USA a rogue state & CIA a terrorist organisation : PART Three

     USA   a rogue state and CIA a terrorist organisation  PART  THREE

The  United States and its Western allies are imperialist plunderers and robbers of the earth. Their leaders and politicians are well known cheaters, liars, murderers, killers and charlatans. The United States is the most destabilising force in the world . US is a world gangster, a barbaric terrorist state and is the only country  that creates wars and destructions causing  deaths and sufferings all over the world.

The US avowed objective is for world domination by whatever means and at whatever cost. It has always refused to follow any international rules and conform with any acceptable norms of human conduct.  It does not accept any concept of fair play and is always trying to develop more sophisticated and effective espionage to subvert, sabotage and destroy other countries which it dislikes.

The United States is the world's most unprecedented rogue state in history and excels in its cruelty and unconscionable barbaric aggressive wars. CIA the murderous arm of USA is a terrorist organisation of the first magnitude. It indulges in all kinds of evil doings and wicked deeds and constantly plots against mankind and other countries. It operates schools for the training of all assassins in all kinds of torture , psychology in helping would be assassins attuned to relish in carrying out torture, lessons in making bombs, blackmail and execution. Some of the world's most notorious terrorist organisations initiated, funded and trained by CIA are the Taliban, the Mojaheedin, Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Uyghur terrorist organisation ETIM of the Chinese province of Xinjiang. All assassins, murderers and killers trained by CIA will always be protected by CIA as they are considered American allies whose clandestine jobs are supposed to help to cater to US security.

CIA assassinations are carried out for the sole motive of regime change. Killings are most brutal and widespread when not only all opposition party members who are adversed to US dictates but also large numbers of citizenries which can number into hundreds of thousands can be hunted down and killed for suspicion by CIA for being communists, socialists or leftists. Some examples are the brutal overthrow of President Sukarno of Indonesia in 1963 and President Salvador Allende of Chile in 1973. In the case of President Sukarno of Indonesia not less than three million Indonesians and in President Salvador Allende's Chile many thousands were killed by CIA and its puppet regimes. CIA's puppet regime in Indonesia was the tyrannical dictator Suharto and in Chile the murderer tyrant Augusto Pinochet.

The Evil Empire, the white Americans of USA have given themselves the license to kill non-whites and non Christian just as their predecessors have given themselves the right to kill for many centuries base on divine authority under their toxic militant religious doctrine and ideology, " The Doctrine of
christian Discovery. " The present and modern rights to kill by white men led by the United States is the extension and continuation of the divine rights to kill by white invaders of the "Doctrine of Christian Discovery" era. The white Christian invaders have since the last few hundred years killed hundreds of millions of natives all over the world especially in both North, South and Central Americas as well as in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

US considers every nook and corner on earth as vital to its interests and security. What about other countries interests and security? Of course blatant bully USA doesn't care a hood. It has always assume the right to interfere and intervene in other countries internal affairs when it sees something is not going right in US interests. It is always illegally using extraterritorial power to bully others base on the extension of its own laws and the imperialistic long arm of its domestic laws. US has interfered in the Chinese and the Korean civil wars which technically have not ended. The evil empire is still holding on to Taiwan under a proxy puppet lackey regime and to South Korea as a colony. Some other examples of US interference in the internal affairs of other countries are in the Philippines, between the leftist HUK and President Marcos 1945 - 1953, South Africa, 1960s - 1980s where US supported apartheid and was responsible for the capture  and imprisonment of Nelson Mendela , Bolivia 1964 to present, Honduras and Nicaragua 1979  - 1990s, Colombia 1990s to present , Venezuela 2001 to present, East Timor, where CIA helped Suharto of Indonesia to gain control of East Timor 1975 - 1999 and Diego Garcia where in 1965 US and UK forced thousands of Diego Garcians out of the island and evicted them illegally and forcibly in the most brutal and inhuman way to Mauritius and Seychelles to make way for a gigantic US military base.

In all these US interventions the CIA had no qualms in mass killings of thousands of innocent citizens which it brushed off as unfortunate collateral incidents so long as it secures US permanent interests and influence in the regions.

In addition to murders, killings, assassinations and brutal military invasions the United States has been using illegal financial, monetary,  economic and cyber terrorism against other countries to weaken and destabilise their countries so as to bring them under US control. US illegal trade and commerce, banking and financial sanctions are weaponise tools to impoverish and destabilise countries so that US can have a basis to instigate and foment internal opposition and demonstrations to bring down governments for regime change.

Further the Evil Empire has for years been using NGOs - Non Government Organisations such as the NED  - National Endowment for Democracy, CPJ - Committee to protect Journalists, and Rappier - a US media front as covert agencies to subvert and sabotage governments that US target for regime change. All these US NGOs are actually US fifth columns and lackeys and they work as CIA secret agents and espionage officers under the guise of diplomats in US embassies overseas so that if things go wrong and the CIA agents are caught they will then be covered under the protection clause of diplomats immunity from arrest and charges. Rappier is a US media front affiliated to CNN and it represents foreign interests and conspires with foreign intelligence agencies funded  by Soros and NED of the US government. CPJ is founded and funded by US corporate foundations for the purpose of promoting US interests overseas. The CPJ does this by protecting fronts like Rappier under the guise of "Press Freedom" from the repercussions of engagging in US government funded subversion.

Fronts like Rappier serves as a propaganda sword while the CPJ exists as a shield to block efforts by targeted nations to defend themselves.

Thus it can be seen the United States has  very well coordinated plans among all its interrelated spy and espionage agencies working closely with US embassies overseas to subvert and sabotage foreign governments targeted for destruction and regime change.

 It is advisable for all non-western or non-white countries to take heed and be alert not to allow any US NGOs to operate in their countries especially in strategic departments like the military, foreign office, the police department, education departments like the universities and institutes of international and higher studies. These are places where US find easy fertile grounds for carrying out its toxic propaganda and subversion.

Hopefully the world must wish and hope that all the wicked deeds and plots of the evil empire will rebounce on itself in natural response and reaction to Karma philosophy.

On this Christmas Day, the 25th of December, the barbaric and savage white European and white American Christians have reasons to celebrate because they have for centuries benefitted from the religion base on the teachings of Jesus and have abrasively been abusing the religion of Christianity to justify their brutal aggressions and conquests and the killings and genocide of all natives and other peoples on earth. Yes, their bible says, "Thou shall not kill and commit murders." But they went on a rampage of killings and assassinations for centuries and the practice is still going on unchecked in this modern times. Look at how they are now killing millions of Arab muslims in the Middle East and the natives in Latin America. Non-Christians around the world should not be celebrating Christmas lesss they will appear to  be complicit in the brutal and sinful crimes of the whitemen.


Wednesday, 25th December, 2019.


Anonymous said...

The brutal carnage and genocide of the natives of the Americas started on 12th October, 1492, the day when the pirate Christopher Columbus first landed on the shores of an island in Central America.The island appears to be Hispanolia. Columbus criminal exploits were fully supported and funded by the Spanish Crown, the church and the Pope.So right from the beginning the church, the white European Christian kingdoms and the Pope were partners in the crimes of unbridled wars of aggression and conquests and killings and genocide of natives all over the world.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

The USA is also a state that resorts to gangsterism where it cannot win. It is now forcing companies involved in building the Russian gas pipeline to abandon the project or else they will face heavy sanctions. The US is trying to force EU countries to buy more expensive gas from them instead of cheaper Russian gas.

But many do not expect the gas pipeline to be abandoned, only delayed. The Russians do not, at present, have their own capabilities to lay pipes deep underwater, so there will be delays of sorts and the US will attempt to sabotage the project at all cost. That is what the evil empire does best when it losses its ability to compete. That is what Huawei found out and why so much effort is focused on China to keep it down and out.

Countries in South America, Africa, South Asia and some Middle East countries (if not for the oil reserves that some possesses), have mired in poverty all because of the evil intent of the evil US and the whites, who wants them to remain so, so that they are easy to manipulate and control.

How the world will come together to get rid of this evil scourge is left to be seen, perhaps culminating in the destruction of mankind.

Anonymous said...

But pirate Christopher Columbus had been given the honour of 'discovering' America. See how smart the West has been in writing history. And what did the British do to Australia? They sent shiploads of convicts in exile to Oz to make it into a penal colony. Or to slaughter the natives!

Most of those so called white explorers are no more than pirates that have their names etched in history as 'discoverers' of continents.

Marco Polo (some say is a fictitious character) would have been given his place in history as the 'discoverer of China' had it not been for the fact that the Chinese Civilisation was already in existence thousands of years before his entrance into China.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.37, 10.50 and 10.59 - Same old same old! Not tired repeating meh? How much each post did you make?

southernglory1 said...

Re: 10.28am

Hi! Anonymoous 10.28 am, You are right and you are very discerning in seeing the hypocrisy and criminality of the West especially the United States. When they are unable to compete in a fair level playing field they resort to subterfuge and evil underhand methods to destroy your companies. The US abuse the trust of the world on the Petrol Dollar by weaponising it to illegally using it to sanction foreign companies through its control of SWIFT. First they demonize these foreign companies with all kinds of false and fake charges and then sanction them with atrocious fines of hundreds of millions or billions of dollars in fines through the illegal exercise of its extraterritorial power and the long arm of its illicit domestic laws.

Some examples of foreign entities which were coerced to pay billions of dollars in fines to US coffers are Toshiba,JGC Corporation and Panasonic of Japan, Alstom and Societe Generale of France,Petrobras of Brazil, Kepple Offshore & Marine of Singapore, Siemens and Daimler of Germany. And the list goes on. All in all the evil empire enriched its coffers with a few hundred billion dollars in fines in the last ten or fifteen years. It is plain highway robbery in which the White House, CIA and America Court of Justice work hand in glove in collusion to rob the whole world.


Anonymous said...

Anon 10.37, 10.50 and 10.59 - Same old same old! Not tired repeating meh? How much each post did you make?
11:07 am

I am not a paid IB lah, for your info.

I am only posting on weekends and public holidays for the fun of it lah.

And by the way, there is also a serious message and even truth behind the fun, in case u are daft not to realise it.

And the Sinkie opposition, for being what they are and the way their leaders behave, have a lot of things to make fun of. LOL

Anonymous said...

The evil empire, the white Americans of USA have genocided about a hundred million native American Indians in the last two or three hundred years and now incarcerate the few thousand survivors in a very cruel and inhuman condition. The white American Christians hope to completely eradicate the natives so as to prevent any future uprising and revenge by the natives.

If there is a god when will this god punish and destroy the white American criminals.

Anonymous said...

Some examples of foreign entities which were coerced to pay billions of dollars in fines to US coffers are Toshiba,JGC Corporation and Panasonic of Japan, Alstom and Societe Generale of France,Petrobras of Brazil, Kepple Offshore & Marine of Singapore, Siemens and Daimler of Germany.
Southernglory1 11:10 am

But why these foreign entities allowed themsleves to be coerced to pay billions of dollars in fines to US coffers?

And also Keppel Offshore & Marine of Singapore? Haven't u heard of their story in Brazil? LOL

Anonymous said...

The white Americans of the United States and their western European allies have killed millions of Middle East Arab muslims and seriously maimed for life millions of others just to illegally acquire their oil and other mineral resources. So to distract and divert attention from their wanton crimes they resort to falsely and fakely accuse China of treating the Chinese muslims, the Uyghurs in Xingjiang unfairly. Anyway the Uyghur terrorist organisation, ETIM was founded and funded by CIA and the Uyghur terrorists are all trained by CIA. China just build educational and vocational centres to deradicalise the Uyghur ultra militant extremists and separatists and provide them with vocational training to equip them with job skills so that they can fine relevant jobs in society. The Uyghurs are Chinese nationals and the Chinese government is doing its best to help them. Uyghur affairs are purely Chinese internal affairs and it brooks no interference from outsiders especially the murderous and genocidal white Americans.

On the contrary what did the white European invaders did to the indigenous native American Indians. The white invaders just kill them and genocided them to take over their lands and countries. Surely China and the civilise Chinese people will never commit such horrendous crimes which is the hallmark of white European and white American Christians.


Anonymous said...

The white invaders just kill them and genocided them to take over their lands and countries.
Southernglory1 12:23 pm

Have to lah, if that is what is needed in order to take over their lands and countries.

If not ah, the native American Indians will instead chase the white invaders out of the American continent.

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of ASEAN citizens who have been exposed to endless repeated toxic western propaganda especially US mass media and their minds have been so poisoned and possessed by the evil west/US that they have lost their independence of mind and thinking. When CIA feed them with fake and rotten lies about China, Russia, Iran or North Korea they take it as truth. Worst still many of ASEAN political leaders and ministers have drunk too much of western/US cocktail concoctions of lies and fake news that they are leading their countries on the wrong side to support US and the west against other Asian countries. These brainless unthinking leaders need to be removed through a revolution.

Pro-Asean citizen SG

Anonymous said...

One day, those pro-evil US Empire lackeys from ASEAN will have to answer for their own or their parents' sins for being traitors to their own countrymen.

Xmas Ghosts of The 3 Times said...

The main problem is that an evil doer usually does not believe in karma or in God Almighty. He believes he is Almighty.

Many leaders world-wide have directly or indirectly demonstrated that they are Almighty.

Alexander, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Shi-Huang Ti, Hitler, Emperor Hiroshito, Harry Truman, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Ferdinand Marcos, Soekarno, Suharto, Pol Pot, George Soros, George W Bush, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Queen Elizabeth II and Donald Trump are some of the examples of people who think that they are invincible, superior or almighty.

Xmas Ghosts of Past, Present and Future

imho said...

everyone also selfish one lah..
everyone also self interest..
irregardless whether democracy or commnunism
whether east or west
whether white or nonwhite
everywhere has poverty..

ELAL Anonymous said...

@1122 am


1. it is physically impossible for you or any survey to reach and speak to everyone. Therefore, you are obviously lying when you use the word 'EVERYONE"!

2. It is physically impossible for you or anyone to visit EVERYWHERE. Therefore, you are obviously lying when you use the word EVERYWHERE!

Arguments using GENERALISATION are the worst, WEAKEST and Most INDEFENSIBLE Arguments. Because there is no way one can prove or substantiate one's exertion.

Anonymous said...

The American Empire: