CPF – Any sense of guilt or shame?

It is a startling fact that no MPs, to my recollection, ever spoke about the wrong and harm done to Singaporeans when their hard earned savings are being kept away from them. Yes it is legal, the govt passed laws in Parliament to help the people to have money when they are in their 80s and 90s, and plenty of money. While many are savings for their 80s and 90s when money is no longer relevant, when waiting to die is the reality, many are dying in their 60s and 70s and got no chance to enjoy a little of their life savings. This is so humane and so caring. Or is it?

Incidentally, which part of the CPF schemes, the minimum sum in Ordinary Account and Medisave Accounts were passed by Parliament? I believe the power to keep the people’s money in the CPF and the continuous increases in the minimum sums must be sanctioned by Parliament and cannot be left to the discretion of a stats board to decide.

Is there an MP who is pricked by his conscience that the CPF policy on keeping people’s money away from them when they needed it most dares to speak out against it? Or can it be concluded that all the MPs also believe that this is right, the right thing to do and they support it? If they really believe so, then obviously their conscience will not be hurt and neither should anyone of them feel any guilt about taking the poor and average Sinkies money so that others can go and invest and make big monies to pay themselves big salaries and big bonuses while on the other hand the poor helpless Sinkies are gasping for air and sinking into a life of oblivion.

The conclusion is clear, any MP that does not speak against the obnoxious shifting goal posts and the outrageously high minimum sum to be tucked away and away from their owners’ reach are accomplices to this policy. And the poor Sinkies who suffered because of it must be thankful to them for being able to leave behind a big largesse on their demise from this realm of existence.

Where got guilt? Where got conscience? Where got shame? It is all legal and good for the people. And the people are so ungrateful and complaining everyday when the super talents spent so much time and effort devising schemes to help them keep their money safely in the CPF. Shouldn’t they be happy and thankful?


Anonymous said...


Vote Opposition if you want to get back your CPF money.

You voted Opposition in GE 2011.
Now in 2012, you got an inclusive budget.

If you want to smell your CPF money.
Vote Opposition in GE 2016.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Yes. I agree. I will always vote Opp unless they return us our CPF money. To pass laws to deprive us our life savings is immoral, evil, cruel, against decent humanity, flagrant violation of human rights, avarice etc
Only barbaric regimes usurp people's money and savings. Civilized regimes will never do this shameful sin! Just give us back our money is all we ask. Take your filthy hand off my life savings!

Anonymous said...

Very shameless.
We help you. Lock your CPF.
We help you. Raise your GST.
We help you. Make your HDB smaller.
We help you. Make in FT to help you.
We want to help you more.

Please, enough help already!

patriot said...


Swearing and cursing on conscienceless folks is
a waste of effort.
There is no hope for ani
reversion of CPF to its'
original stipulated purpose.
powerless Singaporeans should indeed stop trying to invoke
the conscience of the soul-less.
It will be pure futility.
Singapore is no MOTHERLAND and
the RULERS are no benevolent
guardians of our well-beings.

Singaporeans can swear and curse,
they can weep and cry. AND it will be YOU DIE, YOUR BUSINESS, not

Just pray hard that no further
evil scheme will be hatched to
put us out of the frying pan
into the fire.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 1054 (a straight-up motherfucking liar)

>> Vote Opposition if you want to get back your CPF money. <<

I am going to call BULLSHIT on your blatant LIE. Shame on you for attempting to give Singaporeans false hope.

There is no way *any party* can "guarantee" CPF money because there is no such thing

CPF IS A TAX. Once it is paid, it is anyone's guess how the money is used.

Face up to it now folks, the sooner the better. The government you supported got one over you. Suck it up and take the "loss", then get on with your life.

Stop acting like some spoilt little girls whose dolls just broke.

veritas said...

CPF is a 33% tax to the poor, and close to 0% tax to the rich. The important lever that convert it from saving to tax is inflation.

Take down PAP, if we want CPF to revert back to original intention savings.

Anonymous said...

How to define robbery?

Anonymous said...

Strongly agree need to pin down pap

Anonymous said...

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