Why all the madness in raising taxes, prices and fees

It was announced that the electricity tariffs will increase by 3.5% to 24.24 cents per kwh starting from tomorrow onward. This makes tariffs the highest since December 2014.

SP Group said that the increase is largely due to “higher energy cost compared with the previous quarter”. What is bizarre is that Singapore is overproducing electricity energy.

Realistically, when there is an over supply while demand remains constant, prices should go down. But we have a government that wants to charging higher Tariffs!?

This is not the only area affecting Singaporeans: Public transport fares are at their highest level! GST is inching higher by 28.5%! Yet the salaries of average Singaporeans depressed by opening an inflow flood of cheap labour?

Prabu Ramachandran

The above is posted in TRE. Ask a simple question, why the mad rush to raise prices, taxes and fees?

The answer, no need to think, no need to look further. Don't listen to those idiots that claimed that higher prices or fees are meant to be a lesson on thriftiness. Don't be conned by those that claimed that higher taxes and fares and prices are to help the poor.

The answer, can it be that the govt is short of money? Can it be that there is a big big hole that needs to cover up? If not, why is the govt so desperate in collecting more money? A lot of billions or trillions in the reserves? You believe that? If the govt has so much money, why so desperate to raise taxes and prices and fee and fares? I think, maybe on paper should be like that but in reality the money in hand does not match the money on paper. So die die must raise taxes, increase fees and prices...to collect more money to fill up the big hole.  What do you think?

I can't think of any better answer. Paying millions in bonuses to ministers does not need so much money. As some joker had said, only a plate of char kway teow will be enough to pay for all the million dollars in bonuses. There is something more serious than meets the eyes.

Below is Lim Tean's comment on a post by Philip Ang in TRE. Who is spreading fake news?

'SP group has announced another 3.5% electricity tariff hike for Q1 2020, bringing the tariff to the highest in 5 years! They issued a bare statement yesterday saying energy costs had increased to justify the tariff hike but no details were given.

To say that both the SP group and the EMA owe Singaporeans a substantial explanation how energy costs have increased would be an understatement! Why Are Electricity Tariffs Rising To A 5 Year
High When LNG Prices Have Plummeted 43%?

Read this brilliant analysis by Phillip Ang which will make your blood boil:'


Anonymous said...

Wanna repeat again and again ...its the old man motto :"What's wrong with collecting more monies?" In the ruling party reign, there is no One yes Nobolee dare to challenge him this question with an overwhelming answer to say NO, only VTO, but then 70% dafts already conned to give a blank check to the whites men party, it's done deal lio! Come next election same thing every thing increase until kapooed also nvermind that is Sinkies mah then wat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someboLee is trying to cover up losses before he leaves office.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple.

If Singaporeans want keep more of our own money in our bank account;
- Vote Opposition

We cannot afford this PAP government anymore.
They are bad for our savings account.

Back To The Future said...

The Emperor has no clothes?
The coffer is empty?
The reserves are depleted?
Temasick is seriously sick?
GIC is lost in the forest and missed the jungle?
Somebody, somewhere, somehow could have made big big blunders?
But darkness must prevail over truth, for the stakes are too high?
Therefore, desperately, hastily and aggressively collecting more and more money?
The Emperor has taken off his clothes?
Yet he thinks peasants and farmers are too stupid to discern?
Everything now push to the Scapegoat, too eager and so happy to be The Ultimo Prime?
Be prepared for more taxes and tariffs to come.....?
When teachers are told to pay parking fees in the compound that they are free to roam,
The absurdity has been stretched to the ultimate limits?
Now, everything goes?
The harder times are registered ahead of time?
The more you make noise, the harder it's going to be?
Therefore, make no more noise
BUT TAKE CONCRETE ACTION silently and definitively.....???!!!

Another few years, and it will be too late to act.

Anonymous said...

Hi good morning to all.

No point kpkbssssssssss!

Pap wins BIG BIG BIG BIG at next GE lah!

It is NOT NOT NOT NOT that pap has BLACK MAGIC or BEG or FORCE the masses to vote for them.

It is the masses themselves, AUTOMATICALLY AUTOMATICALLY die die die die die die die die, will vote for pap, even when they are very very very very unhappy and very very very very Siong!

Yes! Everything uP! uP! uP! So you think that pap will be very very very very very very very very Siong at next GE?

Hahaha.......the results of the next GE will surely surprise you!

Don't believe?

We shall see..... cheers!

Anonymous said...


- see simple analysis below


Anonymous said...

Very true!

Singaporeans don't have the balls to vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ January 02, 2020 9:31 am

"Hi good morning to all.

No point kpkbssssssssss!

Pap wins BIG BIG BIG BIG at next GE lah!

It is NOT NOT NOT NOT that pap has BLACK MAGIC or BEG or FORCE the masses to vote for them.

It is the masses themselves, AUTOMATICALLY AUTOMATICALLY die die die die die die die die, will vote for pap, even when they are very very very very unhappy and very very very very Siong!

Yes! Everything uP! uP! uP! So you think that pap will be very very very very very very very very Siong at next GE?

Hahaha.......the results of the next GE will surely surprise you!

Don't believe?

We shall see..... cheers!"

Hey, motherfucker, who is going to believe you? You sound like a ROBOT, repeating the same shits all the time. Don't ever have a CPU to compute. Calling you a ROBOT is already kind to you.

But actually, you sound like a broken obsolete old record being played on an ancient gramophone, known as its Master's Voice, with the picture of a dog kneeling down begging to be given a tap on its head by the Master.

And the record is playing:

"Bah bah black sheep
Have you any wool
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags of full.
One for my Master......."

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1003am

Good morning sir.

Don't be angry. Don't be angry. Don't be angry.

Be kind to others, always.

You can always have your own views.

All the best to you in 2020.....cheers......

Anonymous said...

You are a Ho Ching-fucking PAP IB

Anonymous said...


The current (spot) low LNG prices are thanks to MASSIVE OVERSUPPLY in US. For the past EIGHT years, US oil & gas drillers have simply BURNED gas off at their oilfields, as it COSTS MORE TO COLLECT, PROCESS & SELL THE GAS than to simply burn them away.

If you want cheap electricity, MIGRATE TO USA .... except California coz they impose very high carbon taxes on electricity.

Natgas suppliers to S'pore (mainly Oz & some Indo companies & Mat's Petronas) based their contracts largely on international Brent crude price, which has increased 15% in the last 3 months.

S'pore is small-fry ... so we are price taker. By right, we should base on localised LNG prices for the contracts ... but Oz, Indo & Petronas say FUCK YOU.

The only way is to spend $50B of our reserves to build specialised LNG import/export hubs in both Singapore & USA to bypass the regional suppliers & import directly from cheap US LNG suppliers.

BTW, natural gas prices in USA are still 3X CHEAPER than the already so-called 43% reduced prices in Asia. US companies can close both eyes & make 3X-5X profits by selling natural gas to Asia.

Anonymous said...

RB I thought our power stations are powered by gas not oil so there should be a 45% price reduction irrespective if the excess supply. Knn I correct or not?

Anonymous said...

U be careful I hate to see u kena sodomized making comment like this

Anonymous said...

And you are a Hsien Loong fucking PAP IB

Anonymous said...

Becoz Oz, Indo & Petronas suppliers say FUCK YOU to Singapore, that's why.

Got 1 power gen use waste material to produce electricity, and another one use maybe 50% solar panels .... But both methods still not that cheap lah.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.58am
This is another PAP fairy tale.
There is no evidence to support this guy's claim that the electricity price increase is justified.

Just like the other PAP fairy tale about returning our CPF back when we are 55 years old.

Anonymous said...

Did this guy claim the electricity price increase is justified???

He only claim SG boh chee & powerless against profiteering LNG regional suppliers, which are mainly Australian, Indonesian & Malaysian oil & gas companies (some are state owned like petronas).

Basically SG is having a taste of its own medicine in profiteering by other people & "what's wrong with collecting more money". But ordinary sinkies are the ones to beat the costs.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.50pm
"Did this guy claim the electricity price increase is justified???"

- of course he is trying to help PAP justify the price increase in electricity

- the PAP Ministers use him as a cock sucker.

Anonymous said...

Electricity price increase by 3.5% because PAP anyhow want to increase price and collect more money from Singaporeans.

PAP dare not show us why they have to increase price. And how they decided on the 3.5%

Anonymous said...


Don't worry! Ah Heng will deliver election budget goodies & angbaos on 18 Feb!

Plenty of rebates & maybe $888 cash for every sinkie.

Based on previous years Budgets .... they will talk cock sing song in parliament for 2-3 weeks and then pass to Halimah to approve the Budget Supply.

This year think the Speaker of Parliament may restrict the talk cock to 2 weeks i.e. end of Feb. Then got time for PM to dissolve Parliament & call for GE on 14 Mar (1st day of March school holidays).

Anonymous said...

Desperation is very telling.
much longer can the Economy holds is anybody's guess.
most baffling is, where has all the Huge Wealth Accumulated in the Past gone to?
not forgetting that many National Assets were sold at high prices.
Whither Sin and more so, Sinkies?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Since when does the PAP govt ever have to "justify" anything it wants to do?

Giving some bullshit response is not justification, it is just some humans moving their mouths and emanating some sounds which are mostly meaningless.

This is only the start. I predict CAPITAL GAINS TAX akan datang. It'll start small, 2-5%. You know what happens as time goes on...

Anonymous said...

Do you think Ho Ching and PAP has bankrupted Singapore?
- that's why got so many price increases

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with collecting more monies.......

Anonymous said...

You are right.
Singapore must be bankrupt liao.

Ho Ching has finally lost all our money!

imho said...

Everywhere is the same.
The top 10pct screwing the 90pct all the time.
Under democracy,
they will only lose their seats not their heads.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.31pm.
// Everywhere is the same. The top 10pct screwing the 90pct all the time.//



Anonymous said...

Taiwan military chief among eight killed in Black Hawk helicopter crash





Anonymous said...

Results of Buying More Aircraft From The Evil USA

1. Support Evil USA and the Evil Forces and Bad Luck will follow you and your country.

2. Buy their Boeing 737 Max and you will kill your customers and crews, and get sued until bankrupt by the love-ones of those you killed.

3. Buy their F35 and you will kill your Air Force elite pilots, and weaken your Air Force, instead of strengthening it.

4. Buy their UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter, and you will kill your own top military personnel during peace time, and you and your country will look like idiots in the eyes of the rest of the world.

What a way to go!

Starting the new year, Taiwan has killed its top military leader and seven others flying in a USA-made Black Hawk helicopter. By using equipment purchased from the United States, Taiwan has lost 8 key military personnel in one go, without China having to do anything.

According to AFP:

"Chief of Staff Shen Yi-ming, Political Warfare Bureau Deputy Director Yu Chin-wen, and Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence Hung-chin were among the dead. Also gone were a Lieutenant Colonel, a Captain, a Major and two Senior Master Sergeants.

The 62-year-old military leader and his entourage were on a routine visit to soldiers in Northeast Yi Lan County for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

One of the five survivors, Lieutenant-General Tsao Ching Ping told rescuers, "I am okay... two others are injured and only I can walk," according to Taiwan's television news reports.

"There is one more person who's more seriously wounded and two or three people in the cabin .... while two more with no signs of life."

The other survivors include the new Deputy Chief of Logistics Huang Yu-min and Military News Agency reporter Chen Ying-ju.

The UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter was carrying 13 passengers when it disappeared from radar less than 15 minutes after takeoff at 7:54 am. At 8:07 a.m. the pilot issued a weather report before contact was abruptly lost. A military task force has been established to determine the cause of the crash. "

This is a very bad omen for Taiwan and its pro-USA President Tsai, who is seeking another term in the coming presidential election on 11 Jan 2020.

Singapore leaders should learn a lesson from this incident (whether accident or sabotage). The fortune of Evil USA is turning and things are starting to show that all is not well. With the dictator Trump at the helm, Evil USA has become even more EVIL. With the Trump-initiated War of Trade, Technology, Diplomacy, Finance, Sanctions and Military Intimidation going on in full swing, the rest of the world will be seriously affected in one way or another.

An atmosphere of war, be it cold or hot, has already surfaced in the air and in space, especially so with the Evil USA establishing its Evil Space Force with the aim of taking warfare into the Outer Space, seeking Total Dominance on One and All.

P/S: In Hokkien, "Tsai" literally means Shit.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time a mishap of this nature has happened in Taiwan. There has been a series of mishaps involving the USA-made Black Hawk helicopters in the past few years under President Tsai.

However, Taiwan has covered up the news, perhaps for fear of revealing its stupidity!

How not to get into bad luck when your country has a leader name "Shit"?

Under President Tsai, if Taiwan becomes independent, then it will be known as a Country of Shits.

Anonymous said...

May be they really want to get out apocolyps


Anonymous said...

The only good PAP General is a dead one.
- cannot hurt or bully Singaporeans anymore
- just like the old fart who died a few years ago

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Tsai is not shit. The nearest equivalent of the sound of tsai is vegetable. Tsai also rhymes with cai,财 or wealth. A symbol of wealth is ta bai cai,大白菜 or big white vegetable.

The sound of shit is Sai.

Anonymous said...


Helicopter crash is usually due to poor maintenance or lack of flying skills or both.

Russian helicopter crashes are much higher than western ones. But no big deal.

Losing a general is also nothing.

Small peesai like SG already got over 1,000 generals, from 1 star to 3 stars.

Taiwan has easily over 10,000 generals to choose from.

People should learn to take things easy.

Virgo 49 said...

Think Han Kuo Yu is better.

Korean Language.

Just like Kim Jong LL created Fears even into that Dotard Trump.

Now testing New missiles. UN lackeys and lame ducks Americunts stooges making noises.

Why no make noise to clamp down Americunts and Others MISSLES ARSENALS?

Anonymous said...

It is a big deal because Taiwan's #1 military man died.

It's like as if our Winston Choo had died 40 years ago.

PAP has many, many ministers.
But what if the #1 PAP minister, Lee Hsien Loong died?

It would be a big deal ... correct?

Anonymous said...

Winston Choo die today or lhl die today also no big deal. Singapore will still carry on as normal & your life will still be the same.

Anonymous said...

Sure or not.
- LKY die
- Mrs LKY die

Both no reason, also got gun carriage funeral

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ mathematical fact:

10-20% get 80-90% of the valuable stuff.

10-20% "screw" (control) 80-90% of the others.

This follows the mathematical concepts of POWER LAWS and PARETO DISTRIBUTION.

Law of nature lah. None of your Marxist ideas is going to change this! 🤓💲💲

Got "long tail"?

Anonymous said...

@ matilah

But PAP say they are:
"With you,
For you,
For Singapore"

Are you saying PM LHL is a dirty, mother-fucking liar?

Anonymous said...

Haar??? Got gun funeral or no gun funeral, your life or your family life got any difference?!? Don't even have extra PH to relak LOL!

Anonymous said...

With you, for you doesn't mean they will share 50-50 or give you 80% while they only take 20%.

It can also mean they take 99% and give you 1%. Still for you mah.

Looks like people here need to go back kindergarten to learn English.

Anonymous said...

@ English expert @ 3.50pm

Then LHL must correct his English and say:

With you (1%)
For you (1%)
For PAP (99%).

Do you still think PM Lee is not a dirty, motherfucking liar?

Anonymous said...

@Kindergarten kid,

That is stupidity. Lhl English much better than that. Hence he knows what to say.

If you don't understand or you don't know how to read between the lines then the fault is with you not other people lol.

Anonymous said...

@ LHL's cock-sucker @ 5.34pm

《Lhl English much better than that. Hence he knows what to say.》

What evidence do you have to support that LHL's English is very good?

What evidence do you have to support that LHL's English is truthful?

How can we know if PM Lee is a dirty, motherfucking liar?