The World United must be tough against the evil Empire

The evil Empire continues to stir trouble around the world. The unilateral recognition of Jerusalem is another blatant violation of international law and a snub at the international community. The evil Empire stood alone at the UN Security Council to veto a resolution against its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The evil Empire is cornered, furious and alone against the world. It has been abusing, bullying and threatening the rest of the world for too long. And many countries that were used to its lies have finally woken up. The Arab/Muslim countries are the last to open their eyes to the deceit and betrayal of their cause and interests by the evil Empire. It is painful to be misled by the evil Empire for so long to know that they have been duped all along. Stupidity must come to an end. At the UN Security Council they have joined ranks with European countries, former allies of the evil Empire to vote against the evil Empire.

It is time that the World United must be tough and take strong measures against the bullying and threats of the evil Empire. The strong position taken at the UNSC is a ‘great awakening, a resurgence of confidence, and a rebirth of a new world united against the evil Empire’.

North Korea has shown the way to deal with the evil Empire. Russia and China have joined forces to stand up to the evil Empire. The rest of the world must close ranks to put a stop to the violations of world order by the evil Empire. The evil Empire must be stopped from abusing, bullying and demonizing small countries and threatening them with sanctions, regime change and wars. The evil Empire must not be allowed to continue with it belligerent and warmongering policies and actions against the rest of the world.

For once, the evil Empire is alone, cornered but still in defiant. Stop the evil Empire. Stand up to the evil Empire. Stop the evil Empire from poking at every country’s internal affairs, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia, in SE Asia, in Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, in Latin America. This evil Empire has no God damn right to be messing around with other country’s affairs. That is the only way to prevent the evil Empire from continuing with its hostile and ruthless interference and oppression of the rest of the world.

The international community has put up another resolution to be voted in the UN General Assembly after the US solitary veto in the Security Council. And the little girl representing the US is crying out loud, acting like a class monitor and threatening, ‘I will take down the names of those who voted against the US and report to the Emperor. The Emperor would be very angry with those that did not support the Empire.’

How many countries in the UN would be voting on principles and how many countries would be voting for the Empire, voting against principles and international law because they are the cronies of the Empire

Say No to the evil Empire.


Anonymous said...

..Uncle Rb, ur account of the above seems to be like Stars Wars series version of the Last Jedi. Though not a Star Wars fan but had watched the recent episode of this movie. It's a depiction of the Star Wars about the Resistance force went rebel against the Republic where the Evil or Dark side Supreme Leader Of the First Order wanted to take down the Resistance Force & its Leader Princess Leia. Ray was sent to learn the Jedi skills with Master Luke Skywalker. Dark Side had a young veda named Ben who later killed the Evil Supreme Leader to become the next Supreme One, he wanted to get Ray (Jedi) to join forces with him to control the universe but in vain. New Supreme One Ben had a final show down with Master Skywalker ( who become like a Zen Master).. Ray use her power to save the Resistance force out of danger & the legend continue...if u substitute the Dark Side forces with the Evil Empire & the Resistance forces with North Korea & Ray with Jedi Kim JN, there u have it the modern Star Wars version of this modern world, sounds like the war still continue on this planet till the end of days..Interesting...

Anonymous said...

The Punjabi descendant was doing a job to stop potential US support to move US embassy to Jerusalem. She will take down names and report to Trump. That kind of language is not a pro in language will use in UN. But Trump supported her way.

The result spoke for itself. 14 to 1 out of 15 members in UN. Japan and Ukraine, did not support. This was unusual. The latter needs money. But US hardly donate much. Egypt get 1.2bn aid. But it will lose more from neighboring Arabs if it support US and did not move the resolution.

Over the total picture. UN had a resolution on Jerusalem in 1967: Palestine and Israel are the parties to decide east jerusalem. How can the permanent members support US s new decision?
US broke the resolution it supported in 1967.

Money given by US is good when the leaders are corrupted. But as one case in neighboring country showed, it is not easy to move the money around to make it legally belonged to someone in these days. Therefore, it seems relying on aid money as threat to vote in support of US s own unprincipled shift in position was NOT effective. Trump was too naive and that Punjabi woman thought she was in India assembly.

In Telegraph, there was an exclusive news that US has planned to punch the bloody nose of NK. US planned to attack NK s launching sites and armo dump. Often this kind is fake news.

If US were to attack from air space, the ground troops in NK will have to move somewhere. Probably southward. From this 14 to 1, Trump might lose his confidence to decide. The scenario is likely that US and SK will be left alone to fight NK. UK defense minister had said UK had plan to teach NK lessons. From UK s shaky negotiation on Brexit and dictated terms by EU, UK might not render full support in NK war. France and Germany are rivals to lead EU, both will not want to be weaken in supporting US. The only 2 other potentials will be China and Russia. Both have arsenals but might not want to create their own enemy next to their borders.

This resolution reflected Egypt drafted the resolution so general in order to show it is the leader among Arabs "for" Palestine. It add points for its own security.

Indonesia is adding point by presenting another resolution against US s new move.

From these new changes in position, usa is not in good position to demand china to obey international laws. US might not protect it with ground troops. Neither Israel will fight for it.

The position will shift against US generally for big or medium size countries like Indonesia and Egypt.

After the NK war, if US had to move house from SK, the position of usa is not sing song. India is known to have its own position, weaker than Japan.
Hope NK and US take up the showdown once for all. If US win, China might be happy to deal with a unified SK govt next to its border. Will it still be so friendly kowtow to it? So US is too hesitant. It did not show its might power in fighting force except "taking down names". No use in this new century lah.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the little girl said she would take down the names of those who voted against the USA, everyone in the UNSC must be trembling in fear. Or were they chuckling at her childishness?

My God, that was the UN Security Council and they sent a little girl there and behaving every bit like a little girl.

Just like Star Wars alright. In fact the directors have made it quite clear what the Star Wars series was all about, it is about the evil American Empire.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire of USA has shown throughout its short history of 250 years, that it has no qualms and compunction to murder peaceful, innocent common folks enmass with total brutality, ruthlessness and disregard for ethics, morals and international laws.

They murdered and massacred the Original Natives of North America by countless millions.

The Evil USA almost annihilated the Natives of Hawaii, Guam, West Indes, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans.

The Evil USA leaders are the first to use the Atomic Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to murder millions of innocent Japanese folks and caused prolonged sufferings even until today.

The Evil USA carpet-bombed Vietnam and murdered and miamed countless millions of innocent defenceless children, women and old folks.

The Evil USA leaders are so inhuman that they even plotted and carried out the destruction of their own World Trade Centre and murdered at least 3000 Americans, their own people. And put blame to Osama bin Laden and create an excuse to launch its "War On Terror" but actually as a cover to grab oil and other natural resources in the Middle East.

The Evil USA used drones to murder millions of defenceless, innocent women and children of the Arab World, the Muslims and the Middle-Eastern People by stealth and secrecy, without regard to human decency and international laws.

The Evil US Empire is the one that created wars and conflicts, and regime change, everywhere in the World through its Evil CIA and Military in collusion with UK's MI5 and Israeli Intelligence Mozart.

The list goes on and on .....

Common innocent folks, murdered by the millions, are considered as collateral damage by the Evil Empire of USA. They massacred and annihilated them without blinking an eye-lid. Therefore, all common folks of the whole World must rise up to resist and fight this gigantic Evil Empire and ensure it will never be able to wage wars and cause hardships and sufferings to people of the world any more!


Virgo 49 said...

Previously,she cowered in fears and huddled with her colleagues when the Russian and Palestinian Reps spoke.

Take down names just like in the National Slavery of raw recruits and school children for detention classes? ??

Donald Trump is a Real Dotard. You are dealing with Old Birds hardened with wits and cunnings.

Think you are only the Supreme Leader who can override anybody you want in your business Empire and your daft UASsA citiZens.

Anonymous said...

according news agency there are UN resolutions calling on that country to withdraw from land seized via a 1967 war.

How is Spore suppose to vote then given it's strong stance on rule of Law or international Law?

Anonymous said...

They took down the name of Kim long ago. And issued threat after threat after threat to no avail.

Did Kim blink?

Anonymous said...

the singapore representative will be in the tiolet, when it come to vote..

Anonymous said...

The voting will be in General Assembly where no country out of the 193 nations has veto power.

Anonymous said...

That little Punjabi Gal who wanto take down names that go against the UaSsA Evil Empire clearly she stands & belong to the Dark Side, May The Dark Forces be with her, she be kidnapped & terrorize by unnamed Terror Forces of the Arab World when she dare to go there..

Anonymous said...

As a small country SG official must criticize and speak up against threat like this at an international organization like UN. Wow unbelievable this is coming from a superpower!

Rocket said...

The votes at tomorrow's UN General Assembly will be, I predict, 120 vs 60 with 5 abstentions and 8 absents.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow the world must be watching the vote.
So called super power just make the world more divided .

Anonymous said...

Don't worry...

S'pore UN rep will complain of diarrhea & guickly go toilet during voting time.

Anonymous said...

Red dot faster go to Washington to offer Trump more lucrative deals, maybe buy more US jets. No wonder Singapore defense budget so high, got to raise more taxes if want to increase health spending

Anonymous said...

Simon told me that there was a massive massive crowd at HLP last night.

But not organised by the usual regulars.

This is Sg. Sg is like that liao,,,,,,,,,,,,!

Virgo49 said...

Rocket 5 abstentions and absents included Sinkieland? ?

Singapore Rep got diarrhoea and lou sai?

No,no,no!!! Our mighty little Red Dot gonna stared at that What's Nicky Halley in the eyw with a wink!!

Little Red Dot will punch above its weight and said before we must NOT be afraid to say our mind.

What's is right to those Big Countries or else we might lose our standing.

Follow International Laws, you Dotard Trump.

Say I say to your Dotard President.

What's what's take down my name?? Put on Charge? ?

Guantanamo or Guatemala Jails??

You know my Hen or not? ?

He can make you pew in your pants.

As for you Bombay girl, pee in your panties.

See my wink wink to you. I would like to have your panty with urine as a souvenir.

Our President is a Muslim and Paletine is Muslim.

Shits you Dotard.

Anonymous said...

this issue is getting vrry vrry interesting

we shall see

let there be peace


Anonymous said...

Singapore has two options.

1. As mentioned above, pretend lau sai and go hide in the toilet.

2. Act like a big man, a principled man, and tell the Americans to obey the rule of law.

Please tick one.

Virgo49 said...

First thing first. Did sinkieland took aids from the USA??

Or vice versa. If no monies aid then vote according to your principles lah.

That's why every favours and aids comes with a clutch or catch.

You must obey and carry their balls.

Where in the world got such thing as "Principles"

Dead long time ago.

Singapore must uphold her principles.

Don't just Talk Cock.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I disagree with you. Singapore always believe in principles and we have very principled men and women in charge. No compromise on principles. If you don't believe me, go and ask God.

Everything is upright, uncompromising. Tight means right, wrong means wrong, fully transparent and accountable.


Anonymous said...

Countries are being threatened before the vote count. Wah like that is total disrespect Rule of Law what at the UN .Treating other smaller nations with contempt.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry lah. Singapore's principled position will not change. Singapore will punch above its weight. Singapore would not be bullied by the Americans to change its position.

Singapore's position is always to support the American's position. Always right one. Singapore will vote to support the Americans to obey international law, obey the rule of law. Today's international law says Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Hahahhahah. See, I sure right one.

b said...

Maybe the evil empire is controlled by some aliens who seek to destroy earthlings so they can come and live here. They can put on mask and pretend they are humans. We earthlings must stand together because together we are strong.

May the force be with the earthlings.

b said...

Anyway, no one cares sg takes which side. The most important players are usofa, uk, france, russia and china. They are the ones that matters.

But I Must Say said...

Jerusalem is a very sensitive subject. UN has already ruled that nobody can unilaterally decide, not Israel, not USA. It has to be decided by both Israel and PALESTINIANS. The Arab World has to side with the Palestinians. The Muslims of the World has to side with the Palestinians. Other neutral countries, and countries that have no religious preference, or multi-religious countries, will decide one way or another, depending on their own political calculations. Those who are friendly with Israel may support Israel, but not necessary, because by supporting Israel, they are inviting the wrath of the Islamic fundamentalists and by extension, attracting potential terror attacks from the jihadists.

Singapore has no choice but to uphold her principles and take the following into consideration:

1. Follow International Laws.

2. Being located in the midsts of a Muslim Sea, Singapore cannot afford to antagonise her neighbours' sentiments. As a matter of fact, Singapore has been taking this seriously and sensibly in the past. For the long-term interest of survival, Singapore cannot totally disregard the potential threats that will come her way.

3. The US under Trump's Presidency, at the most, will be 8 years. One year already gone. So only 7 years left. Singapore's interest should be long-term, much more than 7 years. Singapore should be able to navigate these 7 years through the Trump Administration.

4. Anyway Trump may not survive the next 2 years. He is likely to be impeached or assassinated. The Deep State is going all out to get rid of him. The New World Order under the Illuminati is also going after him. George Soros and a few of the very powerful multi-billionaires are going after him. Bill Gate, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Bloomberg.do not support him. The Koch Brothers and the Watton Family are against him.

5. The EU and NATO are rising against Trump.

6. UK under PM Theresa May and Canada are starting to hate Trump.

7. The Russian President Putin will have to side with the Arabs.

8. China will have no choice but to side with the majority of the Middle Eastern and African countries.

9. Most ASEAN Countries will side with the Palestinians, not Israel. Singapore cannot be seen as the torn in the network of Asean members.

b said...

Politics is a smoke screen. Darth Vader is in control. He wants us to hate each other and so he created different religions to divide and destroy us. Love and respect one another is the only solution for peace.

b said...

Jerusalem is not special. It is cursed. NZ is more special. Why fight over a piece of desert? Humans are silly. The holy place is in our souls.

Anonymous said...

Singapore will go to the toilet during the vote. If it supports Trump it will antagonise it's neighbours. If it goes against Trump, also in trouble and will be blacklisted.

These few days our Mee Siam Mai Hum aged 5 more years like the Cow.

Anonymous said...

All the fake religions claimed to be the only true religion and are intolerant of other religions. To these fake religions, no other religion can exist except theirs and they condemn everyone not believing in their fake religions.

This is how the daft are made to hate each other because of fake religions and willing to kill people of other religions.

All the fake religions are religions of hate but preaching love.

Anonymous said...

U.N. Overwhelmingly Adopts Resolution Rebuking Trump on Jerusalem

General Assembly Vote Was 128 to 9, With 35 Abstentions

Vote Came Despite Threats of Retaliation by Trump, Haley

How did principled Singapore vote ?

Anonymous said...

Trump must give money like Red Dot. Threats may not work, like in Hougang. But monay also cannot work in Hougang, because it is an unprincipled action from a so-called principled leadership.

Does Trump's actions ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Trump is an egotistical animal who behaves like a hyena, thinks like a crocodile and talks like a big bully gangland mafia chief.

Just think of how he accumulated more than $11 billion in wealth. Follow the money trail and you will know him inside out.

Virgo49 said...

Red Dot together with all ASEAN members voted FOR against the US.

Thanks to Mr Red Bean forum that the Little Red Dot must punch above her weight and must act accordingly.

If not, people will spit at them.


b said...

Trump is very brave to do this. Now he knows who is enemy and who is not. Jerusalem belongs to Israel just like Athens belongs to Greece. It was hijacked by palestine. Islam is a religion of conquest.

b said...

Sg should have abstained from voting.

Anonymous said...

USA belongs to the red indians too. And Australia belongs to the aborigines.

But Trump did not say so. What he should say, he did not say. What he should not say, he said it.

All for what? To create conflict. Divide and rule.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have been isolated in the Jerusalem case. But they are still stirring shit in NK and Myanmar and would lead the stupids again as their leader to bully small countries.

And the stupid countries would again be led by the nose by the Americans to be hopping mad with NK for what they did not know.

b said...

All are evil, some more evil than others. Islam is not kind.