Real Estate Ransom

Real Estate/Monopolies 4 Ransom


The above video clip is posted here by Political Beng. It tells of the problems that we are living with, and the problems that could destroy everyone of us except the minority real estate owners. And the real estate owners know where their interest lies and how to abuse the system to perpetuate their gains and perpetuate the misery of the ordinary citizens. It will get more difficult.

Though the clip is talking about Australia, it is applicable to us, every inch of it. All daft Sinkies and clever Sinkies who are making decisions to exploit daft Sinkies are highly recommended to view this video clip. It is a problem that is being created by those with vested interest in real estates.

All daft Sinkies should spend a little time to view this clip for their own good, to understand what is the problem that they failed to see.


patriot said...

Singapore is far more advance than Oz as far as real estate development and ownership are concerned.
The Aussies are enjoying much democracy than Sinkies.


Gintai_昇泰 said...

With the population ever increasing - keep increasing and the supply of land esp in the city area limited surely the prices of real estate will have to go up and up!
It's a worldwide phenomenon unless its a war torn country like those African failed states.
In Hong Kong and Japan its even worse.
Now that we got 5 over million with target at 6.5million it will get worst for us. Our problem is even more acute! We will have to fight for space as we get even more crowded.
The sudden influx of immigrants accelerated this phenomenon! It's an ongoing trend but with the influx of immigrants the problem becomes more langgar tiang so to speak.
Not only real estate, the social infrastructure ie transport, roads, hospitals, parks etc could not cope with the sudden surge in new immigrants. The givt just don't care cuz they only interested in GDP growth so that more profits and reserves could be made. That's their own concern!
This trend is reflected in our HDB prices. In the early 1980s, a big spacious 5 room flat cost abt 75K. Now it's more than $450K. To us it's terrible but the Hong Kongers and Japanese still consider them cheap! As it is a HDB resale flat in Toa Payoh already hit nearly $1 million! If our pay moves in tandem not so bad. But then those FTs depress our wages. That is the root of the prob. This govt will never relent on FTs. They are do addicted to instant cheap labour and new citizens. They will nvr change at all even though almost all Sinkies are Khaw Bei Khaw Bo. They just treat them as "noises!". They still think that they will still rule Sg forever!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Patriot is right.

Spore market is a hot hot sophisticated game to play where you can make big filthy piles of money.

In Oz, people make 20-30% cock stand. Then kena hatam capital gains. Then kena pay fees all over the shop.

Good luck in trying to quell Spore property market. Small time kuching kurup HDB renters
(non owners) cannot stem the tide.

Money talks. No money,... watch, and learn.