not Foreign Talents lah, these r Flies & Termites after their feasting fiesta will migrate to other place feast again, the gobblemen & employers tot they r until they being feast upon then they knoe.

Anonymous said...

These r not fake but Real Pepper Genitals with no Real Experience thus r doomed to failure teo boh.

Anonymous said...

PAP's Paper Generals are fake talents.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.53pm

I'm glad you agree.

PAP's imported "Flies & Termites" are fake talents.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 115pm

Don't say like that leh.

They are all very very talented.

In fact they are super talents!

Not to worry, Sg is in BEST-est hands!

Eat well! Sleep well! Pang sai well!


Anonymous said...

Fake Parliament with Fake House Speaker, who was Fake Malay and
Who became Fake President via Fake Walk-Over due to Fake Challengers.

Fake Leeders gave Fake Reason to Change Constitution in older to put up Fake President to fakely hold Second Key to Fake Reserves, that nobody can check and account.

Anonymous said...

Fake Fake Fake

Tell me what is not fake in this world.

Fake Fake Fake

Anonymous said...

PAP President Halimah.
Is she Indian or Malay?

Anonymous said...

Check her i/c card.
Her i/c card will say whether Halimah is Indian or Malay.

Anonymous said...

Hi 303 & 304

Hahaha Hahahahahaha....

Both of you....eat full very free...... very very Kwai Lan!

Don't play play! Pants can drop!

Anonymous said...

Ya after pants dropped then what happen? U will kena to be sodomized lar

Anonymous said...

if Halimah got nothing to be ashamed of;
just publicly show her i/c lah!

why so shy?

if she so shy;
people will think something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.17pm

Not All r Flies & Termites, some or probably 1% r very talented, but then they won't wanto b converted to Lion Cups lah.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.51pm

Are you saying nobody checked Halimah's i/c before accepting her application form to be President?

President is a public office.
I'm sure Halimah will be more than happy to publicly display her i/c.

Anonymous said...

Can always re-print NRIC with amended info.

Anonymous said...

Anyway the definition of "Malay" in Singapore is NOT tied to NRIC or even DNA / blood. It is as defined in Singapore's Constitution (Article 19B).

Scientifically, there is no such thing as "Malay race". This race was invented by the British during the 1800s when classifying the various ethnic people in Malaya, Borneo, & the Straits Settlements. So the angmohs called those brown skinned people as Malays, to group them under the same column in their official records. White skinned people were classified as Europeans, even though some are citizens of non-European countries.

BTW, the bumiputras & the orang asli were originally Taiwanese 100,000 years ago. Their ancestors migrated from mainland China to Taiwan and then down to SE Asia.

Anonymous said...

My PAP issued Singapore i/c says:


Maybe Malay is not a race.

But Indian is a race.

Does PAP's President Halimah's i/c say;

Anonymous said...

Her new NRIC sure say indian...

You can only bang balls.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.35pm

You claim that Malay is not a race.
In that case, a Malay designated President should be open to all races including Chinese.

So why was the Chinese Tan Cheng Bock ineligible for the 2017 President elections?

Anonymous said...

If Halimah is Indian;

Then how can Halimah be qualified to participate in the 2017 Malays only Presidential elections?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ brainwashed idiots

C'mon lah most licensing and certification is pure bullshit. There might be a need for licensing and certification for stuff which can affect people's lives in harmful ways, for eg. driving, gun, pilots licenses or medical certification, safety compliance and certification.

However for most of the other "bullshit jobs" in the work/ labour market licensing and certification is just bullshit. Pass an exam get "certified" , like as if it really matters.

So in the car off this Filipina, the only thing she did wrong was to break the 11 th Commandment:

Thou shalt not GET CAUGHT

Anonymous said...

Becoz the big fuck says so. Not happy vote them out. But so far more are happy than unhappy.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. (sarcasm)

Unknown said...

Exactly what i was thinking. They are useless so they def did not do internal checks after so many years.