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Southernglory's post
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Anonymous said...

First of all i will state categorically I am a China supporter and no fan of what RB called "rogue evil USA". However, when it comes to the accusation that USA sabotaged china by the wuhan virus, i cannot find a shred of evidence. The fact that Americans participated in Wuhan military sports games held a month before the pandemic, is not evidence. On the other hand i wish someone answer the below questions:
1. About a year ago Canada caught several chinese agents smuggling coronavirus sample from the Canadian P4 certified labs, to Wuhan.
2. On 2019 Feb 2, the Director of Wuhan lab Shi Zheng Li 石正丽 declared she will use her life to guarantee that the virus came from "uncivilised practices of humans especially pertaining to wild animals, and anyone who says it came from labs should shut their dirty mouths."
3. A few days ago in Inner Mongolia, someone posted on social media the same idea, that USA sabotaged china. This person was almost immediately arrested by CHINESE Authorities.
The key question to ask, if indeed Americans sabotaged China, is it not true that the highly skilled scientists and politicians of China, definitely knows about it? And if they do know, why are they still sticking to the idea of Bats as origin? Should not the chinese just keep quiet and let the public decide that foul play is involved? Instead, the ccp is still strongly promoting the natural causes idea,...effectively vindicating USA.....how is that possible?
P.S. There is other news that 4 proteins were cut and pasted into the virus DNA, this is very serious, but China absolutely silent on this. Why?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10.22am

To prove beyond reasonable on such sabotage incident is near impossible especially when spreading of virus is concerned unless caught red handed on the spot.

The spread of this virus is as easy as someone farting and walking away without a trace and it will take 5 to 10 days before someone showed symptoms of the disease.

What we can speculate and extrapolate is only on circumstantial evidence and the track record of the Americans.

To demand a perfect proof that the Americans did it is as good as trying to proof that God exists. The latter is easier to prove. Similarly, how to prove that the Americans were behind the disappearance of MH370?

Cannot prove does not remove the conspiracy theory that someone could have done it. Cannot prove does not mean that the probable culprit is innocent.

What I am trying to do, like many others, is to show that this thing is not as simple and innocent as it is. Did the Americans to do? You judge yourself.

I have never at any time said the Americans did it. You ASSUME that I said it.

Virgo 49 said...

Papers and lies cannnot be covered by FIRES and the TRUTHS.

Not to worry. One Fine day a whistle blower in his or her conscience will blow the whistle the TRUTHs.

WHO is the REAL Culprit. There are still many God Fearing Conscience Beans in this world and even in America.

Just like the Whistle blowers and the witnesses who testified against Dotard Trump.

Then, the whole daft beans or the World will then realise that they been manipulated and conned by the Evil Empires.

Anonymous said...

So it is, 'There has always been a White Peril, and never a yellow peril.' They try to con the world with the falsehood of the 'yellow peril' to deflect attention from the never ending danger of white imperialism and colonialism. Every European country has a dirty hand in imperialism and colonialism in which the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are off-shoots. China has never attack or conquer any other country. China has never been an imperial or colonial power. China post no danger to other countries. On the other hand many of China's neighbouring countries have out of stupid self-interests have been goaded by the evil United States to claim much of Chinese territorial islands under the fake UNCLOS in which the evil empire and UK have never signed. On hindsight the US and the Western powers promoted UNCLOS with the ulterior motive to deprive China of her territorial islands in the South China Sea and to sow and instigate strives and conflicts among the countries bordering the South China Sea. China had signed the UNCLOS agreement on the proviso that it does not and will not supercede China's historical and sovereign rights over her islands. South East Asian countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia will be falling into the US trap if they try to assume little imperialism at China's expense. Taking that illicit road under US goading post a great danger to everybody except the Evil Empire. So be warned and be careful. Think deeply and carefully for the peace and security of everybody in Asia. Never trust and rely on the evil empire, the United States.

Eagles Eyes

Virgo 49 said...

Just have a sample of speculation here on YouTube for your viewing opinions.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, is not possible to prove Americans planted virus in Wuhan. But please isolate the problem into two. Part 1: The first is to prove sabotage, or abnormal findings such as the four altered proteins.Part 2: To find out who did it. It is UNNECESSARY and not easy to do Part 2. But Part 1 is doable. All china need to do is to announce that it had found some anomalies in the genome and is investigating. Isnt this a fair and neutral factual statement? But china insists it is a bats problem. If the victim himself vindicates the prime suspect, how could we as bystanders say anything else?

Anonymous said...

Don't not underestimate the capability of the Police Intelligence of China. There r many with 'Shelock Holmes' capabilities that r able to pin down the real culprit behind tis nCoV virus epidemic. China Chinese PRC CCP has got many talents, don't think that only the Americuns or Russians have it. China will be able to pin down the original culprit & bring them to justice. In Chinese history there r brilliant criminal investigator ( like Di Ren Jie or 狄仁杰, Justice Bao ), the current China Chinese talented 'CIA or FBI' alike r all investigating covertly, the truth shall be reveal in no time ( jus that China CCP in this challenging time they r enduring) , after this saga China will emerge stronger, mightier and more resilience than ever, China will be A Force to be Reakon With in this 21st Century or beyond.
Let us pray for the novel Wuhan coronavirus to go away,victims quickly recovered & all those Doctors, nurses, scientists, cleaners & healthcare workers Many Thanks to their tireless efforts in fighting against this virus and helping and rescures the victims, May the deceased find peace in Heaven, The Supreme Heavenly Beings /God/Allah/Buddhas Please bless China Wuhan and Humanity.

Anonymous said...

How many years have gone by and no one could still find out who took or destroyed MH370.

Think it is so easy to prove sabotage or espionage?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Unique viewers for this article just reach 23,444.

The more people read it the better it is to educate the unaware of the evilness of the Americans.

Anonymous said...

To @7.32. i explain 2nd time. To prove who dunnit is difficult as you said. But it is very easy to prove or debunk a science, was there or was there not alteration of 4 gene in the Dna?. Numerous sources are saying that 4 genes had been cut and pasted into the original virus, people are saying that random mutation cannot be so precise and would take 10,000 years. The victim china, is saying, nonsense, bats are the problem and eating habits. This is same as saying, stop blaming any labs. If the victim is silent when it has a chance to at least mention the science above (or else challenge it) then why we third party gei kiang point finger? china's stance is very telling. something is not right.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I recommend that you educate yourself a bit more about the internet, and page view numbers.

I'm not doubting that the article in question has been read my many people, including myself, even though my views differ radically. I like reading and writing, so if something is well written and can hold the attention of the reader, I'll read it.

But back to numbers and IP addresses.

Numbers of ACTUAL HUMAN page reads are significantly LOWER than what your counter suggests. As you already know, your site is frequently spammed by bots hawking everything from Chennai escorts to cheap loans and all other manner of internet "marketing". That means there are bots scraping info and data and also posting. No humans involved, except for the assholes deploying the bots.

IP addresses: if you dig the IP address of this post you see that it's from a server in LATVIA, when I'm actually at a beach cafe enjoying the twilight 100km from Perth. Everything in my setup which faces the internet...ie ALL my devices, handphone to IoT, Smart TV, computers, everything goes thru a VPN connection, no exceptions. That's my SOP for home and office.

What I'm saying is that don't assume that a particular IP address reflects the TRUE GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION of the "reader". Most bots connect thru VPN; obviously, because the bot owners are cunts and don't want to be caught or have their IP addresses filtered and blocked. If their VPN gets blocked, they simply change servers or reconfigure the address.

It's not my intention to discourage anyone, but please, have some RIGOUR in your standards lah.

Anonymous said...

I got see gu.loong.stories,sometimes is a 3rd party adding fuel

To let 2 hero fight it out.

Anonymous said...

Below is an extract from an article in the ChinaDaily:

"Something's not right here folks - A look at USA 2009 H1N1 Virus compared to China 2020 Coronavirus. During the 2009 H1N1 outbreak, I don't recall xenophobic anti-America attacks across the globe, do you? In fact, do you recall it took SIX MONTHS for the US to declare a national emergency? Did any government from the onset in April 2009 through the end in April 2010, including the month of June, when H1N1 was declared an international emergency global pandemic, then send out a notice to its citizens that they should leave the United States? Close their borders to American travellers? Nope, not a beep.

"I am reading hateful vicious attacks on the Chinese government for their supposed intentional conspiracy to under report the number of infections, yet that is exactly and always the case with such flu outbreaks no matter what country and the CDC reports illustrate that crystal clear. The US H1N1 swine flu numbers were vastly underestimated and updated three years later, because that is the nature of such viral outbreaks which don't care which country they started in. There is never enough medicine, medical supplies or manpower. China is not trying to hide these hardships, they are well known and being reported on the daily news in China. There are always people who die, thousands of them whom we'll never know if they actually died because of a particular virus. Those are the facts, not any problem unique to China's healthcare system or government. It's not a conspiracy, just tragedy.

"The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) researchers estimate that the H1N1 2009 pandemic virus caused 201,200 respiratory deaths and another 83,300 deaths from cardiovascular disease associated with H1N1 infections. Total: 284,000 deaths. Shocking, isn't it?

"Was there a travel ban for any length of time to and from the United States? Did China, Germany, Japan or any other country close their border to American travellers? Today I noticed that following the US Dept of State policy suggesting US citizens leave China, the United Kingdom embassy just released the same recommendation to subjects of the kingdom.

"In 2009, did UK subjects in America get a notice from their kingdom to leave America? No. Did the world suggest we isolate from America? Close the US borders? No. Did Americans get xenophobically attacked and targeted by anti-American sentiments like the Chinese are experiencing now? Um, no. Fascinating and disturbing to say the least."

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


There is a big difference between page views and unique viewers. There are many articles posted here and most got a few thousand or a few hundred reads. The counter used is not about pageviews but unique viewers, ie only one count from one IP address. If this site is swarmed by spamming, all the other posts too would have similar hits.

By the way, most of the readership this week came from Malaysia, not Chennai.

As for IPs, if the police wanted to, they can trace where the IP address comes from. It only depends on how many diversions and how much effort they want to put in.

Don't kid yourself that you cannot be traced.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Ok lah. Believe what you like.

I give another free suggestion lah. Blogs are ineffective compared to streaming service like YouTube. You want to get eyes on your work? Make video---you can use still images, and put the narrative up there. Then you can REALLY TEST teh quality of the content. Maybe you trust blog counters, I don't...but that's up to you lah.

I would say with > 99.99% certainty that I cannot be traced! Why? Simple. To the world I am a blur old fuddy-duddy technophobic uncle. I do not have any internet or handphone or whatever in my name. Even if the hacker can break my solid, non-leaking VPN and get a "real" IP address, what they'll get is the VPN address to the router 🤣. (Yeah, I very kiasu one leh). Even if they break that...they will get an account linked to....NOT ME! 😆

Why am I so kan cheong about security? Main reason: Bitcoin. I am a "collector" 👍 and I am damn fearful of having my coins stolen my thieving motherfuckers which the internet has millions of.

Blur king technophobe signing off! 🤓

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Viewership of this article now 24,910.

Anonymous said...

A respectable 25k

The lmpact is more important than the Number of readership.
Do the Articles get the Attention of the World. Do they get lnternational Organizations to act on them for peace and justice ?
Do the Readers response and act on them to goad their leaders to pursue propriety and to be benevolent in exercising their powers and exude humanities and virtue in their leadership ???
the Matter, how many My Singapore News Commenter and Reader are active citizens.
are they here to kpkb, tcss as claimed frequently here by participants.
Even these Participants declared they are here just to kill there boredom and nothing more.


Anonymous said...

No one can be trusted in the cyberspace. Most have a motive and are very deceptive.

When a person declares openly that 99.99% he cannot be trace, take it with a handful of salt. Obviously, he did not major in Networking and obviously he is probably a CIA agent. Using bitcoin as an excuse to cover up his real need to be so secretive an entity, just gave himself away. Yes, he is an agent either under the payroll of CIA or other organisations. His cover is blown!

There are many like him or worse than him out there. Beware and be aware. Be smart and be safe. Every sentence you read in the cyberspace, take in only 30%, as a rule of thumb. Because, at least 70% are doubtful, if not outright deceptive.

Cheers and good luck.