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While surfing the net I was pleasantly surprised by the few youtube clips of my postings in mysingaporenews. These were not done by me of course. The youtube clips were just my articles and read out by western newsreaders, a guy and a gal, in perfect English. It is a nice feeling to know that some of my articles are worthy of being read and converted to youtube to reach a bigger audience. I must thank the producers of the youtube clips on my articles.

Also, there was a book on the South China Sea ruling by the kangaroo court published by Oxford Press. Could not remember the title. And redbean's comment was quoted and even footnoted. Well, well, I must be making some sense in some posts.

Here are the links to the youtube clips.

Redbean on Youtube
Wisdom in a tricky situation by Chua Chin Leng aka …
15/2/2014 · Video embedded · Unsubscribe from 

hong lim park? * The writer blogs at mysingaporenews.blogspot.com

Stupidity has no cure by Chua Chin Leng aka redbean - Youtube


There is a typing error in this article in the part, 
'to start start ' should be 'to start wars''.

Anger against foreigners mounting - Youtube

Anger against foreigners mounting Chua Chin Leng aka redbean
The writer blogs at mysingaporenews.blogspot.com.

This is the footnote part:

Is International Law International? - Google Books Result


Anthea Roberts - 2017 - ‎Law
... Debates with American Expert on the Arbitration 
Case, YOUTUBE (July 22, ... See, e.g., Chua Chin Leng
The Hague's Theatrical Judgment on the South ...


Anonymous said...

..uncle RB, maybe u should get your blog Trademarked so that u can sue or collect 'royalties' out of it..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My purpose is not for that, just to talk about issues from a different angle and hopefully more people are exposed to alternative views by such youtube clips.

Rocket said...

Well done, RB. Keep up your fantastically excellent efforts in the face of a turbulent and treacherous sea of daft, idiotic, self-centred and double-crossing Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

..uncle RB, my respect to you doing a noble job that many r afraid that the gobmen wud invite them for limkopi.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB


Well done!

I m proud of you!

All the best!


Anonymous said...

Youtube postings make more people aware of issues. A good step forward.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

RB, that your blog can get the attention of Youtube is indeed an achievement.

Congratulations for that.

And I think PAP is also taking notice of your blog. And perhaps even come to the conclusion that your blog does no harm to PAP's chances of winning big in the next election.

By the way, unlike the opposition, PAP seems to have no shortage of candidates to be interviewed for next election.
See this link: http://www.straitstimes.com/politics/pap-identifies-200-hopefuls-for-next-ge?xtor=CS11-86

So I hope your blog can make more Sinkies come forward as candidates for the opposition in the next GE. An ultimate hope, or maybe just a big, fat hope?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.32

PAP candidates selected in interviews like jobs applications.

You think they dared talk back against their Employers? ??

Why got hearts to serve the people??

Just going thru motions of doing their menial jobs.

Not a calling to serve. First batch Pioneer all group in as "equals". Each with their own strengths and capabilities.

Brain storming each also take into account their respective perspectives.

That's well GKS can have First few batches of NS Men priority in housings and jobs in the Civil Services.

Now, theyjust have to nod their heads and collect their allowances.

Opposition candidates joined to be underdogs and am more able to serve the general public.

So, daft Sinkies remember that.

The PAP candidates are all high pampered professions as sourced by the PAP.

They don't know what is poverty and hunger.

Anonymous said...

'They don't know what is poverty and hunger' unquote Virgo49

Exactly! How else could a sane, feel so rich human being tell us that GST is to help the poor? It boggles the mind! And daft sinkies believe him. 70% that is. And that is the saddest part of it!

Anonymous said...

Youtube (USA) give a voice to redbean.
Why China and Singapore no give voice to Mr Chua?

Is it because Chinese culture do not like to hear alternative views?

Anonymous said...

By the way, unlike the opposition, PAP seems to have no shortage of candidates to be interviewed for next election.
12:32 pm

That is to be expected lah, because PAP is the ruling party mah.

In fact, by becoming a PAP MP, even for just 1 term due to not performing, is a tremendous boost to one's job resume and credentials, u know.

And not to forget, it opens lots of doors too, especially for company directorships. Some PAP MPS were reported to be holding 20 over directorships! And company directors are usually paid a minimum of $10K per year, with some even up to the high end of 6 figures, by just mainly attending meetings!

So which Sinkie, especially younger ones, don't want to be interviewed as PAP candidate, and hoping to be selected?

Anonymous said...

@ December 03, 2017 12:32 pm & December 03, 2017 3:05 pm

Political Joke
I wonder what is the PAP interview process like?

Candidate A:
I can persuade the daft Sinkies to accept a 20% GST and still win my GRC or SMC elections.

Candidate B:
I can make any Opposition MP look like a fool in parliament with my debating skills.

Candidate C:
I support LHL's candidacy for Senior Minister.

Candidate D (who did not pass the first interview):
I want to improve the livelihood of Singaporeans.
I want to give Singaporeans an easier and happier life.

b said...

Europeans are the most evil people in the world. Not surprising they will attack you.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.47pm

Papies Recruiter: " What can u contribute when u r selected ?"

Candidate E:" Very simple Sir. I will juz sue the opposition or whoever oppose the party line sue until their pants drop.."

Anonymous said...

S’pore’s first generation leaders might’ve dealt with MRT problems differently


Besides SMRT, what about present day PAP?

Would S’pore’s first generation leaders deal with current PAP problems differently?

Anonymous said...

@anon 7.25pm

The Sinkieland's 1st gen leaders had done their part & is already mission accomplished ( there is no way that u can turn back the clock, even if u do that the outcome will b sama sama..)
The present Sinkieland's gobblemen can't be compared to the pioneers gen mainly becos they rule this red dot as a form of 'sickness' by providing themselves with lots of vitamin M & growing its economy by flooding with many humans flesh. How this gobblemen r going to last will depends on how long the sleeping dafts Sinkies awakening or it never happens till this red dot become the forbidden island city of SEAsia overtaken by regional dragons or serpents..

Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn congratulation man!

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousDecember 03, 2017 4:53 pm
>>>>>>>@anon 3.47pm

Papies Recruiter: " What can u contribute when u r selected ?"

Candidate E:" Very simple Sir. I will juz sue the opposition or whoever oppose the party line sue until their pants drop.."<<<<<<<

Just do what a JS & JLB does ...?

Best formula to cause the old guards to stir in their graves ...?

(So that) Historians can (be bz to) write the (final) book (on sinkieland, sequel to old fart's ...)?

Anonymous said...

Those are not human reading out your article. Those are machine - you can hear the synthesized voice.

Anonymous said...

What matters is that some people bothered to convert uncle's posts to youtube.