Trump declares national emergency - Obama on the run

There is a video discussing about the fate of Obama, that he is wanted for committing felony, and could serve time behind bars. Just watch this, https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=obama+on+the+run&&view=detail&mid=ECA436FE9D9066B1EE7BECA436FE9D9066B1EE7B&rvsmid=A7BC92DBD2C8F2257668A7BC92DBD2C8F2257668&FORM=VDQVAP

Though this video is a bit dated, the latest declaration of a state of national emergency is still unfolding. Trump is out for the blood of Obama, Hillary and Comey, the trio that abused the power and expertise of intelligence agencies to listen to phones of presidential candidate Trump and also in hacking election results. Yes, election results can be hacked. What does this means? It means they could jig the results of an election to favour a candidate. Obama did that in 2008 and they did the same thing for Hillary against Trump. But this time it did not work. Why?

My understanding, they fixed the results with certain percentages of the votes to favour their candidate. Unfortunately, after loading on the results, it still failed because the votes in favour of Trump were so huge, so overwhelming that the loading still could not help Hillary to win.

This kind of hacking or jigging of election could mean two kinds of results. The favoured candidate lost marginally because of an overwhelming votes for the other candidate. On the other hand, if the voters voted in favour of the favoured candidate, the result would show an overwhelming win for the favoured candidate as the votes would add to the already loaded results.

The Obama/Hillary/Comey camp was very sure that this could be done as they had done it, according to the video. So after losing, they were confident to accuse the Russians of hacking the results. It could be done. It could be done, and they knew it.
The key point, even in the USA, election results can be hacked, rigged, and fixed. The revelation of this truth is going to shock the world. Votings can be hacked if it is computerized, electronic hacking. Anything computerized can be rigged by the hackers if they can gain access to the data. And no one is wiser.

Now we should sit back and see how Trump bring the election cheats and put them behind bars. Obama is hiding in Tahiti, French Polynesia, with no extradition treaty with the USA. If Obama remains there, you know that he is damn guilty.

There is now news or fake news that Trump has ordered the seizure of properties and assets of Obama and Hillary. Now if only this is real, the world is going to see something really big.


Virgo49 said...

We are still able to have another three to four years of "Peace" if Trump remained as President of the United States.

If Hillary Clinton were to be the current President, it would be chaos or wars now in the Korean Peninsula.

Trump is kept busy dealing his Internal affairs with his American dis tractors and enemies.

Kim is now temporarily left with some breathing space. Trump is a more peace loving President. Russia and China kept the noose from strangling the North Koreans.

But has to go thru the motions with his war mongering compatriots to gather his powers.

To be in power, see how dirty tactics are been played by these so called Honorable Men and Women.

In Sinkie Land, we have Pork Barrel and slandering of the Opposition Politics plus Empty Polling Boxes which are left behind by "mistakes"

Sigh, daft sinkies believe that.

Rocket said...

Court and Congress have issued orders to arrest Barrack Hussein Obama Soetoro and his transgender wife Michael/Michelle Obama for Sedition, Frauds, Imposters, and TREASON against the People of USA, the UN and the Whole World and for Crimes Against Humanity.

Anonymous said...

Rb, is it fake news as I can't get any information on trump declaring emergency.

Anonymous said...

Kim might declare completing nuclear force. Trump is not ready to attack NK. SK is not willing.

China has order Jilin and Liaoning to prepare refugee camps to cater for NK influx. The Yalu river bridge was cut off.

In supporting 90% no refined oil export to NK. China will likely to do it properly. Russia may not but shipping oil through Siberia rail route linking to NK. If Russia shut this route, NK Kim might have to act to turn the situation around or upside down.

What is the purpose to have nuclear war heads? They are means to destroy. So NK will keep those stuff at secret underground but initiate war against SK to discharge millions of hungry northerners to the south.

US will have to be prepared for war and Trump will be stressed for the price to initiate sanctions.
Russia will have to help NK on humanitarian aid.
If NK win and chase out US, Russia will gain access to NK bases through this coming war.
This is the reward Putin is hoping to get.
The Thaad will still be there at SK?
They might be moved to Japan. Then, Russia will need NK s bases to station jets and S400.

The troubles will begin when NK is lost and controlled by US. China and Russia will have missile bases at present NK, but managed by US. China will be the next frontline.

When looking at china s UN man raising his hand to support the Punjabi woman s sanction, the picture spoke for thousand words, similar to those picture in the past when china kuli man obeyed ang mor face woman. No wander India looks down at them.

Anonymous said...

Go to youtube and you will be able to get all the juicy news.

Don't read the main mwdia. They are the real fake news producers.

Those who read only the main media are the ones who have been brain-washed by their propaganda and psychological warfare on their minds. Making them over-dependent and rely only on such propaganda to feed them only what have been subconsciously trained to hear and accept.

The daft are forever daft because stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

Riots erupted all over the country of Peru. The people of Peru are furious over the pardon given to the twice convicted criminal Fujimori, a Japamese who craftily and cunningly became the President of Peru between 1990 and 2000, for ten solid years. During his reign of power in Peru he commiyted numerous crimes against humanity and human rights by murdering thousands of opponents and dissidents through his secret assassination squads.

This piece of recent history and news reminds all common folks of how the cunningness of a Japanese"s mine works. And how powerful it can influence similar corrupted minds all over the world.

Anonymous said...

"The key point, even in the USA, election results can be hacked, rigged, and fixed. The revelation of this truth is going to shock the world. Votings can be hacked if it is computerized, electronic hacking. Anything computerized can be rigged by the hackers if they can gain access to the data. And no one is wiser. '

Yes, election results can be prefixed. Not just with Electronic Systems. Even with manual systems. Many ruling political parties and dictatorial governments have ways to fix the election results without the knowledge of the voters. Only a handful of trusted lieutenants are required to do the job. Usually, it is special security personal from the military or the police.

Ballots and ballot boxes can be easily duplicated and brought to the counting centres without anyone the wiser.

Special counting staff and counting centre officials can also be instructed to fix the counting in a way disadvantageous to the opposition parties.

These are facts of life in the dirty political areana. In politics, the real staff always happened behind the scenes. What are fed in the public domain are meant for public consumption. These are usually lies, half-truths and geberal motherhood statements which meant nothing concrete whatsoever.

So it is time daft Sinkies wake up.

Anonymous said...

Though this may be fake news at this point in time, its disclosure shows that Trump also has his cards to play and his intelligence all over the place. It is a warning to Obama and Hillary that they are being watched. Obama and Hillary would be shitting bricks if there are some elements of truth in all the accusations.

Just be throwing the charges at them, put them under arrest, to defend themselves, would keep the two busy and out of mischiefs for a long while. The pressure would be enormous and financially draining.

Anonymous said...

There are so much fake news on youtube you have to see to believe. Why are people so free to put up such things. Have they nothing else to do? Pity the poor lost souls.

b said...

They are all puppets putting on a show to make their masters insanely wealthy. Usofa is a banan state.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yesterday I posted a 'fake' news about Obama on the run. Today thenewpaper obliged a photo of Obama being interviewed by Prince Harry. So Obama is not on the run.

The photo and interview were done in September, a several months time gap. Why post this photo and interview now?

Obama said that social media have different viewpoints. Some people have different realities.

The reality is that there is a group of heavily financed people, professionals, churning out fake news against Hillary and Obama, just like another group attacking Trump.

Not only there are different realities, there are confusing and conflicting realities. All fabricated by white lies.

This is like the UNSC passing more resolutions against NK, accusing NK of aggression. NK must stop its aggression. What aggression? Not a single NK soldier is outside its border except for two defectors. Not a single gunshot has been fired.

What aggression? NK to stop what aggression? Just because the Americans said it, so it is true, like WMD in Iraq. The UN and those people there are being made to behave like fools, listening to American white lies.