This ex marine tells the truth about American intervention in Syria


This is a very informative video about the truth that no one wants to talk about, no one wants to know and only an American that is involved in the whole sordid affair could tell in in clear and concise matter that no one in Washington would dare to dispute except to listen in silent embarrassment.

This 7 minute video is worth viewing and I would like everyone to listen to what the ex marine has to say. This is as good a feature article for the day. I would not be posting anything else to distract what is being spoken in this video.

After this video you will get a clear idea of who the Americans really love, definitely not the Muslims, definitely not the Uyghurs.

Why do you think they want to fight a Zionist War for a Greater Israel when the whites hate the Jews? The bigger picture, the bigger agenda, to make sure that the Arab and Muslim countries would forever be destabilised and never be proper countries with people living a normal life. They hate the Muslims and Arabs more than anything else and destroying the Muslims and Arab countries is their key agenda.


Anonymous said...

The Americans are the most hostile and belligerent country in the world, looking out for a fight, inciting wars, threatening wars every day.

No doubt the world's number one terrorist nation.

And who are the dumb prostitutes that believed that they are peace loving people, the policemen of the world?

Virgo49 said...

Most of the bananas dumb prositutes countries and mafurets coined by me aka (ah guas) like Sinkieland.

Like Kishore said. Most if not all of the Asian and South East Asian countries went to the West and Aussies Land to study.

Most if not all are been brainwashed by them that they are the Angels to save their miserable arses.

Which Nation send their populace to China to learn and study about Perfect Gentlemen and Loyalty and Friendships and "Yee Chee" that is sworn bondships?

All they learnt from the West are their decadent and loose lifestyles which they and the bananas are so proud of.

Their Stupid and pampered up bringing of their children which grew up to be thugs and hooligans going round to intimate and bully others.

Just like their Farking cyclists that misbehaved like kings of the roads.

Now so many bananas Sinkies following their Farking behaviours.

Hope that they are made pancakes and run down by the heavy tipper trucks and also the container trucks as driven only by our ah bengs who dared only to rant and honked at them.

Also those Malaysian Mats that loved to crush them into Orr tak.

The kopi licenses Indian Nationals who caused so many Deaths of their own and also others as allowed to drive by our equally stupid Authorities.

No eyes see

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB please attach the link of that video.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The fact is what the USA and Western MSM tells us is not the truth. This is all that we have to know.

In Europe, in Middle East, in Asia, the unspoken truth is the real truth. What is broadcasted loud and clear is fabricated truth.

Anonymous said...

The USA is involved in every place that is in turmoil. They used proxies to conduct destabilisation everywhere. In Europe they used NATO to confront Russia. In Asia they used India, Japan, Philippines and Australia to carry out their dirty agenda. In South America they used Colombia. In Africa, they used the same method in their playbook to divide and rule.

In fact all these were part of the mindset created since the days when the Whites tried to colonise the whole world. They indiscreetly created hidden time bombs for use when they want to destablise any region. Why create Israel in the Middle of an Islamic enclave? In Kashmir and Korean Peninsula they purposely left behind issues for conflict. If Vietnam had not fallen to the North, it will be like the Korean Peninsula, in perpetual war.

Anonymous said...

So, the truth is Al Qaeda is the creation of the CIA. So is ISIS as many suspected. These are methods used to prolong the stay of the USA in the Middle East.

The worst part is the USA is arming both sides, laughing all the way to the bank with weapon sales, while the locals fight against one another.

Would you believe when the Native Americans say - "If you see two fish fighting in a pool, look around and you will see a White man standing nearby". How aptly true is this Red Indian saying.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

here is the link

SSO said...

All western media cannot be trusted, period.

That includes proxy mass media headquartered in other countries but controlled, financed or operated by the western owners/financiers.

And many of their reporters and journalists are also working as operatives and spies for CIA and MI6, as well as Israel's spies networks.

Virgo49 said...

Thank you Mr Chua

All it really need is that the truths came out from their own.

Their conscience hits guilts conscious whistle blowers and their own evil deeds doers so that the World will truly believe who are the REAL Devils