Be wary of Anti-China Articles by tribal writers with roots to a South Asia country.

Last week an associate editor of a local mass media in his deliberation on an article about the Australian White Paper he couldn't hide his intense desire of reviving the previous
American, Australian and British sponsored mechanism SEATO to contain the peaceful rise of China. He strongly feels SEATO can be revived in the formation of QUAD or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue comprising US, Australia, Japan and India to contain China.

In his article he asserted  the term"Aggressive China " repeatedly nuanced to paint China in a bad light and with evil intent. And as a coward he also feared that QUAD as a medium to contain China may go the way as SEATO.

He wants US, Australia and Japan to lead the banner against China, even to have wars with China as he alluded that US should have stood its ground against China in the South China Sea episode and against Russia in Syria when he claimed Obama did not challenge Russia in the "red lines" on Syria laid down by him. As he is akin to the tribe of  South Asia I thought he should be brave and courageous enough to tell powerful India to take on China upfront and not depend on the sinews of others to take on a self-imagine or bogey enemy, China.

What is also most unacceptable are the many foreign well paid local mass media journalists, editors, writers and political analysts and commentators especially many of those with strong roots to a South Asia country who hide behind the protective state of mass media to echo the Americans and the West and the Japanese propaganda to demonise China and to constantly swipe at China and the Chinese people with slanted news, disparaging sinister remarks , innuendos, , insidious fake reports and fake news with calculative evil intent to hurt the interest of China and all Chinese people.

Hundreds of these well paid ghost writers or intellectuals are foreigners who work or teach in many of Singapore's institutes of higher learnings and international studies and their warped minds, thoughts , ideas and writings which are extremely biased and prejudiced against China and the Chinese people will have strong poisonous negative impact on the thousands of students and young minds under their influence. This does not bode well for Singapore which is a multiracial society. The government must take action to negate their evil influence on Singapore and ASEAN countries.


Monday,11th December,2017


Anonymous said...

These tribal writers are parasites and Singaporeans must get rid of them. Other than making use of them the Americans have very low opinion of them.

Anonymous said...

The associate editor and his boss are of the same tribe. Their writings and views are always slanted against China. But no action is taken here because many of their tribes hold high political posts with the blessings of the pappy leaders.

Virgo49 said...

In Today's Shits Times, a Gil Yaron, an Israeli wrote article against the Palestinians

This Jew for the Shits Times.

Thought they harped not to be influence by any Foreign Countries and their Journalists or Whatsoever Skunks.

These Israelis are a bunch of Kepala Batu arrogant tribe that thinks they are a superior race.

Mat land red berets going to fight you with arms not stones.

Talk Only. Bloody hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Without the Americans and the Europeans backing them, the Israelis would not last a week against the Arab countries.

Unfortunately the Arab countries were destroyed by the Americans and Europeans one by one. They better thank Russia for keeping Syria intact and saved some Arab pride and dignity.

b said...

When one is big and powerful sure will have lots of enemies.

b said...

Human can defeat evil when they learn to love and respect one another irregardless race and religion and status.

Anonymous said...

Human can defeat evil when they learn to love and respect one another irregardless race and religion and status.
December 11, 2017 5:35 pm

Then Opposition Parties got no hope liao.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland is now infested by hungry, devouring, black locusts now at all levels, in all fields of grains, fuana and lives.

Unless, something drastic is done swift and fast, these viciously hungry locusts are going to devour everything on their paths. Then the whole habitat will become untenable and irreversible.

Anonymous said...

When you see a white termite and a black ant together;
which one do you kill first?

Anonymous said...

China is ready to fight the Americans when its core interests are challenged. Li Kexin said this in Washington without mincing words.

'TENSIONS in Asia have just been ramped up another notch, with China
reacting with outrage to planned visits by US warships to Taiwan.

“The day that a US Navy vessel arrives in Kaohsiung, is the day that our
People’s Liberation Army unites Taiwan with military force,” Chinese
diplomat Li Kexin is quoted as telling an embassy event in the United
States.' news.com.au

Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not, Singapore has a lot of Chinese. And whether they are bananas or chap cheng, they have roots in China and are part of the Chinese Civilisation.

Those farking foreigners here should not think that it is alright to keep attacking China and the Chinese Civilisation and think the Chinese here are so numb or dumb and would not feel a thing. They need to be more circumspect in what they said especially in a hostile media towards China.

Singapore should balance its relationship with all the big powers and its media should not be used by any group to attack China like a punching bag. If this is so, the Chinese garment would put one and one together and read it as officially approved to attack China.

Isn't this a bad thing, with so many foreigners and foreign articles and hostile articles attacking China like a free for all match? Who is giving consent to have such anti and negative China articles in the media?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is the only Chinese-majority country outside China.

This fact cannot be changed, unless some of the 1.3 billion people from the South Asian country emigrate to become new citizens here, to benefit from the reserves that the PAP says is for future generations (actually for benefit of future generations of new citizens!)

Anonymous said...

PAP gathered and collected all the monies of the old generations and present generations into National Reserves for Future Use.

PAP is importing more than 3 million outsiders of foreign origins to become New Citizens.

Therefore, PAP is going to make use of the monies in the National Reserves for the New Citizens' children, is it not?

This is a treacherous intention which all old generations and present generations must always bear in mind and wake up NOW!