Need to rethink on housing policy

Leong Sze Hian wrote an article in the TRE on the rejection of an appeal by single parents to allow them to own HDB flats. Here is a quote from his article,
‘… “A parliamentary petition by an MP, on behalf of seven single parents, calling for a reform of the public housing policy for single parents has been turned down.

Nee Soon GRC MP Louis Ng wants the authorities to recognise unmarried parents and their children as a family nucleus, so that they can be eligible for public housing schemes.

The ministry, which oversees public housing, said it has no intention to amend the law and introduce exemptions for unmarried and divorced parents.”…

As to “It said the Government is committed to housing the nation, and ensuring the well-being of children.’

My basic instinct on reading the above is that you do not go to beg a rich man for pity. In a documentary on the rich in India, a reply from a very rich man was that the people begging in the streets were idiots. I can understand where he is coming from. When one is very successful, one feels that one earns his keep, one is very talented and deserved everything while those that were failures deserved to be failures. I can only hope fortune will keep smiling on these ‘clever and very rich people’. They have little compassion for the poor. They did not know that in life, many things are beyond the control of the down trodden. It is life and fortunes can change within one’s life time.

Our public housing policy is just as brutal as the comment from the rich man in India. It is as good as you die your business. You are given two chances and if you squandered it, you blame yourself. This kind of heartless and arrogant view about life and the losers could only come from people that have not experienced hardship or thought that they were blessed with talent and their lives would always be smooth sailing, even for their children.

Life is not as simple and predictable as the high and mighty would want to believe. But that is their private life and they can go on believing that they would always have a good life because they are very clever. On the other hand, a govt is to look after the well beings of the people. And there would be many people that ended up as losers and failures financially, some by self destruct, some by circumstances beyond their control, some due to bad luck.

We have screwed up our public housing programme due to high and mighty thinking. It is time to review the cruel and ruthless rulings and to really think of building homes for the people. A roof on the head is basic necessity. No one can go without it. The parents may be failures or losers, their children are innocent. Stop the rubbish about double your asset price. A home is a home and is not a gambling chip.

The govt must go back to basics and see it as its primary duty to provide affordable, I mean really affordable homes, not one that you have to pay a whole life, with your limbs for it. The policy of two bites of the cherry is inadequate for a life time. And it is very cruel for civilised people to think that it is ok, a right thing to do.

The govt should build as many HDB flats as needed for the people. No limits to how many times a person buys and sell his flats. When there are enough of flats readily available, no one can go on buying and selling public flats or even private properties. For public housing, just limit it to one at a time and no ownership of more than one at any one time. Maybe a 3 to 5 year time bar would be more than adequate to prevent abuses. When everyone has a home, and can have a home from HDB at short notice, there will be no inflation of prices like what is going on now. A caveat, stop the crazy unrestrained influx of foreigners to artificially jack up property prices or at least banned foreigners from public housing.

Everyone needs a home, a roof over his head. Single parenthood, divorced, broken families, etc etc, no difference. This is the basic responsibility of the govt. Period.

Go and rethink and reflect on this unfeeling public housing policies and think of serving the people and the needs of the people. Not everyone is so fortunate to lead a life of plenty. There will always be the unfortunate. Public housing policies must be caring and compassionate and all inclusive. No one should be left behind. No Singaporeans should be left behind. Forget about the foreigners or the so called locals. They came here on their own because things are better here. They are not the responsibility of an elected govt by the people. The govt is responsible to the people that elected them to run the country, not to serve the foreigners and non citizen locals.

Did I get my points across to the high and mighty, the uncaring gods and immortals? The insincerity of it all is that they can turn a blind eye to the sufferings of the single mothers or broken families without a roof over their heads. They simply don’t care. This is my system, accept it or lump it, you mess it up, not my problem. You voted for it, you voted ME to make these policies. You asked for it.


Virgo 49 said...

Government basic responsibilities is building enough housings for her citizens.

Not supply and demand as monopoly to make monies.

Now prefab slabs from Matland at exchange 3 to 1 and yet the price is sky high.

Singles as citizens also been penalised.Have to top up what's $15K to buy a flexi flat.

After serving National Slavery and not even purchase a flat before.

Vote them out

Anonymous said...

good morning to all

singapore is like that liao

you don't know meh

it is now a you die your business society

it is now a no money no talk society

it is now a ownself-take-care-ownself society


it is like that now now now!

don't forget, 70% OK-ed!

ask them!

what can you do now?


Anonymous said...

How many single parents r there in Sinkieland? Think that the PAPies must have made a calculation, maybe not even 5% of the entire population. So even if all voted for Opposition party, PAPies still win ( at 60-65 % of all votes)..so these single parents has no impact to the whites Papies Lah, they can kpkb olso no use that's the mentality of Sinkies Garmen Lah, in next GE they will still chant the same slogan - with u, for u , one after GE they will just Fxxx care u , that's it -- u got the garmen u deserved! So Profits After Profits will just price hike, tax hike etc till u pants drop...

Anonymous said...

With single able to apply flat above 35, single parent cannot own flat would be for those below 35 and with children, yet the parent is never married or widowed.

This is a social issue. True that single parent wants to have children yet dont want to go ROM cannot apply for HDB flat. However the child should be able to, only the parent is not 35. But the child must be 21 then apply with the old single parent.

The whole question is not HDB disallowed. It is what makes a parent refuse to go ROM. Main reason is likely to be shot gun and boy friend run away, or the woman intentionally gets into the situation.
If a woman intentionally gets into a child bearing situation, she is likely to have money to pay for condo. Many single executives snub at sinkieland NS boys but prefer angmor.

Angmor once has got enough of the screw, he cannot be found. Even he is found, he will not go ROM with the local girl.

HDB should provide housing for girl/man with child while she/he is above 21 yet below 35 as a family nucleus?

Who can guarantee these unplanned child bearing parent can afford to run a family? There involves housework, child caring work, money making work, as full time major subjects?

Therefore, HDB is absolutely correct not to provide housing for these young single parent because the child and children will be disadvantaged. First the child will have less time sharing with the only parent. Second the parent will be financially handicap.

HDB is correct because it forces the parent of the girl or boy to be partially responsible to their children s misfortune. The parents must help the girl if she was cheated or the boy who still doing IPPT and IN Camp to be single parent.

Parent of a child is involving full time work to keep the child from harm. If the child is left alone in a single parent flat, the child might be endangered.

Politics aside, HDB should not be silly to go for scheme that endangers future generations.

Goh said...

Animal lover can only think of how to care for animal but not all are matured or qualified enough to think like human or the best way to care for human.
Offering housing easily to single mum will only encourage more to produce baby before getting married and cause more social problems.
Go n get married legally.
In facts,there's other ways to solve this easily but I do not wish to reveal here as I dun earn million .

Anonymous said...

There r some street smart Sinkies making use of singlehood by divorcing themselves on paper & apply to HDB flat to own 2 properties ( 1 for the separated father & 1 for the separated mum). They did this to 'legally' own 2 properties & rent to others to earn rental monies but on reality they aren't Divorced, on paper they r divorced to milk the hdb system, this r hard to catch or detect but there r people risking this way as both parties r taking risks on their relationship as one might run road with another new partner ( utimately their kids bear tge brunt)..but to the fake coupkes they only hv same goal but may be different interests.

Anonymous said...

The ministry, which oversees public housing, said it has no intention to amend the law and introduce exemptions for unmarried and divorced parents.”…

Dear unmarried and divorced parents.
- Do 70% of you vote PAP?
- why don't you organize yourselves into a united voting bloc to change government policy?

Anonymous said...

@ December 07, 2017 11:51 am

/// There r some street smart Sinkies making use of singlehood by divorcing themselves on paper & apply to HDB flat to own 2 properties ( 1 for the separated father & 1 for the separated mum). ///

Dear Singaporeans.
The above is called a "straw man argument".
It's a logical trick used in debates.

It's the same as the old "There is a mysterious and unidentified 55 year old man who squandered all his money on Batam women. And that is why all men and WOMEN cannot be allowed to get back all our CPF money at 55 years as originally promised."



Anonymous said...

@anon 12.47pm

This is the mentality of the Papies..Lao Goh has said b4 bout cpf being lock up to prevent the elderly going to Batam to squander away their hard earn money to the 'sayang' lover there & end up being conned..this had resulted in Sinkies cpf being locked up & same logic of the single parents logic (unless 70% dafts Sinkies r awakened else its hard for the gobblemen to shift goalposts la)..

Anonymous said...

Dear LGBTs (lesbians, gays ...)
- Do 70% of you vote PAP?
- Do you also disagree with some PAP policies?
- Do you think you can work with "unmarried and divorced parents" to persuade PAP with your votes in GE 2020?

Do you think it's better to organize your meetings in Johor?
To avoid being charged with "illegal assembly"?

Do you think Singapore belongs to everybody except LGBTs and "unmarried and divorced parents"?

Anonymous said...

This is fake news. There were such fake news on the web: people divorce to buy 2 flats. The scheme is an imagination. No way adults can make money out of it.
If after divorce, one partner can own the flat without mandatory selling the common flat off means the single partner fully own the flat. Most flats are co owned by 2 partners. Cannot retain but to sell off. So mostly the husband and wife both have no home after divorce. Wanna own 2 flats? Must have money. Ai tan ku ku lah. No kids? too lucky or unlucky in long run. Got kids, who suffer?

Only stupid and idiots will go for this kind of divorce going through courts to buy 2 flats. If they have money, they will buy condos to stay together, why buy 2 flats? can earn money meh? It is a fake news and bluff, from some uneducated brains.

This kind of allegation on divorcees is very irresponsible and cruel. People already suffer misfortune on bad relationship, these writers still pour oil on the fire.

Anonymous said...

@ December 07, 2017 1:31 pm

If we are really the "owner" of our HDB flats ... how can anybody "force" us to sell our HDB flat against our will?

Is it because HDB owns "our" HDB flat, and so when we divorce, we have violated the terms & conditions of our HDB lease ... and that is why HDB (as owner and landlord) can force us to sell our HDB flat?

If we own a private property, and we divorce ... have you heard of any body being "forced" to sell their private property against their will?

"I have freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves."
- Harriet Tubman


Anonymous said...

The difference between a great human and a small human is this:

The great man has a heart of gold - great compassion; he is able to feel the sufferings of others and always actively willing to do something to help them to eliminate their sufferings forever, or at least stop their sufferings temporarily.

The small human (and usually inhuman) has a calculative, self-centred, greedy, miserly, vicious, ruthless. and vindictive heart. He cares only for himself. Everything he must have it first. He wants to win all the time. He always talks about win-win situations but what he actually means is that he must win under whatever circumstances. He always must be Number One. He cannot tolerate someone better than him or challenge him to the Number One position. He only takes but never gives. If he gives you something, he must take from you in return double or more than what he has given you. If you ever offend him even the slightest, he will make sure you pay heavily for it. And because of his ruthlessness, he will destroy anyone who opposes him on whatever issues, wherever and whenever. His calculative brain rules his heart and he only knows one thing - power. He eats, sleeps, breathes and lives on power. He is actually a power-crazy maniac, exactly like the king of darkness, the evil one, SATAN. Many political leaders are like this. Is Singapore' political leadership any different?

Anonymous said...

It is a fake news that HDB can force a divorcee to sell his flat.
It is a fake news that a couple can keep his condo when divorce, when the couple co own the condo.

There no need to spread untrue news when u are not able to distinguish the difference. It will not misguide the educated readers. But for kids reading it, it is bad to their impression.

Who want to buy HDB flats if the flats are not belonged to them. Non citizens or PR should not get into such subjects if they never own HDB flats.

Anonymous said...

The PAP government's argument is, as someone above said, always clutching at straws. It is never based on logic.

Why do they allow ownvers of private property to own HDB flats and yet would not allow single parents to do so? If it is committed to housing the nation and the needs of children, why allow the rich to own one HDB flat and rent out one private property depriving someone of a roof over his head?

You see, the fucking idea is to push up private property prices by allowing the rich to invest in multiple properties. On the one hand, sales of land to private developers by bidding is also the result of wanting to build more private condos for the rich living in HDB to invest in. This will in turn push up HDB prices.

They always have a sinister agenda and will tell you wonderful grandmother's stories in the hope that you will not see their evil intentions. This is not looking after citizens. It is exploiting the daftness of the dafts and pulling the rest of the 30% under water as well.

Stupidity has no cure should be the next slogan of the arrogant PAP. And their arrogance have blinded them into a false sense of superiority, when other neighbours are about to pass them by.

Anonymous said...


Good said.

Metaphor of the great Lang vs small Lang.

Great Lang r Sane ( Saints ) people.
In contrast, small Lang r Insane ( Power Craze) people.
In little UaSsA, who r the great & small Lang?...hard to find?
Probably, great Lang mostly migrated elsewhere & leaving only small Lang to lead this island to abysses with price hikes & taxes hikes etc.. & they said is to help the poor & elderly people -- but 70% dafts Sickies sinpids believe in them...

b said...

This is a small island with two system - one for the rich and one for the poor. Based on percentage of tax (income, gst etc) on assets , the rich gets everything and pay very little tax, the poor gets nothings but pay lots of tax. The gov is friend for the rich but foe for the poor. Stop voting for the ruling party is your only solution.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies millionaires are screw up. Cannot beat 4 china cities GDP, according to global time.

In 2009, city someone laughed open the tap got pork soup, shanghai over took sinkieland in total gdp.
In 2013 Beijing over took sinkieland gdp.

In 2016 Guangzhou had 298.2 billions USD gdp, over took.
In 2016 Shenzheng had 302.3 billions gdp, over took sinkieland.

The millionaires spoke to citizens, in 2050 half are aged population. Can citizens recall, 2.5 millions foreigners are actually at 30 to 40s when the migrated into sinkieland.

Now millionaires are worried about old age in 2050, and want citizens to mai tan: pay the medical bills for these foreigners.

Do they deserve millions dollars salaries?
Better quickly vote for opposition to get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's better to organize your meetings in Johor?
To avoid being charged with "illegal assembly"?
December 07, 2017 1:19 pm

So what you want to do?
Set up a Hong Lim Park in Johor is it?

If a thousand Singaporeans meet in a park in Johor;
Do we need to apply for a Johor police permit?

Anonymous said...

If a thousand Singaporeans meet in a park in Johor;
Do we need to apply for a Johor police permit?
December 07, 2017 4:48 pm

If you own agricultural land in Johor.
Why not rent out your private land to Singaporeans for a mass political rally?
No need police permit right?

Anonymous said...

@ December 07, 2017 2:55 pm

Who want to buy HDB flats if the flats are not belonged to them. Non citizens or PR should not get into such subjects if they never own HDB flats.
If PRs really own their HDB flats;
then how can a non-owner like HDB control whether the PR can rent out "their" HDB flats?


If a PR owns a bungalow like billionaire Jim Rogers;
Do you see the HDB telling Jim Rogers whether he can or cannot rent out his bungalow?


b said...

Complaining is useless.
Stop voting for payandpay party is your only solution.

Anonymous said...

b 619pm, no use no use! You will be disappointed!

People will only kpkb and kpkb but when come to voting,,,,,PAP!

PAP knows! They are very very very very happy with the 70% votes

Will it be 80% at next GE? Maybe! Maybe!

We shall see!

Anonymous said...

Still vomiting the same old stuff.

Anonymous said...


Very often, old stuff is good!


Anonymous said...

Minister Heng Swee Keat issues fake news counting Medisave as Government’s expenditure


True or not ah?

Anonymous said...

Sg an image + nation =.(imagination)

Lightning Strikes Deceiving Crook said...

@ December 07, 2017 9:30 pm

"Minister Heng Swee Keat issues fake news counting Medisave as Government’s expenditure."

As Financial Million-Dollars Minister short-changed Citizens God will punish with a Second Stroke like Lightning Strike.

Anonymous said...


Pen Pineappple Apple Pen



Anonymous said...

There is a "super elite culture and privilege group (自己人) problem", bigger than the train culture problem, you can felt it when you visit those whatever centers, not difficult for you to realize, it has solidly ebbed in every parts of our country, went unnoticed, influencing people to adapt a heartless attitude(你死你的事), instead you are often shown with cosmetic dressing good (锦上漆花) news. Yes, any helping the poor(雪中送炭) case will have oversize publicity to made you believe no body is left behind. You knew and you felt the FAKE is much much more than the real.