US China rivalry - How they treat their partners is important

Ardern said how China treats its partners is important.

"We hope that China too sees it in its own core interests to act in the world in ways that are consistent with its responsibilities as a growing power, including as a permanent member of the UN Security Council," she added. 

The above is quoted from Reuters and you cannot fail to notice the one sided biased perception of the Anglo Saxon countries towards China. They could not see how evil, assertive and aggressive they have been all the years. China is not treating its partners fairly, that is the message. On the contrary, the US is treating its partners fairly and a saint, all goodness. What crap!

Talking about treating partners, China has never asked or threatened its partners to take sides against the US, either with us or against us. Whose policy is this belligerent policy? Who is forcing China or other American allies and cronies to take sides? China was only interested in trade and development, no political leverage in its relations with friends and not so friendly countries. The belligerent and vicious and bickering country is the USA and its 5 eyes countries. 

And what is their problem? A different political and social system. Any country that adopts a different political system is seen as enemy, unacceptable. Every country must adopt their full of farce democracy and full of lies human rights system. Did China demand that the Anglo Saxon country or any country to adopt China's social and political system? No! China respect every country to have their own system.

It is the intolerable and hypocritical Anglo Saxon countries and the West that are putting demands that other countries must be like them or else not acceptable to be countries and cannot be friends or even trading partners. Stop imposing unreasonable and stupid demands that other countries must accept your hypocritical democracy. You continue with your so called democratic system, others can continue with their chosen systems. You go your way, others have a right to go their way. Why is this so difficult to reconcile? There is no need to reconcile as the Twains shall never meet. Just accept this as a fact for peace sake.

Look at how the Americans are treating its allies, and cronies as well, Japan, South Korea, EU and the 5 eyes countries, all must be in the same gang and to treat others as enemies. Such a hostile policy of not accepting other countries to choose their ways of lives is unacceptable to the farcical freedom to choose one's way of life, to choose one's religion or social and political system.  It is oppression, it is totalitarianism, not democracy.

What is so good about the farcical democratic system of the West? Practically everyone one of these countries is in a state of decline and lawlessness. All the crimes against humanity, all the wars, all the oppression and sanctions against countries were committed by the Anglo Saxon countries and the West in the name of hypocritical democracy and human rights.  They are the worst violators of human rights in the world.

A hypothetical case, even if all the countries were to embrace the western so called democratic system that is being forced to the rest of the world, the West and the Americans would continue to find other excuses to start wars to oppress and suppress other countries for their world hegemony and dominance.  Democracy and human rights were just tools to make enemies of other countries.

Australia and the other 5 eyes countries are making China their enemy just because China chose to live under its own social political system. China did not make enemies of these countries. Why blame China when they themselves are the belligerent and warmongering countries, fighting wars, starting wars and fighting endless wars, when China is the most peaceful country compare to these evil warmongers and criminals, killing innocent people everywhere in the name of democracy and human rights.

Ask a few simple questions.  Who is picking a fight with everyone? Who is starting all kinds of wars and hate propaganda, spreading lies and fake news to demonise other nations? Who is the provocateur in all the hot spots? Who is the aggressive one?  China assertive? Why is China assertive? Expect China to turn the other cheek to the aggressive Americans and Anglo Saxons who openly announced that they would stop China from becoming a richer and stronger economic powerhouse?

Remember the bombing of Chinese Embassy in Belgrade? Who blew up the Chinese and Russian satellites? Remember the provocations of sending warships into the South China Sea. Who is sending warships to the front yard of China? Hope China will sink the British aircraft carrier QE II.

Stop the farce, stop the white lies. Have respect for your partners and cronies and allow them the freedom to choose their way of lives and their friends. The world has no place for white gangsters and murderers and criminals.

Hope the warmongering and troublemakingAmericans and Anglo Saxon countries would be more responsible and behave in a more civilised way consistent with big powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council.

PS.  The country that is breaking all international rules and laws are the Americans, not China. The Americans do not believe in a rules based international world order.  This rules based world order is for the rest of the world to follow.  The Americans are above this rules based order. They can lie, cheat, steal and kill and no one can say anything or to judge them or to punish them. Anyone attempting to bring the Americans to the International Courts to be charged for war crimes against humanity would be destroyed by the Americans. If you need any proof, ask Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi or Assad.


Anonymous said...

They are piling on the pressure on Arden, because she knows and could see right from wrong. But rather than being threatened with sanctions like Merkel, she may crumble and tow the line. That is how the evil empire boast about support from poodles, all by coercion, not by choice. All the poodles are cowed by the 'you are either with us or against us' threat.

Have there been a country going against the devil and lived in peace? What they did to Iraq and Libya says it all. Look around what they are now preaching in Africa and South America. What are they trying to do to Venezuela, an legally elected Government, being forced to fight for it's survival.

They even threatened their allies for making their own decisions and are being told they cannot do that and must follow the dictate of the USA. That is the position of Germany now, pressured to stop the Nord Stream 2 project with Russia. No wonder they say 'it is dangerous to be an enemy of the USA, fatal to be a friend'. Why and what makes them say that?

And the sneaky mouse, the fallen empire of Great Britain, is still trying to roar like a lion, trying to challenge Russia and now China. If they are not careful, whatever nuclear stockpiles they may have accumulated, will help to sink the British Isles with one hypersonic direct hit on London.

Virgo49 said...

Everyday see their stupid bickering between their Equally Stupid Democrats and the Republicans.

That's the kind of stupid chaos demo crazy they wanted the World to follow?

Too many smart alecs giving their two cents worth of nonsense in their stupid Congress.

All bickering just for the sake of bickering to retain their status and powers.

For their people? My Foot only those daft stupid countries like the Taiwanese and the South Koreans will follow them.

No wonder they are so divided and in their chaotic demises.

See China dignified and gentlemen Congress.

This is the system that the daft countries must follow to progress.

Grew at 18 plus to 19% GDP with no stupid bickerings their two cents worth of nonsense.

Virgo49 said...

Wonderful news

Stupid G7 wanting to contain China and Russia had the Indian Delegates having their Deadly Variant Cobra Covid virus as positive with them.

Hopefully they can transferred to that Blinking Blinken guy and spread to his Biden get together guy.

That's real Heavens Karma punishments for these Evil Devils.

Cheers please spread fast and let their evil beans be exterminated from this Earth

Anonymous said...

Just came across this video on Youtube titled - Jessfey Sachs schools BBC on their own propaganda. Watch it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry correction: Should read Jeffrey Sachs schools BBC on their own propaganda.

My apologies.

Anon 8.19

Anonymous said...

G7 thinking of doing evil gets immediate Karma. Heaven is angry.

SSO said...

Once got infected by the coronavirus, even though recovered, one is still not cured.

The DNA of the virus is forever in the bloodstream of that person.

It remains dormant and can be re-ignited again when conditions are right. It is like the herpes virus. Whenever your body immune system weakens, it resurfaces.

Moreover, one can also get re-infected again and again, just like flu.

There is no immunity against the virus. Therefore, whatever vaccines produced to counter this virus is only a temporary measure that lasts for about 3 months.

That means most of the money-making big Pharmas that produce the vaccines are greedy opportunists that do not reveal the whole truth. They only emphasize on the benefits but failed to emphasize the long-term side-effects and negative consequences -- one of which is multiple organs failure, which suddenly cut short one's life, without knowing what hits you.

The vaccines basically cannot protect you from getting re-infected, nor can it prevent the coronavirus from entering your body again.

Virgo49 said...

So actually the whole world is conned by them.

What's futile exercises!

PM materials LowRan Wong can exhorted that those who declined to be vaccinated and said that the vaccines does not work as disastrous.

And they proudly wants to use those vaccinated with the papers as international passports to travel to each other countries with less stringent checks and quarantines.

Think this is Heavens Real Handiwork that the Human Beans would destroy themselves with their self deceits and their trusts on the Pharma greedy MONIES making companies.

So many fine examples of those even in the medical sectors who are vaccinated with their supposed immunity two doses also been infected with the virus and they kept giving all sorts of excuses just to deceit themselves that all is ok just for the sake of just opening up to jumpstart their economies and also wants to go back theur usual carefree lifes again.

Still do not have the discipline to still lock down to completely fight and eradicated the virus.

So far maybe only the China's vaccines are the most potent as they had in many cities having their lives back to normal without any news of their millions been reinfected.

Also their economy can grow at a rate of nearly 19 percent.

The Rest using their Viagra brand vaccines are just kidding themselves only effective for three to six months or so.

Other brands so many Deaths due to there quick emergency uses which are not really certified as safe.

This is the predicament facing those Nations now.

Virgo49 said...

Maybe not even effective for MORE than three or six months or so.

See the TTSH Pinoy Nurse who was reported as "Just" vaccinated with the two doses and still get it immediate.

So its all a futile mad rush exercise.

They will simply said Oh it's the New Variant and you may need even a third or booster dose just to cover their arses.

That's the way of seasoned and conmen salesmen.

Virgo49 said...

Forget to add now they even wants to find another excusable excuse by saying it may be the airflow and ventilation problems.

Aha just to kid and deceive themselves by wasting time and efforts.

The Virus can infected anyone anywhere in closed or open areas and nothing to do with what's ventilations and air flow.

They can just transmitted in any environments.

Anonymous said...

US Embassy in Beijing compares Chinese students to dogs

The visa office of the US Embassy in China has compared Chinese student visa applicants to dogs in an insulting post, which some Chinese said was "pure racism that has hit the lowest of the low."

The post, published by the US Embassy one day after the visa office resumed visa processing for Chinese students, said that "As Spring blossoms, are you the same as the puppy, eager to go out and play?" before informing students about the visa application resumption. A video of a dog, struggling to jump over a fence that trapped it in a tiny balcony and trying to reach out, was posted along with the words.

Anonymous said...

Indian NewsX, in the midst of their massive problems with COVID19, is talking about banning FDI from China, to cut China influence. India wants to define a New World Order themselves, they boasted.

What New World Order are they talking about when they cannot even solve the disorder their country is mired in now? This is like what they say, cutting the nose to spite the face! What is a few hundred million a year investing in India for China? Even a few hundred billion US$ threat by the USA in trade does not lead to the collapse of China. Bring it on India.

I think China should let India become the the New World Order. But first they must put their country in order first, politically, socially and logistically. Talk is cheap, boasting is cheaper, getting there is the problem.

Anonymous said...

India's New World Order is the chaste system with Hinduism the ideology and Modi the sage messenger of Brahma!

Anonymous said...

The News Media in India is just like their Bollywood studios, churning out sensations just for entertainment, but with the same recycled ideas.

Anonymous said...

'New World Order' or 'New World Odour'?

Anonymous said...

The same dogs that took part in gunboat diplomacy during the opium war thinks this is the same as a century and a half ago. All the dogs are creating a lot of noise on MSM, barking loudly and telling their master that they are there to be counted.

The master is letting the dogs out to test the ground first. Fancy having to call gang members to add strength to fight against China and dare not do it alone. The irony is, when all hell break lose, some tiny poodles may find their homeland disappearing from the face of the earth. They think their master can save them. Not like WW2 that is fought outside the USA. This time, like it or not, the US homeland will also be a battleground. Will the master have time and means to save his poodles?

Anonymous said...

Just received a video clip of Chennai International Airport, with so many Indians coming in. Ooops, ooopps, it is Changi International Airport.

This is in addition to Chennai Business Park and Mumbai Financial Centre in Singapour.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the whole world is responding to India by sending aid, but all the oxygen, remdesivirs etc are said to be stuck in limbo. While the world keeps responding, the Indian Government just sits on those aid and hospitals are still sending SOS for oxygen and people are dying.

And scientist are now talking about the coming third wave in India. What wave is Red Dot now fighting?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A poll taken in 53 countries has found that 44% of people around the world consider the United States to be a threat to their democracy – significantly less than those who believe the same about China and Russia.

Out of the 53,000 people polled across 53 countries, more respondents (44%) considered US influence on their country to be a “threat to democracy” than those who didn’t (26%). Meanwhile, only 38% considered Chinese influence a threat to democracy.

Fear of Russian influence was the lowest of the three, with only 28% considering Russia to be a threat to their democracy.

Asian countries were high among those that feared US influence, with Pakistan fearing Washington the most. Japanese respondents also consider the US to be a greater concern than China – while Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Israel, Australia, Ukraine, and Switzerland were also among the top half.

The survey was conducted by Latana in partnership with the Alliance of Democracies, which was founded in Denmark by former NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen – a detail some on social media found interesting, given that the results inconveniently showed higher levels of fear regarding the US than Russia and China.

Hilarious: A US govt-funded org founded by NATO to spread "free markets" did a poll in 53 mostly rich countriesIt found 44% of respondents see USA as a threat, compared to 38% for China & 28% RussiaAnd this biased poll excludes most of the Global Southhttps://t.co/YwBz9I5MiF

Anonymous said...

I also came across that same survey, and somewhere along the line, it was mentioned that the Chinese in China itself, 71% felt that they have greater democracy than most democratic countries. That is really a surprise that is beyond belief.

What is democracy if they cannot make their own decisions and are forever under the control of the Evil Empire and must do what the Evil Empire force them to do? It is more like slavery by another name. Most of the world is living in alternative reality.

Virgo49 said...

Latest CNN reports that the UK and France face off with sending their Naval Vessels in the Fishing Disputes between these two countries.

This is just the beginning of their Brexit problems.

Hail to UK and France. Soon with other countries.

Better send back your QE II to chase off the French fishermen.