Covid-19 - Did novelists predict Wuhan coronavirus in 1981 and 2008?

Two novels have gone viral after people noticed the eerie similarity between the viruses mentioned in them and the very real Covid-19 virus which has spread to multiple countries today.The first book, titled The Eyes of Darkness, was by thriller writer Dean Koontz. According to a recent report by Must Share News.comthe 1981 book follows the story of a woman  named Christina whose son supposedly died while camping. After she gets a letter saying that her son is still alive, she goes in search of — and finds him. The intriguing thing is that  her son is being held in a military facility after having been infected by a virus manufactured as a biological weapon by the Chinese military based in Wuhan. In the novel, the virus is called “Wuhan-400”....

 The second book, titled End of Days: Predictions And Prophecies About The End Of The World, was written by Sylvia Browne and published in 2008 — more than 30 years after The Eyes of Darkness and 12 years before Covid-19 struck. Browne, who claimed to be a psychic, foresaw that “in around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tube and resisting all known treatments”. She predicted that the outbreak would not last long but that it would return later on. “Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”

The above is posted in www.theindependent.sg.  What to make out of the two novels and their similarities with the Wuhan Epidemic? Were the authors prescient to this event, have powers of foresight to see or predict the future? The second author Sylvia Browne claimed to have psychic power. The coincidence cannot be so simple as coincidence. In life, many coincidences are preplanned, premeditated and not coincidences as some may think.

Another possibility is that some organisations could have been planning some wargames using this scenario like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation planning and simulating a coronavirus attack that led to 65m infections and millions dead. Such exercise premises are often planned and tested many years in advanced and could be picked up or privy to the authors who would then write books about them. There are of course authors with great imaginative powers to write stories like Harry Potters and Lord of the Rings etc etc.

It looks like a virus attack in Wuhan has been played out many times by some groups of people and whether this turns into an inspiration for some to mount such an attack, a copycat act or just playing out the real thing after preparing it for years and decades before.

Those who believe in conspiracies, who believe in dirty wars and undeclared wars would not find such information new or bizarre but common knowledge.


Pan Dora said...

Hell Minister said on Tuesday (Feb 25) that there is a possibility that Singapore’s Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level will be lowered.

According to Channel News Asia, in a recent press conference, the son of a Gan addressed a question regarding the possibility of authorities lowering the DORSCON level, which was raised to Orange on Feb 7.

Though precautionary measures were taken amid the threat of the Covid-19 outbreak, Singapore’s number of confirmed cases still went up. Thus the Government implemented stricter counter-measures such as tightening the travel ban, mandating a leave-of-absence (LOA) rule, and even intensifying the disciplinary actions served to those caught in violation of the rules.

The illogical logic: “If it has become quite a widespread community transmission all over the world, and a lot of these border control measures may no longer be useful, we may begin to remove some of these border controls if it becomes apparent that every country is going to have transmission.”

The “judgment call” would be based on the different factors from multiple sectors.

It’s not possible for us to isolate Singapore from the rest of the world.

It’s not just the economies part – human-to-human interaction, country-to-country interaction (make it)....

Lau Lan King at the same press conference said that Singapore would have to take into consideration the effect Covid-19 will have on other countries and how those countries will handle the outbreak.

“If it is not contained well in other countries, including in countries where the health systems may not be of the same standard as what you see in developed countries…you may well start to see sustained widespread transmission of the virus around the world,”

Though Singapore “cannot afford to be complacent,” can we afford to shut ourselves out from the world?

(The right follow-up question: Though Singapore cannot afford to shut ourselves from the world, can we afford to die by the thousands?)

Lau Lan King also said that Singapore would do well to prepare for more imported cases “if the virus truly transmits everywhere in the world.”

“DORSCON is a reference for us to work out our plans, actions and various measures. Similarly, as we move forward, we may adjust some of our measures downwards, some of the restrictions we have put in place, we may decide to lift them if the situation is more stable.”

Lau Lan King ordered Singaporeans to “continue be alert, but at the same time stay calm and continue to carry on with lives.

Pan Dora said...

"Smart" people do the opposite of what the whole world is doing.

While the WHO is telling every country to prepare for a pandemic, "smart" instant millionaires are telling everyone that control and preventive measures would be removed to enable the transmission and spread of the Covid19 viruses a free reign. So clever? This kind of easy-way-out solution, who don't know how to say? Need to pay them by the $millions?

Singaporeans had better be prepared for the worst! You die your own business.....

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies very calm one. CODE orange rushed to hoard essentials for their perceived survivals.

Code Yellow returned to supermarkets and asked for refunds.

Or sell in internet excess essentials.
Wah, some more make some monies.

Malaysians friends NOT so calm. When we visited them, they exclaimed hey you can come in meh?

Thought you kena barred?

No lah only Sarawak lah.

You did NOT see soundboards at checkpoints Sinkies NOT welcome? Please go away ah?


Anonymous said...

We read Mr Bilahari’s article published in the Straits Times on February 24th entitled “China’s inflection point and the CCP’s fundamental dilemma“. This article, misinterpreting and smearing China’s political system and the leadership system under the Communist Party of China, is no different from the stereotype cliche of Western anti-China voices. At the difficult periods when Chinese people are making enormous efforts and sacrifices to fight the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the sense of justice of the author to ideologically denigrate China and sell his long-held prejudice and even hostility towards China has to be questioned.

Anonymous said...

Gan Kim Yong said Dorscon level could be lowered if Covid-19 spreads widely worldwide.

Strange logic, isn't it? - If spread becomes more severe, PAP 4G leaders will lower the response level to yellow instead of raising the level to red.

Anonymous said...

I thought that hari hari gila bugger has been told to shut up? Now he is being released to bark again. What is happening, someone thinking of punching above his weight again?

Anonymous said...

Dorscon can be lowered to Yellow when the virus is spreading freely lah. This called bo pian leow policy. Everyone is infected, so never mind oredy. Can't be helped anymore.

Yes, yes, you need a millionaire minister to think like this.

Anonymous said...

Dorscon lowered to Yellow amid widened spread means Health Ministry surrenders.

Thank you paid-in-millions ministers !

Anonymous said...

The logic is:

"If all my neighbours do not have locks or failed to lock their doors when robbers are coming, we also no need to lock our doors lah. Just throw away our locks; they are useless. Just let the robbers come into our house and rob us lah!"

KNN! What the fucks these over-paid over-fattened lazy pseudo politicians are trying to do? Kill all of us?

Anonymous said...

lt was abundantly clear that You shall ultimately be responsible for your own survival, safety, security and wellbeing.
Remember hard that You are told NOT to use mask to avoid or prevent from getting infected by an extremely contagious killer disease, when well and not sick.
That resources shall be overstrained to contain the Outbreak, despite nearly 2 decades of well-preparedness with experiences from the SARS Episode in 2003.
Contact Tracing is also deemed not vital if spread of the Disease is wide.
in view of the State's plan and implementation to fight and contain disease outbreak, Sinkies
better prepare and take care of oneself and not rely on the Government.
Also bear in mind to have sufficient food, water, medicine and other essentials BEFORE THEY RUN OUT OF SUPPLIES AND PROFITEERING BECOMES UN-CONTROLLED.


Anonymous said...

I will grow more vegetables and fruit trees in my gardens, and use more rainwater storage bins. Good Luck !

Anonymous said...

My good luck is to vote for any Oppo in the next GE. These people whom we voted in to take care of us actually only take care of themselves. From now on, will not trust them any more.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The son of a gun has been proven again and again and again and again (at least 4 occasions) to be a wash-out and irresponsible good-for carrying his Boss's balls only person.

Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia is closing the gates to pilgrims from other countries.

Singapore's bookworm-scholar leaders are thinking of opening the floodgates. This time not just to allow foreign talents to come in but also to allow the highly talented Covid19 viruses to come and tour Singapore as rich money-churning tourists.

Brilliant! Just inevitably brilliant! Life or death will be very interesting in Singapore soon.......

Anonymous said...

ls the prediction by one commenter that Sin shall be down with disease and or elemental situations becoming true ?

Talking abt the Elements, would temperatures hit 35 and higher this yr or the Nxt?? Looks v likely.

lt appears ominous for Sinkies.
Dengue, Tb, heatwave, Virus, drought... and what else???
Hope it is not going to be living hell on Earth.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anonymous 9:11am

That low class swine Bilalari-Kara-Kiri is extremely very anti-Chinese. He is for sure an American running dog, a CIA paid agent and a mouth piece of American propaganda. Whatever he says or writes are so anti-Chinese and it reflects on the tons of demonization that the evil empire has been piling on China and the Chinese people. This American tamed mongrel is a traitor not only to Singapore but also to all ASEAN countries. The authority should warn him to be careful and not to drag Singapore into troubles that the evil United States are picking against China. Let him be warned that all traitors will come to no good end and there will be no safe place for him to hide.

A Singaporean patriot.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Eagles Eyes;
U must be joking 2 suggest tt the authority censors Bilahari.
He was a top civil servant and is probably a confidante of the establishment.
the Most Conceited MS idolizes Bila Bila Hari.
Can U imagine how influential the Msn is ?
MS said he was not scared of LKY,
U think he cares abt LHL ?

Anonymous said...

Covid-19 - Did novelists predict Wuhan coronavirus in 1981 and 2008?

Yes, yes!
It's all part of God's plan.


Anonymous said...

Are we facing down a inflection point of our own deciding whether to shut our borders to rest of the world ... should worst come to worst..

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous 4:05pm

Since this Bilalari demon has no qualms of demonizing the Chinese people and is following US and some western countries officials, ministers or senators of adding insult to injury during this Coronavirus epidemic, then it is the duty of every dignified and respectable Singaporean to confront him and bring him to justice.

If he is brave enough he should appear at an appointed time at Hong Lim Green to repeat his fake allegations against China and the Chinese people. If he dare not appear he should be condemned as an American mongrel coward and be damned to hell forever.

A proud Singaporean SS

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ don't be ridiculous, freedom of speech rocks,

Let me assure you that Bilahari ain't afraid of being condemned and name-called, especially by people "offended" writing epithets on the internet.

You all call yourself "patriots". Sorry lah, I strongly disagree. Bilahari has negotiated more deals for the benefit of Singapore more times than you've eaten bowls of rice lah. Most of you "critics" can't even fucking speak to an audience, this fucker speaks to the world lah.

How do I know so much? I'll leave you to come out will your usual wild bullshit theories.

Viva la Freedom of Speech. Which includes freedom to offend and hurt feelings.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Bilahari is one of Singapore's most unwavering and courageous PATRIOTS.

This guy lives to raise Singapore to the highest levels. He wants Singapore to remain fiercely INDEPENDENT, neither controlled by the likes of China and/ or the USA.

He's most definitely no American stooge. He'll fuck them in his usual incendiary style if they tried to fuck with Singapore.

A real, no nonsense PATRIOT.

Anonymous said...

Bilahari dare not fuck America. Never seen him did even once.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Of course not. He has no reason to. But if he has reason, he most definitely will. The man doesn't give a stuff about "feelings". If it needs to be said, he'll say it....but ONLY if it's in defence of, or defiance for Singapore.

Remove those stamps from your eyes lah, and the cotton wool from your ears.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes.

Anonymous said...

MS and his subjective view on someone he is closed with, likely in MFA or MHA.

Hari hari gila has been sleeping with the Americans for so long that he cannot see anything wrong with what the Americans are doing. So he is telling his truth, like Matilah, but actually one sided truth.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Hahaha, you really don't know anything lah. Just gasak butah.

Anyway, good lah. You're just another data point on why Singapore will be a "guided democracy" and probably never a full democracy.

Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

There are lots of names you can call the pple who went
on a so-called panic-buying spree. And they've been labelled
with all the nasty ones, without anyone checking if they're
doing monthly supplies, weekly supplies for a large family,
buying for family or friends or neighbors as well as themselves.

However, they can also be described as being cautious, being prepared
and thinking ahead. Why, too, should we depend on the govt Only to
look after us?? Shldn't we also be taking care of our health
and well-being Ourselves??? If we don't and things fall apart,
this govt wld then be whacking us for depending on others ie the
govt! For not using our brains, for not being independent.

If anything, pple should be ticked off for not putting back frozen
goods when they found the queues too long, and decided not to buy.

That the govt never even foresaw there might be a rush says Alot
about its inability to think and to understand people and situations.
This is very sad and worrying.

So now, becos of the sitn in Malaysia, the govt is looking for new
food sources. Can they plse also think of turning some of our islands
into farms. Instead of planning a memorial, they could spend the money for
building that on a Programme to improve Sporeans' lives. That would Far
better reflect the spirit, thinking and work of the men in our 1G govt.

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