Fake news law will help and promote innovation

Concerns raised – Today online

Google says Singapore's fake news laws may hurt innovation
"We remain concerned that this law will hurt innovation and the growth of the digital information ecosystem," said Google.

Google said fake news law may hurt innovation. I say rubbish. Google does not understand Singapore and how clever is our govt. They did not know how many manhours of great men and women were put into making this fake laws to make sure it does not hurt anything, especially innovation.

I think this fake law would be good, in fact very good for innovation. No fake innovations by fake innovators. Maybe this fake law would also target fake degrees and qualifications to keep the fakes out of Singapore. Now that would be great.

Come to think of it, which is more dangerous, fake news or fake degrees? Why no new laws to curb fake degrees and make it a serious crimes when there are so many fake degrees here and depriving Singaporeans from getting decent jobs?

Personally I think fake degrees are a clear and present danger, already hurting many Singaporean PMETs and now new young graduates.

Back to this innovation and digital information ecosystem thing. This fake laws come very handy and timely. The digital information ecosystem will also be protected from fake news and probably also fake degrees. So how can this fake laws be bad and against innovation?

Singapore will definitely be the place for digital information when all the fakes are kept outside of this island. Everything is genuine, no fake news, no fake talents, no fake degrees.

Now you understand how good this fake law is. Every law is carefully considered and crafted by the best talent money can buy. Fake news law is a blessing for innovation in this island. All innovations will be real innovations, not fake innovations. All innovators are real innovators and not fake innovators.

This fake news law is the best thing that can happen to Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Actually nothing in this world r Real lah, maybe Google trying to explain tat & we misinterpreted it lah.
Actually innovation come from 'fakes' or prototype or reverse engineering of others products. Probably Google cud hv 'copied' somebody products, modified it & become it's own innovation same as in Samsung, Huawei, Apple etc..but can u sue them for 'fake' , u can't right? Probably IP laws & others legislation involve. Think about it, many innovation need to come from some 'copy' or 'fake' first, very few r actually "invented", many r juz leveraging one another products or services. Fake news laws cannot catch them all la.

b said...

In this huge concentration camp, all laws are made to protect the you.know.who but never the people. Once the people are useless, they will be eliminated.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I rarely agree with RB, but not in this instance:

>> This fake news law is the best thing that can happen to Singapore. <<

Yes, I think there are a few arguments from varying angles where one can definitely defend the position for the necessity for these draconian additions to our world-famous Penal Code.

I put forth a case of making the citizenry more robust. Back to LKY opining that Singaporeans have grown way too complacent. They need to be “motivated” into becoming more hard drivin’ and strivin’.

I refer to Nicholas Nassim Taleb’s ideas on becoming Antifragile. Systems benefit from being stressed, subjected to shocks and randomness---provided these events are not so catastrophic that they destroy everything. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

When the PAP enacted CECA and opened the borders to allow free labour market competition, that was a huge shock to the system. Randomness came into play to ensure that those who were expecting a level playing field very soon got painful lessons on human behaviours in competitive environments. Nevermind the toe-to-toe competition, there was also unfair competition like people faking their way into positions, and once in those positions hiring only their kinfolk, discriminating against the locals.

So how has the nation faired? I would say, pretty damn well. Sure, there are those still pissed off that they’ve lost their lucrative jobs, but they also received a crash-course in economics and enterprise management. ie. the boss has the final say on who they want to hire or fire. They deploy their capital, so they know best. If they make mistakes, they lose money. Profit and Loss are fundamental market signals---feedback---to clue financial managers on quality of their decisions.

Schumpeter’s “creative destruction”---now known as DISRUPTION is the main driver of the global re-organising of production and services: how they are created, how they are distributed, how they are managed etc. Some people will lose their jobs, some “dinosaur” businesses will fail. Those who have the wisdom and fortitude to ensure that they stay relevant, and the businesses who do the same get to BENEFIT from these rapid changes.

So how about those who got “disrupted”? Many of them are ok. They’ve moved on with their lives, received re-training, or found jobs in the service sector, or become entrepreneurs. All in all, it’s all mostly good. Singapore as a cuntry is a much better place for having being exposed to GLOBAL competition.

These POFMA laws could have similar effects. Google is WRONG. People can transcend their obstacles and overcome challenges to go ahead and achieve great things. POFMA laws can be looked as a “stressor” or “shock” to the system---i.e. the way we transmit ideas within our culture.

When the nation gets over the obstacles and challenges of POFMA, Singapore will notch up, once again to become more robust, more antifragile without sacrificing any ability to create and innovate.

I am a freedom of speech ABSOLUTIST. So immediately people such as myself are challenged by POFMA. And yet, it is important that we get our ideas out---especially the controversial and potentially “offensive” ones. So it is up to each of us to figure this out, and I believe it will happen. Mark my words, and see what happens, post-POFMA.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, Rb just sarcastic lar. U need to be sodomized to wake up. Kakakakakakakakakakakaka 😀 By UG

Anonymous said...


This Fake news law is the best thing that can happen to Sg!

Hahaha.... sure 75.9%-79.9% at next GE!


Anonymous said...

Sinkieland juz enshrined (about) 16 Ministers as the Arbiters of Truth or put it simply Deity of the 16 Gods against fake or falsehood. Tell you the truth, nobody in the right frame of mind wud wanto spread fake news here in this tiny red dot, the outcome of the next general election can be predicted to be a resoundingly victory by the ruling whites party ( probably in the range of 68 to 75%). As what Ed Tong has said a overwhelmingly majority of Sinkies want the fake news law ( maybe he is right).

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ I ♥️ POFMA

The Plutocracy who reigns supreme over we the peasantry---from arsehole to breakfast-time; from cradle to crematorium---prides itself as being one of the best in all history. According to their narrative, Singapore is a success because of beyond-world class government, which rewrote the book on, and raised the standards of pragmatism.

They do not respond well to criticism, and are even less-forgiving about unsubstantiated claims about their character and performance. It is understandable why they’ve enacted the POFMA laws.

However, the unintended consequence to the govt is that now the standard for burden of proof/ evidence has been raised. Citizens/ Media who accuse the govt of something untoward will now have to ensure they got hard evidence and rock-solid proof before charging the govt or accusing govt officials with bad behaviour.

It is not FAKE news if it is objectively TRUE.

The govt and it’s officials might be “immune” from POFMA (ie they can suka suka say anything), but they are not immune from being taken down by being EXPOSED for malfeasance , with the proof and evidence uploaded to the internet...just like Wikileaks and Edward Snowden’s archives.

Who knows? POFMA could place more pressure on the elites to be a bit more humble, transparent and ACCOUNTABLE.


Anonymous said...

This new law called POOF-MA (or in Ah Meh Drinking Sessions' parlance known as POOF THE MOTHER) will one day backfire and blow in the face (s) of those who proposed it, those who seconded it, those who voted for it and those who supported it. Especially so to the present mouth-piece(s) of the ruling elites.

There is no such thing as the government can be exampted from being prosecuted under this law if it can be proved that falsehood has been deliberately published online or offline by the government's representatives, agencies or echo chambers (CNA, ST, Today, Media-Corpse, etc.).

Virgo49 said...

Teochew parlance Poo Boh.

Goggle gonna include this famous parlance as Sinkieland Elites coined words for the Universe.

Pee Sai trying to teach all grandfathers and mothers suck eggs. They will shouted Poo Boh to them.

Anonymous said...

Very very very very good for Sg!

I ❤️!


Anonymous said...


Fake News Law does NOT need a lot of people to monitor or enforce. There are already many AI solutions on the market that can trawl & scrape websites and mobile apps for whatever stuff that you defined to be picked out, and identities & locations traced.

For a small & tightly controlled city like Sinkieland, it's even easier.

You just need a handful of extra specialists for those trying to hide in the dark web etc.

So in addition to war stocks, I've been increasing investments into both generic mainstream IT, emerging tech, new media companies as well as online & tech security over the past few years. Anyway most of the war stocks companies have long time ago been into these areas, either organically or thru M&A.

Most of the good $$$$$$$$$$$$ don't go to Sinkies but to foreigners developing & R&D into all these security stuff, as well as correctly placed investors.

Anonymous said...

//...I daresay u test the performers n crooners n the whole bunch of them will fail.. pass laws n dare not apply or perhaps only apply to certain singaporeans la.. here pussy pussy..//

That new POFMA shall be tested soon. Let's see how the whites PAPies stands against foreigners activists/journalists/social media giants/academics. Though POFMA can be read as MAFOP, it may mean the whites or foreigners' MAfias Fxxx Off Papies. Let's wait n see..

Anonymous said...

Practically every foreign articles written by foreigners and published in our main media are fake news or to manipulate the thoughts of daft sinkies to make them think their ancestors are angmohs and their enemies are Chinese.

So how?

Anonymous said...

Even all the TV channels are guilty of Manipulating the Minds of the Voters! And politicians are the main actors.

Anonymous said...

Dow Jones dropped 530 points or 2%. European Stocks also tumbles across the board. Why?

Because Singapore enacted the POFMA Law?

Anonymous said...

According to Shame-mug-gun, the Fake News Law is to protect DEMOCRACY (or is it DEMON-Crazy?).

Of all people, 9f all parties, of all governments, PAP sincerely wants to protect (or suppress) DEMOCRACY???

Make my toes also started laughing. HAHAHAHAHA..... KEKEKEKEKE....HEEHEEHEEHEEEEEE....

Anonymous said...

WSG, as usual u needed to be cured. U need to be sodomized lar. As for 1.18am, u need to update yourself with economic knowledge, if not u may lose a lot of money based on your poor knowledge and making wrong economic decision that bankrupt you and u may ended up selling your ass to earn a living and Kena sodomized by USA sailors at Jalan Besar lar. God bless 😀