Andre Vitchek - A letter to the young people of Hong Kong

*A letter to the young people of Hong Kong*

By Andre Vltchek
Friday, January 03, 2020

作者 安德烈·弗尔切克
2020年 一月三日 星期五

Now that your city has been in flames for more than six months, your families divided, and no end to the violence is in sight, I have decided to write this short essay, in the form of an open letter, to the young people of Hong Kong.

First of all, I want to ask: Why?
Why all this smoke and fire, anger and violence? Were your lives, before the so-called “protests”, or “riots”, really so dismal? 
You have been living in one of the richest cities on Earth. Even according to Western evaluations, Hong Kong has one of the highest “freedom indexes”, higher than that of most of Western countries.
Water that comes from your taps is clean, the internet is extremely fast, and public transportation is cheap and one of the best in the world. You can enjoy an exciting cultural life, as well as great public spaces constructed along your impressive coasts.
Naturally, Hong Kong is not a perfect place, as there are no perfect places on this planet.
Your housing is some of the most expensive in the world. Job opportunities for college graduates are not really excellent. Some cities on the Chinese mainland are now more exciting places to live, to create, and to dream than “good old” Hong Kong. But still, it is a fascinating, solid city, with its own culture, mindset and complex history. And in many ways, it is a beautiful city; beautiful and unique.
你们的房屋是世上最昂贵之一。大学生的就业机会也真的不是那么理想。现在, 在中国大陆的一些城市里生活,创作,造梦,比起在香港这个“老名牌”,更带劲。但这仍然是令人向往,有实质的城市,有自己的文化,思维,和错综复杂的历史。
So, why? What happened? Why suddenly such anger, and such frustration?
Should we talk? Please let’s.
When waving the UK flags, nostalgically recalling your British masters and their rule over Hong Kong, do you even think about some of the most monstrous crimes committed in the history of humankind?
I have worked in around 160 countries and territories, on all continents. I have written about and filmed many wars and conflicts. I have been covering revolutions and rebellions, but also terrible riots ignited by Western countries. You probably have heard about the so-called “color revolutions”, or the “Arab Spring”.
I have witnessed, first hand, the fate of countries that have been occupied and then thoroughly destroyed by the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Afghanistan and Syria, Iraq and Colombia, to name just a few. I have seen millions of ruined lives in nations where the West overthrew left-wing governments, and then injected fascism: places like Indonesia (1965), and Chile (1973). Now there is nothing left of Indonesia; its nature is thoroughly ruined and the great majority lives in misery. In Chile, people have stood up, and are proudly fighting and dying for socialism which was stolen from them by Western governments and corporations.
我曾亲眼见证了那些被美国,北约国家占领,随着彻底破坏的国家的命运:阿富汗和叙利亚,伊拉克和哥伦比亚,举几个例。我见过一些国家的左翼政府被西方推翻,随着注入纳粹主义后,数以百万计的人生被摧毁:像印尼(1965), 和智利 (1973)等地方。现在印尼什么也没有了;它的生态被彻底破坏,大部分人生活在困苦中。在智利,人民站起来,骄傲地,为被西方国家和集团盗去的社会主义奋斗,牺牲。
I have lived and worked all over the African continent, the most devastated part of the world, colonized and terrorized first by Europe, and later by the US, for many centuries.
In Hong Kong, I see you waving flags of the US. You want that country to “save you from China” — from your own nation, in essence. I have read a translation of your school curriculum. It smears China, and it glorifies the West. Were you told, ever, that in the name of that flag, consisting of the stars and stripes, tens of millions of people, worldwide, were murdered, democracies raped, and freedom of expression horrendously oppressed? Or are you reading only what is brought to you by Reuters and other Western press agencies?
When waving the UK flags, nostalgically recalling your British masters and their rule over Hong Kong, do you even think about some of the most monstrous crimes committed in the history of humankind? On all continents of the world, the British Empire murdered, humiliated, violated and plundered hundreds of millions of people. Human beings were reduced to slaves. Their lives, identities were reduced to nothing.

Were you told this? Do you realize it? When you wave these flags, when your leaders are taking bribes from the US and the EU establishment, do you ever think what kind of money you are touching? Do you ever consider that this money is soaked in blood?
I saw several of you demanding “independence from China”. I even witnessed some of you calling China a “terrorist” state.
我见到你们有几个人要求“脱离中国独立”。我甚至见证你们一些人称中国是一个“恐怖主义” 国家。
Have you ever, seriously, compared the Chinese political system to that so-called “democracy” of the West?
Let me give you a simple quiz: In the last decades, how many countries have been attacked by China, and how many by the West? Just do a simple calculation, please. It is so simple; so clear. How many countries have been bombed to the ground, and thoroughly ruined by China, and how many by the West?
And democracy? In China, the government listens to its people. In reality, democracy means nothing more than the direct translation from Greek — rule of the people. In the People’s Republic of China, the government is working to improve the lives of its citizens, while building a global infrastructure for all (the Belt and Road Initiative). Now, look at the West: Most of the citizens in North America and Europe hate their system, but cannot get rid of it. Some of you regularly travel to the West: Don’t you hear what the people are saying there?
In the last two decades, China has lifted up hundreds of millions out of poverty. In the West, the governments have buried billions of people in misery in all their colonies. Despite of the terrible plunder of the world, tens of millions are destitute at home, in both North America and Europe.
Despite of the not-too-high GDP per capita, China has almost no misery, while tens of millions of the US citizens are living in poverty. There are many more prisoners (per capita) in the US prisons, than in the Chinese ones. 
Many US prisons are now privatized: It is a big business. The more that are held behind bars, the bigger the profit!
Is this a system in which you’d want to live? Is it, really?
I know the West very well. And I know China. These days, in Hong Kong, some of you are waving Western flags, while insulting Beijing.
The West has the most powerful propaganda on Earth. It has the ability to twist everything, to call black white, and vice versa.
But frankly, it is Beijing that has the ability and desire to help solve the problems of Hong Kong.
Do you really think that Washington, London or Berlin are genuinely interested in helping your city? I am convinced that they only want to break China, and to continue ruling over the world.
To conclude this letter, let me say what has to be said. After speaking to people that are now angrily waving black banners, as well as US and UK flags, I realized that they know very little about the state of the world. And, they do not want to listen to different points of view. When confronted intellectually, they become violent.
最后,让我讲一定要讲的话。和一些愤怒地挥动黑橫額, 和美国英国国旗的人谈过后,我发觉他们对世局认识很少。还有,他们不想聆听不同的观点。面对理性质询,会变得暴力。
That is not a democratic approach; not at all.
I suggest we talk. Publicly. Let us debate the very definitions of democracy. Let us discuss who has done more harm to the world: China or the West? I am ready, anytime.
If the leaders of Hong Kong riots, or “protests”, are confident that they are correct, let us face each other, in front of microphones and cameras.
I love your city. I love Hong Kong. I love China. And I strongly believe that China and Hong Kong are one beautiful, inseparable entity. 
I am ready to give my best proving that point.


SSO said...

Great write-up of an open letter!
Only for people who think.

People whose brains have been screwed by Western propagands and by their own choosing to be screwed with orgasmic enthusiasm, will continue to be what they have been - screwed!

Everlasting Happiness said...

Message to Donkeys, Hongkees and Sinkies

Born losers are forever losers.
Self-made losers are no better.
Self-destruction taken as fighting for freedom is not freedom.
Free of self-destruction is the real freedom.

Not knowing self is misery more pathetic than not knowing your motherland - the land that you originated and brought up to life.

A people that yearn for the grass that is greener over the other side, is a people self-condemned to misery both in their mind and in their heart. Waking up to this fact will be horror too shocking and unacceptable.

Therefore, there is no way out, except to surrender your idiocy to your wisdom, if you still have any.

Virgo 49 said...

Just go and see Ip Man The Finale or 4 and the HongKies and the Bananas shall see the treatment they get from the Whites or even Others they planned to reside or migrate there.

Losing one's Homeland and Country is a very SAD happening unless you have really no choice but to go away.

Anonymous said...

Probably the above writer does not understand wat is inside the minds of these youngsters HKongers situation. Yes, they r being brainwashed by some foreigners, yes they r naive but they have to courage to go against the pro establishments, they viewed HK as hopeless under a authoritarian rule, if there isn't any revolt the situation could have been worse as they got no say & got to take instructions from the top. When u hv an authoritarian rule, many would juz go overseas or stay to revolt as rules & legislation can change by the authoritarian regime. Put it this way, if u owed a house of 50yrs, would u wait it to expire or find a buyer or fight to extend it? How would u feel when your boss or parents passed instructions without consulting your opinions? How would you feel u r treated like a small kid with parents nagging at u to do this or that? Think about it, cos u got to live in HK longer to really understand the situation, as outsiders we r difficult to comment in those situations.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong protestors should ask for evidence and weigh the evidence:
- what is the evidence that China is better?
- what is the evidence that USA is better?

Evidence is more important than clever arguements.

Where is the evidence that PAP is working hard to benefit Singaporeans?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The fiction of western democracy will lead to better life and Chinese rule will lead to less better life is deeply scratched onto the heads of the Hongkongers. Is this going to be going forward?

Hong Kong as a middleman city is on a decline and would only get worse. The housing problem would not change unless the central govt take affirmative actions against the landlords for their control of land to build cheaper housing.

China is progressing by leaps and bounds and is the future. China and China Chinese would lead better life than the Hongkongers going forward. China is an emerging star while Hong Kong is a fading star.

Hongkongers that did not want to live under Chinese rule are free to migrate to wherever they want. Creating unrest and thinking that China would allow Hong Kong to become a cancer to 1.4b people is fat hope. Hongkongers are price takers and have no bargaining chips to play. If they are really smart, they must adapt to the new reality and prosper with China or risk being kick out of China and a Hong Kong left to rot.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong people can immediately have a better quality of life just by relocating to Shenzhen ... which is connected to Hong Kong by MTR.

Anonymous said...

Yep, instead of going to the mountain, they expect the mountain to come to them.

Anonymous said...

Those dudes need to be sodomized lar. Knn agree or not?

Anonymous said...

Do you believe in destiny.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, that so-called reporter or journalist is just a mercenary going to places where he can make videos & write things for the most money, & do the bidding of whoever can pay him fat money.

I read until the part about Indo & Chile then switched off.

He obviously doesn't know SHIT about the real people & countries that he claims to know.

Anonymous said...

Anon u obviously did not read history nor understand history. I read the full article and there is nothing but the truth. Only a simpleton like u do not understand cause your brain is totally fuck up. U need the sodomizer to sodomize u to wake u up from years of brain washing.

Anonymous said...

There are many blind believers that chose to be so. Let them be.

Thinking is a very difficult thing for them to do. They will go crazy trying to use the mush in between their ears.

Anonymous said...

They love their evil white God. The Iranians did not call the white 'God' Satan for nothing. Everyday killing and killing and killing but the blind could not see.

anon said...

Iranians consider the Americans as evil. But they have nothing against the Christian god. Jesus is recognised as a prophet by all muslims. The americans had unfortunately pretended to follow christian teaching. But. we know it is big hypocrisy, bending scripture to match the political agenda. As far as killing is concerned, historically both muslims and americans has been killing and killing for a very very long time. But the difference is that when the white man kills he is more skillful in hiding his guilt. They are better at PR. In actual fact everybody are killers, there is not a single innocent party.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

You all fail to realise that if people in Singapore revolted their government, similar types of "open letters" will appear....along similar lines, for e.g.:

"I've lived in/ been to several cuntries... yours is one of the best...blah blah"
"You're so lucky to have (list of goodies)....blah blah blah". "Why are you seeking help from (list western cuntries which were former colonists) which had a history is (list the colonial atrocities, leave out the good stuff).... blah blah blah..."
... and so on.

In every domestic event, you will get outside kapoh kias appearing to be "ex-spurts" who cannot wait to "give advice". Britain and the USA themselves should STAY OUT OF THIS and allow Hong Kongers and the CCP to deal with this themselves.

The more "outsiders" who enter the situation, the more fucked up it'll become. HK protesters have demonstrated they are well capable of this fight (whether you agree or not) and coming to some resolution with the CCP without the meddling of outsiders whether they are for or against the protestors or the CCP.

If something like that happens to Singapore, I think Singaporeans can do the job of SELF DETERMINATION without having the USA, China, Malaysia or who the fuck come into our business and kaypoh and kachau.

Family Business.... don't interfere! 🤟

Anonymous said...

Matilar u are right for the first time so I will spare your ass

Anonymous said...

Quoting unidentified intelligence sources, Canada and USA were quick to accuse yesterday that Iran had shot down the Ukrainian Boeing 737 by missiles.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just wrote a piece on this wild accusation. Post tomorrow.

imho said...

Get a soughtafter skill and migrate is better.
Everywhere will want you. World is your oyster.
After one cao cao is another cao cao.
Cao cao can be white or yellow or brown or black.
Skin color does not matter cos they like to go after own people.

Anonymous said...

Should the unimagined happened in SG with more alternate parties voted into parliament, I can imagine the same author writing the same article asking whether we know what we were doing when SG is almost like a paradise on earth? Asking how the one-party system could be bad when it has won every single election since independence? Asking why we cannot appreciate how good our system is compared to the corrupted system in other countries?

Oh well, if you want "peace", just stay with status-quo. Even then, in SG, things have changed beyond recognition in the name of "peace".

J.R.R. Tolkien
“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”