Thanksgiving Day: The true story from native Americans: PART Two

   Trump and his white supremacist racist clique and the West preach so much about respect for Human Rights yet the rape of native Americans goes on and the killings of non-whites intensify especially the mass killings of Middle East Arab muslims by jet bombers, missiles, rockets and drones. They are making a mockery of Human Rights and are shameless hypocrites.

Trump and his clique have revived the Termination of Indian tribes. Trump's administration is forcing the Mashpee Wampanoag tribes onto the precipice. Indian tribes from across the country led by Cedric Cromwell, leader  of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribes have marched to the US Capitol to protest the revival of destructive federal policies inflicted on American tribal nations.

Cedric Cromwell,  said, " This struggle is about indigenous rights and fighting for our land and sovereignty which is the blood and bones of our ancestors that sanctified the land we stand on. What we are seeing is a direct assault and attack on indigenous people's sovereignty."

In 1856 USA secretary of war Jefferson Davis built a statue of Freedom at the top of Capitol to symbolize the displacement of Indians for colonial aspirations. At the Jefferson Davis epitaph to freedom was the over a quarter million graves of those Indians slaughtered by white men and who were part of those four million Indian victims which he had incarcerated and kept in shackles and chains.

Now Trump is trying to acquire Indian reserve territories by force  and by dirty political stratagem and deception. He is trying to get hold of Indian reservations of the Mashantucket Pequots in Connecticut and the Ramapough Lenape Nation of New Jersey under his racial animus. His intention of acquiring these Indian reservations is for his intent to build gaming operations like casinos and hotels.

In a Capitol Hill Rally many Indian tribes representatives led by Rodney Butler emphasized the keeping of "Thanksgiving " in the context of Anglo-European conquests of Tribal Nations and urged recognition for the magnitude of the losses suffered by tribes in the development of the United States.

Trump's attack on eastern tribes was foundational in his depressingly familiar racially changed discipline . Trump is the enabler in Chief to bigotry. FBI had released data that hate crimes against native Americans have increased by a staggering 70 percent during Trump's presidency. Trump is directly responsible for the increasing spate of murders and killing of non-whites and the language of those killers used is consistent with both the language and conspiracy theories of Trump's talking points that fester on social media and the white racists' blogs.

After the Charlottesville demonstrations Trump made a false claim of white victimhood and indicates that he is only interested to be the president of his people 'the whites only' and not the rest of the native Indians, the African Americans and other non-white groups.

Trump and his his white supremacists continue to grab tribal ancestral and sacred lands in the vicious cycle of the rape of tribal lands for multinational energy company. He is just desperately and illogically trying to grab more Indian reservation lands for his industry.

The USA Federal Government is in cahoot working hand in gloves with Trump and the white American supremacists to deprive the Native indigenous Americans of whatever little lands that are still left with them. The free world must do something to help the defenseless native Americans of  their plight and agony.


Monday, 2nd December, 2019


Anonymous said...

The raping and slaughter of native American Indians and the mass slaughter of millions of muslims in the Middle East and Africa by USA and its Western allies with mass bombings by drones, missiles and rockets goes on. That speaks so much of USA and Western 'Human Rights'. But the third world countries and the muslims especially the Arab muslims of Middle East are kept numb and in paralysis by American show of military might. So might is right and atrocities and killings by white men can go on endlessly. So instead of uniting to condemn the United States and the West of their brutal aggressions and bullying they tend to side with US/West demonization of China. USA is making China the scapegoat of their pain and suffering and they believe so. Stupidity has no cure. They deserve to be destroyed by white men of USA and the West.

Eagles Eyes

Virgo 49 said...

Hongkies thanked Dotard TRUMP.

Farking bananas too long under the Whites took them as their Saviours.

Farking disgrace to the Chinese Race.

What's farking Canton Hong Fei Hong's heroism, chivarly or chickens?

Deserved to demise and destroyed by the Whites.

Sinkieland bananas also behaved like these unthinking idiots and celebrating their colonism with pride.

Now cha pak boh sai pang waste resources to change the National Anthem.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Thanksgiving is one of America's most powerful and significant CULTURAL EXPORTS, as it is celebrated all over the world, and topped off by "Black Friday Sales".

It is the only cultural export which signifies GRATITUDE and LIVING WITH AN ABUNDANCE MENTALITY.

There is not enough gratitude in the world. That's why people struggle with their finances...i.e. wrong mentality. (negative spirits and doom-and-gloom thinking)

Gratitude and Abundance go together. You cannot have one without the other...if you want to be content and wealthy.

So fuck all you negative-mindset crybabies...no one cares about your opinion or how you feel, except the like-minded losers who flock together for the MISERY LOVES COMPANY get-togethers. (Hong Lim on the occasional burned weekend, for e.g.) 🤓😂

imho said...

What so surprising?
throughout history, people killed each other whether same race or not.
the strong will kill the weak.
so many empires have come and go.
so many people have died for the top 1pct.
will they ever learn the lesson?
the only way is to tax the top 1pct.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo 49

Just to show how your K opinion doesn't fucking matter, and will never matter...also no one can fix the past...

American Thanksgiving is celebrated ALL OVER THE WORLD and has every likelihood of continuing in that tradition.... especially if there's Black Friday Discount Shopping in tow.

Nah, the world won't change so you can be happy or be proved "correct" (which you're not! Not even close.)😜

Got Abundance & Gratitude? (The 2 values which make Thanksgiving GREAT!)

Anonymous said...

If South American countries continue to lick the arse of the USA, sooner or later they will become States of the USA as well. Right now, many are already like colonies, bowing and totally beholden to the US. Those that are not are not spared, like Venezuela.

The USA is spreading fear among the African countries too, insinuating that China will take over those countries through their indebtedness to China for infrastructure loans. This is the consistent message being spread by the USA to instil fear of China.

In the South China Sea, the same message of instilling fear among countries around China is also consistent with what the USA is doing all round the world. Create a bogeyman, divide the countries around the area, rally them against China and hope to rule the roost.

There is little doubt that China, Russia and also Iran have seen through the USA's plan and are out to thwart those ambitions. There is also little doubt that to do this the US Dollar hegemony must be brought to an end.

Hopefully, countries served by the new silk route will boost up trade among those countries and also with China, slowly weaning them off the USA's stranglehold on the world's economy under the US Dollar hegemony.

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving By Meng Wanzhou, The Princess Of Huawei

Arbitrarily detained by the boyish Prime Minister Just-n-True-no, oops I meant Justin James Trudeau, of Canada under Trump-Upmanship charges of sanction violations, Weng Wanzhou has already been under house arrest in Canada for one solid year.

On the anniversary of her arrest, she has published an open letter detailing her life on bail and thanking her supporters.

The chief Financial Officer of Huawei and daughter of Huawei's founder, Wanzhou is fighting against the extradition from Canada to the US, on charges of violating sanctions against Iran.

In her widely read letter (more than 60 million views so far), she told the world how she spent her time under house arrest, while in bail.

China has always maintained that the charges against Ms Meng are politically motivated and arbitrarily executed without legal basis.

What has Meng Wanzhou said?

Wanzhou's letter was published on the Huawei website and on social media on Sunday.

In it, she thanked her supporters in Canada, saying the applause in the public gallery after the court granted her bail, 11 days into her detention, had "made her burst into tears".

As part of the bail conditions, Wanzhou was given an electronic tag, and a curfew from 2300 hours to 0600 hours, but was allowed to travel around some part of Vancouver to buy good and supplies.

"When I was in Shenzhen, time used to pass by very quickly. I always felt like I was being stretched thin and that there was never enough time to get everything done.

Now, time passes so slowly. I have enough time to read a book from cover to cover. I can take the time to discuss minutiae with my colleagues or to carefully complete an oil painting."

She also praised the kindness of people here in Canada, and the kindness of the correctional officers and inmates at the Alouette Correctional Center for Women, where she was detained initially for three months.

Wanzhou is fighting extradition to the US, where she is wanted for a host of charges, including evading sanctions on Iran - something she and Huawei deny outright.

Her case is due to be heard by Canadian judges in January 2020.

Fair is foul, foul is fair.
Just is unjust, unjust is just.
Fake is real, real is fake.
Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.

Meditation is no meditation, no meditation is meditation.

Look into your own mind, and no where else.
Look long enough and you'll find freedom beyond words, words beyond freedom.
That is the Nature Of Your Mind!

Giving Thanks to all Masters past, present and future.


Anonymous said...

Mahathir is trying very desperately to prevent Anwar Ibrahim from taking over as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. All the problems PKR and its President Anwar Ibrahim have been facing over the last two years have the signature of Mahathir's modus operandi in them. UMNO is also not spared. The prolonged trials of ex-PM Najib aims to embarrass UMMO and demonize it for as long as possible. Dirty politicking behind the scene has been going on to split PKR and also to divide UMNO in order to weaken their respective positions in the Malaysian Parliament. So far, Mahathir seems to be gaining ground steadily, while Anwar is in deep troubles. The hidden tortoise is now revealing its tail.

Anonymous said...

Trump: Justin Trudeau Is "A Two-Face"

US President Donald Trump has called Justin Trudeau "two-faced" over a video in which the Canadian leader appears to mock him at a meeting of Nato leaders.

Footage showed Mr Trudeau, UK PM Boris Johnson and French leader Emmanuel Macron discussing an impromptu press conference held by Mr Trump.

What was in the video?

The brief video posted on Twitter by Canada's public broadcaster, CBC, showed Mr Trudeau chatting with a group of leaders, including Mr Johnson, Mr Macron, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Queen Elizabeth's daughter Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace.

At the start of the footage, Mr Johnson asked Mr Macron: "Is that why you were late?"

Mr Trudeau then interjects: "He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference off the top."

Mr Macron then appears to tell an anecdote, but his words are drowned out by background noise.

An amused Mr Trudeau then replies: "Oh yeah, yeah, he announced... [inaudible]. You just watched his team's jaw drop to the floor."

In response, Mr Trump said of Mr Trudeau: "He's two-faced... I find him to be a nice guy, but the truth is I called him out on the fact that he's not paying 2% [of national GDP towards defence] and I guess he's not very happy about it.

"He's not paying 2% and he should be paying 2%. Canada - they have money. Look, I'm representing the US and he should be paying more than he's paying, he understands it... I can imagine he's not that happy but that's the way it is."

Asked about the video, Mr Johnson told reporters: "It's complete nonsense. I don't know where that's come from."

(They did not realise that they were being recorded.)