Is it ok to pass fake news around? Ask Shanmugam

"If you receive something and in good faith you forward it, as most people do, you share, you like it - no problem. There is no criminal liability, there is no civil liability. At most, you will receive a correction," said K Shanmugam....

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has clarified that netizens who unknowingly share fake news in good faith will not be jailed, as he sat down with tech and lifestyle site Vulcan Post to respond to netizens’ concerns on the recently passed Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA).

The above are quoted from theindependent.sg

When I read the first paragraph I nodded my head in agreement and feel very assured. This is no fake news, Shanmugam is telling the truth this time. If not Leong Sze Hian would be charged in court for a criminal or civil offence. Shanmugam must have this in consideration and thus Leong Sze Hian was spared.

Leong being sued by Hsien Loong is a private, not criminal in nature. But was this not a civil suit under tort? Was it civil liability? Got difference or not?

The second paragraph is a bit disturbing. Sharing 'fake news in good faith will not be jailed' but could still be charge or sued? When the legal people said one thing, be careful if he does not say another thing.  Will not be jailed can still imply that the person can still be sued and fined or given punishment. So it is no comfort to know that there is no criminal or civil liability or cannot be jailed.

It is better be kiasi and kiasu and kia cheng hu and don't pass fake news around. You cannot be too sure what Shanmugam said. There are many ways to read and interpret what he said though it sounds very assuring, just like fake news law is just that, not to be abused or anyhow use to hantam the people.  Would the presence of such a law be good enough to frighten the people?

Think safety first.


Anonymous said...

Who can we trust more: Politicians who are lawyers or politicians who are doctors ??

Anonymous said...

Yes! Safety first!

In Sg, you dont know meh?

It is betterest to be kiasi, kiasu and kia cheng hu and don't pass fake news around.

Dont be tooooooo smart! Dont be a hero! Dont play play!

If lucky.......you will be invited to lim kopi only!

If not so lucky......B&BLD at Changi Hotel!

Anyway the 70% are happy! Deserved it!

This is Sg! Hahaha.........

jjgg said...

U mean when the law is enacted n entered into our law books..shanmugam comments gg to appear? At best he will be around 2 more terms then after that the implementation will be up to next law minister .. even if he remains as law minister forever..regardless of what he says in interview it is not the law n his practice is not institutionalized.. look..everyone..except the nodding heads in parliament knows it's a fucked up law n no amount of whitewash can remove the stain

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ don't worry, be fakey

There is plenty of fakery going on in the online world, which is
within the purview of the POFMA legislation

For e.g.: the spread of religious ideas---most with no basis in fact, and are complete bullshit which manipulate people, which is also within the pruview of POFMA.

Another example is the artificial “enhancement” of photographed females. Using “beauty filters” and photoshop-type editors, every female is equipped with the necessary tools to visually tweak their photos so that they increase their “fucakbility factor”, which is a trait---almost exclusively female---that history has shown is very easily monetized, because men are biologically wired to think through their cocks.

Again, the probability of men being manipulated (which is defined in POFMA) to part with their cash is well known, and requires no argument or further evidence.

POFMA is a dumb law.

Anonymous said...

Any citizenry anywhere suffers when there is lack of propriety in the Leadership.
When the Power defines the Law to suit itself without considerations for benevolence and virtue, the Society goes to the Dogs.
Sin, as the Word stands for, is amply apt for the Tiny Red Dot.

The Consequences shall be ugly.

Anonymous said...

Juz do not believe in what the wolf trying to say or explain to u in Poo..Ma lest kena foo ..l by them.
When in doubt juz don't post or comment anything at all in social media or other medium ( probably silenced s golden here).

Anonymous said...

Yes, when in doubt, just keep silent. Silence is golden. That's what the POO-MA aims to do. To silent you. Objective met.

Anonymous said...

Always follow the advice of the sage:

1. Never trust a ula (snake in Malay). Never trust a double-headed snake. The nature of the snake is to bite you.

2. Never trust a lawyer,.priest, politician, salesman and statistics - all these have the highest probability and propensity to tell lies.

3. Never trust anyone who has committed adultery (cheated his own wife and children).

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.....anon 1242 pm!

So can trust who?

Only yourself?


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right. Only trust yourself. And your parents.

Previously, many people said that you should also trust three professionals, i.e. your doctor, your lawyer and your priest or pastor but don't trust your banker.

Anonymous said...

Lawyer run road with $33.4 million - happened in Singapore !!

Anonymous said...

//..AnonymousMay 29, 2019 12:29 pm

Yes, when in doubt, just keep silent. Silence is golden. That's what the POO-MA aims to do. To silent you. Objective met.//

U r wrong, PO..O..Ma designers or Lieders may be booted out, even if it not their stay will be reduced & karma will strike on these fellows soon.

UG said...


Later shoot rubber band tiok or gong ah. Live in fear. Buy things also live in fear. No money go buy things, scared later go back, the person hooligan at you. Lan lan. Never read Sim Lim Square stories meh? What is LKY or old guards doing? Now I think as long as it is PAP, it is lan jiao. For 50 years lan jiao. Locals sacrifice life and cheap pay in NS. Foreigner invent what stuff for Singapore? Eat Ang Moh money than Ah Tiong scoot millions away? Banana are weak. Ang Moh must take note.


Anonymous said...

8.48am anon, not only lim Kopi. Have to endure tuakee also.😰

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Tomorrow morning!


UG said...

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UG said...


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Scholar please just stick to playing baseball. Look more simple. Anyone know why Ah Neh play cricket, than build HDB? Because long ago Hong Tou Jing already start building already. What did the Ah Neh invent for Singapore ah? Maybe I dunno. Anyone knows? Huawei?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Go carry Trump's balls some more lah.

Singapore now added to Trump's Currency Manipulation Watch List, side by side with China and some other countries.

Isn't that great news? Make Americunts Great Again. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

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UG said...


Workers Party people in classified unit? So go voting for what. Next time dont go PAP meet the people session only slam chair. Go Workers Party meet the people session slam chair also. Thanks Lee Li Lian empty boxes and kee chiu talk.

So anyone still trust other party or other individual that stand up for people?

Anonymous said...

Now my little brother is standing up for people. It's getting harder and harder to stand up for people, especially the female type.

Do you need my little brother to stand up for you?

This is not fake news. It is real.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Latest tally: Asian Power Index


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Asian Power Index is A Big Bullshit!

How can Singapore be more powerful than Pakistan and North Korea?

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Anonymous said...

One small nuclear bomb from Pakistan or North Korea is more than enough to obliterate Singapore from the map.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Singapore has soft power?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The girl fight did not turn out to be a fight. Trish Regan held back all her wild allegations that could not be substantiated and the fight did not take off.

It turned out quite civil and friendly at the end.