Singapore's education conundrum- something is fake

Language aside, the general school facilities and resources in Indian government schools are not comparable to Singapore government schools, and Indian teachers and students often work and study under adverse conditions.

I have often wondered how Indian government schools, despite their inadequate and commonly antiquated education facilities and resources, can produce talents in demand by a first world country like Singapore. There must be something unique (almost magical) about the Indian government schools, their education administration and education Ministry, Ministers and their officials....

How much of the Indian talents are “real” talents that Singapore cannot survive without them? How can India produce the first world talent when Singapore cannot despite our good education facilities and model?....

Lastly, if a Third World country like India can produce First World talents which Singapore must have to survive, why can’t First World Singapore produce the talent investors require (though not in the same numbers)?
It is only when the PAP government is really taking serious actions (rather than their ‘fanciful talks’) to control the inflow of foreign talents especially from India can our well-skilled and educated Singaporeans remain in employment without fear of unfair competition.

Kok Ming Cheang

The above statements from Kok Ming Cheang's article in the TRE are something that I have been musing about and perplexing to many Singaporean PMETs that have lost their high paying jobs to foreigners especially those from India. Amusing to me is one thing, but pain and suffering to the affected PMETs and their families is another. And to those that paid lip service to the suffering of this group of Singaporeans and claiming that they understood their pains and empathise with them,with their lives while they live their lives of aplenty because of their million dollar salaries, is another.

This is very serious matter and should not be taken lightly.  The reason 'wayang' as some in the social media have said about the sudden interest in MOM to right the decades long wrong to the Singaporean PMETs and their families hopefully is not really just another wayang because election is around the corner.

Is there anything wrong with this education conundrum or something is wrong with the facts? Is it true that third world Indian education is producing all the talents that first world Singapore education is unable to produce? Or is it true that Singapore's first world education is not producing the talents that first world Singapore needs, ie failure in the Singapore education system? Something is very wrong. Something is fake, cannot be both. Either Indian education is really good and producing good talents for Singapore or it is not. Or Singapore's education is really producing duds despite its claim of being world class or it is not.

What is fake, which part is fake? Can Singapore, after spending so much money to have a world class education system is not really what it is, everything is fake, fake world class education therefore unable to produce the talents it needs?  Or India's third world education is producing fake talents that the stupids in Singapore cannot tell the difference and took them in as talents?  Which is which?

What is real and what is fake?


Anonymous said...

If India can produce talents that PAP needs;
Why can't PAP produce politicians that Singapore needs.

Can Singaporeans do better without these Indian and PAP talents?

Let's vote Opposition and find out.

Anonymous said...

Lastly, if a Third World country like India can produce First World talents which Singapore must have to survive, why can’t First World Singapore produce the talent investors require (though not in the same numbers)?
Kok Ming Cheang in TRE


Because Singapore produce talents but not in enough numbers lah.

So the shortfall have to be covered by Indian talents who are the best available.

But best available doesn't mean they are the best, OK?

And some more these best available Indian talents are as good and most important cheaper than some (only some) local talents.

That's why some local talents end up as GRAB drivers or screwty guards lah.

And luckily for PAP, these local talents who are not as good and cheap as the Indian talents are a minority, maybe 30% or less of all Singapore talents, that's why PAP can still win big in election lah.

With my clear and simple explanation, I hope everyone now understand.

Happy holidays to all and Kong Hee Fatt Choy to Sinkies who celebrate CNY.

Anonymous said...

In the kingdom of the blind, the one eye jack will be the king.

In the land of Sinkies, screw up LHL will be the PM.

I hope u now understand why screw up LHL is the PM who screw Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1037am

The opposition is not ready to govern! Pap eats all lah!


Virgo 49 said...

You are demeaning your fellow Singaporeans.

So you think you belong to the 70% SMART Sinkies?

Wait till the time when you are been also displaced by your adorable smart foreign trashes then you will sing a different tune.

By the time call mother call father too late.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the time when you are been also displaced by your adorable smart foreign trashes then you will sing a different tune.
Virgo 49 11:53 am

U wait and see if PAP can still win big in coming election.

If yes, then majority Sinkies are still smart Sinkies.

No need to be 70%, 60% also good for PAP to win big.

Anonymous said...

In the land of Sinkies, screw up LHL will be the PM.
10:37 am

If LHL is a one eye jack, it means the Sinkie opposition leaders are all blind. LOL

Anonymous said...

There too many fucking IBs and fawning dogs ( pore lan pars ) here. They are totally faceless and disgusting. Hope they will suffer big eventually.

A self-respectful and dignified Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Hope they will suffer big eventually.
12:43 pm

U hope lah.

A self-respectful and dignified Singaporean.
12:43 pm

U are dignfied? LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't scold vulgarities and don't hope.

Only losers do that.

Anonymous said...

You are right.

Only losers will call LHL a small cock little blood sucking monster.

Anonymous said...

All this got to do with the Universal law of Cause and Effect or Karma. A person born in a poor family in India will study very hard under harsher conditions & yet excel in school whereas a rich person in Sinkieland maybe did not do well due to the person's effort . There r many conditions on this as well, such as a person whether has planted a good seed before in study etc. The person's merits, or karma. It's a complex issue. In Chinese it's the person's horoscopes or Zodiac (or FengShui if u wud believes it) plus his/her own effort that determines the destiny.

SSO said...
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Anonymous said...


I have always said .... don't need very smart people to work in companies or organisations, even in today's so-called high-tech industries or 4th industrialisation companies. Just need average people.

And average people are being educated & produced everywhere. I.E. human talent on the whole is merely a commodity, just like iron or alumimium ... Iron & aluminium produced in US or Europe or Singapore is the same as those produced in China or India.

So just like commodities, the main factors to want certain groups of human workers are:
(1) Price / salary
(2) Availability
(3) Ease of access / free trade agreements / open borders etc
(4) Malleability or use-ability (able to start producing ASAP without much psycho-ing or retraining or adaptation) <--- this is the killer for many local PMEs .... an angmoh or ahneh PME can immediately fit-in & slang & be productive in an angmoh MNC or corporation with large numbers of ahneh respectively.

Supply & demand .... simple as that.

Previously, if you're below average, you can still survive as a below-average fish in a small pond. Today with globalisation, your small pond has been flushed into the ocean. If you're still a below average fish, you're just good as bait or worm food.


To be "successful" and not to struggle, and to live life on your own terms ... you DON'T NEED to be genius or lucky. You just need to be average intelligence, average hardworking AND good control of your mental state. This is the OPEN SECRET but only a few percent of people can do it!!! LOL!!!!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Once something becomes a commodity, the only way to compete is by price...i.e. the lower the price, the more you sell.

To have "pricing power", you need something which DISTINGUISHES...some kind of "economic moat", a distinct advantage which places you as an innovator, a "monopoly" in your space, something the market participants perceive as a VALUE, over and above whatever else of "average quality" is being offered.

That is why Apple can charge a premium for their iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Apple fans are loyal, they perceive the "Apple Universe" to be exclusive. Ferrari, Rolls Royce and other luxury auto brands NEVER discount their products. In fact, when something goes "out of production" it likely becomes a "classic" and the price goes to the moon.

"Pricing Power" aka the ability to increase prices AND grow sales and revenues is DEFIANT to the economic laws of supply and demand. Premium brands can raise their prices and their loyal fans will still buy. For e.g.: Hermes can double the price of their Birkin Bags and DEMAND IS LIKELY TO INCREASE. At the end of the day, the Birkin is just a bag...you put shit in it and carry it around. A 5 cent big plastic bag has the same functionality.

Similarly, you can be a PMET. As a "commodity" PMET all you have to compete with is PRICE. An Indian-import can do the same as you, for a lot less. As I've said before To earn more, you have to be WORTH more...to the eyes and the heart and mind person who is writing the paycheck.

Life is not fair. Sometimes it is a meritocracy and sometimes it isn't. If the boss LIKES you---even if you're just "average"---you will have a slight advantage and a modicum of "pricing power". So it pays to be nice to people and be good at Guanxi, especially if you cannot distinguish yourself by skills alone.

The education system which KILLS OFF individuality is the education system which churns out "commodity workers". It is up to you to develop you own "identity of VALUE CREATION" or be lucky enough to attend an expensive private school which specialises in developing children into INDIVIDUAL adults with characteristics which DISTINGUISHES THEM from the rest.

Got "pricing power"?  💰😜🏆

Dr Talk Little said...

Status Of Vahan Pneumonia Infection in China

Deaths = from 41 to 81 in 2 days.
In critical condition = 461
Confirmed cases = 2,827
Suspected cases = 5,794
Infected people who have recovered and discharged from hospitals = 51 (out of 3,000 infected cases).

(Source: National Health Commission, plus state media, as of 26 January, 2020)

What is the situation internationally?

According to the World Health Organization and national authorities, there have been at least 44 confirmed cases outside China.

Thailand - increased from 4 to 8 confirmed cases.
USA - increased from 2 to 5 confirmed cases.
Australia - increased from 3 to 5 confirmed cases.

Singapore - 4 confirmed cases, no increase?
Taiwan - increased from 2 to 4 confirmed cases.
Malaysia - from 0 to 4 confirmed cases.
South Korea - from 1 to 4 confirmed cases.

Japan - from 1 to 3 confirmed cases.
France - from 2 to 3 confirmed cases.
Vietnam - 2 confirmed cases, no increase?
Nepal - 1 confirmed case, no increase?
Canada - 1 confirmed case, no increase

World Health Organization is not very accurate. It has left out:

Hongkong - 8 confirmed cases and nearly 800 suspected cases,

UK (2000 people from Wuhan being traced, their condition is still unreported by UK Authorities), and

Indonesia with at least a few suspected cases.

Dr Talk Little said...

Correction @ 2020 8:12 pm:

"Status Of Vahan Pneumonia Infection in China"

should read as:

"Status Of Wuhan Pneumonia Infection in China and Elsewhere"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 814 Dr Talk a Little

As I said...

Keep looking at the NUMBERS. Let the epidemiology tell the story. We will probably see more healthcare professionals succumb to the virus...as what happens in previous infections: AIDS (killed millions), SARS, H7N9 avian flu, MERS (not so bad), Ebola (very fucking bad), ad Zika (quite fucked up).

On the plus side, because of those previous outbreaks, our "self-learning species" has improved its methods of containing and identifying infections. However, humans being humans...a significant few will break quarantine because humans like freedom and hate confinement and go around merrily infecting thousands of others...🤓😂

Anonymous said...

I understand but I also understand that u needed to be sodomized too

Anonymous said...

WSG dong talk cock lar. If u are average u are fucked already. U should be sodomized for spreading falsehood

Anonymous said...

Corrupted little piece of shit.

Dr Talk Little said...

The problem (and fear) about this Wuhan Virus is that it takes at least 14-15 days to incubate and become fully active inside the human body. In animals, it takes about 7 days to see the symptoms.

Common flu takes about 3-7 days to incubate before the viruses are numerous enough to make a person sick. Other corona viruses takes about 5-10 days to incubate.

So, a Wuhan virus infected person simply go around in public places and infect others, not having the slightest idea that he/she is a carrier of the virus, for about 14 days, before he/she feels sick (not necessarily to have a fever) and goes to see a doctor. Worst of all, most of these people usually try to self-treat using panadol or any other medications.

Half of the infected do not have fever. They only have cough and running nose. Some have rashes and tiny pocks.

China's medical authorities are not revealing the duration (length of time) it takes for an infected person to succumb to the virus and die.

The Chinese authorities have indicated that most of those who died from this virus are young kids and old people (similar to SAR). However, the Chinese doctor who died of the infection was only 35 years old. Therefore, it is certainly not true that only the young and the old are likely to succumb.

They should reveal the details of the 51 persons who have been "cured" and discharged: How are they cured? Medication? Age group? Etc.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:03pm

///If u are average u are fucked already.///

I said average intelligence & average hardwork .... But I also said "good control of your mental state". This 3rd condition I also said "only a few percent of people can do it".

It's something that many people know, even instinctively without being taught. But knowing it & actually cultivating and practising psychological calmness & control of mental state is totally different.

Most times, I try to be purposeful & balanced in my psychological state. Except for certain times, like on this TCSS blog, then I sometimes fuck care & like to mind fuck with losers here & yank their lampar for fun.


Anonymous said...


Below is CPF screenshot of a guy who retired @ 45 a few years ago. Definitely more than my CPF. Becoz even though he is not working, he voluntarily puts in the maximum $37,740 every year into his CPF.

Where does he gets the cash if he's retired & not working??!? He gets $250,000 every year in dividends from his investments (REITs & stocks on SGX).

Not A Loser's CPF! LOL!!!

PS: Many people like him in S'pore can retire in their 40s if they want to. But mainly lazy ones like him & me do so! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya that is why I wanted u to duck my cock

Anonymous said...

I retired at 50. Financially OK but too much time on hand banging balls lor

Anonymous said...

To retire voluntarily is one thing, to retire because cannot find another job is another.