American Hubris & Baloney On Democracy & Human Rights

         The Evil Empire likes to teach and impress Third World or non-caucasian countries with hypocritical talk on its version of Human Rights and Democracy. On these two topics they like to put  themselves on the pedestal as angelic guardians and portray themselves as great defender and supporter . However all their evil and wicked deeds and diabolical actions worldwide which cause terrible death, suffering, destructions and losses to others do not reconcile with the fact of what they preach about the ideals of  their version of democracy and human rights. When America brings democracy to your country it is sure bringing violence, destruction and death to your country. Look at what they did to Afghanistan, Iraq, libya, Somalia and Yemen. They intend to do the same to Syria, Venezuela and Iran but because of the red line drawn by Russia and China they had stopped doing so in the meanwhile.  They have always made use of democracy and human rights as political and ideological tools to subvert third world or weak countries to submit to the United States control and influence. Usually this will involve with regime change of governments following choas and destabilities  carried out by CIA in cahoot with internal selfish self-aggrandizing traitors and very often with the murder or assassination of incumbent leaders who are democratically elected but nevertheless who are adversed to American dictates and propaganda. In fact every dastardly evil act of the United States in interfering in  other countries internal affairs reflects the criminality  of the evil empire for it contradicts and contravenes the United  Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Every one of the American administration office holders should be brought before the United Nations International Court of Justice and charged for crimes against humanity. 

The evil empire has always been working towards world domination and hegemony and that doesn't fit the ideals of democracy and human rights. The White Americans want to establish an empire which is greater and mightier than the previous Roman Empire, the Mongol Empire, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Zarist Empire. It must henceforth stop thinking of world hegemony for Russia, China and the world  will not allow that to happen. US wants to rule the world at any price . But Russia and China like all others want to be a player only but not at any price. Russia, China and the rest of the world are sensible but the Evil Empire's stake is suicidal. Therefore the Human Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group must bear on the international community and the United Nations Organisation to prevent those of the US responsible for illicit wars, death and destruction from escaping justice. US must be brought before international justice for various crimes against humanity including regime change, illicit sanctions resulting in economic destruction of many countries, ethnic cleansing, genocide, mass bombings, murders, killings and tortures which are perpetrated on a massive scale. The United Nations must hold those responsible for the violence  to account. They include the president of the United States, senators, congress representatives, CIA agents and senior staffs in the Pentagon, all of which must be investigated and prosecuted for all the crimes against humanity.  Those presidents and officers of previous US administrations who are already dead must also be judged posthumously for their crimes against humanity and compensation must be paid to former victimised countries and individuals by the present US government.

America is ruled by a dual dictatorship of the Republican and the Democrats and both operate  under the watchful eyes of the Deep State shadow government of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati cabal which holds the ultimate power and decisions of the American state. The Deep State. the Republicans and the Democrats, all subscribe to the aggressive bellicose doctrine of permanent and perrenial warfare. Permanent and perrenial warfare will help to maintain and sustain the cabal's Pentagon Military Industrial complex through sales of weapons to all warring nations in wars instigated and fomented by America. Thus the Deep State cabal which is euphemism for Wall Street traders, bankers,rogues and scoundrels in Washington's white house will reap illicit income by the thousands of billions of dollars every year. The evil empire obsessive morbid worship of money and power is the root cause of all wars and troubles in this world.

The evil empire will always find excuses to attack other countries. It will always make up a case that either its interests or its allies interests are in danger of being attacked or it's security is being threatened. US sees every nook and corner of the earth, even the remotest part of any desert, jungle or polar regions as vital to its security. It prefers to ignore that it's insane harping too much of its security is  at the expense of the immense insecurity of other nations.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats and the Deep State being of the elite class arrogantly believe that being elites in the country it is natural they will always support the minority rich class against the majority of the poor people in the country. Therefore the big bankers and the Wall Street rogues and scoundrels business are not allowed to fail but will always be propped up with billions of dollars of tax payers money. In the same way they assume  the majority of the the  third world countries being weak and poor and are by nature to be exploited to serve the lofty interest of America and the rich western countries. In short they  believe America's policy is right and justified in creating inequality, injustice and least happiness for the majority of the poor people in America and in the majority of the poor countries on earth. This smacks of unconscionable utter arrogance and pathological psychopathic sadistic behaviour Thus American democracy is no different from malignant cancer and those intellectuals and political leaders in third world countries and in Asean countries who still think that American democracy is benign must have their heads examined in the mental hospital. American version of democracy and human rights is packed with diabolical forebodings for the rest of the world especially for the non-white countries.Therefore it is the duty and responsibility of every country and individual to raise awareness to the evil intent of the United States to hold the world in bondage and hegemony and at the same time to contribute in all ways and means to bring down the satanic Evil Empire.

                                                               End     Of     Part     One


Saturday, 18th May, 2019

NB :     Part Two will entail description of how the evil empire abused and distorted democracy and human rights in interfering and intervening in the internal affairs of many small and weak countries mainly in the third world to carry out regime change and political assassinations of democratically elected incumbent leaders who refuse to follow US dictates.



Anonymous said...

To bring the US leaders, both past and present, to justice the world must first have bodies that have independent power to do that. The very fact is that we do not.

All the fake world bodies like the UN, ICJ etc are, firstly, often set up by the evil empire for a purpose, and are beholden to the US and cannot do what the US told them not to do. The fact that the US contributes most money, and wants to control such bodies by withholding contributions if the US interest is not paramount, then that alone sends those bodies the obvious message - comply or no support.

Russia and China know very well what it means going to such world bodies. It will be an exercise in futility. Look at the way the US pulls out of world bodies that does not support or tow their agenda.

I condemn terrorism. But in perspective, the number of innocent people killed by Islamic terrorism pales in comparison to what the US kills in countries they waged war against. Millions upon millions of innocent women, children and the aged in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria etc died during the combat, and yet the US can only say those are collateral damage. Little wonder people called the US the biggest terrorist in history.

Anonymous said...

When other countries commit mass killings the West calls it 'genocide'. Condemnations will come thick and fast from the evil empire and allies, There will be calls for sanctions, retaliation and invasion to start a regime change.

When the US does mass killings of Red Indians or innocent children, women and aged in wars they instigated, no condemnation whatever from allies, world bodies etc or if there is, just token slap on the wrist and forgotten.

Which MSM will drag out such events to remind the world of the atrocities committed by the evil ones? That is hypocrisy of the unhuman kind!

Virgo49 said...

Posted as received:- Part 01

President Duterte of the Philippines said very brilliantly. "When you choose the United States, you choose war. If you choose China, you choose peace!"

The United States only sell one product to the Philippines, that is, weapons, and those are second-hand goods that are discarded. The price is still very high.In China, the output is sorghum, infra-structure, and colorful products. Only fools and well-known people can't see it!

The United States needs to create hatred, create turmoil, create war, create investment panic, and let the dollar return to US investment on a large scale, so that people, in hatred can buy American advanced weapons at any cost!The United States is the most evil country in the world.

Because it wants to maintain the peculiar flow of the dollar, in exchange for dollars for the American people to do nothing. In order to earn back the dollar through financial games and the sale of weapons, it must constantly create turmoil and strife.Americans are embarrassed. They said that in the 239 years of the founding of the United States, 222 wars were fought.

No American president is a peace president. Every president has participated in and launched a war at least, and his hands are covered with the blood donation of countless innocent people.The United States likes to advertise that it is a country that speaks of democracy and speaks about human rights.

Actually, it is a sinful country against humanity against human rights and anti-democracy! I don't know how many people were killed by their missiles. It is a veritable country that eats human flesh and blood.

Contd: 02

Virgo49 said...

Friends, seeing here, you should understand why the United States must not go with China!Because the United States sings peace and development is a fake. China is really trying to build a community of human destiny.

It is really using its increasingly powerful technology, military, and economic capabilities to maintain peace. Of course, the United States is so angry that its eyes are green with jealousy.

The world is peaceful, how is the United States confused? And China still wants to be the number one technology powerhouse. Isn't this a good day for the United States?

Therefore, the future struggle between China and the United States is that the world and mankind are the Chinese road to peace and win-win, or is it the second American road in the United States?

I firmly believe that China's ability to represent the justice and conscience of mankind, to compete for the dominance of high technology, and to strive for high-end manufacturing is a matter of China's own and related to the destiny of the world.

Another Tropic:-

US Trade War with China is actually an ideological war, a desperate move to save the Western civilization & its empire by Andre Vltchek

Most of those who have had a chance to witness Chinese internationalist mega-projects,
clearly understand that the West is near to collapsing; it will never be able to compete with tremendous enthusiasm and progressive spirit of the most populous country on earth, which on top of it, is built on socialist principles. (Chinese characteristics)

Anonymous said...

The atrocities committed by the white Americans are too many to enumerate. But surely retributions will come to them any time soon. It is the law of nature, the law of Ying - Yang that if one side is too powerful - the Yang, it will sooner or later be overthrown by the Ying to cause a right balance. Similarly if the Ying is too weak nature will make sure to help it become stronger against the Yang. As it can now be seen the wicked Americans are now balanced by the coalitions of Russia, China and many other countries. If the Americans are stupid to go on forcing the envelope of its power it will sure be the quickest way to its self destruction.Sooner or later the African Americans, the Mexican Americans and the native Americans will rise to overthrow the devilish white Americans.

The fucking white men should go back to Europe

Anonymous said...

Trump is calling Americans and its allies to ban Huawei. What is the rationality? How is it going to affect the National Security of the US by it's allies adopting this technology? On the contrary, I think it will be better for those countries to adopt Huawei's 5G technology, so that the US will not have the same free will to spy on them.

The US has been spying on it's allies and other countries and people for decades, using older 4G technology. It is this inability of its spying network to capitalise on 5G technology that is causing them this desperation to catch up, and which is making them so fearful of others switching to 5G when the US is still behind Huawei in infrastructure development.

The new template of Donal Trump, whenever he cannot compete or win is to declare a National Emergency or National Security threat, even when there is none.

To build his wall, he declared a National Emergency. To defeat Huawei he declared a National Security issue to ban Huawei and even prevent American companies from dealing with Huawei. Now he probably realise he is putting his foot into his own mouth for doing that. As many have commented, the sword cuts both ways.

His latest tirade is against foreign car manufacturers, calling them a National Security threat like foreign steel and aluminium manufacturers. You can expect foreign car manufacturers to throw up their arms in protest. Japanese and German car manufacturers will be targeted for sure. This joker is the laughing stock of the whole wide world and the whole USA goes with him into the gutter.

Anonymous said...

Next thing he would declare not buying soya beans from the Americans is a threat to their national security.

Anonymous said...

"Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words r both true and kind,they can change our world" - from The Buddha.
(Happy Vesak Day)

Anonymous said...

By reference on asean leader means include sg. So may be offending u know who. So risk being invited to lim Kopi, detained and sodomized by tuakee so be careful Lor.

Anonymous said...

Andre Vitchek a great writer and critique of American and Western imperialism in his article "US Trade War with China : Desperate Move to Save The Western Empire" tells us how it is impossible for America and the West to compete with a Spiritual and Dynamic Socialist System of China. Below is a quotation from Andre Vitchek's article.

"Most of those who have had a chance to witness Chinese internationalist mega-projects, clearly understand that the West is near to collapsing; it will never be able to compete with tremendous enthusiasm and progressive spirit of the most populous country on earth, which on top of it, is built on socialist principles (with Chinese characteristics).

Writing this essay in rural Laos, I just saw, literally an entire army of Chinese engineers and workers in action, building huge bridges and tunnels, connecting one of the poorest countries in Asia, to both China and Southeast Asia, erecting hospitals and schools, small factories for the rural population, airports and hydro-electric powerplants or in brief: putting the great majority of Laotian people out of poverty by providing them with both livelihood and infrastructure.

China does precisely this all over the world, from the tiny South Pacific island nations to African countries, plundered for centuries by Western colonialism and imperialism. It helps Latin American nations that are in need, and while it does all that, it is also quickly growing into a middle class, ecologically and culturally responsible nation; a nation which is likely to eradicate all extreme misery very soon, most likely by the year 2020.

The West is horrified!

This could easily be the end of its global order, and it could all actually happen much earlier than expected.

And so, it antagonizes, provokes China, in all imaginable ways possible, from the US military buildup in Asia Pacific, to encouraging several Southeast Asian countries plus Japan to politically and even militarily irritate the PRC. Anti-Chinese propaganda in the West and its client states has lately been reaching a cacophonic crescendo. China is attacked, as I recently described in my essays, from literally all sides; attacked for being ‘too Communist’, or ‘for not being Communist enough’.

The West, it seems, despises all the economic practices of China, be it central planning, ‘capitalist means for socialist ends’, or the unwavering desire of the new Chinese leadership to improve the standard of living of its people, instead of enriching multi-national corporations at the expense of the common citizens of the PRC.

It looks like a trade war, but it actually is not: like the ‘West versus Russia’, the ‘West versus China’ is an ideological war.

China, together with Russia, is effectively de-colonizing part of the world which used to be at the mercy and disposal of the West and its companies (as well as the companies of such client-states of the West as Japan and South Korea).

However it is being labelled, de-colonization is clearly taking place, as many poor and previously vulnerable countries worldwide are now seeking protection from Beijing and Moscow.

But to ‘add insult to injury’, parallel to de-colonialization, there is also ‘de-dollarization’, that is inspiring more and more nations, particularly those that are victims of Western embargos, and the unjust, often murderous sanctions. Venezuela is the latest such example.

The most reliable and stable ‘alternative’ currency that is being adopted by dozens of countries, for international transactions, is the Chinese Yuan (RMB).


The prosperity of the entire world, or call it ‘global prosperity’, is clearly not what the West desires. As far as Washington and London are concerned, the ‘surrounding’, peripheric world is there predominantly,to supply raw materials (like Indonesia), cheap labor (like Mexico), and guarantee that there is an obedient, indoctrinated population which sees absolutely nothing wrong with the present arrangement of the world."

Eagles Eyes SG

Anonymous said...

USA is at war with China because China is successful

Anonymous said...

Trump talks of US historic debt in the last twenty years. This terrible debt is of its own making.
He and the wicked Americans made China bankrupt through Opium Wars about 150 years ago in 1830s The western countries England, France, Germany, Holland, Spain and America forced opium trade and other wars of aggression against China. The United States under president Franklin Roosevelt's grandfather president Delano Roosevelt brutally blasted Chinese port cities until the Chinese acquiesced to US continued drug, opium and narcotic trade that was destroying China. Many American cities, ports, railways, roads and big buildings were built with billions of dollars derived from the illicit opium trade imposed on a weak China of that time.

Now is pay back time and looks like America is destroying itself out of greed and retribution

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

US is crashing its economy on purpose and need a scapegoat to point at rather than admit guilt of their greed in causing its economic debacle