US brutal killings of Middle East muslims contrast to China's re-education and vocational institutions in Xinjiang

     The United States has for decades been staging orange revolutions to take down governments which do not toe US dictates. It first attempted a coloured revolution in China in the Tiananmen riots in Beijing in June 1989. In its earlier opening up to the world China was naive to let thousands of US NGOs ( Non-Government Officers ) flooding all the educational institutions to teach from secondary schools to the universities. These NGOs are actually US spies and espionage agents paid by US government to subvert China. These NGOs had succeeded to brain wash and indoctrinate the students to go against the Chinese government. With US initiation, support and funding the students managed to stage protests and riots against the government. After seven or more weeks of rioting the government took firm action to quell the riots. Thus the US supported coloured revolution was nibbed in the bud. However, all the student ring leaders were whisked away by CIA agents to Taiwan and America. So in this Tiananmen Incident the United States failed in its attempt to carry out  a successful coloured revolution against China.

Then from 2005 till 2015  the United States had been trying to create and support an Uyghur Islamic revolution in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Many US trained,funded and supported extreme militant Uyghur terrorist and  separatist leaders carried out grave terrorist acts from 2005 to 2012 in various parts of China though largely in Xinjiang killing many hundreds of innocent victims which included largely the Han and some Uyghur ethnic race.

The situation was grave and China had to find a solution to de-radicalised the extreme muslim militants who were trained, funded and supported by US via CIA. Thus from around 2015 China built educational and vocational centres to de-radicalise the militants and train them in some skills in vocational jobs to equip them for useful work in society. However, the despicable trouble making Americans and the Europeans try to stoke ill-feelings and animosities among the muslims in islamic societies against China by fabricating the story of China ill treating the militant Uyghur separatists in labour camps. In the meantime more than forty countries including many from muslim countries like Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia, Kazakstan, Turkmenistan and  Kyrgystan went on a study survey in Xinjiang and they put paid to American lies.
Contrast the wanton cruelty of the  White Americans and the Europeans brutal killings and genocide of the Middle East militant Arab muslims to that of China's re-education and vocational institutes in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. The Chinese government is just taking remedial action to quell an American organized separatist and terrorist orange revolution in China's own country. But the white Americans and the Europeans have no business to be in Arab lands in the Middle East except just for the greed and single motive of occupying Arab muslim lands for hegemony and  for the total control of  the rich Arab oil resources.
What the world must know is that the white Americans just like their European cousins always have had a grim negative outlook and hatred for muslims. For many centuries from the 9th Century AD to the 19th Century AD they had constantly conducted endless Christian crusades to crush the Arab and Turkish Ottoman muslims and to take away their lands. Then after the First World War and the Second World War many of the Middle East countries were turned into British or American protectorates meaning British and American control or virtually their colonies. Eventually most of the Middle East countries gained full independence after mush struggle. However they still had to fight off the American, British and French greed for control of their oil industries. Eventually they gained full control of the oil industries but at the same time they were trapped by the sly sleazy American government to trade their oil in US control Petro-Dollars. The result of which let the Americans,  England and France take the cream of the petrol business while all the Arab muslim countries earned only the crumbs or left overs. Realising they were at the losing end in conducting oil trade in US control Petro-Dollars Iraq and later Libya under the presidency of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi respectively chose to also trade oil in Euros and Libyan gold  dollars. For this they had to pay for their life when their countries were attacked in an undeclare illegal and illicit war by the United States and its European accomplices ' Both Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were tracked down and brutally murdered by the Americans and their lackeys.

In the meantime the Evil Empire USA had been training thousands of Islamic militant terrorists the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Isis to fight the Soviet Russians in Afghanistan. Then came the fateful date September 11th of 2001 when the twin towers of World Trade Centre in New York was claimed to be brought down by Al Qaeda suicidal Arab militant terrorist pilots who crashed their planes directly into the twin towers and the Pentagon Military Complex. This was later revealed by qualified sources to be a major evil macabre   conspiracy between American Jews who had infiltrated and wield great power in US Foreign Policy and Israel zionist Jews to stage a catastrophic event to provide a justifiable excuse for attacks and wars against seven Middle East Arab countries so as to save Israel from being vanquished by its Arab neighbours. It seemed the twin towers were brought down by control demolition with remote control mechanism. The whole episode had been secretly well planned in advance. The planes that crashed into the twin towers were actually remote control drones. The world had been deceived but the Arab muslims had to pay dearly for their lives and destruction of their countries and the lost of their oil resources to the evil Americans and the Europeans..

After 9/11 the United States illegally and unilaterally declared war against Iraq and later Libya and Syria against the opposition of the United Nations Organisation. The United States and its European allies and the Israel Jews carried out endless sorties of jet bombers, missiles, rockets and drones to drop millions of tons of bombs indiscriminately on Iraqi towns and cities which was later repeated on Libya in 2011 and Syria in 2015. The Americans claimed they were bombing the Arab muslim terrorists the ISIS which were originally organized and nurtured by the white Americans and that the hundreds of thousands or millions of Arab civilians death were simply brushed aside as collateral damage. The truth is that the White Americans and Europeans think Arab muslim lives are cheap and so killing them is not a problem especially when the killings are carried out without conscience or feelings by bombers and missiles . In fact the white Americans and Europeans feel great with no remorse as  the destructions of properties and the killings and genocide were all done by remote bombers and missiles where they personally do not see blood or witness the horrific pain and suffering of the thousands of survivors who were maimed for life.

In the meanwhile thousands of extreme militant muslims were tracked down and either shot forthwith or kept in concentration camps to face inhuman torture . 

These speak so much of White Americans and white Europeans extreme cruel treatment of militant muslims and their utter serious disrespect and contempt for muslims in general. Watch and observe how they illtreat the muslims in America .

However the white Americans and the Europeans are not happy when they see China is helping all Middle East and African muslim countries to rise up and develop economically and while at the same time these muslim countries are moving closer to China and Russia. Thus for this they have no qualms in fabricating lies and fake stories about China's poor governance in the treatment of Uyghurs so as to stir up misunderstandings, hatreds and animosities among the world muslims for China and the Chinese people. Hopefully the muslims world wide will be wise enough to see the evil plots of the white Americans and the Europeans who dislike and disapprove of China's selfless help for all the muslim and other third world disadvantaged countries whom the white people feel with disdain as not their equals.

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Saturday, 7th December, 2019


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the muslims world wide will be wise enough to see the evil plots of the white Americans and the Europeans who dislike and disapprove of China's selfless help for all the muslim and other third world disadvantaged countries whom the white people feel with disdain as not their equals.
Southernglory 1

Not so simple lah.

Do u know that if not for America, Saudi Arabia will not even exist for 2 weeks? See link:


Anonymous said...

The United States trained and funded the muslim fundamentalists or moujahedeens militants to drive the Soviet Russian occupation of Afghanistan. The US sees the success of the moujaheedeens or Muslim holy warriors in driving the Russians out of Afghanistan as good terrorists where the US and the West can make good use of them to fight US enemies or subvert countries which do not toe US dictates for regime change.

After the success of the jihad in Afghanistan the moujaheedeens think they were invincible not realising the fact that it was the US military, political and financial prowess that was essential to tip the balance against the Russians. They began to fan out their holy warriors far and wide in many places or countries on earth to further their jihad. They became the rallying point for muslim zealots throughout the world on a mission to carry out jihads against infidels and to train new generations of militant islamist fighters to drink the cup of martyrdom to kill infidels so as to islamize the whole world.

Before very long the moujaheedeens metamorphose into various competing militant islamic terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda, ISIS and Xinjiang Yughur terrorists to terrorise the whole world including US and Europe.

Anonymous said...

The US help for Saudi Arabia is not for their love of Arabs. They have a more sinister motive of controlling the global oil market.

The US mainland is said to have so much reserves of oil underground, but they are trying to exhaust the other countries' reserves, through their own and global demands, hoping that in the future, they will be the only country and sole beneficiary of world oil reserves, thus ensuring the US dollar hegemony. What can go wrong with this thinking?

In fact it is becoming ridiculous lately that they are promoting coal usage and putting all kinds of hurdles against renewable energy usage, even threatening those who bought electric vehicles. While other countries are enthusiastically promoting renewable energy, the US is going in the opposite direction. More than that, all kinds of dubious claims have been trotted out, like windmills will kill lots of birds.

Their withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change is all geared to allow them to fast forward their new agenda of going back to coal.

All these are steps to strengthen the US dollar hegemony, tied to oil, in the foreseeable future world that they envisage. That China is doing so well in renewable energy generation from hydro-electric power, solar panels, windmills, etc and being so enthusiastically delving into electric vehicles is giving the US all the reasons for trying to put China down. It is seen as gnawing away at the US dollar hegemony based on oil.

Anonymous said...

That China is doing so well in renewable energy generation from hydro-electric power, solar panels, windmills, etc and being so enthusiastically delving into electric vehicles....
11:50 am


China even built a crude oil pipeline linking a Myanmar port to Yunnan province in China u know, so as to bypass the Straits of Malacca. See link:


Anonymous said...

Of course China is not doing well lah! China had been forecasted to collapse twenty years ago according to the West. Sit tight and wait for it!

Anonymous said...

Dumpty Trumpty Soon To Have A Great Fall - Part 1/2

"I'm alienating the US from the world, one country at a time - thus grinding down our export!" said Dumpty Trumpty, who is soon going to have a great fall, for sitting too long on the wall (Mexican-Border Wall).

Three years of his presidency is coming up. What are his failures?

1. Failed with Iran, Syria, Turkey, and the Middle East Peace Process, yet got the cheek of shamelessly asking for a Nobel Peace Prize award.

2. Failed with Russia & Ukraine; on the one hand pretend to be good to the presidents of both countries, but on the other hand trying to play them out through coercions. In the case of Russia, by threatening sanctions. In the case of Ukraine, by with-holding military aids, that have already been approved by US Congress, for personal political benefits.

3. Failed with launching regime changes in Venezuela and Bolivia, resulting in unnecessary deaths and collateral damages to people's livelihoods, and causing immense miseries and sufferings to the common folks of these two countries.

4. Failed with trade war with China and the rest of the World; he misread and failed to foresee the repercussions that would be unleashed against the common folks of the US.

5. Failed with immigration, both policy and control, miserably. Horrendous detention and separation of children from their parents, resulting in unnecessary deaths, ill-treatments and mental tortures to both parents and children.

6. Kidnapped a Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou, by using the lap-dog Justin Trudeau of Canada to unjustly detain and confine a Chinese citizen against international laws.

7. Set Hong Kong on fire for six months already, in order to use it as a base to spread wide-spread chaos in mainland China; then enacted a ridiculous arbitrary law called the Hongkong Protection Act in order the undermine and subvert the sovereignty and integrity of China, and meddle in China's internal affairs. (This is a future false-flag weapon to be used to start a war with China.)

8. Stole an Iranian tanker, using military force, by Trump-up false accusation saying its going to Syria to supply the terrorists. Ironically, the terrorists in Syria have been created, sponsored, supplied and supported by the Obama Administration of USA.

9. Stole a Venezuelan ship full of foods in order to deprive the common folks of Venezuela of seriously needed supplies, but lied to the world that he is doing a great service for the Venezuela people.

10. Stole the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights from the Palestinians and Syrians for the FAKE HEBREWS living in Israel (pronounced as Is-a-real-hell).

Anonymous said...

Dumpty Trumpty Soon To Have A Great Fall - Part 2/2

continues from above:

11. Kept all wars in the Middle East going for APARTHEID Israel (pronounced as Is-a-real-hell) but pretend to pull back US troops by faking it in the news.

12. Faked Epstein’s death who’s now living comfortably in Apartheid Israel (pronounced Is-a-real-hell), as he was working for Mossad as an under-cover to keep records of the secret lives of top leaders and royalties to serve as blackmail tools.

13. Faked it with North Korean Kim, in order to get publicity, political mileage and an attempt to get a Nobel Peace Prize.

14. Does nothing concrete but plays golf, tweets, bully and insults most of his waking hours; and lies about how good he has been doing but in fact he has been a comedian all this while in his Presidency; even his close friends in NATO and EU are afraid of standing too close near his shadow.

15. Destroyed American farmers, coal miners, truckers, and car and high tech manufacturers; and act like a miser against those who desperately need government supports to survive.

16. Failed to hire competent staff; keep replacing key and top lieutenants is a clear sign of a bad workman blaming his tools. He acts as though he is still in his Reality Shows.

17. Failed to abolish the Fed; instead appointed his own crony to do his bidding as he likes, in order to manipulate the stock markets to benefit someone in the shadows.

18. Failed to drain the Swamp; ironically, the Swamp is swallowing him up instead, surely and very rapidly.

19. Failed to dismantle the Deep State; ironically, he is now being dismantled by the Deep State instead.

20. Failed the US economy and those who voted for him.

21. Last but not least, he failed miserably to get Mexico pay for the Wall, which he had repeated more than a thousand times that "Mexico will pay for the wall!", during his 2016 Presidential Campaign trails. Nowhere to hide his face. But being absolutely shameless, this big boaster and bully simply pretends that he is making Mexico pays for the wall by stealing funds from the military.

Anonymous said...


No wonder my War Stocks chionging up for years & years!!!!

A bit of pullback this week ... but still millions in profits!!!

And yeah, China is not doing that well in recent years.
My direct feedback from ordinary Chinese workers already told me that as early as mid-2018.

But nobody on this blog believed me. Hahaha!

By 2019, even the official Chinese economists & statisticians in their National Bureau of Statistics cannot hide the national numbers.

This is WHY the chinese have been so mild in trade war rhetoric AND LACK OF RETALIATORY ACTION for the past 6 months. They won't roll over & play dead. But their response & remarks have been VERY VERY RESTRAINED compared to 1 year ago in 2018.



Anonymous said...

The evil Europeans and white Americans five centuries rampage and invasion of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, north and south America and Central America is unprecedented in the history of the world. The effect on the invaded countries is extensive, permanent, deadly and genocidal. Whereas previous earlier invasions by the Pharaohs of Egypt, the Romans, Attila. Ghenis Khan and kublai Khan were small scale regional and localized invasions with no lasting harmful effect.

Anonymous said...

The Whites ganged up together - British, French and US - forcing China to open up the country to the opium trade resulting in the opium wars in 1839 and 1853. Even the Japanese followed the whites in trying to get a slice of the Chinese empire, but could not succeed after a long confrontation.

But the Whites were still looking on having China under their palms after the civil war between Mao and Chiang ended. The decades of demonising China did not lead to a collapse of China during its early days of communist rule, when it was at it's weakest point. Now, it is not feasibly possible to take China by force. It will be suicidal for the West to attempt another gunboat diplomatic adventure.

Nuclear deals between the US and Russia have been scuttled lately by the US unilaterally. The human race and all with it is waiting for a reboot. Castles, mansions, expensive cars, gold bars, war stocks, diamonds and massive wealth is going to end up as ashes.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust will visit every living soul. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Freedom, Democracy, Regime Changes, Endless Wars

AMERICUNT an Exceptional Nation!


Anonymous said...

Many may not like Paul Joseph Watson
.... but watch this vid

Los Angeles is a Sh*thole!

Between CA and NY thats where 1/2 of all Americunt's homeless lives. BTW both are blue States ie fucking Democratics.



Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Besties

Singapore and USA, best friends lah. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-12-08/singapore-says-fighter-jet-unit-on-guam-is-sign-of-trajectory

Anonymous said...


Mail order brides are perfectly legal in China. In fact majority of mail order brides in China are within the country itself --- usually from poorer provinces. The authorities encourage it to some extent becoz of the higher male to female ratio there.

That means many chinese guys who are not rich or successful will NEVER BE ABLE TO ATTRACT LOCAL CHINESE WOMEN TO MARRY. This is especially true for those guys staying in cities.

FYI, for budget conscious china guys, their go-to choice is Xi'an gals (Hui ethnicity 回族) ... who tend to be muslim and the among the cheapest in "dowry" payment. Besides the lower cost, they also look more like typical Han chinese & speak mandarin.

The cheapest are actually from the Uighur, but most Han china guys don't like.

BTW the word "uighur" is a distorted phonetic of 回族 (hui zu) ---- in the olden days, china called every muslim as 回族, even non-muslims (e.g. Jews) as long they came from the western region i.e. central asia or middle-east.


Anonymous said...

Must watch both vids by CGTN.

"Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang" and The Black Hand — "ETIM and Terrorism in Xinjiang"




Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ JC

The vids are uploaded by Chinese State-run/ owned media.

So...rest assured, everyone knows it is "The Absolute Truth" 😜😂🤪😂😂😂

Anonymous said...

So long
as there are religions and their tenets of holy war,
there can
be peace.

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