Paid to produce western propaganda, or too daft to know the difference?

There are thousands of ASEAN citizens who have been exposed to endless repeated toxic western propaganda especially US mass media and their minds have been so poisoned and possessed by the evil west/US that they have lost their independence of mind and thinking. When CIA feed them with fake and rotten lies about China, Russia, Iran or North Korea they take it as truth. Worst still many of ASEAN political leaders and ministers have drunk too much of western/US cocktail concoctions of lies and fake news that they are leading their countries on the wrong side to support US and the west against other Asian countries. These brainless unthinking leaders need to be removed through a revolution.

Pro-Asean citizen SG


Anonymous said...

Why POFMA Minister$ never issue Correction Order to those main outlets of fake news, propaganda and outright lies?

Why only issue Correction Orders to local political parties, politicians and political blogs that criticise government policies and behaviou?

By such focus, they are actually telling Singapore voters that the creation and enactment of POFMA was politically motivated.

Virgo 49 said...

Like one Anon used to harp.

Sinkieland needed the Americans protection against our neighbouring countries. That's why they have to carry the Balls of the Americunts and prograted their lies.

Being an ASEAN founding member and yet so much distrust in our neigbbours, doesn't made them hypocrites of the highest order.

Still can always yelled Prosper thy neigbours.

They are just too afraid of Regime Change of their blissful lives by the Americunts and have to suck up to them.

Thinking that they will leave them alone. So have to prograte the West lies that China and N.Korea and Russia are BAD.

Their cronies democracy is good.Socilaism is BAD. They feared that the masses are seeing thru the ills of their socalled democracy and turned to Socialism.

With that, they be losing all.their gains and their blissfully lives that had their riches thru the trampling of the Rest.

So, they had to cover all their ills and held a tight rein so that the masses would not go against them.

Their brand of socalled Democrazy of cronyism, favoritism and corruptions are been exposed through the times.

Have their propaganda and brains washing to cling to their wonder ful lives.

Anonymous said...

If Singaporeans over the last 50 - 60 years have had a blissful existence, why rock the boat? Status quo is good for the country. The US of A has a prominent hold in this region and Singapore is benefiting by this, so, it is good for Singapore and the region.

Anonymous said...

Which is worse?

Straits Times propaganda or American propaganda?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the PAP government more self reliant?

Why does PAP government always depend on Singaporeans for more money through taxes and CPF?

Anonymous said...

Few banana, coconut and mangosteen can relate to their origin and root.

the Folks here shud ask themselves how much they are familiar with their Mother Tongue, Tradition and Culture ???

lt is unkind and inappropriate for the kettle to call the pot black. Many of the Younger Generations are nurture by their forebears, many of whom have lost their bearings like
the Hongkie Mobsters.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.41am

《Why does PAP government always depend on Singaporeans for more money through taxes and CPF?》

The PAP government has a subsidy mentality.
Everytime PAP government is unable to follow its budget, they expect Singaporeans to pay more taxes.
- PAP expects Singaporeans to give them a blank cheque.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous 9:55am

Hi! You shameless and brainless idiot. Your idiocy comment is tantamount to say you are quite happy and satisfied when your wife or mother have been sleeping with rich strange bedfellows that you too do also gain some benefit. You have no dignity and self-respect at all or even if you have little of it you have cast them to the sands for some unsavoury gains.You are a pathetic USA / Western running dog and you ought to face the firing squad.

Eagles Eyes

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ one sided shit for brains non critical fuck stains;

The battle for hearts and minds lies at the core of all politics, global politics no exception.

China is training and hiring people to sell it's image in a positive light. In that way they can continue with its forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong and Uighurs, and political dissenters. To progress, sometimes breaking the eggs of human rights is necessary to make a national successful omelette! 🤓😜


Progress, with Chinese Characteristics lah, motherfuckers! 🤡💰💰💰

Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally, Redbean. Before the trade war and the HongKong riots, I believed the BBC but now they are no better than Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Now they are propagandising truthful news as fake news. I think two thirds of what we see on YouTube are nothing more than propaganda demonising China, Russia, Iran and whoever is against the evil empire.

But now, their control of information is not absolute as in the past, so more of the same stuff about China, Russia and Iran are generated to drown out the truth. The sad thing is that the banana suckers still fall for such stuff and hold them to be the reality.

Take China for instance, with sceptical minds still insisting that it is still a backward prison like country and refusing to accept that more than half the Chinese population had been lifted out of poverty in China over the last three decades. They still insist such progress as exaggeration and untrue, despite the testimony of those Westerners who have lived in and worked for decades in China. They called such Westerners as 'communist sympathisers'. How do you argue with such mindsets? Years of bombardment with propaganda have numbed the skull of these people and they cannot accept reality any more.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China is training and hiring people to sell it's image in a positive light. In that way they can continue with its forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong and Uighurs, and political dissenters. To progress, sometimes breaking the eggs of human rights is necessary to make a national successful omelette! 🤓😜 by Matilah

Matilah, please keep repeating such American rhetoric. I know you won't know that they have been planted in you by the West and it is second nature to you to parrot such phrases. I don't think anything can change what is being etched in your numbskull for so long.

Just like when stupid producers and media keep using 50 year old photos of skin and bone children of North Korea, suffering from famine and famish caused by the Korean War and American carpet bombing of North Korea until all the fertile land no longer able to produce food, and sanctions and embargoes to prevent food reaching these hungry children. And these idiots are using these antique photos to pass them off as today's North Korea to lie to the world that North Koreans are still dying of starvation.

Anonymous said...

MS only wants to own the World for himself if he could.
You die your business is his philosophy lah.

Anonymous said...

But RB, the MSM seldom shows the scary faces of those Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims. It is all hypocrisy and whitewashing on things that should stay white. How often were the fate of those victims reported?

Even now, Fukushima problem seems to be less serious than what they said about Chernobyl, with the latter still spouting horror stories of leaks.

Days ago, it was reported that the Japs are planning to release contaminated water from Fukushima into the ocean. Not that they are not secretly doing it right now, but making it official sounds like trying to be transparent and white. What is the real problem at Fukushima is still anybody's guess. Nobody keeps secrets better than the Japs and you can bet on that.

imho said...

China is still the best bet. Afterall, western countries have ruled the world so long but still many homeless and living in poverty. China can help poor countries to achieve all the nice houses and roads for poor countries. All they need is to believe that China is going to help them in a term that they think is win win.

imho said...

Of cos, China is not perfect but can the world still trust uk or usa?