The bashing of western rule based world and non belligerence by a Brit

Watch this video and George Galloway saying what the western bourgeoisies refused to see in how belligerent they were but hiding under the fake image of peace loving and observance of rule of law in international relations.

The Institute of Art and Ideas

Published on Apr 25, 2019

Could a belligerent approach to foreign policy make for a safer world? This debate is also now available as a podcast episode of Philosophy for our Times on all podcast platforms https://soundcloud.com/instituteofart...patricia may -

Mr Galloway is great. I wish he was Prime Minister. Brilliant.’

See how shocked the fake intelligentsia were reacting to the truth that they did not want to see but chose to believe in their lies and fake truths. It is so painful for them to sit there listening to George Galloway telling them right in their face and tearing up their myths and hypocrisies into pieces.

Galloway’s comment is in the first 6 minutes of the clip. Then listen to how he destroyed a young man’s belief in the American rule of law, the fake western rule of law etc etc. Galloway was furious about the fake belief in western international rule of law. What rule of law was there when there was no rule of law in the first place but the rule of belligerence?

After listening to Galloway, hopefully those people uttering about the rule based world would think twice before they opened their mouths. This is a very interesting anti populist,anti fake western views of the rule of law.

Asians and bananas would benefit from the truths spoken by Galloway and hopefully makes them less stupid in believing in the western lies.


UG said...


Swiss standard of living? Same Swiss a not ah? Same Swiss as GCT one? If so never tell lie is it? Very honest? When say $600K is peanuts, is also very honest comment is it? That means they are fucking rich lah right?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ born entertainer

Ah, good ol Georgie boy. Labour politician extraordinaire. Nearly as batshit insane as Trump, but on the opposite side i.e. die-die multicultarialist with a pro-Arab skew.

I agree. He would make an awesome prime minister...in any of the AK-47 Cuntries. šŸ˜‚ (aka “shitholes”).

Galloway and his mate Corbyn are top value. When they lose their shit and go on one of their famous rants---venting spleen unapologetically---it is indeed comedy GOLD. I love people like this: they can never be happy because in their troubled minds there is always something WRONG with the world, and unless those “cancers” are eradicated, they and their ilk can never be happy.

Would love to see Trump and Galloway go toe-to-toe. Of course Trump will appear to win, because he’s a filthy cunt and will play dirty and cheat...but the crowd will undoubtedly cheer Trump as the “true victor”.

That’s reality lah. You may not like it, but how the world really works doesn’t give a shit about you, or your worldview, or your standards or your morality. So I say, just have a party, and enjoy the fucking FREE show! šŸ¤” Oh yah, and seek out profit opportunities. If there’s human misery, there’s “value potential”. šŸ¤‘

Anonymous said...

Every year, 120 million Chinese - think that's bigger than the population of California - leave China freely, as tourists. Amazingly, 120 million Chinese return to China freely. Now, if China was a communist gulag Stalinist state, would you go back to China?

The United States of America is about 240 years old. Chinese history may be 2,400 years old. In today's world, you have a society which is 240 years old passing judgement on a society which is 2,400 years old.

~ Kishore Mahbubani

Anonymous said...

10.08am, we even have a society of 54 years passing judgement on a society of 5000 years Kar so USA is not that bad comparing. šŸ˜°

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.08 am " Chinese history may be 2,400 years old " .

China has more than 5000 years of history. 2400 years ago it was the Warring States period. Qin Dynasty was from 221-207 BC whereby Qin Shihuang came into power as the first emperor of China.

Anonymous said...

There are leaders in a less than 60 year old autonomous tiny dot, telling the World how to run the Universe.
And yet, some are not able to manage their families and are getting more at odd with the People as each day passes.
is it not.

Anonymous said...

11.12 am, alamak u talk about sensitive thing lar so be careful don't Kena invite to Lim Kopi and the fate of meeting tuakee and Kena sodomized lar. Please be careful not to be too direct.

Anonymous said...

Even God, the Creator of men and women (according to the Bible), could not and still unable to predict/read the true character and behaviour of men and women. So, is God really all-knowing, all-powerful?

Anonymous said...

Yah lah, own family members also cannot get along. How can get along with public?

Confucius said:

"If one is unable to keep his family in order, how can he put the nation in order?"

"Of a ruler is lastful, his ministers will also be lustful."

"If a ruler is greedy of money, his ministers are bound to be money-grabbers."

"If a ruler is drunk.with power, his ministers are equally drunk with power."

"If a ruler is too powerful, he is bound to abuse and misuse his power."

"If a ruler spent money lavishly, his people are destined to suffer endlessly, until the country collapsed."

Anonymous said...

Hi 112pm

You are very very good!

Why don't you email your comments.

You may be given the first- class global national day award!

No harm trying leh!

Anonymous said...

Stupid people don't even know how to read properly. Still can recommend others for national day award?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia's support for Huawei is going to make the White Supremacist Mafia Chief Madman Trump more MAD. He will definitely take revenge on Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

3.22pm anon, I think 2pm anon is trying to get 1.12 pm anon into trouble lar. If he fd what he said, he sure Kena detained super fast and Kena sodomized equally fast lar.šŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

So US Trump said no to electric catapult yea to steam to fire the jets ...is this a trick Or what now that China is fixated on carrier technology .

Anonymous said...

There was this Persian Empire already in existence when Qin Empire came about. Their much younger neighbors today other than Egypt n Turkey, the Persians Iranians are really proud of their history. They can't tahan the Saudi Arab everyday Chi Chi y y with US n it's clone in ME!

Anonymous said...

Think Persia is a good strategic choice as a China ally there. Such long relationship. Wiki -The Sasanian Empire was founded by Ardashir I, after the fall of the Parthian Empire and the defeat of the last Arsacid king, Artabanus V. At its greatest extent, the Sasanian Empire encompassed all of today's Iran, Iraq, Eastern Arabia (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatif, Qatar, UAE), the Levant (Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan), the Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan), Egypt, large parts of Turkey, much of Central Asia (Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan), Yemen and Pakistan. According to a legend, the vexilloid of the Sasanian Empire was the Derafsh Kaviani.[17]

The Sasanian Empire during Late Antiquity is considered to have been one of Iran's most important, and influential historical periods and constituted the last great Iranian empire before the Muslim conquest and the adoption of Islam.[18] In many ways, the Sasanian period witnessed the peak of ancient Iranian civilisation. The Sasanians' cultural influence extended far beyond the empire's territorial borders, reaching as far as Western Europe,[19] Africa,[20] China and India.[21] It played a prominent role in the formation of both European and Asian medieval art.[22]

Anonymous said...

Parthian era
The 138–126 BCE travels of Zhang Qian to the West, Mogao Caves, 618–712 CE mural.

The Chinese explorer Zhang Qian, who visited the neighbouring countries of Bactria and Sogdiana in 126 BCE, made the first known Chinese report on Parthia. In his accounts Parthia is named "ĀnxÄ«" (Chinese: 安ęÆ), a transliteration of "Arsacid", the name of the Parthian dynasty. Zhang Qian clearly identifies Parthia as an advanced urban civilization, which he equates to those of Dayuan (in Ferghana) and Daxia (in Bactria).

"Anxi is situated several thousand li west of the region of the Great Yuezhi (in Transoxonia). The people are settled on the land, cultivating the fields and growing rice and wheat. They also make wine out of grapes. They have walled cities like the people of Dayuan (Ferghana), the region contains several hundred cities of various sizes. The coins of the country are made of silver and bear the face of the king. When the king dies, the currency is immediately changed and new coins issued with the face of his successor. The people keep records by writing on horizontal strips of leather. To the west lies Tiaozi (Mesopotamia) and to the north Yancai and Lixuan (Hyrcania)." (Shiji, 123, Zhang Qian quote, trans. Burton Watson).

Following Zhang Qian's embassy and report, commercial relations between China, Central Asia, and Parthia flourished, as many Chinese missions were sent throughout the 1st century BCE: "The largest of these embassies to foreign states numbered several hundred persons, while even the smaller parties included over 100 members… In the course of one year anywhere from five to six to over ten parties would be sent out." (Shiji, trans. Burton Watson).

The Parthians were apparently very intent on maintaining good relations with China and also sent their own embassies, starting around 110 BC: "When the Han envoy first visited the kingdom of Anxi (Parthia), the king of Anxi dispatched a party of 20,000 horsemen to meet them on the eastern border of the kingdom… When the Han envoys set out again to return to China, the king of Anxi dispatched envoys of his own to accompany them… The emperor was delighted at this." (Shiji, 123, trans. Burton Watson).

Parthians also played a role in the Silk Road transmission of Buddhism from Central Asia to China. An Shih Kao, a Parthian nobleman and Buddhist missionary, went to the Chinese capital Luoyang in 148 CE where he established temples and became the first man to translate Buddhist scriptures into Chinese. Wikipedia

Why US so scared of these ancient empires rising again ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 959 & 1055

You better update your newsfeed bro, it is stuck at the time over 100 years before the (alleged) birth of the Jew Son of God.

The present relationship between Iran and China is in China's favour. China buys oil from both the Saudis and Iran...and wherever else because...they fucking big, insanely successful and growing.

But the Chinese are business people and like all GOOD business people, they DEPLOY CAPITAL carefully. Since the USA has hammered Iran with sanctions, the smart Chinese business people have used this to negotiate a "very favourable price" and "very favourable terms" for Iranian oil.

In other words, China is SCREWING Iran hard for its oil. If you have a problem with this, don't be in busness. Go and be a wage slave. It's a win-win situation. iran sells its oil (against US sanctions) and China gets it at a "superb price".