US Lies About China's Good Governance In Xinjiang

          "White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted." Quote from native indigenous Americans. The native Americans said how can white men claim they discovered America when the native Americans have been living there for thousands of years. White men came uninvited and invaded America by force with military might of firearms.

The white Americans of the Evil Empire and the West like to preach to third world non-white countries about Human Rights and Democracy in which  they are the most unqualified to do so. They have perpetually committed the worst travesty on human rights and democracy. In fact they have always been using human rights and democracy as tools for domination of other countries.

The United States had trained many militant muslim Uyghurs terrorists in carrying out subversive activities in Xinjiang for many years  These misguided Uyghur militants had for many years through their clandestine activities caused the death of hundreds of Chinese nationals both Han and Uyghurs. Now the Chinese government has started an educational and vocational programme to guide the militant Uyghurs on the right path to live and work as normal citizens of the Chinese state. However this good and positive governance of the Chinese government is being smeared and distorted by the Evil Empire with grave insidious motives.

Recently the US Assistant Secretary of Defence , Randall G. Schriver with evil intent labelled the education and vocational training centres in Xinjiang as "Concentration Camps."  This is trying to distort the good work that China is undertaking to alleviate and uplift the life of the Uyghurs of Xinjiang. US ulterior motive in making such evil distorted statement is to incite the militant Uyghurs to create distability, choas, riots and trouble in Xinjiang so as to foment militant muslim Uyghur uprising to undermine China's development. In short it is part of the overall US evil policies to contain China's peaceful development.

May be China can learn from the Evil Empire how it solved the indigenous native American issue. The whole wide world now knows how the illegal white American invaders from Europe mercilessly and brutally liquidated the native Americans through genocide. No, China is too civilize to follow such drastic inhuman demonic white men's  way to solve ethnic problems.

In the last two hundred fifty years the illegal and illegitimate  United States of the white European invaders had killed and genocided over eighty-five million native Americans or over ninety-five percent of the native population. The surviving five percent of less than a hundred thousand natives have since then been put in so-called native reservations, US euphemism for concentration camps. In the concentration camps the natives are subjected to hard labour with either little or no pay. They are given very littlle food of the non-nourishing type and very little water. Further the native women folks are subjected to force sterlisation to stop them from procreating. Native children from the age of one year old onward to about twelve or fifteen years old are taken away from their parents and put in special dilapidated centres where the children are treated shabily and deprived of the love of family and parental care.

Further the white European invaders subjected the natives to deculturalisation. The native Americans have very rich culture and rituals in honour of ancestors, wild life and nature and cultural dances festivals to celebrate the planting or harvesting seasons or weddings. But they are forbidden by the white invaders to practise or carry out their native cultural activities.

The Uyghurs in the Chinese province of Xinjiang are not even natives but Turkish stock immigrants from Turkey who were allowed by the benevolent Tang Dynasty emperors to settle in Xinjiang over one thousand five hundred years ago around 618AD to 907 AD. At that time there was great political upheaval in Turkey due to constant warfare with the European crusaders and many Turks went to western China, Xinjiang to seek a safer and better life. However many Uyghurs due to misguided extreme militant islamic religious influence  became ungrateful and turned against the Chinese state, the hands that feed them.

However the forever evil white supremacist United States want to exploit the muslim Uyghur militants to stir up trouble and turmoil in Xinjiang as part of its overall evil plan to contain China. The Evil Empire has been creating, supporting and nourishing so many muslim terrorist groups or organisations viz Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and others to fight its proxy wars against Russia, China and countries adverse to US dictatorship and hegemony. In fact the United States itself is a terrorist state and its terrorist acts and activities are unsurpassed in terror and cruelties. US massive scale mass bombings of many small countries like Nicaragua, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen resulting in brutal carnage of killings of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives and maiming further thousands more as well as causing wanton destruction of properties is US great travesty of human rights. The ultimate objective of US state terrorism is to bring the world to heel under US total control and hegemony.

As China like Russia strongly objects to US state terrorism and armed expansion it faces the wrath of the Evil Empire for being a stumbling block to US world domination.

Its time Russia and China together with like minded peace loving countries like North Korea, Cuba, Iran , Venezuela and others should organize a world movement to condemn and stop the Evil Empire's terrorism and imperialism.


Tuesday, 8th May, 2019

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The European invaders issued to the native Americans blankets used by deceased smallpox victims to infect and kill the native Americans through the spread of such diseases.

Human rights?

Anonymous said...


Cheap biological warfare! Hahaha!!!

Bio & chemical weapons were 1 of Nato's trump cards against the greater numbers & variety of Warsaw Pact's nuclear arsenal throughout most of the 1970s.

Russia has learnt from experience & is now 1 of the leading experts in bio & chem warfare.

b said...

Please lah - everybody lies. You are a moron if you think only the whitemen can lie.

(Read Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are Book by Seth Stephens)

Anonymous said...

China Is Hugely Successful Today Because She Copies Singapore - Munger

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger, in an interview with Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer, May 07, said China's secret for being very successful for the past 30 years - greatest success record in the history of mankind - is because the middle kingdom copied Singapore.

Munger said what amuses him is that they found the right Chinese leadership outside of China in Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew - who he thinks is the one man who did the most for China.

Munger said he is a huge admirer of what the Chinese had accomplished - China used savings of poor people to advance (similar to Singapore's CPF ?).

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The idea of forcing people to undergo compulsory training is in itself an abhorrent idea.

However, China is a sovereign cuntry. If the govt of the day decides to treat the citizens poorly, disregarding any idea of civil and individual rights, then that is a matter for the nation and the state to thrash things out. It is not a carte blanche for foreigners to interfere.

How China treats its citizens is China's business. If the citizens don't like it, it is up to them to do something about it.

America went into Civil War to end slavery. The settled that matter internally. 100 or so years before, they threw out their British overlords, by essentially having the citizens REVOLT, FIGHT and REMOVE the Brits.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. --- TJ

Anonymous said...

There is a world of difference between treating citizens and terrorists, murderers, arsonist, killers etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Re: moron b 11:22

Hi! son of the bitch. son of a cheap whore. You must be a biological by product of
white American bastards who sowed wild oats and that's how you came to this world. No wonder you are very defensive of the barbaric white American rogues and criminals. Your cranium is absolutely empty and that's why you only know how to post irrelevant stupid remarks. Please get lost for your presence is an insult and a stain to this intellectual blog.

At least Rb, Matillah, Virgo and Southernglory1 and a few others are intellectuals who post relevant academic topics for intellectual discussion. So if you have nothing to contribute you better fuck off.

Anti stupid idiots and nimcompoots

Anonymous said...

All conflicts around the world are instigated by the whites, particularly the USA.

The CIA, or the subterfuge arm of US Government, does the groundwork of training agents in those country they are eyeing to instigate unrest.

If a crackdown follows, it will be branded as humans rights abuse and there would be shouts by rights group (all controlled by the US) for action.

What follows will be calls for sanctions against the target country, as happened now in Venezuela.

Following the sanctions, of course the people will suffer and more unrest will follow. The situation will get worse obviously.

Then the hypocritical West will play the angel and wants to send in humanitarian aid, sometimes smuggling in arms for rebel forces as well, which the target country will ultimately refuse. Why the fuck try to be angelic when they are the ones that put sanctions on the country in the first place and caused all the sufferings?

When that fails to bring down the Government the evil empire will try to use force as in Venezuela. The only hurdle that prevented direct US intervention in Venezuela is the presence of Russian and Chinese help groups on top of Russian missiles now in place in Venezuela.

The Russians and Chinese were invited by the legitimately elected Venezuelan Government to enter the country and the US has nothing to say or object legitimately.

Such operations by the evil empire had been and is still the mode of conduct for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous 6.59pm

I totally agree with your points of view and analysis. The world must start guerilla warfare to destroy the evil empire less it destroys the whole world.

Hope the evil empire will implode from within its state and destroy itself.

Anonymous said...

US' False Narrative on China Exposed [May 08, 2018] - by Stephen S. Roach, former Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia.

An insecure US - afflicted with macroeconomic imbalances of its own making and fearful of the consequences of its own retreat from global leadership - looks for a scapegoat and has embraced a false narrative on China.

US Republicans and Democrats are now on the same page: Blaming China for all that ails the United States.

Washington has been loose with facts, analysis and conclusions, and the American public has been far too gullible in its acceptance of this false narrative. There's a need for objectivity and honesty in assigning blame.

UG said...

Hello Charlie Munger, we lost Suzhou you know. Sure is LKY? Xi Jin Ping daughter study Harvard leh. You Ang Moh ownself daft, just say you ownself daft. At least recruits say YES GURUJI get $120 pounds still say at that period the instructor still very kind and have not throw grenade right? My $350 I think, already throw grenade and cannot feed people for months leh. You Ang Moh ownself make use of Chinese Scientist what. Never give free education to Singaporean and make use of Singaporean scientist. Ownself daft than say. See, I can compare just by reading online. Online people so smart, leak so many secret, dunno take from where, Ang Moh blind cannot read? Crazy Rich Asian Bak Bak? Or Ang Moh is daft dunno how to read between lines? Go read Roy Ngerng blog lah. So many information. Was wondering this guy take the information from where.

Hello. The comment say theft from other country. No hor. Is our eyes goods and our compare skill good. Li hai people tell me why I compare. So dont compare? HDB defect, HDB all the same, just see something different is defect. So daft? So this Ang Moh alliance country employ what kind of daft people in civil service ah? No one help Ang Moh invent Hua Wei 5G ah? What theft ah Ang Moh? No wonder you all are daft. Hong Tou Jing also know how to build house. Want to insult Hong Tou Jing again Hong Mao? Putin and Xi Jin Ping read already must be laughing. Ownself daft dont admit. Lucky I admit.

Anonymous said...

US Presidents, whether Republicans or Democrats are under the control of the deep state. Whoever is in power makes little difference to US foreign policy.

In order to control the world, controlling oil and controlling the oil trade by the use of the Petrodollar is paramount to it's ability to call the shots. The strong military factor is to enable the US to enforce it's dominance, taking down those that do not toe the line.

In the past, with a weak China and a Russia bankrupted by trying to play the arms race with the US, things work very well for the evil empire as the sole superpower and they are able to print fiat money at will for the demands of the world in the oil trade. The US will collapse if this link is broken.

China has now risen to be a nuclear power, and together with its economic clout, is able to turn some things around without fear of being taken down by US military power. The nuclear deterrent and backing is a masterstroke by the Chinese, before they embarked on their masterplan of upgrades in technology, AI and military modernisation without fear of US forced intervention.

Sure, in terms of nuclear arsenals, China is still far behind the US, but in a nuclear war, strikes on strategic targets can be detrimental on both sides and there are no winners in a nuclear war. The loser will be bombed into the stone age, but the winner will have to live in stone caves inside mountains for decades or even centuries and suffer lingering deaths. Not a comforting thought despite winning the war.

That is why North Korea has gone nuclear. And that is why Iran wants it too. And that is why the US is hesitant to take out North Korea despite it's military superiority and Trump's boast of 'fire and fury' to turn North Korea into wasteland.

UG said...

OoOOoO. So scary. Xi Jin Ping daughter study Harvard? Is it control by deep state also? So when there is a war, the world leaders are eating pop corn with deep state leaders? While peasants fight?

UG said...


Wah seh. The Ang Moh take the paper throw away. The question not inside is it?

The Ah Tiong reply so angry and like crying. Wah seh. Like LKY. See liao the enemy come I will charge. Nas Daily cry baby is about what ah? And the translator translate so chun one leh. And so fast. Li hai man. I go legal aid say got chinese one they tell me english I also can right? LOL. I cannot speak singlish in my own country leh. Cannot mix a bit of dialect to talk leh. Talk liao enemy come I will hide. I am cry baby in my own country. Woo hoo. Everyone clap for me.

Anonymous said...

Lastest sports news.STF Kena.

WTF.by world taekwondo federation.

Anonymous said...

@6:59 pm:

"The CIA, or the subterfuge arm of US Government, does the groundwork of training agents in those country they are eyeing to instigate unrest."

Some of the academics in Singapore could have been recruited by the shadowy arms of the CIA. I would even think that some of the top brass in the SAF have in one way or another been influenced or bought by the CIA through seemingly harmless channels / platforms / courses.

Anonymous said...

For once, The Mother of Fake News Network "CNN", is colluding with Trump to sabotage China. No sooner had Trump declared new tariffs against China, the CNN send a reporter to Xinjiang and posted a lengthy report of "atrocities" there. What about atrocities committed by Israel army against Palestine in the Gaza and occupied territories seized by Israel since 1967? Why CNN not expose that too? In any country the borderline is always problematic, even in USa. The USA have no business to go into Xinjiang and make a big hoo over something which is the internal affairs of other sovereign nations. The USA media is desperately trying to paint a picture of how bad china is, how Huawei is spying others, how the Belt and Road idea is bad, these are Fake News! It is no exaggeration that USA politicians are the most Evil and Vile aggressors and disturbers of Peace on earth today.


Anonymous said...

Cont'd. To be sure, even the USA has assimilation programs for immigrants. The immigrant must embrace the American language and culture, and should dissociate from their community social norms of language religion and lifestyles. China is doing the same thing to the borderline minority communities. So why is there a sudden rush report on normal activities in a peaceful country? This is outright sabotage. The USA could not stomach the idea that they will be number 2 in world influence, they just want to play cheat and hit below the belt. Bad, bad bad .