Guaido, a traitor walking with his foreign collaborator in Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Monday for cooperation in the struggle to remove Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from office amid a long-running crisis in the South American country.

The appeal came as Pompeo met with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido for strategy talks.

"We must put an end to Maduro's tyranny which harms Venezuela's citizens and has an impact on the entire region," Pompeo said after meeting with Colombian President Ivan Duque in Bogota.  Yahoo News

What is a traitor, how to identify a traitor? In the case of Guaido of Venezuela, it is easy. But no leader from any country outside Venezuela would dare to condemn him as a traitor in cahoot with the Americans in trying to bring down a legitimate elected govt. What is the rule of law when foreign country openly interfered and agitated for the removal of a leader of another country and supporting an opposition leader, trained and finance him, to overthrow the legitimate leader? 

This cannot be legal, the rule of law, international law and practice. This is a violation of the rule of law, against international law and human decency. This is lawlessness and what Guaido is doing is obviously an act of treason, a traitor to his country.

Imagine if a Singaporean would be in the shoe of Guaido, what would happen? Would the Americans one day do the same to Singapore, supporting an opposition party leader to bring down the govt of the day? This is a principle that must be protected and Singapore must speak up against it. Where are all the big mouths in Singapore that were very loud in shouting the rule of law and objecting on the grounds of principles and international law?

Does Singapore support such traitorous act, support the American interference in the domestic politics of another country?


SSO said...

One day, when Opposition Parties rule Singapore, do you think the PAP leaders will get the US godfather to overthrow the new Singapore Government by any means, and at all costs?

Anonymous said...

Kindly do not insinuate that the PAPies r a bunch of 卖国賊 (or betrayal of own country) here lest kena POFMAed.

Anonymous said...

PAPies are definitely not a bunch of motherfucking, cock-sucking traitors.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree, the PAP is for Singaporeans, always thinking for Singaporeans first. Have no doubt about this. Singaporeans are so fortunate to have the PAP looking after their interests and protecting them from the invading hordes of foreigners.

Sleep well, and feel safe. No one will be left behind. Oops, No Singaporeans would be left behind.

Anonymous said...

Agreed unless u asking or want to kena sodomized jialat jialat

Anonymous said...

As Long as Singaporeans & Singapore Heng Ong Huat Ah, nothing can stop them!
Today is LNY Reunion let's be reassured that Singapore Singaporeans all celebrate this Joyous season Loh hey also with jump hor Heng Ah! Ong Ah ! Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

Trump might as well do a Solemani on Maduro. He's so proud of first degree murder.

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle RB

Bingo! Bingo! Bingo!

You are 1o8% correct!

Hahaha Hahahahahaha....

Happy & Healthy CNY! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Everyone Huat Ah!

Yam Yam Yam Seng!

Anonymous said...

This one u can rest be assured tat every yr the PAPies & glsssloot r so expert in it tat they will invite the elders in each contingency & go around giving Red packets & loh hey shouting loudly like hor li heng ong huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

Hor Li Heng Ong Huat Ah !

Anonymous said...

DPM Heng Hong Huat Ah.

After election all GST increases to 9%, the G will Heng Ong Huat ah!

Anonymous said...


YA!!! S'pore is the Land Of Huat!!!!!

I calculated already .... Even if GST go up to 15%, I will still be getting MORE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ than when GST was 3%!!!!!

Even better .... I'll be collecting the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ while shaking legs, compared to previously when I need to slog 9-to-6 6-days a week.

This goes to show .... in SG if you apply the fundamental abilities you can progress FAR!!! In today's context, abilities are more to do with brains & EMOTIONAL CONTROL!!!!



Heng Ah said...

@anon 10.58am

# YA!!! S'pore is the Land Of Huat!!!!! #

Hello it's not juz Land of Huat.
IT'S Land of Heng Ah! Ong Ah ! Huat !
Look at their names will tell yah lah.

Ong Ah said...

In actual fact Singapore is a Land of :
Sing - Heng Ah! (Meaning Lucky)
Ga - Ong Ah! (Meaning Opportunity)
Pore - Huat Ah ! (Meaning Money or /Prosperity)

No wonder many foreigners like to come here lah.

Anonymous said...


I don't care about Hengs & Ongs ... they don't do fuck for me. I only focus on the skills & things that will matter in my life. This is what will create the HUAT for me. That's the difference between LOSERS & WINNERS!!!



Anonymous said...

Yes! SINGAPOREANs no need to worry lah!

We have Mr Heng!

Everything will be Heng Heng Heng!

Sg will be very very very very very very very very Heng!

Yam Yam Yam Seng!

Huat Ah said...

Yeo, we got Mr Heng Mr Ong & Mr _ Huat ah. Singaporeans r so lucky

Anonymous said...


Please stop saying you want to sodomize Tin Pei Ling's virgin ass hole.

Anonymous said...


We also have Mr Ah Huat from Hougang!

Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

Would the Americans one day do the same to Singapore, supporting an opposition party leader to bring down the govt of the day?

PAP govt is a strong ally of America, and also buy a lot of expensive hi tech weapons from America using Sinkie tax payer money.

So why would the Americans support a Sinkie opposition party leader to bring down the PAP govt, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

So why would the Americans support a Sinkie opposition party leader to bring down the PAP govt, u tell me lah?
1:34 pm

Why not?

So as for PAP to wayang that there is democracy with opposition in Singapore mah, except that the opposition cannot win election one.

Maybe as such the opposition is purposely made to look weak and stupid so therefore cannot win lor. LOL

SSO said...

Wuhan Virus Latest Woeing:

Deaths = 25.
Confirmed cases = 830.
Serious cases = 177 out of 830.
Unconfirmed cases = 1071.

Three cities in China is being locked-down (quarantined). No one can exit nor enter the cities.

New cases reported in Canada, USA, UK and South Korea. EU has been keeping eerily quiet.

Number of confirmed cases in Thailand has increased to 4.

UN is still playing politics. Refused to declare global emergency. It has become a useless organization that waste time, money, effectiveness and efficiency. It also has a big attitude problem. This is the kind of attitude the world can do without.

Anonymous said...


The pandora box has been opened!

After so many days of trying to allay the fear by using terms such as "suspected" instead of "probable" or "possible" for the ten cases under quarantine in the hospital, the first confirmed case of the Wuhan Virus Puemonia (WVP) has been reported on Thursday by the Ministry for Health.

All Hell broke loose when it was double and triple confirmed
that a 66 year'old Chinese national on tour in Singapore
with a group of 10 people, has been proven to have been carrying the Wuhan Virus in his body.

Unknown to himself or anyone else, he has been very generously and happily dispensing off and distributing the Wuhan Virus, when he was happily caravaning here and there around Singapore's crowded public places of interests, together with 9 other Chinese nationals, a tour guide and a bus driver for a while before being admitted and quarantined in a local hospital. In other words, 11 other people have been in close contact with him directly. In addition, the aeroplane-load of passengers and cabin crew have also been in close proximity with this infected 66 year-old man at least for the duration of the flight from China, Guangzhou, to Changi Airport.

MOH is now frantically trying to trace the close contacts of the 66-year-old man, confirmed as a positive case of the Wuhan (meaning "Unlimited")) Puemonia Virus.

Singapore's Health Minister Gan Kim Yong had said on Wednesday that it was only a matter of time before the country, well known as an international transport hub, would confirm its first case of the Wuhan coronavirus.

Last night, Mr Gan confirmed that a 66-year-old man from China who had travelled to Singapore from Guangzhou in a group of 10 on Monday has tested positive and is under isolation at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH). He is in stable condition.

Speaking at a media briefing at the College of Medicine Building yesterday, Mr Gan said that contact tracing measures were under way.

"We have started the contact tracing process... The process is still ongoing and we are identifying the other close contacts," he added

The Ministry of Health (MOH) learnt last night that eight of the people in the man's travelling group had left Singapore, and it has contacted the authorities of their destination country.

The ninth person, the man's 37-year-old son, is a suspected case and has been hospitalised here.

What about the customs officers whi handled his passport and checked his luggages at the Changi Airport?

What about the tour driver or taxi drivers?

What about the MRT train passengers whom he has travelled with?

What about the people in those places he has visited?

The list goes on.....

It must be very tedious and worryingly difficult.

Anonymous said...

What about the 8 persons who have left Singapore?

It is not just a matter of informing the authorities of their destination country.

What about Changi Airport staff who have checked them out, the airline crew, the passengers on that plane they were in, and local transport drivers who fetched them to the airport, and the hotel staff of the hotel in which they had stayed?

Anonymous said...


///It must be very tedious and worryingly difficult.///


I'm waiting for stocks to crash so I can load up on Shanghai & Hongkie stocks!!!!


///UN is still playing politics. Refused to declare global emergency.///

PRECISELY --- WHO & UN is playing politics by giving FACE to China, letting CCP try to control the situation first.

Do you know that if WHO or UN says that it's a global emergency --- that means the originating country's govt has lost control & unable to contain it?!?!?!????

China has been a growing & strong contributor to UN & WHO in the last 10 years, in terms of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as well as staffing and R&D. Hence their reluctance to immediately say that it's a global pandemic.


Anonymous said...


Situation as of Friday, 24 January, 2020, 1400 hours:

Confirmed cases rose from 1 to 3 (tripled).

Suspected cases rose from 10 to 44 (quadrupled).

As contact-tracing is vigorously continuing, more suspected or confirmed cases are forth-coming, rest assured. Better than striking 4D.

WSG, hope YOU and your Children and Relatives get infected, then you WON'T BE SO HEARTLESS, COCKY AND ARROGANT.

When you are dead, all your bloodied money can't do you any good. Your kind deserve immediate Retribution.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude CNY eve don't say bad things or curse others, let's not forget 风水轮流转。

Anonymous said...

Dont act smart. Wuhan means "unlimited"? It's 武汉 not 无限。武汉 means Man of War literally. You are just an armchair critic contributing nothing. Worse still pretending to know Chinese. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Be Kind T❤️ Others!

Happy and Healthy CNY to all!


Anonymous said...

Look at this typical INFLEXIBLE FIXED-BRAIN LOSER, conditioned by Sinkieland's education system, trying to act smart by telling others "dont act smart - LOH.

But, actually revealing his/her STUPIDITY CANNOT CURE mentality and attitude of a typical 5Ks DAFT SINKIE - thinking that he/she is the only one who knows Chinese (not Mandarin). LOH. (Chinese includes dialects, not just Mandarin alone.)

A Fixed Brain Loser cannot detect a pun nor a joke. A REAL IDIOT displaying his STUPIDITY CANNOT CURE. LOL.

A typical PAP IB that cherry-picked a word here and there in the whole comment, based on facts that he cannot dispute, in order to attack and discredit the contributor(s).

@ Anonymous January 24, 2020 11:24 pm said...

"Dont act smart. Wuhan means "unlimited"? It's 武汉 not 无限。武汉 means Man of War literally. You are just an armchair critic contributing nothing. Worse still pretending to know Chinese. LOL."

Anonymous said...

What a moron. Anyone who disagrees with you is a Pap supporter? You say 1+1=7 and i tell you it is "2" and you say it was meant to be a joke, and scolds me for being a non mathematician? i do not need to be a chinese expert to know the word 武汉 it is far too elementary. And you like to defend your mistake just like DBS defend the mistake translation of 花开富归. Trying to be creative or plain irrognant of chinese pretending to be clever. Just admit a mistake say oops, and move on. Dont be like Pap, never admit mistake.