Shameful and foul Americans unable to compete with China fairly

 China is playing by the rules set by the Americans and winning.  But the Americans are accusing China of not playing by the rules they set. Possible, they set the rules, control the rules and bullying everyone to play by the rules while they don't play by the rules and now blaming China for not playing by the rules?

Now who is not playing by the rules? Setting a budget of $300m to manufacture fake news and propaganda to attack and demonise China is playing by the rule? Why can't the Americans play fair, compete with China by becoming better, produce better goods at cheaper price?

No the Americans cannot do that. So in order to beat China, they have to play dirty. They are throwing everything at China, misinformation, disinformation, manufacturing lies, ganging up with their allies and cronies to attack China, setting up barriers, throwing obstacles in the path of China, setting up barriers and using every dirty tricks they could think of. Their only way of winning and bettering China is to attack China, to cripple China's economy by all foul means. Is that a civilised way of behaviour? This is how uncivilised primitive tribesmen settle their problems, like the days of colonisation, conquer and kill to seize the enemies' land and possession.

When are the Americans going to learn to play fair and behave like decent human beans? The decades of playing cheats under the guise of American Exceptionalism aka Americans are above the law, above international law, do not have to abide by any laws and getting away with it cannot go on forever. 

China and the rest of the world would not allow it once they are strong enough to hit back. The despicable cheating and lying Americans would not be allowed to continue to lie and cheat their ways to oppress China and the rest of the world.

If the Americans cannot compete they will fail. The Americans can continue to print paper money but up to a point the whole house of cards will collapse.  There is nothing like fair play and hard work to make decent money. Not working and wanting to have the best of everything are not going to work.

Keep lying, see how long the Americans can continue to lie to the world.  Shameless cheats would be shameless cheats. The whole world is watching you, dirty, foul Americans. You cannot go on and on to cheat the rest of the world. You want to start a war, a nuclear war?


Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB and all.

The demise of the UAssA is imminent.

With their febble and senile President the writings is on the wall.

With their bullshits what's nonsense two cents of quarreling politics between their Congress members the demise is imminent.

Trying to export their stupid brand of demo crazy to China and telling the World that theirs is the Greatest Democracy in the World is their Greatest JOKE!

With their Partisan Politics of pampering their own Whites to kill and maim their own other coloured fellow citizens is pure Bullshits.

Not applying their laws equally on all of their citizens they called the Greatest Demo Crazy?

Their never ending un fighting of their Congress between their Democrats and Republicans will be the imminent demise this time.

Their own Whites could be pardoned for all their hideous crimes will have great civil disturbances in time to come.

Mark my words this century will be their downfall and demise of the UAssA

Anonymous said...

The USA will never play by the rules at this point of time, knowing China is about to rise to the top in GDP ranking within a couple of years. Biden already said he will not allow China to overtake the USA during his watch. What does that say about the USA going to play by the rules? Even during their era of no competition they were bending rules at their whims and fancies, not to say that their US$ hegemony is now under threat.

That China will overtake the USA during Biden's four year term may not materialise yet, since estimates by analyst put that timeline at around 2028. Another four year term for Biden, in his state, is impossible. He probably needed to be wheeled out on stretchers each 4th of July.

The growth of China's lst Qtr 2021 GDP at 18.3% is a shock to them, indicating that China's rise is going to be even faster. That is going to make the USA even more determined to play foul in every way.

On a separate note, I came across some sources telling the USA to decouple Russia from the SWIFT system. I also read some other sources saying that Russia is already quite prepared for such action by the West. True or not, is left to be seen.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.11

Your postings is indeed insightful.

Regarding the SWIFT system, maybe this video of Kishore's Lecture at the Harvard Uni will be enlightening.



Topic: When China Become Number One?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When Trump claimed to be the messenger of God, sent to save or destroy America, depending on your views, it was already bad.

Now Biden is claiming that he is as powerful as God. He could decide whether China surpasses the USA or not and he has decided it would not be. Is he so powerful to determine the fate of China like a God? This is American madness. He is worse than Trump the Clown. This one is an idiot and proving himself to be one.

China's rise depends on how hard the Chinese are going to work for it and in a way whether the real God would allow it. China's fate is definitely not decided by a dying idiot in the White House.

Anonymous said...

When China sent up their space station core module days ago, the USA unashamedly claimed it was they who opened the way for China to succeed. How preposterous!

All throughout the decades China had been banned from participating in the Russian Space Program by the USA and the West. How in the world can they claim that they helped China in this endeavour? In fact in many areas China had to do it by trial and error eg jet engines. space rocketry, 5G etc. These high technology items were never available to China.

How they can twist and lie is beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Yes this sleeping joker is far worse than Trump Trump is bastard ,this joker big wolf in sheep skin and CNA keep repeating his 100 days speech for almost half an hour