Hong Kong turning into Riot City

HONG KONG: More than 1,000 people in Hong Kong rallied peacefully in support of China's ethnic Uighurs on Sunday (Dec 22), waving Uighur flags and posters in the city's financial district, marking the latest demonstration in over six months of anti-government unrest.

Dozens of police marched across a public square overlooking Hong Kong's harbour to face off with protesters who hurled glass bottles and rocks at them.  CNA

The above is the latest protest and riot in Hong Kong. These unthinking, selfish and simple minded kids think demonstration and rioting is fun. After running out of steam from their democrazy and independence movement, getting no where, there are grabbing on anything that the Americans want them to do. They would grab any excuses to go rioting in the streets.

This time, the most anti Muslim country, the country that has been killing Muslims by the thousands daily for decades, has put up the pretence of protecting Muslims in Xinjiang, China. They have forgotten their farcical supports for the terrorist Muslim groups that ended up with the attack on American soil in 911. To the evil Americans, creating trouble and setting other countries in flame are their main objective, to have wars and instability in other people's homeland, not in American soil.

The silly Hong Kong youth could not understand that the Americans are using them to destroy their homeland, their own country China. They think revolution is a tea party. They did not know that the next step is bloodshed, their blood would spill on the streets of Hong Kong.

Once Beijing decided enough is enough and take the final course of action, many of these kids would be crying, some would not as they would be wrapped up in black plastic bags. As Hong Kong deteriorates into a mindless Riot City, the consequences are expected. It would be the time for the Hongkongers to disappear, to flee or be forced out of their homes and country. This diseased generation of Hong Kong people would no longer be accepted and tolerated in China as they are purely destructive and anti China and anti mainland Chinese. They have no place in China and have to be removed or destroyed. Reeducation camps would be useless to this rootless, prideless and shameful people.

Hongkongers are smart and practical people?


Virgo 49 said...

HongKongers are Money Worshipers.

They protesting for the Uighurs?

Better have them like our Money Worshippers Sinkies expended their energies to make more MONIES.

Imbeciles! You think the Uighurs would appreciate their protests?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I admire the Xi Government's patience through these 6 or 7 months of turmoil in HK. I wonder when patience would run out. The mindless rioters of HK must be so ignorant thinking that these riots would get the Xi Government to bend to their demands. They cannot see that they are hurting themselves and the generations after them. HK will return to a small insignificant city, because HK's usefulness will cease to be overtaken by cities such as Shanghai. The only people who benefit from all these turmoil are the American.

Anonymous said...

These HKongers youngsters behave like zombie apocalypse against the mainland China PRC, the HK govt and mainland China govt shall use their wits and wisdom to solve these aggressive zombies roaming in the streets of HK.

Anonymous said...

The US Hegemonic Empire is trying all out to cripple China from all fronts - Cultural, Civil, Diplomacy, Economic, Finance, Medical, Political, Scientific, Technologucal, etc.

Hongkong is now CIA-infiltrated operating base as a spring board to spread unrest throughout the whole of China.

Just read the US newspapers and YouTube propaganda and you will realise how far the US government is willing to go.

Even their recently launched 6th Military Arm, the Space Force, is now established to dominate and fight China and Russia in Space.

The other area is cyberspace espionage and warfare.

China now must go ruthlessly against the Hongkongers. No mercy must be shown to traitors that are used by foreigners to create chaos in any part of China. Those students who are involved in these violence and riots must be arrested and sent to do hard labour such as building the Great Wall of China. Make them build another Great Wall - name it The Great Wall of Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Singapore turning into CECA Indian city.

Anonymous said...

This demonstration to support the Uighurs for lndependence was DOUBTLESSLY INSTIGATED BY THE AMERICUNT REGIME.
Xinjiang being the Biggest Province(about 20% of China Landmass), currently is Majority populate by Non-Hans with the Uighurs being the Main Population. Ìn recent years, more Chinese havev move in and make it a thriving Part of China.
More Chinese from Hongkong could be
exiled in Xinjiang, Tibet and even Mongolia for the Hongkie Traitors to help the Localsin the Afore-mentioned Chinese Provinces to help the Folks they care so much. Those insincere proteaters who refuse to go, must be put to hard labour for them to understand how their forebears had toiled to give them the Peace and Prosperity they are
enjoying but not grateful for nor even appreciate.
ln any case

Anonymous said...

U.S. securities regulators allege that former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak received kickbacks involving sovereign wealth fund 1MDB, as American authorities publicly link him to the multibillion-dollar corruption scandal for the first time.

The exposing of ex-PM Najib Razak's name, previously only referred to as Government Officer Number One in the U.S. courts, comes amid the charges against Goldman Sharks.

Anonymous said...

There are no traitors in Singapore. We are above that.

Anonymous said...

Sure or not.
I see lots of traitors in parliament.

Anonymous said...

If You see lots of traitorsn in parliament, please identify and expose them. Otherwise, you will become accessory, collaborator or encourager to crimes.

Anonymous said...

70% of Singaporeans have eyes, but they see not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous At December 24, 2019 3:30 pm:

" Traitors can be identified by the white uniform they wear."

There are many people who wear white uniforms, e.g.

Raffles Institution's students.

Chong Cheng High school students.

Hwa Chung Junior College students.

Nurses at some hospitals and private medical clinics,

Traffic Police,

and Singapore Navy personnel.


Anonymous said...

None of the groups you mention thus far can be called traitors.

Anonymous said...

They could be made
to be traitors too.

Anonymous said...

Traitors are not made. They are born. Nature, not nurture.

The reason why traitors must be exterminated is because their treacherous traits are in their DNA. They will pass these treacherous traits to their off-springs.

Just like the malignant cancerous cells. If they are not exterminated, they will grow and spread, and transfer to future generations.

In ancient China, once a traitor was caught. The punishment meted out by the Emperor is

"Nine generations of his ancestors and descendants plus all animals and fowls owned by then - all were executed immediately! No joking matter.

Anonymous said...

Many Hongkongers are descendants of traitors.

That's why their young are showing and exposing themselves their inner make-up of traitorest genes.

Especially Cantonese and Hakka people. That's why they are wandering tribes in the past.

Nobody wanted them. They had been chased out of one province/kingdom after another. That's why they settled on an island and near the coast.

Just like the Rohinjas today

Anonymous said...

MP to raise issue of cats not being allowed in HDB flats

If we really owned the HDB flats we live in ... why must we get permission from HDB to keep cats as pets?

Anonymous said...

To: PAP Fuckers

Subject: Unsolved Problems of Nuclear Waste in America


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans - As Daft As Daft Can Be

Right from the very beginning, when HDB was formed to replace SIT (Singapore Investment Trust), all land and housing belonged to the State (government), minus about 5%-10% private ownership.

Then later when URA (Urban Renewal Authority) and JTC (Jurong Town Corporation) were formed, the land ownership was split into three - HDB, URA and JTC. The government was not happy because it lost centralized control of the land.

So, the SLA (Singapore Land Authority) was formed to control the land centrally. So HDB got to pay for the land. Therefore, the price of a 4-room HDB flat short up from $8,000 to $20,000, to $100,000, to $200,000, to $300,000 and today $400,000! But the construction and material costs remain very low. Today the construction and material costs of a 5-room HDB flat unit is between $50,000 to $80,000. But HDB leases (NOT SELL) to you at $450,000, making a net profit of $370,000 to $400,000! AND the Get-Rich-Quick Minister-Millionaires got the cheek and audacity to keep repeatedly lying to everyone that the HDB are "OWNED" by you are SUBSIDISED!

There are two major lies here:

1. Your HDB unit was NOT SOLD but LEASED to you. So how can you be the owner? Legally and practically, for all intent and purposes, HDB is the Owner and Landlord. You have no say in anything that HDB can impose upon you through rules and regulations out up by HDB, subject to changes at its total discretion.

All HDB flat "owners" are 99-year lease-holders, not owner (because HDB did not sell it to you and you did not but ir from HDB You leased it for 99 years. Lease = long-term rental). Therefore, you are the tenant and HDB is the Landlord (NOT SELLER).

So, in both legal and practical terms, you do not own the HDB flat whatsoever. That's why when your HDB flat reached 99 years maturity, the price is $ZERO! Whereas private properties, when reached 99 years old, the price will go up, not go down.

To the owner of HDB flats (HDB itself, not you) the price of HDB at the end of your 99-year lease, the price goes uo (because it gets back the flats and land at ZERO COSTS and can redevelop and re-lease out again for another hefty price up to them to fix). But to you, the long-term tenant, the price goes down to ZERO! The payments you made to HDB are rentals paid in advance, with interests

2. The price of HDB flats is not only NOT SUBSIDIZED but inflated. HBB makes a hefty profit of about 8X or 800%.


So, in reality, not 70% are dafts. 90% are dafts and duds, because 90% lease the HDB flats and continue to think that they are the owners of their miserable small little box of space in mid-air.

Wake Up!

Anonymous said...

@Singaporeans - As Daft As Daft Can Be

Well said, but you forgotten HUDC? I believe Lao GOh lived in HUDC in Marine Parade when he was working for the garmen, NO?

HUDC created for ppl not qualify for HDB or income exceed public housing....


Anonymous said...

HUDC Apartments

The Housing and Urban Development Company Pre Limited (HUDC) was set up in 1974 by the Singapore government to build housing for the sandwiched group, who could afford something better than HDB flats but were not able to buy private properties.

Moreover, in the 1970s there were fewer private housing and condominiums were not heard of yet.

HUDC flats were developed over four phases:

Phase I and II - 1974 to early 1980s (Lake View, Lagoon View, Laguna Park, etc.) - were overseen by the Housing and Urban Development Company (HUDC) Private Limited;

Phase III and IV - from 1982 to 1987. HDB took over from HUDC to build the new HUDCs (at Normanton Park, Gillman Height, Braddell View, etc.)

On the back of waning popularity, the building of new HUDC estates ceased in 1984 and was replaced with executive units. When the HUDC scheme ended, there were already 18 HUDC projects and 7,731 units altogether. They were mainly catered for the Civil Service, the Admin Service, SAF, Police and principals of schools.


In 1995, the Government announced plans to privatise HUDC as long as 75 per cent of the owners in a project agree to it. This process ended in 2017 with the privatisation of Braddell View.

Anonymous said...


Laguna Park is actually Neptune Court

Anonymous said...

Excellent posting Thanks
Happy Christmas..


Virgo 49 said...

Neptune Court at the round about is Neptune Court.

Lagauna Park and Laguna View side by side.

PHeng ex SIL and duaghter once stayed there.


Anonymous said...

Back to Hongkong...

Watch RT "The News with Rick Sanchez" posts 24 December 2019. Michele Goldstein sit in for Rick Sanchez.

Analysis of HK Riots. Can watch "live" now or go RT website later ->Show->The News with Rick Sanchez-> select show "24 December 2019".


Anonymous said...

And they made you pay property tax for HDB flats that you leased.

And they made you pay interests on your CPF savings you used to buy properties.

And in case of HDB flats, they made you pay back a sum of your sales proceeds which they claimed you should not be profiting.

And the bulk of your sales proceeds would have to go back to your CPF regardless of your age, even if you are 99 and dying the next day.

Anonymous said...

If we are not OWNERS of the HDB flats we live in ...
- why are we paying property tax?

HDB should pay the property tax instead since HDB is the owner.

Tenants living/renting in condo do not pay property tax.

Anonymous said...


and keep voting Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Japan could release Fukushima radioactive water into environment



Our investment guru Ho Ching supports the use of nuclear energy in Singapore.

Do you think Ho Ching is more skilled and knowledgeable about nuclear engineering than the Japanese nuclear scientists in Fukushima?

What is Ho Ching good for?
How does Ho Ching benefit Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

From 25 December, 2019 1:41 pm:


Laguna Park was not under HUDC.
Neptune Court was under HUDC.

Laguna Park is under Ministry of Finance. You put 2+2 together, you immediately know why somebody get to stay there. They paid only $50,000 for a unit of 315 sq m. These were the privileged people!

The big question today the 90% daft Sinkies should/must ask the Sin Gov is this: