Invasion of Iran - Dangerous white lie

According to a Reuter report, the Americans have sent a carrier strike group to the Middle East claiming that there is a ‘credible threat by Iranian regime forces,’ but did not provide any details on the underlying intelligence. And according to US officials there were ‘multiple, credible threats’ against US forces on land, including in Iraq, by Iran and proxy forces and at sea. On further questioning by reporters this was their reply, ‘We call on the Iranian regime to cease all provocation. We will hold the Iranian regime accountable for any attack on US forces or our interests,’ Shanahan added.

See the devious intent of the warmongering Americans trying to set the stage for an attack on Iranian forces? Firstly, the Iranian forces are in their own country and neighbouring Syria fighting the IS. What threat is there to the Americans? Why should they be a threat to the Americans? And why are the American forces there in the first place, threatening the Iranians?

Who is provoking who? Amassing so many American forces and hardware around Iran and Iranian forces is not provoking and threatening Iranian forces? Sending the carrier strike group to the region not a provocative act while the Iranian forces were in their home country and in neighbouring Syria are a threat to American forces?

Who are they conning? Fake news, disinformation, telling white lies, deceit, to bluff the world that the Iranians are threatening American forces to justify an attack on Iranian forces and not the other way? Another version of WMD?

If one is to read the American propaganda, the American official position as reported by all pro American media, it is easy to believe that the devil is crying wolf and is the victim of provocation and the devil is right to send more forces to attack the Iranians.

Even in the trade negotiation with China, the Americans are the one that is threatening this and that against China. This Evil Empire is getting more dangerous by the day. They are the world’s gangsters, military thugs with very dangerous and destructive weapons of war and think they could threaten every country at will and no one can stop them or dare to say anything against them. They have military forces everywhere to start a war, all options are on the table, they proudly proclaimed to the world. What can any country do about it? 

What are the little USAs saying about this rogue nation? What is the useless UN going to do, be like the proverbial monkeys, see nothing, hear nothing and do nothing, because they cannot offend the evil empire? Friendly and peace loving country? Rule of law or Rule of Outlaw?

In the case of attacking Iran, they simply claimed that there is a threat according to their own intelligence and this is enough to want to attack Iran, just like they attacked Iraq using fictitious WMD ploy. The evil Americans must by struck by lighting if there is really a God. They are threatening Iran and deceiving the world that the Iranians are threatening them! The Iranians are the bad guys, the evil Americans are the good guys, the victims of aggression, under threats….fearing for their lives.


Anonymous said...

Kiron Skinner, the African-American whom Trump appointed in August as the director of policy planning at the State Department, said at a defense forum in Washington on March 29 that China is the first major rival to the United States that is “not Caucasian.

"This is a fight with a really different civilization and a different ideology—and the United States hasn't had that before, nor has it had an economic competitor the way that we have," she said.

"So in China we have an economic competitor, we have an ideological competitor, one that really does seek a kind of global reach that many of us didn't expect a couple of decades ago, and I think it's also striking that it's the first time that we will have a great power competitor that is not Caucasian."

Despite being African American, Skinner mentioned the word "Caucasian”.

Virgo49 said...

That's why the Chinese so not want to join talks with the Evil Empire on minimising Nuclear Arsenals.

They will fall into their traps if they were to agree proportionally or by percentage the reduction.

The Evil Empire would then have sufficient Nuclear arsenals to threaten all and sundry.

Think all are stupid.

Anonymous said...

US White House inhabitants are all racists! Their foreign policies are formulated thru the lenses of racists.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This Kiron Skinner is the African version of banana, actually coconut, brown outside, white inside. She thinks she is white, a caucasian just because she is American citizen.

Many Afro Asians fell into this trap and happily delusion to think that they are whites.

Anonymous said...


Skinner is wrong. For most of the first half of the 20th century, the US major rival was Japan. In the early 1920s, major military powers came together in Washington for 1 of the world's first international "arms limitation treaty" among which was a limitation to the size, weight & numbers of major warships. This was mainly targeted at the 3 major naval powers -- UK, US & Japan.

Of course, all 3 countries (plus Germany) immediately made use of loopholes in the treaty to build warships & other weapons that were cheaper (smaller & lighter) but still powerful enough (increased number, calibre & accuracy of guns).

That's why I invest in War Stocks --- it never goes out of business. And every few years there will be boom times!!! Pun intended!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

"little USA" - has Singapore implicitly blocked Huawei from Singapore's 5G network?

When a ST reporter asked IMDA, the authority said smokily: "Singapore encourages vendor diversity in our telecommunication systems to mitigate risks from dependency on any one vendor." - never say straightforward "yes" or "no"!

The ST report went on to say in January this year SingTel and Ericsson set up 5G Garage, Singapore's first live 5G facility, located at Singapore Polytechnic. At the facility, users can test the 5G innovations they are developing.

It added last November, StarHub and Nokia conducted a series of tests over a live pilot 5G network installed at StarHub's Ubi headquarters.

Seems like local telcos avoid partnering Huawei !!

Anonymous said...

Huawei a touchstone for ties with China

Washington demands that all its allies suppress Huawei.

Any country that follows the US in order to hurt China should pay the price no matter how nicely they talk (ie no double-headed snakes).

On the Huawei issue, there are two types of countries: those that follow the US and boycott Huawei and those that do not. Beijing's attitude toward these countries will be different.

Anonymous said...


If he never punch the lorry driver 1st, the lorry driver will have used a spanner or screwdriver against him. Go see the video --- the lorry driver came towards the guy with weapon in hand.

Both lorry driver & cyclist were purposely antagonising each other lah. Both are assholes.

This is what NS & PAP teach us --- offense is best defense. Strike 1st ask questions later.

If it was a cheena cyclist who punched a angmoh driver, you'll be praising him to high heaven, for self-defense against weapon & standing up for native rights. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

What u think ?

Singapore Central Bank to Transfer S$45 Billion to Government for Long-Term Investment

Singapore's central bank Wednesday said it will transfer S$45 billion of excess foreign reserves to the government for long-term investments to get higher returns.

The amount is the excess over what the Monetary Authority of Singapore deems necessary to maintain confidence in Singapore's exchange rate-centred monetary policy, a press statement issued by the central bank said.

Singapore's official foreign reserves, which MAS manages, stood at S$404 billion as at April 2019.

The transfer of funds from MAS to the government does not imply any reduction in Singapore's total foreign reserves, it said, adding in the event of an adverse scenario, the foreign reserves held by the government are still available to ensure that MAS' operations to manage the exchange rate of the local currency are not compromised.

The funds to be transferred to the government will be managed by GIC Pte., Singapore's sovereign wealth fund.

Anonymous said...

MAS Media Release: MAS Transfers S$45 billion to the Government for Long-term Investment

Anonymous said...

No big deal.

PAP govt has been transferring reserves to-and-fro between MAS and GIC ever since GIC started in 1981. In fact managing reserves (which includes outstanding CPF payments) IS EXACTLY THE REASON WHY GIC was setup in 1981.

LKY & gang discussed this extensively in parliament during 1980. Why you think LKY made himself chairman?!?!? And now chairmanship passed to LHL?!?!?!?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ No such thing as "Peace In The Middle East"

Although the shit in the only part of the world which has been continually warring for thousands of years boils down to the conflict between the 2 Big Dogs: The House of Saud (Saudi Arabia) vs Iran and its Aya Tollahs.

So here is my reasoning as to why invading Iran might be a "smart play" for the USA. I think is unlikely. Trump is now a war hawk. For a Republican, he is surprisingly very much in favour of peace (using Twitter to fight by insulting his foes), rather than committing to military adventurism. But that doesn't mean he won't deploy the US Military or that he is immune to being "manipulated" by The Pentagon.

The Petro Dollar is in a whole heap of trouble and is in danger of disappearing altogether. It is not as mighty as it once was. So why not do The House of Saud a solid, invade Iran---their sworn enemy---in return for "cooperation" from the Saudis in reviving the status of the PetroDollar which will pose a big challenge for those intending to remove the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency, and the currency used in international trade.

Smart play. But dangerous and can backfire, or generate unintended consequences.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 10.58

These Whites and Asian Bananas assholes in Sinkieland conned the local natives with their what's self proclaimed CEOs and Consultants. What's imbecile motivation talks that stupid dafts sinkies believe in them

Using Suntec Halls like the City Harvests Church and the dafts paid them thousands for their bullshits.

You be surprised that the highly electroucted millineinals dafts paid and listened to their Yar Sow.

In thr meantime, they had much free time in gyms and lounges.Also cycling, e-scootering on the roads like Kings of the Roads antagonizing all the other road users.

In the first place, this MF acted like his grandfather's road.The lorry driver might have honked at him and he broke his side mirror.

That's why he charged at him with a weapon as these bastards are big in size with all their gym training to bully others

The Worse is that the poor beng was arrested instead of him when he punched that lorry driver.

In the end the Court just fined him 2800
If that lorry driver were to punch him. Hell broke loose.

Fines plus jail sentence for sure. What's Farking justice in Sinkieland.

If I were that lorry driver, that bastard were be now in clutches or lying in bed for the next twenty years moaning for his mother and father.

Just bang him off the road.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sure there will be no peace in the Middle East or any part of the world. To the Americans, war is business, selling arms so that these people keep fighting and killing each other with the weapons the Americans sold to them. And they would not be able to rebuild their countries and economies and would forever be slaves to the Americans as trouble ridden people, unable to rule themselves.

Look at the Middle East, hope the silly asses in Asean would not allow themselves to be used by the Americans to start a war here and turn the region into another Middle East.

Latin Americans are just as idiotic and wanting to become the next Middle East once they start a war in Venezuela. The whole of Latin America would burn down.

amoron said...

The little USAs will of course say "follow the law, the rule of law", and the mighty Americans are deemed the Law.

Anonymous said...

WSG guy, as I posted before, u need to be fucked and sodomized. In your case fuck means blow job as u only have two entrances.😰

Anonymous said...

Let us all pray that the Iranian missiles will sink one or two US aircraft carriers if the Americans attack them. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.