The myth of North Korea’s nuclear threat

This myth has been spread by the Americans and some silly leaders also believe in it. If possession of nuclear weapons is a nuclear threat, the biggest nuclear threat comes from the USA, the evil Empire, the warmonger, the most belligerent country, the country that is threatening to use nuclear weapons at every little opportunity.

North Korea’s nuclear weapons are not even a threat to the South Koreans. They would not use nuclear weapons against their own people even if civil war breaks out again. This is the same as the Americans choosing to drop the Atomic bombs on Japan instead of Germany. The Americans would not drop on the white Europeans, but on yellow skin Asians, it was a very easy decision. The North Koreans are arming their nuclear warheads on long range ICBMs, to reach the American continent, not on short range missiles to hit South Korea. The nuclear fallout would affect them if a nuclear bomb goes off in South Korea.

The North Korean nuclear weapons are not even a threat to China or Russia as they know that China and Russia would not invade them or threaten a regime change. And they also know that using such weapons on China or Russia would invite instant total destruction. No country would seek such an option.

The North Korean nuclear weapons are not a threat to anyone as no one owning a few nuclear weapons would dare to use it. And the North Koreans do not have the wild ambition of the Japanese to want to rule the world and thinking they could invade the rest of Asia. And those silly countries in SE Asia must wake up from their stupidity to think that the North Koreans are going to fire their nuclear weapons at them, believing in the American wild allegation without thinking.

The only use for the North Korean nuclear weapons is as a defensive weapon, a deterrent against the evil Empire that is threatening to invade them, practicing for an invasion of North Korea almost every other day. This is what the nuclear weapons are for, with a very specific purpose and a specific country to aim at.

All the silly leaders echoing the American lie should stop doing it to avoid looking silly and to retain some credibility for themselves. They should not allow themselves to look like fools, like unthinking American cronies, doing the biddings of the evil Empire
The intention of the evil Empire invading North Korea is clear and present danger to the North Koreans. Tillerson has revealed in a Reuter report that they have been in discussion with China on how to secure the North Korean nuclear weapons in the event of the collapse of the regime. He assured China that American troops crossing into North Korea would not stay in North Korea and would return to South Korea.

This revelation tells the intent of the Americans working on bringing down Kim Jong Un and invading North Korea. It did not say if China agrees to the invasion. China has made it clear that China would not stand idly by should the Americans initiated an invasion. The Americans are thinking that the Chinese and Russians are so stupid to allow them to invade North Korea, their ally, and do nothing, allowing North Korea to fall. This is how dangerous and evil the Americans are, waiting to start a war and planning for it.

This time the Chinese and the Russians would not allow the mad Americans to run wild in East Asia. They would lose all credibility if they allow the Americans to attack North Korea. They would have no more friends and every country would be cowed to submit to the evil Empire.

Now how many silly countries in the world still believe the evil Empire is a benign and friendly Empire, for peace and protecting the peace of the world and small countries? And with the brash act of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it made the world look so hapless and hopeless and the Arab/Muslim nations, stupidly believing that the Americans could be their saviours, a righteous Empire s looking so silly and pathetic. What is the point of making stupid comments of regrets and concerns when the Americans and the Jews have swallowed up Jerusalem?

Would the world still want to believe in the American lie, that the Americans are a fair and just country, believing in the rule of law, believing in international norms? The Americans are above international laws, they are the law, they make the laws, they interpret the laws to their convenience and ignore the laws when they deemed fit. They would bully the weak and eat them for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Rb, well written but calm down lar if not your blood pressure will go up not good for your health! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

The only thing to bring down the Evil Empire is a regime change or some kind of a Divine intervention. Dotard Tump might be impeached if their economy decline or too many terriosts attacks. Or a major natural disasters to wipe out majority of the nations ( hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes etc..)

Anonymous said...

If possessing nuclear weapons for the purpose of defending one's country, against big bullies, is a threat to other countries, then Israel must be a very big threat to the Arab World, the Middle East and the African States.

Pakistan and India must also be a great threat to the US, Europe and the African Continent.
The US itself must be the Greatest Threat to the Whole World for having more than 35,000 warheads during the peak of the Cold War; but now said to have more than 7,800 nuclear and neutron Mass Annihilation Weapons, on top of heavy bombers and strategic military aircraft, with so many Naval Fleets, submarines, secret space weapons.

What about the more than 1000 US Military around the World? What are they meant for? For war or for peace? Isn't it already a show of force to intimidate other countries, including Russia and China, and Brazil?

Overall, as far as military and political threats are concerned, the United States of America is the Greatest Threat to All Mankind and to the Total Destruction of the World.

Anonymous said...

For North Korea to nuke the South is as good as nuking themself. That is a no brainer.

There is only one reason why Kim went nuclear, and that is for defence and detereent. And he also knew he had the support of Russia and China against any attempts to invade his country. So he was able to build his defence capabilities.

Saddam Hussein could not have what Kim now has, but he had the intention, not that he was building a nuclear arsenal, so he had to go. Kim knew this was the real reason why Iraq failed to deter an invasion.

What threat from North Korea is the evil empire always talking about? How many countries have China or North Korea invaded, short of border wars against neighbours India and Vietnam? How many countries have the evil empire invaded directly or indirectly by inciting regime changes? Who was the first country to use nuclear weapons against another?

And who is the world's biggest weapons manufacturer who stands to benefit the most from all this?

Anonymous said...

"The Americans are above international laws, they are the law, they make the laws, they interpret the laws to their convenience and ignore the laws when they deemed fit. They would bully the weak and eat them for dinner." - RB.

This statement rings a bell at the home front as well.

Anonymous said...

Jia Qingguo wrote "China must be more willing to consider talks with concerned countries on contingency plans" after Kim Jong Un, Reuter 15 Sep 17, was the starting of Chinese s actions to see NK after Kim Jong Un.
China hardly discussed after Kim NK s plans. On pretext of refugees, chinese PLA has troops in full battle orders stationing at Jilin province bordering to NK. These are signs of chinese contingencies plan for Kim s fall. NK and China has cut off the flow at Dantong bridge. China said it was NK wanted to repair the bridge.
While chinese petrol reduced, NK was reported to see petrol prices in public plummeted. NK s other source of energy is russia. This is the current situation in winter.
Kim has said its nuclear program has completed. In a meeting with weapon industries, he encouraged more quality and more quantity. Kim also initiated to have direct talk with US thro russia s fm. Tellison responded few days later saying talks has no condition.

US has changed its words. It had demanded NK to give up nuclear weapon before talk can initiate. However, some reports said Whitehouse was not in favor of Tellison s response.

From signs of Kim, and US, the tension seems working towards cooling down. Trump does not keep harping at "rocket man" to stir up tension.

However, war always goes before a period of windless nights. Never take things as peace is coming. What signs?
1. Trump signed off the resolution for warships to harbor at Kaoshiong Taiwan. It becomes legal and laws. During 1950, Korean war had US warship stationed at Taiwan to support the war. President Tsia welcomes the US s new initiative. It means US fleets can go to Taiwan ports.
2. China low level response was: when the fleets harbor in Taiwan, its the day chinese PLA attacks Taiwan. No high level response on US s new laws.

This new development was played down in media as stock market and bitcoins are making lots of fake money. Who are owners of bitcoins? Criminals. The world is putting money on illegal money. NK was said to hack on these exchanges to get free money.
Bitcons was used to pay off one big hacking on commercial firm by some Luzara group using some makeucry virus. It has been used for trading organs. Now US legalize this money exchange and everyday cna talk about its value keeps increasing. It is a bad sign, something is gonna be crashing down overnight.
That could be war breaks out and the illegal money owners have harvest their takings fast enough.

Trump s unpredictable. He gambled on Jerusalem while he keeps saudi at his side to beef up the jewish state. When war breaks up with NK, it will be unlikely be confined to N S Koreas only. SK said it will not. But Whitehse adviser some Mr Master said US will go alone. Angmore fighting with NK will use up its bombs on flights first as seen in eastern europe war. No ground troops. How to win Kim with no ground troops? So other countries must come in with troops, Japan, Australia, and usa may be, on fuel re topping up. Can win? Can can and canned.

Kim s plan to talk is far superior than throwing bombs against the south and fighting against US s bombers. It is a logical step. US might play tricks similar to the period prior to invading Iraq. However, with russia putin at NK side, Kim has 50% chance to take US for months. The logic is similar to Syria assad. However, the US forces will come in devastating power in NK. Kim s NK might oredi has underground cities to hide. So the war will not end in years. US better pray both sides do not use nuclear weapons.
It will be a war never seen before in history where US fleets might be sunk in asia seas. NK s submarines are hidden. US hardly has records. Such powerful forces might break the fleets as power. So US and SK might be no longer power when NK might also no longer exist after the war. When this happens, what happen to the muslims countries against the jewish state? What happens to the little dot the model of isreal in sea? It will be chilling for such scenario.

Anonymous said...

Latest MOM Statistics (Revised) show that for the year 2017, unemployment rate is 3.38%. This is an all-time 8-year high. Yet the Minister who boasted about being happy reading his monthly CPF Statement, claims that unemployment is improving.

Of the total unemployed, Singaporeans comprise 87%, or more than 63,000 for Q4.

Anonymous said...

Never trust the mop head. He is the union chief.

Anonymous said...

The no. 1 threat to the well being of Sinkies in Singapore is the presence of the 2.3 million foreigners let by PAP to work here.

North Korean nuclear threat to Sinkies, if it's indeed a threat, only rank 99 on a scale of 01 - 100 !

Anonymous said...

The evil Americans think they can fight this war and have the cake and eat it. They are planning to use drones and cruise missiles, thinking that they can hit NK and NK cannot hit back. The NK will hit all American bases in Japan and NK and Guam as well. The American aircraft carriers would also be hit.

And the Russians and Chinese would come in to shoot down the American aircraft and missiles. It would quickly escalated into a major war involving the Americans, Japan and its allies versus NK, Russia and China.

This time the Americans would not get away with the likes of what they did in the ME. No way would Russia and China fold their arms and do nothing. They would fight.

The day American warships enter Taiwan, the day China would blockade Taiwan and the surrounding airspace and sea. No foreign warships in the area, no fly zone declared and all military ships and aircraft would be shot at.

The apparent lull with Tillerson announcing talks with NK could be a deception with the Americans planning to conduct a sneak attack at NK like the sneaky Japanese on Pearl Harbour.

War in east Asia is imminent. And the bastards going to start this war are the Americans.

Anonymous said...

China and Russia have also conducted a joint military exercise during the same period (last week) while the US, Japan and South Korea were conducting a joint military exercise to invade North Korea, as a form of intimidation and black-mail.

A combined force of about 300,000 ground troups, inclusive of armour, air defence and artillery forces, from China and Russia have been deployed and ready to cross the border between North Korea and China, North Korea and Russia, in the event of a US forces crossing the 38th Parallel DMZ.

From the look of the developments, North Korea will not be alone to fend for itself if there is a war in the Korean Peninsula, irrespective of who started the war first. Why? Very simple logic. China amd Russia would never allow North Korea to become another Iraq or Afghanistan, or Syria, with US forces right at their backdoors.

In the US, the tide is beginning to turn against Trump. Alabama State has just been lost to the Democrats. This is the first clear sign of the US public turning against him.

The investigation into the Russian connection in the last US Presidential Election, being undertaken by Robert Mueller, the Special Independent Prosecutor appointed by the Justice department, is taking full momentum. Two of Trump's close associates have already been implicated in the investigation.

The recent arbitrary recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has ignited another fuze that leads to a time-bomb for Trump and the US Administration.

EU is being prepared by the New World Order (NWO) proponents to be ready by 2018 for it to be put in place. Trump's Anti-NWO stance will face a backlash in a matter of time.

George Soros has pumped in US$16 billion through his Open Society and other organizations to ensure the fall of Trump's Presidency.

Ex-President Barack Obama and his Democrats are actively working towards defending his and the Democrats' legacy, which Trump is trying to dismantle. So far, it seems that the more Trump tries, the more obstacles he encounters.

Within the White House and other US government departments, it is clear there are still very strong anti-Trump forces that he has to contend with, even though he has fired and replaced many of them already.

Based on the various situations at present, I think Trump is not likely to be elected for a second term.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

The foreigners 2.3 millions is a security threat only in Malaysia s term.
Dr Ongkili said in Malaysia, water shortage is threatening as population increases. Sustainability is a problem in Malaysia.

Sinkieland should now increase to 10 millions so that when water is short on Sinkieland, these 7 millions extra foreigners are stuck and will not go away. Otherwise the dragon son will not be happy with money. He needs 10 millions population under him. When Sinkieland has water shortage, foreigners will only come when they are brainless like to be screwed with the NS men by the elites.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir once said that Malaysia has plenty of excess water. He even told his people if they cannot use the excess water, just take an additional bath each rather than selling raw water cheaply to Sinkieland.

How times have change. It is not wise to be arrogant.

The wisdom of being humble is that you may never know when you will need help.

I understand that even in Malaysia, there are some places drinking our 'sai chwee', which they arrogantly make fun of years ago when they had plenty of water to spare.

What goes around comes around

b said...

Usofa only using NK to sell more weapons to Japan and SK.
All along they armed NK with nuke intelligence.
If NK is really angry, Usofa has already been nuked.
No need to talk talk no action.
Usofa also uses israel and is to sell more weapons to arabs countries.
Same strategy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I hope Trump would stay on longer to destroy the evil Empire. Another new guy in the White House could be more dangerous and destructive. Every American President would be a war president, trying to protect the evil Empire, to start more wars, to create more instability, to sell more arms and to frighten and bully nations around the world.

The evil Empire will not change its spots. Any President in the White House would be pushing the same agenda. Trump has his virtues and strength, more independent minded and will fight against the military industrial complex in his own ways.

He would not be pushed around by them. Let them fight within the American political arena than fighting other countries. Let them be very busy fighting in home ground fighting among themselves.

Anonymous said...

It is true. Whether Democrats or Republicans they are the same.

They are cast in the same mould - vile, evil and greedy.

But politicians are the same everywhere. Only some are more endowed with military might to inflict greater evil.

Either they screw others or they screw their own people.

Anonymous said...

Who is more dangerous to Singaporean citizens?

North Korea's nuclear missiles or PAP's driver-less cars?

Anonymous said...

Who is more dangerous to Singaporean citizens?

North Korea's nuclear missiles or obsessed-about-increasing-taxes PAP elite ?

Anonymous said...

Driverless vehicles (robots) can be equated to potential suicide-bombers, which can be remotely controlled. Remember how MH370 disappeared? If a plane can be remotely controlled, cars are easy targets.

Anonymous said...

Who is more likely to get a Singaporean killed?

PAP's National Service Policy or our Opposition Political Parties who can vote against National Service?

Anonymous said...

Ministry of Propaganda and Censorship wants to have police power to enter your house (without warrent) to conduct search and arrest. What next?

Ministry of Cheap Imported Labours would also want to have police power?

Next, Ministry of Law also want to have police power to check and arrest those who break laws?

Next, Ministry of Defence also want to have police power to check and arrest those who go against National Service regulations?

Next, Ministry of Foreign Affairs also want to have police power to check and arrest possible spies?

Next, Ministry of Environment also want to have police power to check and arrest environment offenders?

Next, all other Ministries will also follow suit and demand for police power to check, search and arrest anybody at their own discretion?

Why need to have a Police Force then?

Virgo49 said...

Now Shamemugan alreday gave more protection and powers to his Kia kias. Next all government agencies wants to have more power like the Immigration Dept.

Fortune Teller in Chinese Almanac forecasted that in 2018, a Prominent Stateman will be assassinated and.many unrests.

His previous forecast very accurate.

Anonymous said...

What say the fortune teller who keeps forcasting 70% PAP?