Ramesh Erramalli - So serious meh

SINGAPORE — Ramesh Erramalli, the condominium resident seen verbally abusing a security guard in a viral video last October, has been warned by the police over his behaviour.

In a statement on Friday (17 January), the police said that a “stern warning” had been issued to the 44-year-old, in consultation with the Attorney-General’s Chambers, for intentionally causing harassment to a security officer who was deployed at Eight Riversuites Condominium.

A similar warning was also given to two men, aged 41 and 47, for causing intentional harassment to Erramalli. The police have also administered a 12-month conditional warning to two other men, aged 19 and 56, who threatened Erramalli and his family with death and violence. Yahoo News

Wow, the police is so serious this time when a foreigner threatened, oops, I don't think this is the right choice of word, must be accurate and quote the news report, he did not threaten, he 'verbally abusing a security guard only. And some, I think Singaporeans, not sure about this, were also given the same serious warning 'for causing intentional harassment to Erramalli', some 'threatened Erramalli and his family with death and violence'.

See, the act of Erramalli against the security guard was definitely not so serous, just verbal abuse. The threats against him was very serious, mind you threatening him and his family with death and violence. Given the two facts as reported, think the punishment for a foreigner like Erramalli is really serious.  This may be a bad signal to other foreigners that are here providing and creating jobs for daft and jobless Singaporeans. What happens if all the talented foreigners pack up and go, many Singaporeans would be jobless and many properties would not be sold and many Singaporeans would not be able to rent their flats to them.

Initially I also agree with many angry Singaporeans that he should be sent home, not welcome here to bully Singaporeans. On second thought, I must agree with the police for such a serious warning and close the case. And better still, warned the Singaporeans not to be rude and fierce with foreigners, not to threaten these foreign talents. They must be reminded that their rice bowl depends on these foreigners. Be kind and gentle to the foreigners like the taxi drivers. When they beat you, do not hit back, call the police and the attackers would likely get a serious warning from them. Or they may then advise you to find a lawyer to take a civil suit against them, if you have the money. Very likely these foreign talents would have more money than you and can afford to pay for more expensive lawyers.

Anyway, it is good that the police is serious this time and this could be a good signal for the foreigners. If they harass or abuse Singaporeans, they would get a serious warning from the police. But their jobs would be safe, their PR status would not be affected and they could continue to earn big bucks in their high paying jobs here in Singapore, the city of foreign talents. Nothing to worry about.

Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

This saga shows tat all security officer need to be armed or given more powder protection or be trained in defensive martial arts ( like karate, Taiwando, Judo, Akido, Wing Chun etc..), they need to be armed and be like Brue Lee ( like the movie ηŒ›ιΎ™θΏ‡ζ±Ÿ, see how Bruce Lee beat up the Foreigners in the show), when the security officers r all armed noboli wud dare to take advantage of them.

Anonymous said...


Our rice bowl depends on FTs?

Our rice bowl depends on FTs?

Hahaha Hahahahahaha...

Virgo 49 said...

The PAP wants to make the FOREIGN trashes welcome.

So when Singaporeans fought whther in self defence or not, they be charged in Courts or in cases that they knew that the Trashes are the culprits be even given Police Either conditionally or unconditionally WARNINGS.

These to warn you not to fight and go against the Papies beloved God Children.

Their God Children they will try to scale down their offences and also just warnings.

Don't do again naughty, naughty. You are most welcome to stay and our open legs prostitution contry.

I have had also been dished out the same for fighting with a nusiance Brit who caused me five years of less than two hours of sleep every night.

What did that bloody Brit get? Scot free even for not attending mediation courts and LOL each time he see me.

Luckily, that MF like most bloody fighting cocks Whites had moved away as a gian png tenant renting HDB unit.

So, Sinkies do not think that your SPF and the Courts will protect you.

Instead they will find ways to nail you with the blessings from the Directive of the Pay And Pay.

Anonymous said...

Lesson to learn, don't become Security Guard lest u kena hantam or screwd or verbal abuse by the Foreigners Trashes. These Foreigners Trashes think that their money bigger than a bull cart wheeler, karma will be on them if they abuse or not follow law.

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of time that one in authority's offspring may olso get verbal abuse or bitten by these foreigners trashes one dey.

Anonymous said...

V49 849am

You are 1o8% correct!

In sg no one no one no one will protect you!

You die your business!

This is Sg! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!


Anonymous said...

What did that bloody Brit get? Scot free even for not attending mediation courts and LOL each time he see me.
Virgo49 8:49 am

Not surprising lah, because it is the vulgar Virgo (so sama sama lah) vs that bloody Brit. LOL

If it is a good Sinkie vs that bloody Brit, that bloody Brit will sure get a serious warning like the Ramesh.

Anonymous said...

Hi 9.08am

Talk vvvv easy! Actually not so easy lah.

Don't be security officer, do what? Tell me lah!

Don't work no income no money! No money no talk! You know?

You tell me how......

Anonymous said...

Not surprising lah, because it is the vulgar Virgo (so sama sama lah) vs that bloody Brit. LOL
9:33 am

This case I know. In fact it was the vulgar Virgo who kena warning instead by the lady magistrate! LOL

Virgo 49 said...

Fark you.

You dared to fight back against the Foreign invaders?

You are a Damn slave hypocrite who sucks the balls of your invaders.

Better to die with honour rather than like you rats been slaves

Oops Year of the Rat which is a prosperous and good year for me.

Even the Courts are not for you. You be shocked. I simply told the lady magistrate that this white trash do not give a damn of our Courts proceedings for not attending our Mediation sessions and she warned me not to use just a word damn.
Think they also worshipoed these Whites and trashes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

I blame the condo management. The fella doing the job as "security" looks like a chemotherapy patient having a bad day. 😜

The #1 trait of good security personnel is that they're able to immediately establish AUTHORITY in a situation. This skinny joke failed over and over. The foreigner might as well taken a big smelly SHIT in the security "guard's"(??) head....and got off scot-free.

If this was "the old days" when "security" was a local gangster in uniform, the foreigner would have experienced immediate assertion of authority by the Sam Seng. If the foreigner kpkb, he would experience "violence" as a consequence for his xibai mouth. ☠️πŸ’ͺ

I said this before: we need to bring back our Sam sengs, paikias and rough and tumble hard core fuckers.

I'll bet we would have much better behaviour from our foreign "guests" and more respectful encounters.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ don't be silly

Eh, all you soft motherfuckers who've never taken punches square-on to the face, broken a few teeth, or broken a bone or two, just shut the fuck up lah. Or you've never been cut with an edged weapon in a fight...diam lah sial.

How many scars from violence do you have? How many times have you lost a fight by being physically beaten? How many people have you beaten up?

No? Never? Then you shouldn't be in "security" lah.

Anonymous said...

Hello go become Grab lah & there r many other jobs other than screwty. This screwty job is always let people despise la, the FTs sees them no up, go be a Aux Police better la got guns.

Virgo 49 said...

Clap clap Matilah.

Totally agreed with YOU.

You think these trashes dared to bully us in the 60s and 70s where our Good Bros roamed the streets.

They be mincemeats lying groaning.

Nowadays, Sinkies even after having served Wayang NS are like enuches. Balls totally cut off.

How to depend on them to defend the NATION?

Few cursed words and they called you vulgar and uncouth. But they sweared all the time like true gentlemen.

No wonder so many of them has to seek IMH treatments even at young age.

These trashes would NOT dared to behave in Thai or Matland where as what you said they be beaten to a pulp.

And their own Police and others will simply closed an eye to their deserving punishments.

Our future Gold Fish Eyes PM in waiting said must clamped down in those who mistreat their God Children.

So, Sinkies be prepared to meet your deserving fates to be trampled by them in MOT.

Don't have your loved ones kena killed by their bottles throwing pleasure murderous acts or orr bak kat by them.

Good luck and good riddance to you swiveling rats.

Oos Year of the Rat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo,
Cool it mann, let the Universal Law of Cause and Effect or Karma befall on them in time to come, mind u noboli in this Universe can escape tis Karmic law.

Anonymous said...

@ RB,

Not everybody depends on the FTs for his rice lah.
Only PAP Millionairsters are depending on FTs for rice and votes lah.

But 70% of voters depend on PAP Millionairsters to be given a chance to carry their balls lah, like some Matilah, WSG, and the IBs at this blog lah.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1027am

Talk so much for what?

You belong to the 70% or 30%?

Anonymous said...


PAPies get 70% becoz majority of the 70% DO NOT depend on PAPies!!!

They vote for PAPies becoz of the environment / situation that allows them to be INDEPENDENT of PAPies!

They don't vote for Oppo precisely becoz Oppo DOES NOT give the confidence that Oppo can create or maintain that ENVIRONMENT / SITUATION.

Take me (WSG) for example --- I DON'T depend on PAPies. Neither do I depend on Oppo. I depend ONLY ON MYSELF. Officially I am jobless with zero income (I'm receiving the few hundred dollars of GST Voucher cash every year), but have 5-figures free cash flow monthly.

As for security / physical violence, this is something that is natural in human DNA ... but also something that humans tend to siam & avoid (especially if they know they can't win).

Like Matilah said, if you yourself have never needed to fight or be in a sustained physical altercation environment (at least 1 year & NO ... NS DOESN'T count), then you got NO FUCKING right to tell people they should punch / kick / bite / stab / slash / bash.

But I got to say 1 thing --- fighting & the mentality around it ... can be trained & honed for many people. I used to be in a job for 3 years where physical violence was the norm. Entered as a greenhorn but after 12 months, I could hold my own against most. Thankfully the worse I got during those 3 years was a black eye, cut lips, bloody nose, bruises all over body, and a 3-day MC.

BTW, the SOP for security / threat containment is always united show of force ... easy & quick backup activation & fast response of overwhelming force as deterrent, not so much being a lone ranger Bruce Lee or having assault rifle. Obviously 99% of security guard companies in S'pore don't bother about this, and don't train their staff for this (takes extra manpower & time & money & effort & regular drills and training exercises .... over & beyond daily tasks & responsibilities).


Anonymous said...

The environment is created by PAP importing FTs to increase GDP, PRs (levies and taxes) and New Citizens (PAP Votes and taxes). Therefore, the 70% voters who claims to be independent are actually liars. They are never independent. 2 or 3 % May be independent. But the other 67 to 68 % are not. They cannot face the fact that they are dependent on the FTs and on carrying PAP Millionairsters balls

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:03pm

Look at yourself, your neighbours or even relatives. Unless they are drug addicts, low skill or unskilled or bad attitude ... they don't depend on ANYBODY for their livelihoods.

People just depend on govt for stuff like law & order (more or less), deterrence against wars or subjugation by other countries, public infrastructure, general hospitals, fire service, emergency services --- becoz private companies will charge you a bomb for these & only the top 10% will be able to afford it.

In other words, average people depend on govt for the environment. They don't depend on the govt for personal stuff like high salaries or iron rice bowl jobs or relaxed retirement or big houses for their families. These things you get or create by your own 2 hands & feet & 1 brain.

Anonymous said...

PAP's Tin Pei Ling's sexy CNY Dress.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Majullah! Come here as guest, better mind your manners!



Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ global media talks bullshit

Bottom line is this: if you just obey the "rules", made up by state laws and generally accepted social norms and mores, you can do EXCEEDINGLY WELL in Singapore.

This is not a myth. There are MILLIONS of data points and loads of statistics. 1 in 35 Singaporeans is a millionaire.

If you don't misbehave or kacau the govt, you'll essentially be LEFT ALONE to "do your thing" in Singapore and make plenty...as much as your "talent" and luck will allow. The govt functions as a "policeman" which ensures peace, order and security so that people can go about their lives.

Why do you think foreigners love to emigrate here? The loudest complaints are fun the Cannot Make It Locals.

WSG is right: people vote PAP because they wayang the least...a bit here and there...then they leave you alone to do what the fuck you like.

Singaporeans can spot a "good deal". 75% may not be the "brain washed idiots" you think they are. Maybe they're the "smart" 75%.

I've been going around town. Have you seen the pre Chinese New Year spending? I see an exceedingly wealthy cuntry lah.

I seriously doubt that the "crybabies" of Hong Lim, Temasek Review etc. have valid reasons for their incessant, daily complaints.

Singapore is not perfect. But, it is not BAD either.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.28pm Tin Pei Ling's sexy CNY dress.

Is this part of PAP's asset enhancement?

Anonymous said...

Matilar u r a spot on! Sg is called the Crazy Rich Asians in this part of the world for no reasons lah, majority got loads of money but can also kpkb & in the end still VTI (vote the PAPies in ), it's a heng ong huat Ah world here, especially CNY coming most will jus shout huat Ah with their bosses or colleagues, anything does not matter la.

Anonymous said...

What TPL sexy? She can't compare to Jo Tio's Angelina look & boops of Madonna , she will make yah jaws drop!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ huat Ah, knn Lui chiak buay liau,

@ 553. >> especially CNY coming most will jus shout huat Ah with their bosses or colleagues, anything does not matter la.<<

Knn, I just kena pre Chinese New Year "surcharge".

You see lah.... how successful Singaporeans are, vendors can lanyak them 10-20% pre CNY Surcharge and we all quite happily pay lah. This is like giving hang bao to everyone we buy from.

I like going to Men's Spa to be "pampered" and Singapore has excellent men's spas usually located in shopping centres. Singaporean men very vain motherfuckers. 😜🀟
This afternoon I kena the 15% Chinese NY Universal Han bao payment. What to do, pay lah!

Last week I kena pay Medishield Life premium knn... I don't even live here lah still I kena pay. Wah, to keep Singapore citizenship as an overseas Singaporean must pay money one ah? Nabeh. I applied to MoH for exemption kena REJECTED becoz I spend ~4 months in Singapore per year even tho I'm paying thousands in Australia in health insurance. Aiyah...pay lah...pay lah...πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸ’²πŸ‘

Singapore citizenship....very valuable lah. 2nd most powerful passport in history of the world lah.

Happy New Year. Huat Ah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ hard up frusco cases

Eh you fuckers cock standing on pap gal Tin... please lah. You all need to visit Geyland Lorong lah, the more "up market" houses.

The girls are movie star standard. Suck your lanjiau/ lumpah and lick your kachng lah.... something no pap gal will do to you lah...

You need to get out and become more familiar with the goodies your cuntry has to offer. 😜

Anonymous said...

Yup, lots of THaiGals, China ladies/Niu Nio, Vietnam gals, ...and many all better than wat anyone can expect.

Anonymous said...

PAP girls like Tin Pei Ling have tighter cunts.
- seldom fucked by husband

Anonymous said...

Jo Tio is just a dried up, wrinkled old cunt.
- cunt is probably too dry to fuck

Anonymous said...

Tin Pei Ling:
"I don't know what to say."

"I don't know where to suck."

Anonymous said...

The death toll from the infection by the Wuhan corona-virus has tripled from 6 to 18 within one day (yesterday). In Wuhan alone, there are 440 confirmed cases, with many more went unreported or un-detected.

The virus has already spread throughout at least 20 of China's provinces.

In addition, the corona-virus and it's families are having fun in Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, USA and Vietnam. Perhaps, they are also in Australia waiting to have some fun with Matilah?

Three more cases have been reported in Singapore. The parents of the infected 3-year-old girl must have been allowed to roam freely while carrying the corona-virus in their bodies. The corona-virus must thank MOE for such a kind gesture.

After so many days, the Son of a Gan has suddenly woken up and opened his well-fed golden mouth. Just take a good look at his fat chubby rosy cheek (probably due to consuming too much rich-men herbs for longevity?).

Anonymous said...


I hope it's going to be a repeat of SARS and the economy crashes & we have a severe recession for a few months.

Will be excellent opportunity for me to get additional China, HK & S'pore stocks for cheap.

Such exogenous shock related recessions usually don't last long ... around 3-6 months.


Anonymous said...

The corona virus not so dangerous lah. The most it can kill four or five thousand people.

There is a so much more dangerous virus already in Singapore for the past 30 years - i.e. the FT-virus. These viruses can kill the entire nation in a very short period of time. Just watch.....

Anonymous said...

No problem. So far the FT-virus had made many smart sinkies very very rich! Why you not rich?!?! LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Month ago,
l said investors were in for a boom time.
the Sad News; the Rodent is on its revenge. lt is on its mission of destruction.
Natural disasters of all kinds shall beset the World. Not just diseases, heatwave, drought, storm, earthquake, eruption, tsunami, hail and man-made airline, rail and shipping disaters as well builďing and regime collapsing shall happen too.

Made tons of monies,
if not spent shall be a waste of cleverness. lt gonna takes alot of luck to survive the Challenges.

Be warned and beware.

Good Luck All.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon

That Son of a Gan said imported Virus case inevitable?


Just simply closed all traffic in by all means like Mt Kim of North Korea and you will shut the possibility of further spread of the Disease upon your people.

What's wrong with making MORE MONIES?

At least Communist North Kim has the hearts for his people even they eat less a day.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous January 23, 2020 1:42 am:

///No problem. So far the FT-virus had made many smart sinkies very very rich! Why you not rich?!?! LOL!!!


Yah, many sinkies have become very very rich thru earning $2 per post as PAP IBs.

Even 1:42 am he is still working very hard to become very very rich shits-in-the-brain (and called that smart). Hahahahaha......

Virgo 49 said...

There a Saying:-

Now lying in HELL (Lien cha Tien Tang- Yuan Cha Yen Hang) and What's wrong with making more MONIES lying in Banks.

What's pure stupidity.

"Woo Liu boh Mea"