Covid19 - Evil, selfish and lying Americans

U.S. wants COVID vaccine patent waiver to benefit world, not boost China biotech

By Andrea Shalal, Carl O'Donnell and David Lawder

(Reuters) - The Biden administration is examining ways to ensure that a waiver of COVID-19 vaccine patents to aid poor countries will not hand sensitive U.S. biopharmaceutical technology to China and Russia, responding to a chorus of concerns, U.S. and industry officials say.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday backed the U.S. entering negotiations at the World Trade Organization for the waiver of intellectual property rights as a means to boost vaccine supplies by allowing poorer countries to make their own.

So far, vaccines have gone overwhelmingly to richer nations, which scooped up contracts for them earlier this year. [L1N2KP178] COVID-19 infection rates in wealthy countries have dropped as vaccination rates increased this year, but infections are still rising in 36 countries, with India's daily cases skyrocketing to nearly 400,000 a day....

Many companies and now some U.S. officials fear the move would allow China to leapfrog years of research and erode the U.S. advantage in biopharmaceuticals. Yahoo News

The above said one thing, the evil Americans are hoarding on to the vaccines and refused to share with the rest of the world. Only after they have fully vaccinated their own people would they sell their vaccines at a very high profit to the rest of the world.

Till today, the Americans are not exporting any of the vaccines produced in the USA, at most 5% to their close allies. Even when India is now a hell house, they claimed to want to send aid to the tune of $100m worth but sent only a fraction of what they broadcast to the world.

And to keep on to their lies, they conveniently raised the red herring of China. It is because of China that they would not share the formula. What shit! China has many vaccines in production, does not need the American formula.  China also has its own mRNA vaccines. What stupid lies to con the world? For their own selfish and evil reasons, the Americans would continue to keep the vaccines to themselves and letting more people around the world die while claiming they want to help the people of the world.

In the mean time Chinese vaccines are all over the world, especially in poorer countries at very low prices and saving millions and millions of lives. Without the Chinese vaccines many of the poorer countries would be in deep shit like in India and the USA, Brazil and Britain.

The rest of the world can wait long ling for the American vaccines and when available, paying for an arm or a leg. This is the true nature of the evil Americans, so 'caring and generous'.

While the white men are pretending to be serious in wanting to share their vaccines with the poorer countries, while they continue to bicker in their political show, there are so many vaccines from China and Russia that are available immediately but not approved by them for use to save lives.  By the time the white men have finished their bickering, there would be no need for their vaccines. Those millions that needed not die would have been dead and the pandemic could be over.

Until today, despite the American loudspeaker blaring that they would help the rest of the world and sharing their vaccines for more than a year , the Americans have not share a single dose of their vaccines with poorer countries. They and the Brits are still hoarding all the vaccines they produced, not sharing.

Now why is Biden talking about wanting to waive but not waiving the copyrights of their vaccines, not sharing their formula for fear of leaking it to the Chinese, why this double talk? The truth, their vaccines have increasingly been proven to be ineffective, though they are not admitting it. 

The main reason, listen to this, is that they want the formula of Chinese vaccines.  For waiving the rights to their vaccines, the condition is for China to waive its rights and to share the formula with the Americans. They knew that the Chinese vaccines are effective and working, but not theirs, and desperately wanted to get hold of Chinese vaccines. Hear that, this is the real reason behind this change of agenda.

This is another big white lie.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The world's number liar exposed. And they have the cheek to accuse China of under reporting, not transparent, etc etc. Below is reported in the Yahoo News.

The United States, which has reported the world's worst overall Covid-19 death toll, has "no doubt" been undercounting fatal cases, top pandemic advisor Anthony Fauci said Sunday.

The country has officially lost over 581,000 people to the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus -- but a University of Washington study released Thursday estimated deaths at more than 900,000.

"That's a bit more than I would have thought the undercounting was," Fauci told NBC's "Meet The Press."

"But I think there's no doubt... that we are and have been undercounting."

Anonymous said...

At the rate the highly infectious and deadly Indian variant is allowed to spread in the island, soon we will be like India,

When would the imbeciles stop travel to and from India? If this is still going on, when it explodes here, we will know why and who did it.

Anonymous said...

The news said that out of 10 community infected patients in Singapore yesterday, 3 have been fully vaccinated. They did not say with which vaccine. If this is the norm, it means the vaccine used has an effectiveness of 70% not 96% as claimed. Leaves one to wonder, even though this may be just co-incidence.

Anonymous said...

The COVID19 already killed many Americans well before Wuhan, as those were conveniently attributed to the common flu. That they refused to let scientist and doctors conduct investigation into those deaths says a lot about transparency. The virus originated from the USA and they shut down Fort Detrick when many people were dying of strange symptoms similar to flu. They are trying very hard to get away from this one, as they have gotten away with 911 being an inside job.

Now they are pushing the theory once again that the virus originated from Wuhan.

Anonymous said...

There were many reports that the world was conned by the Americans, that they vaccines barely worked. One of their top virus scientist took two jabs of Pfizer before going to India, thinking it was safe. He died of Covid19.

In another few months they would likely to ban American vaccines. AstraZenega is as good as being dumped together with J&J vaccine.

Anonymous said...

Five Australians Suffer Blood-Clots in One Week After AstraZeneca Jab
By Nina Nguyen
May 6, 2021 Updated: May 6, 2021

Five Australians have developed blood clotting syndrome after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine in the past week, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has confirmed.

They will keep denying and claimed no link to the vaccine.

Anonymous said...

The fake American freedom to choose is that you can only choose their fake democracy and nothing else. This is their version of freedom.

If you choose anything else they have the right to kill and destroy you.

Virgo49 said...

The Americunts claimed that they had send 100M of Aids to India.

What's they send? Uselsess masks that are meant to be for the first stage of prevention of the virus and other non essisential items that are of no use to the savings of the Indians.

What's 100M aids that conned the Indians and the Daft World.

Raw materials for them to start producing the vaccines where their people are dying day by day.

Why in the first place, they withheld the raw material for their productions.

Shits under arse holes than look for toilets?

They demanded that India exported their previous productions of vaccines to others and they stupidly does so that they themselves ended nothing for their own.

What's farking Americunts Angels?

They are the worse DEVILS.

Anonymous said...

The USA actually brought this tragedy upon India. They asked India to counter China's vaccine diplomacy by coaxing India to export more of their vaccines widely. The stupid Indians followed the evil USA's instructions like a fool.

The Indians foolishly did not leave any stockpile for eventualities, thinking they have beaten the virus, while the evil USA keeps stockpiling their vaccines, knowing there will be a next wave. Why did not the USA themselves do the countering? All they care about is USA first! You die your own business. In fact the USA was reluctant to offer help to India.

And India, being the stooge of the USA, have themselves to blame for being made the USA's proxy to do the countering of China's vaccine diplomacy. Now India is becoming another of the USA's collateral damage digit. Who suffers by following the USA's dictate? Not the USA! And certainly not China!

Anonymous said...

After being fixed by the Americans, all you can see is that the Indians love every bit of it.

As long as the Americans called the Indians friend, the Indians will crawl to the Americans and do anything the Americans want them to, and say thank you America for the privilege to serve the American Empire.

Anonymous said...

The Americans can keep on lying about how effective their vaccines were, but the statistics cannot lie, even if they refused to acknowledge or publish them. The number of death and adverse cases are piling up daily.

A point will be reached, just like the AstraZenega case, when the weight would bring down the mountain of lies.

Anonymous said...

And when that point is reached, you will understand why the 'no liability' clause was necessary. They already knew they were lying to the rest of the world. That 'no liability' clause will protect them.

Queen of Hearts said...

The scary thing and irony is that the so-called "experts" of many countries, especially the poodle countries, have been bought by the White Liars.

We, as netizens who widely read the news and publications from around the world from all sorts of sources, know fully well that the Western Big Pharmas are lying and some government people and politicians are in cahoot with them because it is big money to be made.

Yet many government leaders are either being conned or being stupid to have fallen for their tricks and are embarrassed to pull back.

When they keep brushing away the bad side effects and keep piling on the good news about their vaccines of 95% efficacy, it bacomes very suspicious. It becomes too good to be true!

When something becomes too good to be true, it is not true. Simple as that. Because they are hiding something that is not true. Because we all know that there can never be a vaccine that is near perfect of 95% efficacy.

The best probability for vaccine efficacy is 70% - 80%. Take note of this.

Anonymous said...

That is how the USA killed competition, even when their standard cannot match against the better ones they destroyed, like Toshiba and Alstom and now Huawei and many Chinese tech companies.

The poodles have been forced to support the evil empire, by force or threats of sanctions. The Germans are still fighting for the Nord Stream 2 project and have been warned of sanctions if they go ahead. The Kiwis tried to break ranks and were rattled by accusations of having sold their soul to China. Such coercion always work on the poodles, who are basically hapless to do otherwise.

The same modus operandi is being used now for COVID19 vaccines. The USA and the West tried very hard to beat off the Russians and Chinese vaccines, using propaganda to debase them. If not for the serious situation in India and global shortage of vaccines, the WHO would not have approved the Chinese vaccine. (even if proven to work as well as those from the West), without incurring serious vile threats from the USA and the West. The WHO did the right thing under tremendous pressure itself, having to deal with the global surge in infections now.

Anonymous said...

Our media is professional and objective and from a Singaporean point of view.

Definitely not from an American point of view.

Anonymous said...

Tue, 11 May 2021, 4:20 am

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday said the rocket attacks from Gaza against Israel should stop "immediately," and he urged all sides to take steps to reduce tensions.

"We're very focused on the situation in Israel, West Bank, Gaza, very deeply concerned about the rocket attacks that we're seeing now, that they need to stop, they need to stop immediately," Blinken said ahead of meeting with Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi.

See the evil white supremacist siding with Israel. When Israel was attacking the Muslims in Iraq, in Syria, in Iran, he kept quiet. It is ok to attack Muslims but not when Muslims attack Israel.

Anonymous said...

Jerusalem violence leads to Hamas rockets on Israel, nine dead in Gaza
Jordanians demonstrate to express solidarity with the Palestinian people, near the Israeli embassy in Amman

Why no comments from the white racists?

Virgo49 said...

They can speak and talked like the lying Americunts without blinking their eyes with this Beautiful Slogan Singaporeans True Journalism for Singapore.

All of the Main Reportings are by their Designated Big Bro The UAssA appointed Journalists who wrote daily damning reports against their perceived and also bitter adversaries.

Whereas our Own Sinkies cub and novice so called reporters are told to write on cats and Dogs and hawkers food.

Also their husbands sunday times snoring and Whats not.

Why they must have this Important Media on going even to the extent that they will back up with their coffers?

Because this is the Main Propaganda and Brains washing important media to feed the Sinkies every day of their Agenda.

Talk cock reported responsible news of Singaporeans for Singapore.

From LKY's time, he knew that to control the minds of her citizens the Government must muzzled the Press to their side.

So day in and day out they will feed the people of their ideologies that thru time all will just turned and tuned to their wills.

All the while, the Top Management is run by all their ex Top Retired PAP Ministers and etc.

Who will be calling the tunes?

So it's all bullshits that now even been turned into a what's non profit entity as they knew they are not making any profits due to lack of subscribers and advertising reveneue they still needed to have this Important propoganda mouth piece to perpetuate their feedings of their Agenda to the maases.

Anonymous said...

Writing about food and pets sells. Singaporeans like to read about such things. So our best reporters are sent to go around the islands hunting for the best food to write about or how people ill treated the animals.

Great news.

Anonymous said...

Fox News viewers have low IQ.

Singapore viewers have high IQ. Unfortunately SPH is turning into a non profit media. The high IQ Singaporeans must subscribe more and read more. If not how to support our highly rated media.

Virgo49 said...

Why are Singaporeans and now called Sinkies so apathetic to Politics?

Because for the last sixty odd years they are been just fed on the Propaganda and Politics of the PAP.

Also on the trivial side of letting them slept in dreamlands that all is well

And also been on a diet of just reading the stories of cats and dogs and hawkers food and Master Chef.

Only once a while, some Parliamentary Reports of WP MPs asking some pointed questions and then been hammered down same time by their brigade of prepared answers from their Brigade of Script Writers with them asking for the questions to be forwarded before the Session began.

Then in between the Sinkies will be fed again on the same diet of Dogs and Cats and Hawkers food.

They will also put some frictious models that made it in their lives as the Professions they wanted you to emulate and that's are not the professional ones that are been reserved for others. NOT for Singaporeans.

Sinkies would foolishly think that they are very caring for their welfares.

This is the stage of life now in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

When a MP asked a question in Parliament, the minister might be caught unaware or unfamiliar with the issue. To avoid this embarrassment, questions must be submitted in advanced and allowing experts to be roped in to prepare the answers.

The table is then turnaround to disadvantage the one who asked the question. For he does not have the answers in advance.

To be fair, a copy of the answers must also be given to the one who asked the question.


Anonymous said...

Trump’s overzealous pro-Israel policy – endorsed by Joe Biden – emboldened Tel Aviv to push ahead with new settlements in East Jerusalem, which are the root cause of the clashes. But there’ll be no rebuke from Washington.

So, who is really to blame for the violent clashes in the city that intensified today as Israeli police oppressed Palestinian demonstrations, following a month of growing tensions surrounding controversy over an eviction order in favour of settlers in East Jerusalem?

Police attacked the demonstrators with stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets, injuring hundreds. Things were anticipated only to worsen, given that today is 'Jerusalem Day' – the holiday marking when the east of the city was captured in the 1967 war, leading to its present disputed occupation – and usually sees hundreds of flag-waving Israeli youths provocatively make their way through Muslim areas, chanting and singing patriotic songs.

Also on rt.com UN warns Israel’s forced evictions in East Jerusalem could amount to war crimes amid violent clashes in annexed area

Not surprisingly, there have been no calls from Washington to “stand with the Palestinian people” or to “push sanctions” on their behalf against Israel to “hold them to account” for their international obligations, as we frequently hear in relation to adversarial countries, such as, of course, China. But with the United States and Israel, that’s how it has always been. US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan expressed “concerns” to his Israeli counterpart but only urged Tel Aviv to “ensure calm.” Obviously, there will be no serious or direct condemnation involved.

Virgo49 said...

The Farking Americunts will turn a Blind Eye if the Israelies were to attack and killed the Palestinians and the Arabs.

The Creation of Israel is to cause turmoils in the M.E by the Americans