Making sense with numbers

Are we better off today than in the 1970s? In 1970, many average people could earn $600 pm. And that amount, $7,200, was enough to pay for a 3 rm flat in a year.

Today, what is the average income, per head, not household? $3000? Can that pay for a 3 rm flat in a year, ie $36,000? Even with two persons income of $6,000 pm, it is only $72,000. How much is a 3 rm flat, new?

Are we really better off than before? Or are the HDB flats really affordable?


Anonymous said...

Just ask the men in white....btw GST is to help the poor

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are still sleeping while they grab this red dot. It is now the Kingdom of Lanfang.
When Singaporeans owned this land, they had to sell the flats at a lower price but now that they have taken ownership, the flats are priced at what the market will bear for max profit.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If you look at it certain ways, it seems like the middle class is being routed. The size of the middle (working) class determine the level of "prosperity" of your nation-state.

Take it back to the 1950/60's: it was possible to raise a family AND buy a home on ONE SALARY.

think about that.