North Korea is going to send a satellite to space

This kind of message used to be great news, great achievement, jubilation. It is a big leap forward for any country to achieve such a feat. The North Koreans should be praised for this ability. Asians should stand up and say Asians can.

What we are seeing are a few gangster nations accusing the North Koreans that it is testing its missile capability and the next stage will be to attack them and the world with nuclear weapons. Are these countries sick or mad? The number One sick nation, is the US, the country that is conducting wars everywhere. The number Two sick nation is Japan, the one that colonized and brutalized the Koreans and other Asian countries. We remember! The number Three sick nation is South Korea, conducting provocative military exercises with the US almost daily at the North Korean’s border, and of course the lackeys like the UK, Australia and some other countries.

Is there any other Asian country that thinks the North Koreans are planning to nuke it? I can think of one that will believe anything the Empire said. Would all the Asean countries stand up in horror and fear, and shout, down with North Korea? The North Koreans are planning to invade South East Asia.

Creepy isn’t it? Why can’t another country develop its rocket technology, send its own satellite to space, or send its own men to space? Why some war mongering countries are allowed to do that and point the fingers at countries that have never invaded another country?

The North Koreans are dangerous. They are planning to conquer the world like the Germans and the Japanese and the Americans. Ha ha ha. How believeable? The joke is on the unthinking believers. What has North Korea’s launching of its satellite got to do with the world? Oh, after this they are going to play a new computer game called Fireworks. They are going to light up the world for fun.

Quick, quick, duck, hide in the bomb shelter. The North Koreans are going to rain their bombs on us. For what?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah. The mentally-retarded and malnourished North Koreans are not representative of "Asians."

In fact, they are a Supreme Embarrassment.

Their satellite will end up The Divine Cockup. It is hard to even imagine that they have enough to buy the fuel needed to launch a rocket to the escape velocity of the earth.

What a bunch of pathetic losers!

Anonymous said...

I will like to see them wallop the sissy South Koreans one more time. The South knew they could not take on the Japs and is trying to prove their manhood, that they can kill Koreans. It will be nice to see the Koreans kill each other one more time and then be colonised by the Japs all over again.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, barking
dogs dont bite.