USA, A Rogue State & CIA A Terrorist Organisation: PART ONE

     USA is a rogue terrorist state and CIA a terrorist organisation, and they should be labelled as such by the United Nations and the world.

In the past White European invaders justified their conquest of foreign lands and killings and massacres of the natives all over the world with its militant religious doctrine, "The Doctrine of Christian Discovery " which claimed that their Christian god gave them the divine right to acquire non-Christian lands and to kill heathens or non-believers of their faith. The United States now claim the right to world domination as god ordained for white Americans world hegemony under their several new doctrines viz, "America's Manifest Destiny". American Exceptionalism, American Essentialism and American long arm jurisdiction of extraterritoriality which arrogantly claims that American laws supercede or over ride all international laws or foreign domestic laws.

Since the end of the Second World War US browbeat much of the world with fear of communist and psychoed them to believe that they need the US to protect them from the Russian communist. They cajoled countries to buy US weapons and allow US military and business corporations to operate freely in their countries and allow US government veto power over the choice of their leaders so that the US will be able to protect them.

That was a brazen 'protection racket'. The obvious truth is that US wants to interfere in other countries affair not so much as to help them but to use them as a  Cold War tactic to challenge Russia and China.

US national policy and psyche emphasize the picking of US leaders both politicians and military personnels base on the criterion that they must have the trait and willingness to be inordinately cruel and remorseless otherwise they cannot hold positions of leadership in the foreign policy establishment. This criterion will also be used in the in the picking and selection of US military leaders, CIA officers, president or vice president of US, the secretary of state or defense, national security advisor, attorney general or secretary of the treasury.

Further the Americans are educated to believe that there is nothing wrong in toppling foreign governments which do not obey US dictates, quashing anti-US revolutions or mass bombing of foreign people so long as it serves US interests and "national security". In short all Americans including journalists and mass media are expected to give unqualified support to all US military adventures overseas no matter what without having to ponder over the legal or moral justifications, the effect on democracy, freedom or self-determination or the high degree of terror, pain and  suffering and wanton destructions resulting from such US violent aggressive wars.

The US government then use the mass media both in US and worldwide as all media in US or worldwide are controlled by US vested interests, the corporations to propagandize the rationalisation of their irrational wars of aggression and terrorism on other countries.

Just as Spain, Portugal, England, France and the Dutch of Holland, 500 years ago in the 16th Century based on their 'Doctrine of Christian Discovery' to rationalize the extreme cruelty of their conquistadors in inflicting on the indigenous natives of the New World America , the people were psychoed to accept that the Native American Indians were natural slaves created by their Christian God to serve the white invaders, now the US government is telling the white American people and the world that interventions all over the world is not only in the natural order of things as designed by their God but are actually good for their world of undevelop countries. This is twisted profundity with utmost arrogance and contempt of other people and in gross defiance of 'human rights' and moral decency. The United States obviously does not care a whit about human life, human rights and humanity.

According to William Blum, the author of the book 'Rogue State', refering to US, said, "US  foreign interventions show clearly that the engine of American foreign policy has typically been fueled not by a devotion to any kind of morality or decency but rather by the necessity to serve the imperatives of other masters which he quoted three categories.

(1)  " To serve the care and feeding of American corporations and the Deep State, making the world open and hospitable for neo-liberal globalization; enhancing the financial statements of defense contractors who have contributed generously to members of Congress and residents of the White House."

(2)  "To prevent the rise of any society that might serve as a successful example of an alternative to the capitalist model of US and the West."

(3)  "To expand the empire: Establishing political, economic and military hegemony over as much of the globe as possible to facilitate the first two imperatives and to prevent the ascendancy of any regional power that might challenge American supremacy."

America has adopted a policy of the ends justify the means. They will create falsehood propaganda to demonize other countries to justify their aggressions. During the Cold War they waved the banner of fighting a moral crusade and conned the people at home and throughout the world of the existence of the international communist conspiracy. It was a fraud for there was no such conspiracy except for the conspiracy of the US to deceive its citizens and the world for the sole objective to advance US hegemony over the whole wide world.Any problem, protest, opposition and demonstrations in US  was conveniently blamed on outside agitators.

Soviet Russia's military and economic strength was intentionally highly magnified by the CIA, the Defensive Department, the White House, Congress and the Pentagon to exaggerate the Russian communist threat. In reality Russia was unable and had no intention to confront the overpowering might of US. This was a fraud to justify the formation of NATO to bring the whole of western Europe under US full control and SEATO or CENTO to bring Middle East, Central Asia and South East Asia under US hegemony.

Also US has to regularly identify new enemies to serve its insidious purpose and direction. At the end of the day it is a fraud to benefit the managers or  powers in the National Security state to protect their jobs, to justify their swollen budgets, to aggrandize their work, to give themselves a mission in the aftermath of the demise of Soviet Russia, to send endless billions of taxpayers' money to the corporations and Pentagon Industrial Military Complex, for whom the managers or military generals will go to work after retiring or leaving government service. And for this they understand too well that they need to constantly fabricate new enemies.

No wonder the US always ignore and spurn Russia's approach for peace talks with a view to wind both the Warsaw Pact and NATO as that will take away US bogey to create an enemy to justify its aggression. In truth US never wants peace but intends on a path of permanent warfare to ware the enemies down with a view to eventually achieving US world domination and hegemony.

US propaganda department churns out perpetual state of fear of the enemy next door and arouse the people's patriotic fervour by fabricating grave national emergencies at home and abroad in order to solicit exorbitant funds of billions of dollars demanded for the Defense Department and the Pentagon.

In the corridors of the Pentagon Industrial Military Complex can be seen hang up slogans with bellicose inscriptions like, " Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival......... We must maintain the mechanisms for detering potential competitors from even aspiring to a large regional or global role."

Thus US has created for the enemies an essential sense of fear as the working force of deterrence and its foreign policy in essence clinically mad and dangerous.

As US is a rogue state and CIA a terrorist organisation posting great danger to humanity and the survival of this earthly world, they should be denounced and utterly condemned by the whole world via the United Nations.


Friday, 13th December, 2019


Anonymous said...

The hundreds of illegal undeclared wars which the Evil Empire has imposed on so many non-white countries since the end of the Second World War is a continuation of 500 years curse on third world countries. This clearly shows the white Americans are racists, white supremacists and incorrigible warmongers. Thus if the United States is not a rogue state then what is it? An angel from heaven on earth. God should damn the White Americans and condemn them and their leaders to hell.

imho said...

Not a surprise.
Being number 1 will always develop the fear.
Fear of not being number 1.
USA will go after russia, china and india (one day).
Its a natural reaction.

Anonymous said...

@ Southernglory 1 in Friday The 13th (good luck day for the East but bad luck day for the West):

"USA is a rogue terrorist state and CIA a terrorist organisation, and they should be labelled as such by the United Nations and the world."

1. The United Nations organization is a paper tiger without teeth. It is not even a lion (with a lion heart to boot).

2. The United Nations is a DIS-JOINTED AND DIS-UNITED Organization.

3. The United Nations, with some countries having VETO POWER, is an INEFFECTIVE and THEATRICAL organization just for political entertainment purposes.

4. The United Nations organization is heavily subsidized by the Evil USA, that uses both financial and political clout to arm-twist the Head of the United Nations to tow its line and follow its cues.

5. "The world" - which countries in the world have the geo-political power and military might to challenge the Evil USA?

Therefore, the only way to challenge and subsequently topple the Evil USA is to get the BRICKS united as a Strategic Economic, Military and Political Entity.

BRICKS = Brazil, Russia, India, China, Korea and South African Countries. This can only be a dream at the present time.

Now even the strategic partnership between Russia and China is starting to break apart.

And Brazil is now under the Evil HSA's armpit.

And India is also going its own way in aspiring to become China's Enemy Number One - now courting Russia to drive a wedge in between Russia and China and actively militarily trying to dominate the Indian Ocean South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

The United States has attacked over a hundred countries in the last 70 years. It has dropped millions of bombs and killed not less than 30 million people especially in the Middle East and caused many more millions maimed or injured to suffer in untold agony. It is now carrying regime change in many South America and Central America countries. Hope regime change will come to USA itself for the good of every body and the world.

Anonymous said...

The rogue and irrational behaviour of US everywhere has made the world less safe.

Anonymous said...

The once splendid British Empire has left behindbmany troubles, intentionally to divide and rule. For example, colonial Britain is responsible for many border issues in Asia, such as China-India border disputes and Pakistan-Afghanistan border disputes. These unsolved problems are still tormenting these Asian countries.

Solving these remaining problems is the key to Asia's rise in the future.

China and other Asian countries should seize this historic opportunity, focus on their own development and exert a larger say in the world, in all respects.

When Asian countries stop following the West, the real "Asian century" will begin.

Anonymous said...

China's Central Military Commission promoted seven senior military officers to the rank of General, the highest rank for officers in active service in China.

Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping presented the officers with certificates of command, shook hands with them and extended his congratulations at a promotion ceremony in Beijing yesterday (12 Dec 2019).

The promoted officers include Commander of the Eastern Theater Command of the People's Liberation Army He Weidong, Political Commissar of the PLA Eastern Theater Command He Ping, Political Commissar of the PLA Southern Theater Command Wang Jianwu and Commander of the PLA Northern Theater Command Li Qiaoming.

The promoted officers also include the Commander of the PLA Rocket Force Zhou Yaning, Commander of the PLA Strategic Support Force Li Fengbiao and President of the PLA Academy of Military Science Yang Xuejun.

The last promotion ceremony was held on July 31, this year, ahead of China's Army Day, which falls annually on Aug 1. Ten other senior officers were promoted to General or Admiral then.

Altogether 17 Generals/Admirals have been promoted this year. This is an indication of upgrading and expansion of China's Armed Forces.

Anonymous said...

The UN, Human Rights Group, and other world bodies pronounced that there is genocide committed against the Rohingya in Myanmar, based on their wide misinformation. They are intent on making this stick so that they can have a reason to interfere in Myanmar's affairs.

This was the also the same argument put forward at the UN then, that they had irrefutable evidence that Saddam Hussein had or was making Weapons of Mass Destruction.

In the period leading up to the invasion, every little movement in Iraq was blown up into grave proportions. The movement of huge steel pipes was claimed to be used for making nuclear missiles. A milk factory turning out white milk powder was claimed to be a chemical weapons facility.

After the invasion, all the cock and bull story turned out to be false and manufactured by the British and US. No sign of any WMD was found. The whole world had been conned.

Conned or not, they never did learned, and the UN and other world bodies are still engaged in the same game of bending over backwards to accommodate the wishes of the US.

Anonymous said...

The United States is governed and run by savage beasts or demons. If you look carefully at every US politician be he a president, vice-president,Secretary of State or Defense, Secretary of Internal Security, every member of Congress or Senate or House of Representatives,every general or admiral and every CIA officer, you don't seem to see a human face, but either a demon, a monster or that of a savage wild animal like the hyena, the leopard, the tiger, the lion, the wolf, the bear, the wild dog and the cobra. It is impossible to talk human affairs with them. They all ought to be killed so that the earth may have peace.

Anonymous said...

Trouble starts when a country innocently accepts help from USA NGOs. NGOs will infiltrate into the military and plan the overthrow of the government when US feels its president and ministers are not listening or obeying US orders or dictates. So no country should accept or allow US NGOs (Non-government officers) into the country if it wants to be safe and keep its independence and sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

Whether Democrats or Republican they are all chosen by the deep state to propagate their military agenda to enslave the whole world.

That is why, whoever sits in the white house, the world will still face the same set of problems. Not until the rest of the world can wean itself away from the US$ hegemony, no peace is expected and no quarters will be given to any state attempting to upset the status quo.

We only hope that Russia and China together can create the clout to change the whole system, for better or worse. Not within our lifetime though!

Anonymous said...

How come Singaporeans leaders are so stupid? Unable to distinguish between evil and good?

Anonymous said...

They are not unable to. They intentionally, though knowing the devil, play according to the devil's rules in order to safeguard their own thrones.

Anonymous said...

Coming out from the conference hall after attending an ASEAN meeting, a Malaysian officer asked an Indonesian officer jokingly, "If you happen to see an American and a Cobra face to face, which do you kill first?" "Of course the American," said the Indonesian. "Our honourable first president of Indonesia, President Sukarno was overthrown by CIA in 1963, culminating with the killing and murder of over three million Indonesians." It was a sad time for Indonesia when President Sukarno was kept under house arrest by General Suharto under the order of CIA. Suharto was then a senior army officer in President Sukarno's government. President Sukarno had made a mistake of sending his army generals for training in CIA army training schools in America and allow the American military to help in his military establishment. Suharto was a Trojan Horse planted by CIA in the Indonesian military establishment. Suharto went on to become a billionaire president of Indonesia for over thirty years and an important ally of the United States.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that even by not accepting help, the US via the CIA can still destabilise any regime by creating chaos, like in Hong Kong and Venezuela.

That is why the West wants countries to adopt democratic rule so that they can have free rein to incite instability. Countries like North Korea have no avenues for the CIA to have free rein to do their dirty work, so they keep demonising and chipping away at the system of Government.

More than that. imposing sanctions will be to make the citizen's life miserable so that they would revolt. But revolt does not come easy in countries like North Korea. The West does not really care two hoots who Kim kills, so long as that action gives the West the ammunition to hit at North Korea.

The same is happening in Myanmar where the West is hoping to capitalise on the Rohingya crisis to gain a foothold in the country, which they could not do so under military rule previously. Do not be mistaken, because Myanmar is rich in natural resources that has yet to be fully exploited.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Singapore's fake "independence" was given and enforced by the evil White Supremacist British Empire in 1965.

Without the British and Anglo-alliance's supports, Singapore could never have become "independent" and survived for the last 54 years.

Malaysia would have not allowed Singapore's independence.

Indonesia could have swallowed it without any problem.

China could have been running Singapore true proxies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ people of the planet

The USA is the only cuntry which collectively manifests OPENLY the best and worst of our species.

That is why they dominate, and that it why the idea of the USA is very POLARISING---people either accept them or they hate them.

The UN are made up of dickheads who get paid lots of money to LABEL cuntries, their leaders, and whatever else so that those overpaid "Ambassadors" can justify their existence.

America makes it clear that they are EXCEPTIONAL and thus can choose whether or not to abide by any of the shit the UN just makes up out of thin air.

In other words, the UN is irrelevant to America's policies and the way it conducts it's foreign policy.

Being headquartered in New York City ensures the UN they can openly express disdain and disgust for America whilst remain perfectly SAFE from any "retaliation". They damn well know that if their HQ was in any other cuntry, they would have to shut the fuck up. 🍻🍻

So yeah, I agree. Those "Ambassadors" should do some work and throw a few labels onto America and its CIA.

Not a whit of difference will be made. 🤟🤓