Covid19 - Brisk walking Indian told to put on mask and kicked

Pic from TOC. A Singaporean Indian chastising an India Indian on wearing of mask.

The recent act of violence against an Indian woman accused of not wearing her mask while brisk walking and then kicked by the accuser was definitely uncalled for and unacceptable. The attacker, a Chinese man, was arrested for assault and under police investigation. 

With the Covid pandemic raging in India and the spread of dangerous variants around the world, many are getting highly sensitive, paranoid, to the virus infection. In this assault case it was raised in Parliament and leading to Shanmugam saying that racism and if not stopped, more Indians could also be attacked here. To be precise and not to misquote our Law Minister, this was reported in thenewpaper, 'Concluding his speech yesterday, Mr Shanmugam said: "(Singapore) will fail if we allow racism and xenophobia to become prevalent,..." Ok, Shanmugam did not exactly say that the attack was a racist attack. He also warned against fanning the flame of racism.

This racist interpretation is understandable given that the attacker is a Chinese man and the victim an Indian. A similar incident happened in Pasir Ris Park where an Indian man behaved aggressively against an Indian couple for a similar reason, fear of Covid virus spreading here. It was reported in thenewpaper today that the Indian man was arrested for making racist remark, between an Indian and another Indian!

'The wife said in an email to Mothership that her family were shocked to witness the unprovoked and overtly “racial comments” directed at them, which was the first time they experienced here. The family was said to have been in Singapore for the last 10 years.

She told Mothership that she was concerned about her children would be most affected by the incident.

She alleged that the Singaporean man taunted her family initially by continuously shouting in their direction, “Bloody Indians go back, spreading virus here.”'

How this latter case was also seen as racist in nature is puzzling as both were ethnic Indians. Can a Singaporean Indian blasting out at an India Indian be called an act of racism? Can anyone explain this?

Actually in both cases the problem was about wearing of mask and the fear of virus spreading. The case was not so much of against Indians but people coming from India that is now facing a very serious virus catastrophe.

It was convenient to stoke the racist demon to make a case but would it be better if the racist elementbe handled with special sensitivity and care? If every incident is treated as a racist act then the flame of racism would burn extra violently and more anger and hate would be stirred leading to very unpleasant and very unacceptable consequences.

Racism and racist rage have been on display in the US and UK in its worse form when people were attacked for no reason, no better excuse than just the colour of their skin. That is racism pure and simple. The above two cases may have some tinge of racism for those who would like to see it from that angle, but the main issue was not so much of race but the fear of the virus. In the latter case it was nationality involved, not race per se. It was about people coming from India where the virus is running out of control.

It would be wise for people to look at the issues involved and not try to thread on the dangerous ground of racism.  Many racists have been stoking the fire of racism at every opportunity, true or over exaggeration and attacking innocent people with racism the furthest from their minds, like putting on an act in a party or dressing in different ethnic dresses.  Kumar got to be very careful with his acts and comments during his performance or the racists will accuse him of racism.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Many are very well aware that the ruling elites are also tying to frame those who complain about India CECA as racists to muzzle them down.

Anonymous said...

Think tat people here r worried or paranoid by viruses coming from the South Continent. Well, u can't change wat the people think or do but definitely u can change or protect yourself from being infected or spreading to others. Be responsible for your own health by ownself wearing masks, be more hygiene conscious, keep a safe distance from others & avoid high risk crowded area. This way we'll not go around demanding or blaming others of spreading the virus. Think tat mental health & right attitude r important in a pandemic, let's stay healthy, be safe and stay United.

Anonymous said...

Me think it became racist because the India Indian said it was racist.

Is this a case of unthinking?

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon 8.46

You are Spot On and fast to nail the actual blunder that they do not wish to admit and also to muzzle up using this as an excuse.

Those India Indians who thought that they had the numbers here and also many had married local Indians and Pariah Chinkees and deemed themselves as Singaporeans but still behaved high and mighty as their India's Chaste Systems behaved badly in our midst.

Not knowing that they offended our local Sinkies and also a nuisance to our general neighbourhood.

Thinking that they are here as begging from the Papies as Saviours to the Sinkies they behaved badly as what's they do in their home country.

In our Estate, there is a Guy Indian National just lived in about half year ago. A woman who claimed to be his wife and said she is a Singaporean when she confronted me yesterday evening with her Handphone video on me knowing that she will be making a complaint against me to the SPF for have an afray with them.

They knew that whatever they said, the SPF will be very eager and zealous to follow up action as they will bring merits to their well being and ahem maybe also promotions as they wanted to curry their Boss's balls.

Anyway, I had no fears in their complaints as there are myriads of their Police cameras at the time and place of our quarrel.

Unless these are fakes and dummies ones.

Let me tell the crux of our quarrels.

This guy brought a dog and for the last three to four months this dog of his is beyond control by him or his wife.

All they do NOT bother to tame him as they believe as what's the Whites do it's their right to do what's they want.

Their dog had been barking days and nights and even throughout the whole night till dawn and they do not bother to just shut it up.

When they or he or she bought it down for walks it will barked ferociously at any humans and dogs.

Also it will lunged at anyone nearby.

Sinkies as all know will just simply tolerated all these nonsense and disturbance to their neighbourhood as it's not my business.

So yesterday evening as I was walking with my dog, this little pest out from the lift barked at one delivery poor guy and then came over and lunged and barked at me with his man owner nonchalantly no hew as through this is his right that his stupid dog is doing this to others.

I got mad and told him off to control his dog. If he unable to do so then dont keep a dog.

He kept asking me what's the problem?

I blared that your behaviours and your dog is the problem.

He straightaway asked his wife to come down and accused me of instigating racial bias and discrimination

I told them to fark off and she followed me to my block lift with her Handphone camera zoomed on me.

Expecting the SPF to visit soon and full force of the agencies will fall on those who stood up just for justice and defiled the Papies SOFT spot for their beloved children and saviours to all Sinkies.


Anonymous said...

The real racism is when politicians initiate policies that favor their own kind instead of their fellow citizens.

Anonymous said...

Changi Airport cluster is now the biggest cluster. It really is not a surprise, being the landing point where the virus comes in.

Anonymous said...

An Indian behaving aggressively against an Indian couple is arrested for racism? How is it possible that the law cannot tell they are both of the same race - Indians?

Now I understand why one man holding a placard is 'an assembly'. And that cotton wool comes from sheep.

What is Red Dot turning into? The interpretations really puzzles me!

Anonymous said...

Must see who's in charge lah..

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo Anon 9.36

How can you said like this?

Even a non Indian who had an afray or even a simple quarrel with an Indian, you also cannnot straightaway classified as Racial Bias and Racisim!

That's Racial Bias and Racisim can be from the other party!

They must investigate the Truths and cannot simply just because another race had some troubles or quarrels with the Indians straightaway Racisim.

Anonymous said...

In the USA, right now, whenever shootings or conflicts arise, the first question the MSM will ask now is whether the shooter or policeman involved is White and the arrested or violated party is Black. Race is the only thing that interest them, not the reasons involved.

It has now moth into whether the one attacking Asians is White or Black. It is that bad.

Anonymous said...

Fully vaccinated people in the Unites States can forego wearing a face mask and do not have to stay 2m away from others in most settings, whether outdoors or indoors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Thursday, May 13 in updated public health guidance.

Let's cheer the Americans for being so successful in controlling the virus and having so effective vaccines that they can now ignore the virus from spreading among them.

Virgo49 said...

In Sinkieland if the aggrieved party or complainant is an Indian or better still Indian National and that the Aggressor Party which may be well be the Aggrieved Party is a Non Indian.

That's God help you!

Even Lim Tean cannot save you.

Virgo49 said...

This Heaven sent Pandemic really opened the eyes of the dafts and also all the injustices in all parts of the World where Heavens will really eliminated the Evils Ones and may be have the dafts opened their eyes to really see what's the Real Evil World is all about.

It's a purging and self elimination of those who had committed hideous crimes and sins to their fellow men and humanity.

Let the Americunts that the World considered to be the Smartest and brilliant beans eliminated themsleves which is better for All.


Anonymous said...

Virgo what talking u. Lim Tean can't even save himself

Anonymous said...

The foreigner in the video should have been arrested for not wearing a mask in a public place.

Anonymous said...

what will happen to the local ethnic chinese men if pritam singh (from wp) were to be the pm of the city-state ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

SINGAPORE: The current size of group gatherings allowed will be reduced from five people to two people, following a spike in COVID-19 community cases, said Minister for Education Lawrence Wong on Friday (May 14).

This, and other new measures under what the Health Ministry labelled as "Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)" will take effect from May 16 through June 13.

Virgo49 said...

Now we are back to Phase Two.

Who are the smart alecs that rolled us back to Phase II?

Itchy backsides

LIPS said...

To spend US$60 million a year (US$300 million in 5 years) for deliberate anti-China propaganda, by the Biden Administration, shows that the US is reality desperate.

The US is losing in the Trade War, Technology War, Science War, Medicine War, Cultural War, Civilisation War and other wars that the US has launched against China over the last 15 years. As a result, in sheer desperation, it has to resort of the dirty tactic of smearing China with a concerted and direct propaganda campaign in order to win the hearts and minds of other countries.

This glaringly desperate smear campaign is now being exposed and countered by their own White men and women for the world to note.

If any mass media has journalistic integrity, then they should not join the smear campaign of USA. This goes for the CNA and ST too.

Anonymous said...

This is a very sad case whereby mistakes r being made by the u_know_who_higher_up but being made to bear the consequences r the lower ordinary ppl. It's like one person shits the other person clears the shit for him/her.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Any self respecting media would know how to dissociate itself with the evil American campaign that no one believes in. Any media that keeps publish this silly American propaganda only exposed itself as an American stooge, losing all credibility among its readers.

All the American thinkers of any standing and even ordinary Americans, are so exasperated with the Americans standing naked in the world telling white lies and making a fool of themselves that many have been forced to speak out against this silliness of the American regime, led by an old man suffering from dementia and another blinking blind white racist State Secretary that is no better than the ugly fat slob, his predecessor.

Anonymous said...

Now who has the cheek to tell Singaporeans to be responsible?

When the situation in India is so dire, the imbeciles keep chioning and chioning.


Virgo49 said...

Why LowRan Wong do the talking?

Orr Yew Tang kept mum?

Guilts on his mind?


Anonymous said...

The smart alecs caused the Singapore stocks to plunge today, when stocks elsewhere in the world were cheonging upwards.

Anonymous said...

I understand running, riding a bike or vigorous exercise does not need a mask. It is all half past six rulings that created all the confusion.

Brisk walking I am not sure whether a mask is needed. A brisk walk may seem normal for some, but not for others. But why make it so complicated with so many funny rules for so many funny stuff. Just make it one rule fits all. Why pander to so many factions and make things complicated.

Only in Red dot? Maybe to justify the pay.

Virgo49 said...

From Sept 01 diners at hawkers centres faced $300.00 fines if dont return back trays and crockery and also litter on tables.

NEA and those who lost their lucrative jobs as ex dead industries and now as ambassadors will be enforcing actions on those who broke the rules.

Next fines if you also don't wash the crockery for the hawkers.

No wonder they encouraged Young Sinkies to be hawkers.

Now high class just served and the rest dafts will do the dirty jobs for you after paying you for your food and also lining up till legs go weak and then clear the trays and crockery for them.

Later also needed to wash for them

Wah, worse than Military camps.

Lock down hopefully relaxed better move to Matland where you just seat and they come for your order and served you and some also pay after you finished.

Then.they said thank you to you and please come again

Feel Good as a Customer.

Here in Sinkieland more like a Prisoner of War under all sorts of daft orders.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon

Whether they allowed no need masks for brisk walking or not, there be some high class chaste systems ones who thought themselves as High Class Brahmins will break the rules as they feel that they are untroublables and no one can touch them.

How dare you Dalits locals dared to ask or order us to wear masks?

In our homeland, the Dalits bowed and avoid us.


Queen of Hearts said...

The way Covid-19 rules are being changed frequently and catering to different groups of people shows that the minions concerned do not have real power.

They are just like the minions from "Despicable Me" movie.

Their indecisiveness is so glaringly obvious for all to see.

One moment tell people not to wear masks, only wear masks when you are sick (actually because of severe shortage of masks that have not been foreseen and stocked up for) but next moment tell people to wear masks at all times.

Then tell people you don't need wear mask when jogging or brisk walking.

What the "F" is going on with the over-paid multi-millionaire minions?

Anonymous said...

ST is becoming a basket case since Kim Jong Un came on board and that's why the need for restructuring
If Biden were to offer $5K for every anti-China article, you think ST wouldn't take up? Even now , their editorial already tilted towards Wash.DC.

Virgo49 said...

Right SOS

When the First outbreak broke out, they are not prepared and that's why they said no need to wear masks as they needed the Reserves for their own and their Kai kee lans and also the Medical staff. This is what's they will never ever admitted.

Then they have so many sets of rules for this and that and all gasa butas just like that Old Man Biden Senile wishes.

That's lead to many who just wanted to loop their loopholes and have affrays with all people who thought likewise.

Now recently they allowed what's open gyms and what's a noisy nuisance they caused to the neighborhoods with estates that near to these gyms.

They just implemented trials and errors and then just fine tuned from there with the people suffered injuries and deaths and also nervous breakdowns

Lot of useless idiots.

Anonymous said...

Are they still letting Singaporeans and PRs to go to India and return?

Anonymous said...

The USA still did not approve the use of Sinovac? So cannot use Sinovac?

Anonymous said...

From Sept 1 must return crockery and cannot litter on the tables? Can sweep the bones and leftovers on the floor or not?

Might as well ask customers to wipe the tables and wash the crockeries. Better still ask the customers to cook themselves, serve themselves and bring their own ingredients.

I think in North Korea the rules are not so inhuman!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.53

If you watch the video by BRIX Sweden titled ' Progress of the Health Silk Road: Henry Tillman Investment Research' you will be interested to know that China exported about 45% or nearly 110 million doses of it's vaccines to the rest of the world. The USA and UK exported not even one dose.

The USA used it's filthy and vile mouth to con India to counter China in vaccine diplomacy and brought this catastrophe upon India. Why do they not do it themselves and instead making India it's proxy to counter China? No wonder they say to be a friend of USA is fatal.

Not only is the USA and UK not exporting vaccines, they forbid allies from using China's vaccines as well. That is how vile and inhuman they have become.

Virgo49 said...

This Lot of 4G or 5G Leaders slowly goreng the daft timid and BOH Chap Sinkies into slaves.

Slowly as the daft Sinkies just simply like sheep being led to slaughter they became more and more bold that they will imposed more and more dacronian laws.

Anonymous said...

This is the price India paid for dancing with the devil.

It is also a case of willing partners. So no need to blame the devil.

Both are devils.

Anonymous said...

The devils still refuse to accept it. China is the chosen one to replace the evil Americans as the next super power. Anyone or country trying to stop this transition will be punished severely.

Anonymous said...

Must be equal misery, this rule should also applied to the rich peoples who eat in the restaurants. Why only Hawker Centre. Maybe rich peoples are treated as officers in the army and poor Singaporeans are lower rank soldiers need to selfserve.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.45

Till now you should have realised what's our National Slavery had done to the mentality of Sinkies who even had returned to civ lifes.

They still had the hangover of Ranks and Files as what's they had obtained whilst in their service.

That's why our Ministers who mostly held the Rank of Generals still have the behaviours that we are still in service and must obeyed their commands as Generals.

Even those holding Officer Ranks in civvy lifes also behaved as such that their colleagues who held lower ranks must still no argue with them and must obey them.

That's why you even have one Lt-General the highest rank even higher than the PeeAyam who took umbrage at just some questions that he is not happy with.

How can you asked me this question? Don't you know I am a Ltn-General. The Rest are just Bradger General.Thats why I took UMBRAGE.

Virgo49 said...

Sorry send by itself.

So do NOT expect Officers and Generals to return trays and crockery in their high class restaurants.

This is the World of the Capitalist Country.

You earned millions as Ministers and also MPs then you eat in restaurants where people served you.

You peasants just too bad ate at hawkers centres then you have to obey our laws to return the trays and crockery.

If not our over zealous gig industries Ambassadors who thought that they are full time enforcement officers will come full force on you

Anonymous said...

India is a double headed snake. Never trust them. You trust them at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

It is US$300 million a year, not for 5 years.

Queen of Hearts said...

If it is US$300 million a year, that means US$1.5 billion for 5 years. That means the Propaganda Campaign is even worse.

This is a very smart move on the put of the Democrats.

I think the Democrats are making use of this budget to buy the mass media over to its side, for the next five years, so that they can be re-elected to the White House again.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see a country where people have to be forced by fines and penalties to be courteous and clean such as returning trays and crockeries after meals at eateries. Many Singaporeans detest the citizen of the United States of America, but over there this custom of cleanliness is a norm, so not all American customs are bad. Singaporeans should learn from them.

Anonymous said...

Australians with COVID-19 to be left in India after testing positive before repatriation flight to Darwin


Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents travelling from India are not required to take a COVID-19 PCR before departure. However, all travellers, other than children age 6 or younger, are required to take a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Singapore. In addition, from 22 April 2021, 2359 hours, all travellers from India are subject to a 21-day SHN at a SHN Dedicated Facility (SDF) and additional COVID-19 PCR tests on day 14 and before the end of their 21-day SHN period.


Anonymous said...

The first flight to bring vulnerable citizens and permanent residents back from India since the travel ban was imposed will touch down in Darwin on Saturday, likely well below its 150-person capacity. On Friday, 42 of the passengers tested positive to the coronavirus and 31 of their close contacts were also barred from travelling.