Uneasy calm over Hougang

The usual jostling for a right to stand in Hougang in the by election has quieten down. A few opposition parties have spoken, officially, that they would not undermine WP’s attempt to regain its lost seat. The few opportunists that were habouring the idea of joining the fray have taken a retreat as well. They have been warned, by the voice of the people, that doing so would make them look very ugly, and with eggs on their faces. The opportunist tag is heavy to wear. The image of unprincipled spoilers would nail them for life as non starters in local politics.

The heat has subsided in the opposition camp. The wild ambitions of gamblers thinking that running for election is like entering a casino, hoping to win without any principles or ethics, have been doused, I think. Just place your bet! As each day slowly passes by, reasons seem to have triumph for the moment. Or has it?

On the PAP camp, it is like a defeated army trying to avoid another big battle and risking a devastating and embarrassing blow that would signal that the end is near. No generals would dare to stand up and blow his trumpet to lead the assault to retake lost ground. No one would say the ground is sweet or the chiku is ripe. The best outcome is not to have a contest and sit it out till the next GE.

How long can they be on the bench? The suit by Mdm Muthu is due for hearing by end of the month. Would there be calls for further adjournment for another 6 mths or a year and probably more time to prepare the case as it will affect the nation’s future and security? This is how important this by election is taken to be. The nation’s interests will be a paramount consideration in deciding whether a by election will be called.

The people have spoken, or at least aired its view, that only WP should stake its claim against the PAP. The people are also waiting for a by election to take place soonest. Would this be heard or be ignored? There are other noises that would tell the contrary. No need for by election. The Hougang residents deserve to be in the shit for voting the wrong candidate and the wrong party. Such noise is likely to get louder to make a case for no by election, no need MP representation for the Hougang residents. They must pay for their folly.

While the WP is anxiously waiting to do battle, the opponent is making a quiet retreat, a surprising move from a party in control. Or it is no longer in control, except the timing to call a by election or not? The game has changed.


Anonymous said...

You must cook the scandal. The longer it sits there, the smellier.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

How long can one cover his stinking stench ? No matter how much perfume or deodorant also can nvr cover the smell of decay and rotting taking place! The longer it drags, the most foul it will render to the senses!
Why not just do it soon and get over with it so that all can move on from this PITA? (Pain in the arse)
Really langgar dah!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, uneasy smell over cowdung.

jjgg said...

Hi RB ..my guess is that MIWs are waiting ...waiting...waiting...cannot be waiting for good news cos there's hardly any that will excite us anymore...we've been #1 in so many blessed polls...the ones we are stinkers in is not something they'll publicise..only event that will trigger the timing n swing things in their favor is NAtional Security...watch for another big wayang...hehehe