Indianised MNCs - How to explain this strange phenomenon?

U know Micron?:
Micron PMETs is being Indianised recently with India nationals taking over PMET and management roles. Is is expansion or restructing? Someone knows? BTW, the CEO is India.
Mom should keep close eye on companies headed by India nationals for any unfair employment practice.

Imagine entire singapore is Indianised (small number really good intake is OK) , what will happen to her productivity, quality and economy as a whole?'

The above comment is taken from TRE

Indian CEOs are conquering the world, especially in western countries and the USA, taking over MNCs like they are the saviours of these companies. Many western and American companies are opening up to Indians as their CEOs. Singapore is following this trend and more and more Singapore companies including GLCs, and soon ministries and stats boards could be headed by the India Indians...if the trend becomes popular here. Fad is now a very infectious disease in the govt's thinking and policy making decision.

Are the India Indians really that good? If they are really that good, why are they not the CEOs of Indian companies? Why are there so few successful Indian MNCs? The trend of Indian CEOs taking over companies that were built by the West and Americans is coming to Singapore, and now companies that were built from scratch by Singaporeans are ripe for the taking. What this means is that the people that built these successful MNCs and Singapore companies are no longer good enough to run them. And the good enough people to run them are Indian CEOs that did not do anything in the building up of these companies but coming in to take a ride when all is set up for them to become CEOs.

The logic is that people that started and built companies are not the right people to run these successful companies. People that did not start, never started, or built successful companies are the best people to run these companies. If this logic is true, then UOB, OCBC, SIA, SPH, Sembawang, Keppel etc etc should be run by India Indian CEOs, like DBS. Or are they already planning to do so? And to stretch this thinking further, our twits should also make way for India Indians to take over the running of Singapore.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

// If this logic is true, then UOB, OCBC, SIA, SPH, Sembawang, Keppel etc etc should be run by India Indian CEOs, like DBS. //

But what about PAP?
- is PAP ready to be run by an Indian CEO (secretary general)?

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for our first CECA Indian Opposition political party.

Fark PAP
Fark CECA Indians

Anonymous said...

India Indians r good workers and employees (every thing also can even can't do olso can) but good so good CEO or employers as most r exploiters, calculative & sadistic type ( sori me not xenophobic).

Anonymous said...

There already had one Harimah Yacult being erected as the Head of....

Anonymous said...

PAP = Prata Ah-Neh Party

Anonymous said...

Hi 845am

That will be very very interesting!


Anonymous said...

What is more dangerous than sleeping with cobras?

No answer required.

Anonymous said...

The trend reflects the pro-India anti-China stance of the PAP elites.

Note that the PAP leaders were very quick to congratulate Taiwan's Tsai on her election victory.

Virgo 49 said...

Simple lah. If KMT win, then Sinkieland soldiers cannot train anymore in Taiwan as KMT is pro China.

Just a simple request from Premier Li they will NOT allow Sinkies training.

So, they prefer that Tsai woman.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone....

Why not? Why not? Why not?

All GLCs should have India Indian CEOs.

Yes! DbS CEO is an excellent excellent excellent excellent example.

Is ok! No sweat! Sg belongs to everyone. Yes! belongs to everyone! Don't wait. Do it now.

Sg will very very very very soon be number one in the world!


Anonymous said...

With India soon becoming the world's number one super power, Singapore is just planning ahead to be on the good side of India. See how far sighted are our leeders.

Anonymous said...

It would be better to have Halimah reclassified as Indian and Tharman as PM. Then India would be very happy with Singapore and can send more talents to help Singapore prosper and create more jobs for locals.

Anonymous said...

Don't play play!

Can suka suka reclassified?

Are you sure?

Anonymous said...

Team Singapore - what role does Singaporeans play? Drive the foreign PMETs to work ! Deliver their lunches!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.32am ok what! At least got jobs to do! If not jobless how? Correct?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hahahahahahaha, Singaporean PMETs driving foreign PMETs, workers and maids to work and play.

This is called Singaporean hospitality. Make them feel welcome, pampered by graduates and professionals and managers as their personal drivers.

Now what is wrong with that? Lucky got work to do. Who says foreigners did not create jobs for Singaporeans?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ historical facts

The name "Singapura" is derived from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language.

During British India, which lasted hundreds of years, "The Crown Colony of Singapore" was part of the British Raj.

So why should there be a problem if we return to our "roots"? πŸ€“πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Anonymous said...

@ 9:18 am

"What is more dangerous than sleeping with cobras?"

Voting for PAP

The cobras are here because of PAP's policies.
No cobras.

You have to fix PAP before you can fix the cobra problem.

Anonymous said...

Our roots are British colony?

I thought we can trace our roots to Adam and Eve, both are Jews right?

Virgo 49 said...

Also have our Screwty Guards screwed by them.

Anonymous said...

DBS Bank = Delhi Bank of Singapore

Ex-Singaporean in Canada said...

I migrated to Canada some 15 years ago (when Lee Hsien Loong took over as Singapore PM).
The locals there can't even drive taxis.
Only foreign trash are driving taxis.
You Singaporeans (I once was a Singaporean, now I am a Canadian citizen) are so luck. You lost your jobs but still can
drive taxis.
You should thank Lee Hsien Loong for that.
He really is taking very good care of you guys.
I regret changing my citizenship to Canadian.
Otherwise, I might have gone back to drive taxis.
Such a nice job - got money, got car, got foreign girls to pick-up......

Anonymous said...

What if you pick up smelly wildlife, or wildlife that would beat you up?

Think now PRs can also drive taxis, not necessarily citizens. And as for Grabs, anyone can as long as he owns a car.

Great adventure for our wives, sisters and daughters and grandmas if the wildlife is a rapist or sex pervert.

Anonymous said...


Someone said before... Sg belongs to all!

So....stop the kpkbssssssssss lah!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Disclaimer: Ok, I'm very blur about SGX listings.

Why drive taxi when your can OWN the taxi company. Comfort Delgro looks ok, 4.75% dividend, ~77% payout ratio. Nice sensible multiples.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo. Long time ago also planned for the Cobras.

See the Red Insignia of the 6SIB.long time ago since our discharge in 69, they already had the COBRAS as the Insignia for this Brigade.

Lion Insignias of the SIRs already tak pak.

Now don't know whether they still have these Scouts Insignias.


Anonymous said...



Many US & European MNCs have their Asian HQs in India. And many of them have been in India for longer than in SG. The Indian HQs serve as major recruiting & training ground for many of their PME and management positions.

Rotation or relocation of staff from their Indian HQs to SG is also SOP for 20 years already.

MNCs like Micron, Intel, AMD, Applied Materials, United Technologies, Boeing, Airbus, General Electric, Rolls Royce, Honeywell, 3M, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestle, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Novartis, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Novo Nordisk, Abbot Labs, AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb etc etc etc.

Many of the best recruiters & trainers of these MNCs are also based in India. Many of these MNCs have FREAKING CAMPUSES in India equal to the best equipped Unis in the world ... specifically to train their Indian staff.

That's why I've been investing in Indian stocks for 10 years already ... and will likely increase my allocation in the next 10 years.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha, Singaporean PMETs driving foreign PMETs, workers and maids to work and play.
RB 10:46 am

Hahahahahahaha, problem is these Singaporean PMETs are a minority lah, maybe only 30% or less of all Singaporean PMETs.

That's why PAP always win big in election, scoring even 70% votes, u know.

Anonymous said...

There is no lion in this island lah. Sang nila cud hv misunderstood it, only tigers existed lah. The Arabs were here prior to tis & they named it as ' Cin-apura' or Gateway to Port of China ( Chinese say 石乐坑), so if China r very Strong nowadays they can claim Singapore is part of China! Who found it ? Not Raffles but Cheng Ho of Ming Dynasty! Singapore to be part of India got to tan ku ku ho boh?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

RB : What do you think? <<

Exactly the same as before. As long as you ask the govt for "solutions" you will be disappointed. Companies like Micron go big in India because they "predict" that move is going to benefit their businesses.

Are they right or are they wrong? The main point is that it's their money and their business so it's no one else's business who they hire or what the fuck they do.

In business only ONE entity has say: THE OWNERS

You want a "say", then BUY a piece of the company and you'll get to "vote" according to how much you own.

Simple as that. πŸ€“πŸ’²πŸ’°

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:53pm

Think your history all mixed up liao.

First few kingdoms in M'sia & Indo region were Buddhists, then Hindu --- well known ones were Srivijaya, Bali kingdom, and Majapahit. There was even a Malay Buddhist empire covering much of West Malaysia & part of Java in the 7th century.

Indians from southern India were the first ones to establish large powerful kingdoms & empires around here. Before they came, most of Matland & Indo, including S'pore were mostly independent villages & towns.

The first major contacts between these Buddhists / Hindu kingdoms & China was during Tang dynasty (around 650AD) when trade agreements were setup --- way WAY before Cheng Ho.

By the time Cheng Ho came calling, much of Matland & Indo had been Islamised liao. Islam spread to this region over 400 years from 1200s to 1500s. Resulting in all those sultanates --- Malacca, Brunei, Sulu, Johor, Aceh, Yogyakarta, Riau sultanates etc.

It's no accident that the Ming govt appointed Cheng Ho to lead the expedition to largely (by then) muslim SE Asia & on to India & Middle East --- Cheng Ho was a muslim himself.

BTW Cheng Ho DIDN'T discover any new lands on his journeys --- he followed sailing routes that were already well used & established for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. It was simply a projection of power by using hundreds of ships & tens of thousands of men.

There is something called Asiatic Lion --- used to be common in India, Burma, Southern China and probably SE Asia too. Now only a handful left in India.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Alamak. Now the Mats are worried about sg.gov foreign labour policies.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ game changing

I highly recommend Harari's work. "Sapiens" is one of the best books ever written. It'll blow your mind.

Here's Harari's prediction for the emergence of "the useless class".


Talk Cick Waste Time said...

So many are talking cock, and talking bulls here. Waste time reading the comments. Just read RB's articke will do.

Anonymous said...

///the emergence of "the useless class".///

This becomes VERY obvious after major recessions. E.g. in S'pore a large segment of boomers became useless after AFC & SARS, and a big segment of Gen X became useless after GFC.

Roughly 99% of those who frequent rb's blog belong to the useless class. The other 1% from the not-so useless classes, to varying degrees, come here to TCSS.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha �������� Hahahahahaha.....

Anonymous said...

Useless class is better than brain-dead class and asshole class lah.

Useless but brain still functions, not brain-dead.

Useless but not asshole, who ralways get sodomized.

Anonymous said...

All the above history r all wiped out, genocidal by the current gobblemen with their own narratives of history (or a story bout 3rd world to First or vice versa).

Anonymous said...

There are some assholes and brain-deads down here, as well as the useless.

Anonymous said...

Where is that useless young punk that earns less than $3k and needed extra $2 per comment to survive his paycheck to paycheck existence?

imho said...

Not a surprise.
When HR is indian,
All staff will be replaced by indians.